LG Refrigerator Single Door Review 2022

LG Refrigerator Single Door Review 2022

Well, ask any Indian household person whether which brand he/she trust the most; we bet that at least 50-60% will settle with LG or Samsung. These two brands have truly done a tremendous job.

Talking about refrigerators, we feel that LG has laid its domination over Samsung. Customer reviews are very pleasing, and LG refrigerators have earned 80%+ success. You hardly find a model that has displeased buyers.

Out of a whole successful range of LG refrigerator models, this 190 L 4 Star Inverter Single Door fridge is the one we’ve picked! In our Best Refrigerator Review, this 190 LG model was the second-best under 20,000 Rupees category after Whirlpool 245 L 2 Star model. 

Costing at the verge of 16,000 Rupees (price might change with time), you find 700+ Amazon customer reviews! And why not? After all, it’s a tremendous refrigerator that hardly lets anyone complain.

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LG Refrigerator Single Door

Build quality and durability have hardly come up as issues with this company’s models. It’s a continuous legacy that new refrigerators keep on entering the market, and they keep on breaking records. 

This Single Door model itself carries tons of qualities that can make you pull your credit card out, or just tap the Amazon Buy Now button here. Let’s cherish what all is there!

Toughened Glass Adjustable Shelves

If you get the right adjustable shelves in your refrigerator, then it becomes too easier for you to fit more food inside, and that way, you make full use of the refrigerator’s space. 

Now, imagine a scenario where your shelves aren’t that adjustable! How will you fit that huge watermelon in, along with the cake and other stuff? Oh yeah, that gets so tough.

It doesn’t just provide you easily adjustable shelves at perfect heights, but also, these shelves are very durable and strong. 

Toughened glass is used there, which makes it too easy for you to clean if, by mistake, you spill milk, juice, vegetable gravy, or any other thing.

Low Noise

Many of us live in small homes, where the kitchen is pretty close to our bedroom, or sometimes, the children’s room. Even a slight noise from the refrigerator proves to be too annoying in the silence of the night. 

Thanks to the modern technology that LG has used to make this fridge produce much lesser noise than the competitors.

After all, what’s the need for any expensive refrigerator which doesn’t let you sleep at night? Why not buy this “so silent” 190L LG model here?

Smart Connect Feature

The impressive smart connect technology used in this model helps you link it to the home inverter during power cuts. Hence, it provides you the satisfaction of storing food for a longer time without spoilage.

Impressive Warranty

1-year warranty on this 190L LG model is there, which rolls on smoothly. LG has always won hearts regarding post-purchase support. You also get the massive 10-years stabilizer warranty. 

Our experts fully tested this refrigerator’s inner and outer components and concluded that there are just 3-5% chances of any part’s malfunctioning in the first year.

You know what, that percentage doesn’t raise the second year also, and that clearly reflects that it’s a safe buy.

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Rapid Cooling & Freezing

Rapid cooling and freezing are the first two qualities that one wants in his/her refrigerator. This refrigerator’s freezing is like – if you have brought a warm bottle of cold drink from outside, this refrigerator can fully chill it within 13 minutes! Put it in the freezer, and the time gets half!

There are many advantages of rapid cooling such as – it can save your ice-cream from melting down, and it can save your milk from getting spoiled if there are power cuts, as when the power retains, it will chill it pretty fast (well, cooling retention power also plays a big role here).

Sturdy Base Drawer 

Our experts were very pretty pleased with the quality of its base drawer. Many buyers overlook this thing, and also, several brands don’t put much effort there and keep the things going by using cheap quality materials over there. Fortunately, the one that comes with the single door fridge with 190 L model, which is very sturdy.

When you shift this refrigerator, you’ll feel that ease and confidence. Many users exclaimed that! Not just the base, but the overall construction of this refrigerator is worth appreciation.

Very less food smell

With most of the cheap and mid-price refrigerators, we have to suffer from much food smell, and that is the story with most of the brands, but not LG. 

With LG Refrigerator Single Door 190 L model, we can’t say that there is no food smell, but it’s much lesser in contrast to most of the other refrigerator models that we tested. That’s a noticeable benefit.


Model GL-D201ARGY Defrost System Direct Cool
Installation Type Free-Standing Capacity 190L
Energy Efficiency 4_Star_Rating Included Components 1 Ref Unit+ Owner Manual
Star Feature Base stand with drawer Material Steel
Annual Energy Consumption 131 Kilowatt Hours Shelf Type Glass

  • Minimal food smell.
  • Minimal operation noise.
  • Sturdy base drawer.
  • Great at fast freezing.
  • Smart Connect Feature ensures no food is spoiled during power cuts.
  • Sturdy and easy to clean toughened glass adjustable shelves.
  • Sturdy construction and reliable rapid cooling performance.
  • The bulb inside the refrigerator isn’t of the best quality.

The Final Advice

Guys, costing around 17,000 rupees (keeps on changing with time, guys), its annual energy consumption is 131 Kilowatt Hours. Even after so many impressive features, the cost is much lower than our expectations. 

Fast cooling is undoubtedly a big refrigerator buying factor, but consistency in that “fast cooling” is also equally important. 

The Scarlet charm model has earned tremendous reviews, but in case you fall anyway short in your budget, then you can go for the Scarlet Plumeria model, which costs around 1500-1700 Rupees lesser. 

It looks only a bit less attractive but carries all the same qualities. If still you’re short on budget, then do read our 170L Haier Refrigerator review!

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