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Best Refrigerators With Water Dispenser [TOP 2024 MODELS]

The size of refrigerators in homes is increasing every day. However, it’s not just about size. Newer refrigerators come with various amenities such as WiFi connectivity and LED display panels, temperature control systems, and many more.

One of the most prominent is the built-in dispensers of water and ice found in refrigerators. They are typically used in larger refrigerators with more than 400 litres.

Although they are generally in a side-by-side format, Certain double-door refrigerators also have water dispensers.

It is a great option for the family who isn’t one to fill containers and ice trays. However, it does come with a few drawbacks. We’ll look closely to find out if it’s worth the cost.

What Is the Function of Refrigerators With a Water Dispenser Function?

In Western countries, refrigerators with water dispensers and Ice Dispensers are widespread. The majority of them aren’t simply dispensers but come with plumbing systems that draw into the water and cleanse it for frozen water cubes and ice cubes.

The purification system is basic. However, it’s an activated carbon filter that catches smells and contaminants. Because tap water in most Western nations is drinkable and safe, this system should be sufficient.

It is true that in India, however, the water isn’t as pure as we like it to be, which makes a complete water purifier essential. Most refrigerators do not have the capability or technology to clean water to this degree.

Therefore, instead of plumbing systems that take out water directly from the tap, refrigerators come with containers with 3-5 litres of capacity.

The water is then chilled or frozen to form ice cubes and dispersed as and when required. After filling the reservoir, it will take about 2 hours to dispense chilled water.

If you don’t use the dispenser for long, the remaining water in the line could be warm. This means you must eliminate the water and then remove the line until cool water can enter again.

Disadvantages of Refrigerators With Ice Dispensers

In the beginning, there is the price. Most refrigerators with water dispensers are more expensive than those without.

For instance, a 687-litre LG side-by-side refrigerator with no dispenser is around Rs. 80,000, while the model with a dispenser can cost close to Rs. 1 lakh.

It’s not everyone’s favourite beverage because most people don’t consider it very useful since nowadays, instead of filling bottles, it is filling the reservoir. They need human intervention, unlike their Western counterparts in the West.

The huge reservoir occupies space, resulting in less storage space for fresh food. This is especially noticeable on double doors of refrigerators with capacities of 400-500 litres.

But, for side-by-side refrigerators, this wouldn’t cause any major worry.

Here are a few top models that include an integrated water dispenser.

Benefits of Refrigerators that have Water Dispensers

The main benefit is, of course, the convenience. Most nuclear families will need to fill up the reservoir of water daily. This means you can drink chilled water whenever you want.

Many families claim that their daily water intake has increased since they are constantly reminded to drink water each time they go by the refrigerator. 

The water dispensers of refrigerators in western countries are very susceptible to issues because it requires plumbing systems that aren’t included, and ice can get blocked in the pipes connecting them.

In India, however, it is easier to use and is less prone to failure.

High-end refrigerators can also provide crushed ice, which is beneficial considering that most of the mixers in the market perform poorly at crushing the ice. Also, you can know which gas is used in a refrigerator.

Best Refrigerators that have Water Dispenser

1. AmazonBasics 564 Liter Side By Side Refrigerator

AmazonBasics Refrigerator

Costing less than the price of Rs. Fifty thousand, AmazonBasics provides one of the cheapest side-by-side refrigerators in India. It comes with chilled water dispensers; however, it does not have an ice dispenser.

AmazonBasics 564 Liter Side By Side Refrigerator body looks

The design and the features are fairly typical. But, while many side-by-side refrigerators come with an inverter compressor with ten years of assurance, AmazonBasics has a basic reciprocatory compressor with a five-year warranty.

AmazonBasics 564 Liter Side By Side Refrigerator temprature settings

If your budget is the cause of concern, you can choose this model since it provides excellent value for your money. In other cases, you can opt for more reliable choices such as LG and Samsung.

AmazonBasics 564 Liter Side By Side Refrigerator indoor looks

2. Hisense 564 Liter RS564N4SBNW Side-By-Side Refrigerator

Hisense Refrigerator

Hisense is an enticing new player in Indian markets. In the US, Their products are thought to provide an excellent value for the price.

Hisense 564 Liter RS564N4SBNW Side-By-Side Refrigerator unboxing

With a price of approximately the amount of Rs. 62000, it’s an affordable option in India. The company uses a digital inverter compressor and provides a 10-year guarantee for the compressor.

Hisense 564 Liter RS564N4SBNW Side-By-Side Refrigerator body looks

The previous models featured an LED display on the door, this time; you can find it inside the refrigerator on the right side. The reservoir for water has a 3.5-litre capacity. The refrigerator can provide chilled water and not ice.

