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Top 10 Most Popular Automatic Watches in India

Mechanical or mechanically powered watches are the top option for millions of consumers regarding the premium selection.

The watches are powered by mechanically wound springs; they do not need batteries to operate properly.

This is why most automatic watches are favoured ahead of quartz models by the majority of watch lovers who enjoy the look and feel that mechanical watches offer.

However, at present, smartwatches have dominated the market thanks to their innovative capabilities and functions. There is still plenty of demand for these watches due to their classy design, authentic style, and highly precise timekeeping.

However, since new brands come onto the market each day, offering a variety of fully-featured watches, picking the right and best watch can be difficult for any.

To simplify your life, this article will present to you the top 10 automatic watches available in India with a range of prices ranging from affordable to premium selection.

Let’s take a look at the following list.

1. Mathey-Tissot Automatic H7051PN Black Dial Men’s Watch 

_Mathey-Tissot Automatic Black Dial Men’s Watch – H7051PN

Explore the world with the automatic black dial of the Mathey-Tissot Men’s Watch H7051PN that provides unwavering direction.

Internal workings are built with various daring movements, and they are elegantly traditional. The determination of these timepieces makes Pro Diver the quintessential ineffectiveness, made with confidence and skill.

Mathey-Tissot H7051PN Black Dial Men’s Watch unboxing


  • Gunmetal dial two tones rose gold steel band
  • Flame Fusion crystal
  • 100 meters of water resistance
  • 52mm stainless steel case with push/pull crown

Mathey-Tissot H7051PN Black Dial Men’s Watch material testing

2. Timex Automatic Men’s Watch

Timex Automatic Men’s Watch

Mechanical movements are on the top of our minds for many watch lovers. Timex Skeleton mechanical watches offer a unique ability to show the mechanism that powers the watch and lets the wearer look at the intricate inner workings of the watch. A time when the way you built something was as important as the thing you created.

Timex revolutionized watch-making with modern technology in products for the outdoor, sports, and fashion categories. Nowadays, Timex is a household brand that is synonymous with style, performance, and durability. It is still embracing its core value: unflinching in its pursuit of innovation.

Timex Automatic Men's Watch body looks (1)

The watches we offer combine tough cases and a scratch-resistant lens to keep your Timex running for years. When you’re looking for an exquisitely-crafted watch, every little detail counts.

With polished and plated stainless steel cases and lenses, the Timex collection is available with stainless steel bracelets that can be adjusted or leather straps that are meticulously stitched.

Timex Automatic Men's Watch material testing


  • Band Material: Leather
  • Watch Motion Type: Automatic Type of Display Analog
  • Dial Color: Brown, Case 
  • Case Material: Brass 
  • Case Diameter: 44 millimeters
  • Color of Bands: Brown
  • Guarantee: 1-year guarantee
  • Shape: Round
  • The Water Resistance Depth: 50 meters

3. OLEVS Automatic Luxury Men’s Watch  

OLEVS Automatic Men’s Luxury Watch

OLEVS is a world-renowned brand committed to making high-quality, luxurious timepieces for a reasonable cost. To prolong the life of our timepieces, we employ top-quality stainless steel cases and Japanese movements.

We value the beauty of the structure and the quality of the materials we use. This genuine Brand watch comes with all the necessary accessories (gift box, user’s manual).

Gently wind the watch for 30 to 40 lapses clockwise after receiving. A mechanical watch requires wear and tear to ensure it is powered. You must run the watch for 2 days based on your regular usage.

Olevs Automatic Luxury Men's Watch unboxing

For the Luminous function, put the watch’s dial in a flashlight for at least 5 minutes. The dimension of the watch’s band can be adjusted – the strap adjustment tools are included with the item, and directions for using the tool are included in the user’s guide.

We’re dedicated to providing the most satisfying customer experience. We are confident about the accuracy of the wristwatches we sell at SG Enterprise retail. Just pick a good brand’s bag and enjoy your journey looking fascinating.

