Haier Refrigerator Review 2021: WORTH BUYING?

Haier Refrigerator Review 2021: WORTH BUYING?

Haier Refrigerator Review 2021: Undoubtedly, Haier has come up as a big name in terms of home & kitchen appliances, and their refrigerators are getting so popular nowadays due to great functionality and reasonable price.

We are here to discuss the 170L refrigerator model. Haier has provided numerous choice like 181L 2-Star Single Door, 320 L 2-Star Double Door, 531L Inverter Side-by-Side Door, etc. but we found 170L 3-star Single door, model the best value for the money, and it will fit inside everyone’s budget also.

So guys, why should you prefer this Haier model over Samsung, Godrej, Whirlpool, Mitashi, etc? Well, there are tremendous features to enjoy, and the dependability it provide, is “wow”!

Most importantly, this 170L model topped our Best refrigerator in India Review, where we spent 255 hours researching and tested 70+ small and big refrigerator models in total.

Haier refrigerator 170 ltr price is near to 10K, you’ll be too joyful to read what all this medium-size refrigerator provides you, and at the end, we bet you won’t be able to resist from grabbing this Haier model.

Haier Refrigerator Review 2021

Haier refrigerator review

A normal middle class Indian housewife generally looks forward to buy a refrigerator within 15,000 rupees, and in our survey, 84% of the Indian middle-class housewives exclaimed that they can’t extend this price limit for purchasing one.

Not just that 66% of the bachelors agreed with the same. What if we say that you don’t need to shed anything even close to 15K? This Haier refrigerator brings similar performance at 10,000 Rupees! Keep reading guys:

Special Diamond edge freezer technology

We Indian are experts at saving energy, and many of us believe in turning the refrigerator off for short intervals in the middle of the day. that trick is very effective, and we do manage to save much energy without troubling the food quality. However, for using this technique, your refrigerator needs to be reliable.

Fortunately, 170L 3-star Single door refrigerator arrives with Special Diamond edge freezer technology which maintains cooling for nothing but 4-5 hours at least when you turn it off, or there’s a power cut. You know what? At this price, hardly any other refrigerator brand provides such dependable Special Diamond edge freezer technology. It’s generally found in expensive refrigerators.

Highly efficient cooling system

So, why do you purchase a refrigerator? Obviously for providing your food items cool environment, so that they last long, right? You’ll be bewildered to know that around 60% of the small and middle size refrigerators under 15k that we tested took more than enough time to cool! That was all because of week cooling system.

Fortunately, 170L 3-star Single door refrigerator comes with very strong cooling system, which means that even if there’s an electricity cut, you don’t need to bother much as firstly, it retains cool temperature pretty well, and when the electricity will arrive, it won’t take any time to cool back your food items. For Haier refrigerator 170 ltr price, the cooling system is too impressive.


Haier refrigerator review Haier refrigerator review

Stabilizer free operation

Most of the refrigerators malfunction due to voltage fluctuations. Then you have to spend much on repair. This 170L model ensures stabilizer-free operation, which means you won’t need to bother about unstable voltage.

Plus you are saving at least 1500-2000 Rupees as you don’t have to buy any additional stabilizer to protect this refrigerator. So, the maths says, the refri is costing you 10,000-2,000 = 8,000, right? Well, that’s actually right, if you think deeper!

Child Lock

Little children are in habit of testing home & kitchen appliances, and it becomes miscerable to always keep an eye on them. You’ve put a nice chocolate cake in your refrigerator, and when you check after one hour, it’s all spoilt! Who did it? your little prince/princess did it!

Is it his/her mistake? Nope! your refrigerator is not smart enough to deal with such cases! So, having a child lock in the refrigerator is actually compulsory, and obviously, you are getting one with the 170L 3-star Single door refrigerator.

Anti-fungal gasket

You know what, the big act is that many time fungus attacks your food, and you don’t even know about that! Further, if you, or your kids consume that food, it can bring adverse health effects, and you can end up spending more amount on medication and medical checkup than what you spent on your refrigerator!

We ask you, why to take such risk for just saving one or two thousands rupees while buying a refrigerator? Buy something like 170L 3-star Single door refrigerator that comes with an Anti-fungal gasket, eliminating the formation of any sort of fungus on your fruits, veggies, bread, etc.

3-star Energy ratings

Yes, 5-star energy ratings means saving much more energy than a 3-star model, but for that, you have to spend 7-8 thousand more on similar model. Well, that’s a big amount. Instead, we guess if you pay 100-200 extra in your monthly electricity bill, that won’t hurt you, right? Honestly, getting this much dependable 3-star energy efficient refrigerator at such low price is an awesome deal!

Impressive warranty

Undoubtedly, 170L 3-star Single door refrigerator is providing more than enough at such price. Haier is providing 5-year comprehensive warranty with this model, and their branches are available in all over India. The malfunction percentage is very low, but in case you found any issue with this refrigerator, just contact the customer care support of Haier and the repairing or fixes will be done instantly!

Haier Refrigerator Review 2021: REPORT CARD


Model HRD-1703SR-R/HRD-1703SR-E Installation Type Free-Standing
Form Factor Standard Single Door Capacity 170 Liters
Energy Efficiency 3 Star Rating (2019) Freezing Technology Diamond Edge
Operation Stabilizer Free Defrost System Direct Cool


  • Special Diamond edge freezer technology provides ultra-rapid cooling, and fast formation of ice.
  • Impressive 5-Year warranty support.
  • Highly efficient and consistent cooling system.
  • Stabilizer free operation.
  • 3-Star energy saving.
  • Child Lock ensuring high-level safety.
  • Anti-fungal gasket avoids any type of fungal formation.


  • Might not be enough for some 4 member families.
  • Sorry, nothing else!

The Final Advice!

It’s true that for 2-3 members family, you actually don’t require much from the refrigerator, and when a 10K model is proving such amazing features, then hardly you are left desired for anything more.

Better don’t shed extra money, as this model will undoubtedly keep your food items fresh much longer than the competing refrigerator model. We already explained the excellence of Highly efficient cooling system, Special Diamond edge freezer technology, Anti-fungal gasket, and other such amazing features up there!

Honestly, Haier 170L 3-star Single door refrigerator is overall a great value for money. There are also no complains regarding durability. It fulfills every necessity of a two or three member family.

After reading Haier refrigerator review, in case you think that a 170L refrigerator won’t be enough for you, then rather than compromising,. Just invest a bit more, and grab the 195L Single door model of similar brand (adding just around 2,000 Rupees more). If you prefer a double door model, then the top recommendation is Haier 258 L 3 Star model. To know Haier refrigerator price, tab the button below.

Besides that, we’ve narrated Best Refrigerator in India 2021 Review, in which after researching over 50+ refrigerator models, we’ve selected top 15 fantastic refrigerators under various price categories.


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