Hisense 564 Liter RS564N4SBNW Side-By-Side Refrigerator indoor looks

Considering the price-saving cost and decent cooling performance, it’s worth considering.

3. Samsung 579 litre RF57A5232B1/TL French Door Refrigerator

Samsung RF57A5232B1 Refrigerator

One benefit of French Door refrigerators over side-by-side refrigerators is that a lot has the possibility of changing the freezer into a refrigerator. This Samsung refrigerator is just one of the choices.

Samsung 579 litre RF57A5232B1_TL French Door Refrigerator body looks

It’s a great option for Indian families that don’t utilize the freezer often. The top drawer is the fridge, while the pull-out drawer at the bottom can be used as a freezer.

This fridge is also a water dispenser and is not equipped with an ice maker. The reservoir is quite large and has a 5-litre capacity.

Samsung 579 litre RF57A5232B1_TL French Door Refrigerator easy access of dispenser

Because of the Twin cooling system, it is not a problem to a mix of odours, and the fridge is circulating with air at an increased humidity level.

Samsung 579 litre RF57A5232B1_TL French Door Refrigerator indooor looks

If having a big water dispenser and flexible storage space is important for you, the Samsung French Door refrigerator is certain to be what you want.

4. LG 471 Litre GL-T502XPZ3 Double Door Refrigerator

LG GL-T502XPZ3 Refrigerator

This model is a great option if you’re looking for an open-door refrigerator with a water dispenser. It’s a convertible fridge that has a decent cooling capacity.

LG 471 Litre GL-T502XPZ3 Double Door Refrigerator indooor looks

The interior is well-organized, with adjustable shelves that can be adjusted in height. However, the top shelf for the door isn’t in use since it’s utilized for the reservoir.

LG 471 Litre GL-T502XPZ3 Double Door Refrigerator good door locking system

While it’s more expensive in comparison to Hisense and AmazonBasics, when you consider the durability of an LG appliance, you should consider it a possibility.

5. LG 668 Litre GC-L247CLAV Side By Side Refrigerator

LG GC-L247CLAV Refrigerator

If you’re searching for side-by-side refrigerators that come with ice and water dispensers, LG GC-L247CLAV is among the top choices. It is the only one that comes equipped with an ice maker.

Since it is a product manufactured by LG, It is quite reliable. It is equipped with an inverter linear compressor that is more efficient in its cooling.

LG 668 Litre GC-L247CLAV Side By Side Refrigerator body looks

The system for food preservation for vegetables and cooked food is excellent. The LED display at the door allows you to change settings quickly and easily. Additionally, it can be controlled using the SmartThings app, too.

The dispenser is located in the freezer area in the fridge. Since most households don’t utilize this large freezer to its maximum capacity, it’s not a problem to miss space due to the dispenser.

LG 668 Litre GC-L247CLAV Side By Side Refrigerator temprature settings

If you’re looking to spend more, you can go for the LG GCX-247CSAV, which has the same capacity of 668 litres as well as similar features. It also comes with an insta-view window, which is a cool feature to get.

6. Samsung 523 Litre RT54K6558SL/TL Double Door Refrigerator

Samsung RT54K6558SL Refrigerator

Samsung RT54K6558SL is a different double-door refrigerator equipped with a water dispenser. Compared to the prior LG model, the Samsung RT54K6558SL has greater energy consumption.

In terms of the efficiency of cooling and its performance, it’s an excellent choice.

Samsung 523 Litre RT54K6558SL_TL Double Door Refrigerator body looks

The reservoir occupies just 50% of the upper shelf of the door. This results in a smaller capacity of about 2.5 litres. The limited capacity is an issue! The room doesn’t have an ice maker as well.

Comparatively to the earlier LG fridge, the new one is more spacious. Both have a new area on the top.

Samsung additionally features a pull-out shelf that is very useful for those who need to store more substantial utensils or a full birthday cake.

Additionally, it’s an all-in-one fridge that can be converted into a convertible model, which also offers flexible storage space. This also means more humidity in the refrigerator to preserve fresh food, and there is no mixing of odours between the freezer and fridge.

Samsung 523 Litre RT54K6558SL_TL Double Door Refrigerator indoor looks

It’s the best choice for modular kitchens and corners as the drawers for vegetables can be opened through opening doors 90 degrees.

In LG, the drawers have an open shelf on the lower part of the door, so you must lift the door to remove the drawer entirely.

If WiFi capability and smart app functionality do not bother you, then choose this Samsung refrigerator that is larger in capacity and at less cost.

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