Olevs Automatic Luxury Men's Watch material testing


  • 30m water resistance, impervious to splashes and rain
  • Don’t wear it while showering or bathing. To prolong the lifespan of your watch, we recommend limiting the amount exposed to the water.
  • Stunning shiny look
  • Waterproof and splash-proof.
  • Durable

4. Style Watch Automatic Watch

Fashion Watch Automatic Watch

Swissano introduces a brand new rose-gold version of the Skeleton watch. The famous ultra-thin self-winding caliber movement that has been in operation for 40 years this year is completely customized, skeletonized, and hand-engraved. The engraving process alone can take around 130 hours.

Helix Timex MetalFit 2.0 smartwatch unboxing

For the first time, the seal’s etched symbol is imprinted on the rotor that winds. The engraving pays tribute to the company’s meticulous preservation of handcrafted items that are rare to find. It’ll look great with a pair of branded heels. If you used a lipstick brand with pink color, you are going to smack your date for sure!

Helix Timex MetalFit 2.0 smartwatch setup testing


  • Shock ResistanceYes, Scratch Resistant – Yes, Mechanisms automatic, Strap Material: Metal Strap
  • Display Type: Chronograph Style CodeDisplay Type- Chronograph, Style Code Skeleton HX002 Series: Skeleton Gold
  • Strap Design: Bracelet, Case/Bezel Material- Sapphire, Clasp Type- push over clasp, Water Resistant: 100 m
  • Occasion Casual Sale 1 Watch in a Package, warranty certificate Box
  • Every product is thoroughly tested before being sent out.

5. Diollo Fashion Automatic Wristwatch

Diollo Fashion Automatic Wristwatch

Hello and welcome to Diallo brand men’s fully automated mechanical watch, a multi-purpose sports timepiece that can be used for the day, date, weekly, and monthly functions.

Be yourself wherever you travel. Mechanical watches don’t use batteries, and they operate on electric power. Diollo tourbillon is the name. If you’re at the right time, it’s good.

The person would quit immediately when he’s not worn belts for a long time, an everyday occurrence. You’ll have to reset the clock to the proper time in this instance.

Diollo DIO22 Fashion Automatic Wristwatch unboxing

Just rearrange the tape. Our watch is waterproof up to 30 meters, but it cannot swim or shower under hot water. Basically, diollo watches are accessible anywhere.

It is a high-quality skeleton mechanical watch with Austria diamond-decorated Diamond Numerals hour marks, giving you an extraordinary luxurious experience. Operates without battery, automatic self-winding. However, the proper manual winding is indispensable, effectively reducing time deviation.

(Note: Mechanical watches are different from quartz watches. Insufficient mechanical kinetic energy could make the watch stop when you wind it up in time. Below are the specifics of diollo the review.

Diollo DIO22 Fashion Automatic Wristwatch material testing


  • Sturdy Stainless Steel Strap Fully stainless steel strap with a hidden push-button clasp. It is easy to wear or adjust.
  • Waterproof: 30m(3ATM/98FT)
  • Waterproof, splash/rain resistant(except sauna, bathing, diving).
  • The mineral glass with high strength inside the case may provide scratch protection.

6. TIMEX 21 Jewel Automatic Men’s Watch

TIMEX 21 Jewel Automatic Analog Silver Dial Men’s Watch

Our watches come with durable cases and lenses that resist scratches for keeping your Timex working for years to come.

Every aspect counts when you’re looking for a high-quality watch. The Timex collections have clean and coated stainless steel cases, flexible stainless steel bands, or delicately made leather straps.

Timex 21 Jewel Automatic Men's Watch body looks

A quartz timepiece gets power from a battery. It sends an electrical signal via one piece of crystal quartz. Multi-function dial comes with various features like – Date display, Week Days Display, 24 Hours Display. Automatic moves naturally to the rhythm of your life.

The watch is powered by your movement when you wear your watch. The motion comes with a 40-hour power supply and can also. We’ve made timepieces with Timex watches to brand new levels with a minimum water resistance of 30m materials, so you’ll be prepared for any challenge.

Timex 21 Jewel Automatic Men's Watch material quality test


  • The material of the band Band Material: Leather
  • Case Diameter: 44 millimeters
  • Dial Shape: Rectangular 
  • Watch Movement Type: Quartz, Watch Display Type: Analog
  • The Water Resistance Depth is 50 meters
  • The color of the band is Brown 
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • The Dial Color is Gray 
  • Dial Glass Material is Mineral

7. Fossil Automatic Watch

Fossil Automatic Watch

This men’s analog clock from Fossil’s Townsman collection on will certainly look fabulous on your wrist. The quartz movement is driven through a circular-shaped dial. It has a stunning black hue.

The strap is made from premium stainless steel that is black. The clasp with a push-button guarantees a secure fit to your wrist. For a stylish look, pair it with Chinos and a T-Shirt.

Fossil Analog ME3154 Black Dial Men's Watch unboxing

We are sure you won’t be capable of thinking of anything else after you’ve seen this gorgeous men’s automatic watch by Fossil. The mechanical gears are displayed on this stainless steel Men’s Townsman watch, including a hidden skeleton dial, black dial plates, and silver-tone indexes.

The look is finished with a polished belt made of brown leather. This piece is perfect for formal occasions.

Fossil Townsman Analog Men’s Black Dial Watch-ME3062

Fossil Analog ME3154 Black Dial Men's Watch performance test

  • Case Form is Round
  • Material for Bands: Stainless Steel
  • Models for end of season
  • Compatible with Interchangeable 22mm
  • Color of the Dial: Black 
  • Watch Movement Type: Automatic
  • The color of the band is black 
  • Materials for Cases: Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel Bezel 
  • Watch Display Type: Analog
  • The crown is removed from the plastic and begins the watch
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 Years International Warranty

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8. Seiko Automatic Watches

_Seiko Automatic Watches

How do we not forget Seiko when talking about the best automatic watches for males?

Seiko is a Japanese watchmaker known for making stunning timepieces that are enjoyable to wear around your wrist.

The entire look, beginning with the slim metallic style, is a great choice for a dress watch. If you are in a meeting or interview, the peacock blue dial, with its simple design, isn’t going to distract you. People watching will be drawn in by the famous Dauphine dial and hours markers with a silver-tone and bright.

Seiko Analog Blue Dial Men's Watch-SRPD51K1 body looks

The dial is equipped with an hour and day window (with white-colored surrounding), Seiko 5 logo, and Arabic numeral minute markings that are 5 minutes intervals.

In contrast to its rivals that use a cheap Chinese movement, This well-designed piece utilizes an in-house-designed automatic movement.

And lastly, everything falls within your budget of Rs 10,000. Overall, it’s an exceptional piece of jewelry that will make you feel great wearing it.

Seiko Analog Blue Dial Men's Watch-SRPD51K1 Material test


  • No Battery Needed
  • Hand Winding is Not Required If you wear it regularly.
  • Smooth Movement
  • Fairly Exact


  • It is quite expensive.
  • Highly Sensitive

9. Fashion SLS Auto Chronograph Watch

Fashion SLS Automatic Chronograph Watch

Swissano has designed a stylish watch for men that is part of their premium Swiss-made watch collection characterized by cutting-edge design and exceptional workmanship.

Fashion SLS Auto Chronograph Watch material quality test

Its stainless steel casing houses the circular display that is an automatic movement within this highly engineered timepiece. This is the perfect style accessory for the gentleman with a distinct manner and taste. Both chronographs can be used.

Fashion SLS Auto Chronograph Watch body looks


  • Dial Color: Black 
  • Watch Display Type: Chronograph
  • Clasp Type: Fold Over 
  • Form of Case: Round
  • Dial Glass Material that resists scratches
  • Clasp Style of Band Bracelet
  • Watch Movement Type: Quartz 
  • Each product is tested thoroughly before dispatching

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10. Men’s Black Skeleton Mechanical Watch

Men’s Black Skeleton Mechanical Watch

Do you love dark things? If you prefer wearing black suit, this skeleton designed mechanical watch is going to syit you so perfectly. The silver glossy coating give this watch a white-diamond looks.

The price tag might be a bit expensive, but the performance and mechanism used in this watch is pretty impressive. The material is too lightweight and will never hurt your skin. It will feel like you are wearing noting but a small bracelate. The Roman numbers gives this watch a professional looks.


  • Dial Color: Silver
  • Watch Display Type: Roman
  • Clasp Type: Lock System 
  • Form of Case: Round
  • Dial Glass Material will avoid scarches
  • Band Bracelet Style: Bracelet

Shopping Guide for the Most Automatic Watches

What should you look for when purchasing an automatic watch? So, you’d like to purchase an automatic watch you own; however, you aren’t certain what you should look for in the perfect automated watch.

In this article, we’ll examine a few important indicators which can help you decide the level of quality automatic watches can be—a side note: most men’s watches that are automatic fail in all areas.

The reason is that certain watches, like diving watches, come with specific functions. It is essential to ensure that the watch you choose to purchase is perfect in the dimensions essential to you.

What exactly is the definition of an Automatic Watch, and how does it function? An automatic watch is a mechanical watch that is self-winding in its simplest design. While the description is just three words.

Let’s have a look at the watches. Mechanical watches, to begin with, are timepieces that utilize the clockwork mechanism to keep an eye on the time.

The first watch created was the mechanical one. The power that drives the hands regularly is derived from a spring-wound regularly in a mechanical mechanism (usually during the daytime).

There is no need to wind the spring manually on an automatic watch since it draws energy from the wearer’s natural movement.

In short, an automatic watch operates without the necessity of batteries or manually wounding. The hand movements of the wearer generate the watch’s power. This natural power source is an ideal choice for watch enthusiasts who believe that watches are much more than timepieces.

Before you decide to purchase Best Automatic Watches, research and go through the buying guide elsewhere from reputable sources, we won’t duplicate it here to save you time.


The kind of occasion or event for which the watch is suitable is called the type of event or occasion. Any watch, not just one that is an automatic watch for males, can be classified as one of the categories below:


A man wearing a gorgeous automatic watch doesn’t need an accidental splash of water that causes the formation of water vapor inside the dial. This can detract from the beauty of the watch.

Most importantly, the watch may stop working completely. If this happens, you should bring it to a nearby repair center to restore its appearance or performance.

Therefore, wearing a waterproof watch must be the priority. The majority of manufacturers of automatic watches have water-resistant basic watches. Therefore, the watches listed in this article are water-resistant.

When you put on one of these water-resistant watches, you will not have to worry about water splashing on your wrist when cleaning the kitchen.

Water enthusiasts, especially those who love swimming and adventure sports enthusiasts like diving, might prefer modern diving watches that are more automatic and have more water resistance.

Keep in mind that waterproof and water-resistant watches aren’t interchangeable. Water-resistant watches are made with care and designed to keep water from the body. However, they also have the potential to be damaged in certain situations or circumstances.

Casual watches: This automatic watch doesn’t look like it’s made to be noticed. They’re well-made and well-designed. Watches for casual wear are ideal if you want to wear a low-cost daily automatic watch.

The Field Watch, often referred to as “military watches,” are durable timepieces that can be used as automatic. The watches last longer and can stand up to harsh conditions. They have a few extra attributes, but they’re not attractive.

Fashion Watches: Fashion watches will keep you on top of the most recent fashions. Fashion brands are typically the ones who make these watches. This is why they’re not considered to be serious timepieces.

Colors that pop and are vivid, nuances, and bigger size cases define automatic fashion watches. They are typically worn during holidays or celebrations.

Diving watches are famous for their water resistance. They generally have water resistance to a minimum of 100 meters (10 ATM). Other features of a typical diving watch include minute markers engraved on a rotating bezel, the second hand is luminous, and a visibility range of 25cm when in total darkness.

Certain experts categorize automatic watches more precisely, while others are more accommodating. Chronograph watches, sports timepieces, high-end watches, multi-time zone watches, and so on are all examples of various types of watches.

Dress Watches: As the name suggests, these watches are worn for formal occasions and business. The most important thing about a dress is that it is slim enough to wear underneath your sleeves.

Watches for dress generally aren’t adorned with any complications other than the three hands with an hour and minute mark and an additional date slot.


Cases are the main part of any watch, not just automatic watches. The most important feature of the case is the material used to construct it. Automatic watches are made from sturdy aluminum, stainless steel, and other metals.

When buying a luxury electronic watch, the only thing to be aware of is that plastic and other cheap materials are not recommended. People who look at them get a false impression of the wearer’s appearance when they view them.

The glass on the upper part of the watch helps to ensure the watch’s long-term durability. Highly resistant and scratch-resistant solid minerals or acrylic glasses are preferred.

The dimensions and the shape of an automatic watch’s casing are the second most significant characteristics. Although the majority of automatic watches for men are round. There are also oval, square, and other irregularly shaped watches available.

You’re likely to be able to spot a circular watch. It is because they’re typically used for formal and corporate events.

In the same way, automatic watches for males are available in various cases to fit people with different sizes of wrists.

There is a possibility of difficulty finding an array of watches with large case sizes because they are generally between 40mm to 46mm in diameter. The case size that is not a fit in this category is explicitly mentioned.

When you choose the size of the case, be sure that it’s not too bulky or small when worn on the wrist.

Then take a look at the bezel that runs around the circumference of the case. An hour and minute indicator, the tachymeter, or a simple design may be located in the bezel.

The movement of a bezel may be bidirectional (moves in both directions) or unidirectional (moves only in one direction) or static (moves only in just one only one direction), or no movement allowed.

Dial Complexities

As we’ve discussed in the category section, the dials on automated watches may have various complications. The more complicated a watch’s dial is, the more stylish and practical it can be.

But, it is important to think about the occasions or times when the watch is worn and the value it can provide in identifying your unique appearance.

Here are some typical complexities that are found in watches for consumers:

  • Tachymeter on the bezel
  • Skeleton dial
  • A unique approach to the marking of minutes and hours.
  • The window for day and date
  • Subdials for stopwatches day, date, 24-hour time, the second time zone, etc.
  • Straps

Watch belts and cases are available in a wide range of materials, sizes, and styles.

Let’s begin with strap material. Most men’s automatic watches come with a genuine leather strap or stainless steel cases. But, watches with nylon and denim straps are still in stock. Genuine leather belts benefit from being attractive in the long run and are more lightweight than straps made of metal.

The leather straps are simple or come with block patterns in fashion. Metal belts come in a wider choice than leather straps with a simple buckle clasp. Metal watches could feature a double-button push-button clasp and a hidden double locking clasp, a fold-over clasp, and a fold-over clasp that offers security.

Straps come in sizes that range between 18 mm and 22 mm. Your style will be enhanced by the size of the case and the strap. Therefore, you should be cautious when selecting the size. Finally, the material used for the case and straps determines the weight of your watch.

Watches constructed with full metal weigh more than watches with metal cases and a leather strap. The lighter watch won’t always draw focus on the watch itself.


What can we do to forget about the expense of purchasing an automated watch? As stated at the start of this thorough guide, Automated watches are available at a wide variety of prices.

Market-leading automatic watches range from Rs 10,000 to Rs 50 000. The most expensive watches exceed Rs 50,000. Autonomous watches are the most sought-after.

The watches included in this guide have been arranged in ascending order of cost so that you can make your buying experience more enjoyable.

The main issue is the cost of an automated watch. The answer is the amount of money you have in your pocket. Each watch listed on this list is priced to be worth it. Also, any automatic watch you purchase should be worth every penny.

Suppose you’re paying a lot of money on a watch. In that case, it should come with a variety of features, such as greater precision and a power reserve, a long line of models and brands, and a high level of sophistication, exclusivity, and even a story.

If you’re purchasing a premium brand watch, confirm that it’s not an imitation.

Power Reserve

Many of the points mentioned above can be applied to both quartz and mechanical watches. However, the power reserver is only available for mechanical watches (and automatic watches).

In the introduction, Automatic timepieces are powered by natural movements of the wearer’s hand. The user’s hand isn’t always in motion. However, the mechanism needs to be running at all times so that it can be able to tick the watch. In the end, the watch’s power reserve is reflected in the image.

Power reserve, as one would think, is the amount of time an automated watch can run without movement on the wrist of the wearer or in the dresser.

Automatic watches that are fully wound typically last between 36 and 46 hours. There are, however, some exceptions to watches lasting approximately ten days.

If the power reserve of a watch isn’t within the range, we’ve included it in the definition of the watch.

On certain dials, expect to be able to see an indicator for the power reserve as an additional layer of sophistication. This puts an end to doubts regarding the amount of power accessible from the power reserve.

FAQ on the Best Automatic Watches

What is the price of a good Automatic Watch Price?

Automated watches are usually costlier than quartz-based watches; however, the cost difference is worth it. A top-quality automated movement watch made by manufacturers such as Hamilton, Seiko, Tissot, and Invicta could be bought for 0.

Why are Automatic Watches so expensive?

Yes, we believe that watches with automatic functions are more expensive than quartz watches. The laborious and lengthy manufacturing process used to make fragile parts is the reason for their high price. But, we can assure you that an excellent mechanical watch for men can make a profit with its exquisite looks and high efficiency. If you're spending a significant sum of money on an automated watch, you'll be sure that it's from a trusted source. We've chosen only the best-automated watches for men in this list. Each of these brands has been producing top-quality timepieces. As a result, it is unnecessary to worry about the precision of any of these models featured in this article. You need to pick an automatic watch that's perfect for your wrist and is within your budget.

How does automatic Winding work?

The crown of a manually operated watch is turned to turn it. Some watches operate independently. To run the mechanism effectively, every automatic watch has a rotor made of high-quality metal like gold, tungsten, or platinum. The rotor rotates when users move their arms and sets the gears in motion before turning the spring. Flip your watch to watch this process in real-time if it has a glass back.

How Long Will Automatic Watches Last?

Approximately 40-50 hours. The average watch with an automatic mechanism will last 40-50 hours. Some live more than others, but that's the standard. This is plenty of time for most people. If you plan to use this device throughout the day, you'll need about 30 hours of fully charged energy.

Automatic Watch Brands In India

While we don’t think you have to pay for the brand’s name, the logo and the history of a brand show a lot about you. Therefore, it is important to consider the brand of the watch.

This is a comprehensive listing of the top automatic brand watches for males from India (in the”market segment):

  • Fossil
  • Citizen
  • Timex
  • Seiko
  • Emporio Armani
  • Invicta
  • Orient
  • Titan

These brands have a long-standing history of producing top-quality automatic watches that people have adored. If you buy an automated watch made by one brand, it is a testament to the art of horology.

How to Take Care of A Watch That Is an Automatic Watch?

After removing the crown’s plastic and inspecting the watch for obvious imperfections in the case, mechanism, or strap once it is delivered, if there are any that appear to be damaged, snap a photograph or video of the issue and request the replacement.

If not, you can register your watch on the manufacturer’s official website for any future warranty.

Automatic watches, as mentioned, are pure timepieces. If taken care of properly, they can be handed down to the next generation.

Most watchmakers suggest servicing their automatic watches at least every 3 to 5 years. Check the documentation included with the watch to get more details regarding service timing.

We recommend having an automatic watch repaired at an authorized retailer for the brand or by a reliable maker of watches.

If you’re looking to learn how an automated watch is maintained, read Issac’s article for the details of automatic watch servicing.

If you’re planning to make the most of your watch’s power reserve, you have to manually wind it when it is completely unwound. Automatic watches are not wound, and you’ll need to wind them the first time you wear them. After its wound, it’ll continue to tick along with the hand’s natural movement.

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