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10 Best Heels Brands in India (Top Durability & Quality Ensured)

Shopping for the perfect pair of heels can be an adventure of trial and error. Finding beautiful, stylish, and comfortable heels is no easy feat. Fortunately, India offers an array of excellent brands to help women find their dream pair.

From luxurious designer labels to affordable options, these are some of India’s best heel brands that offer a wide selection that caters to everyone’s needs and style preferences.

Whether searching for the perfect finishing touch for a glamorous evening look or budget-friendly everyday footwear, these brands allow you to shop confidently, knowing that you’re investing in quality materials and craftsmanship.

1. Clarks


Clarks heels are a powerhouse in the global market of shoe brands. This British-based company, founded in Somerset in 1825, stands out as one of the strongest footwear providers worldwide.

With comfortable yet stylish designs, Clarks has cemented its reputation as a dependable provider of quality heel shoes for both men and women. To understand their success better, we need to closely examine what makes these shoes so special.

At the heart of every Clark’s heel lies innovation and craftsmanship; many decades of passionate design have resulted in consistently creative designs with unbeatable comfort features, which make Clark’s shoes stand apart from other brands.

All materials used to create these beautiful shoes are carefully tested and checked by technicians before being released into the market, meaning no manufactured shoe leaves without being thoroughly inspected for quality assurance.

Moreover, with such unique concepts coming through each season – ultimately helping customers stay ahead of catwalks and fashion trends – it is easy to see why Clarks heels guarantee memorable moments every time they go on sale.

The success enjoyed by this iconic brand is unquestionably down to its commitment to providing customers with trend-led items at an affordable price point. From classic ankle boots to boots created using sustainable fabrics like natural rubber and recycled polyester, there is something for everyone within their diverse ranges.

The quality produced by Clarks truly transcends expectations year after year, providing people worldwide with reliable options for both formal and casual occasions. Their commitment and passion towards quality also enabled them to become one of today’s most respected producers of heels worldwide!

2. Khadim’s


Khadim’s Heels is one of the biggest shoe brands in the country, offering a wide variety of stylish and modern footwear. Their products include heels, sneakers, loafers, sandals and casual shoes, each made with superior materials and exquisite craftsmanship.

With its signature blend of fashion ideas and practical comfort principles, Khadim’s Heels keeps its customers looking trendy and comfortable all day.

Being fashionable is never compromised when wearing shoes; with numerous subtle details like unique stitching or vibrant hues on display, each pair makes a bold statement without overpowering the outfit it accompanies.

Having a history of over two decades in the industry and an ever-growing prominence in the last few years, Khadim’s Heels has become an icon for luxurious tastemakers nationwide. Whether attending an event or running daily errands, it is easy to find just the right style from this dynamic brand for every occasion.

3. Bata


Bata Heels is a highly-respected brand that produces superior-quality footwear in various styles. The company designs each pair of heels to deliver comfort and fashion in one shoe. Their shoes are known for their soft fabric interior, flexible sole and tailored fit, making them the right choice for any occasion.

Bata Heels also offers many trendy colours and rich material choices like genuine leather, suede, canvas and more to suit everyone’s style preferences.

The attention to detail put into every shoe makes them stand out in a crowded market, as they are renowned for their craftsmanship. Bata Heels allows its customers to always look stylish without compromising on their feet’s health or comfort level.

Those who want any type of heel, from classic to fashionable, can find everything they need under this iconic brand’s name. Whether you’re searching for sandals, platforms or peep toes, Bata Heels has it all at an affordable price range, perfect for those on budget limitations.

With Bata Heels, there’s something to suit everyone’s unique aesthetic, which is why it is one of the most popular brands for designer shoes which demand both form and function.

4. Mochi


Mochi heels are a must-have for all fashion enthusiasts who want to make a bold, unique statement with their wardrobe. Brands like Just Fab, Rococo and TopShop all feature distinct designs that cater to different tastes, making them the go-to shoe choice for many celebrities and trendsetters.

Together they offer an impressive range of mochi heels — from simple block heels to ornate details like intricate embroidery and sequins in eye-catching colours. The wide selection allows you to choose the style that suits your mood or outfit for each occasion.

Not to mention, these are extremely comfortable shoes — meaning that you won’t have to sacrifice comfort for style. So if you’re looking to take your footwear game up a notch, mochi heels from these top brands are something you should consider!

5. Hush Puppies

Hush Puppies

Hush Puppies is an iconic brand of footwear that has been crafting stylish and comfortable shoes for generations. With a wide selection of materials and colours, there’s no shortage of unique and stylish shoes to stay one step ahead of the fashion curve this season.

One of the most popular Hush Puppies items today is their high-heeled shoes. From on-trend wedge sandals to practical but chic pumps, Hush Puppies offers something for everyone seeking comfortable heels. The ergonomic rubber outsoles are designed with extra support underfoot, providing all-day comfort while never compromising style.

Perfect for professional or casual wear, these shoes offer plenty of options in terms of designs, sizes and price ranges to suit any need or budget. Whether you’re looking for a subtle little pop at work or a simple slip-on style that looks great on weekends, Hush Puppy Heels have you covered!

6. Liberty


Liberty Heels is a fashion label that showcases efforts towards luxury and artistry. Their designs inject a level of luxury unseen in many other consumer-grade products.

Whether head-turning evening gowns or timeless businesswear, the range of pieces from Liberty Heels speaks volumes about the brand’s commitment to high-quality clothing, they invest in materials known for their durability and beauty, delivering an elegant look that won’t break after its first wash.

On top of the attention to craftsmanship, Liberty Heels offers their shoppers an ever-changing palette of colours and cuts for their garments.

This allows customers to have unique garments, making it easy to accentuate styles with confidence. No matter what kind of statement you want, Liberty Heels will surely have something that fits the occasion – and your taste too!

7. Metro


Metro Heels is a world-renowned clothing brand that has been around for generations. Established in 2000, the company started as a small independent fashion house but has since flourished into an international leader in footwear for men and women alike.

Along with creating trendy styles that cater to various tastes, Metro Heels uses high-quality materials when crafting its products. Each pair of shoes are made with strong leathers and fabrics built to last while still looking fashionable. As well as an impressive selection of shoes, Metro Heels creates beautiful apparel to complete any modern look.

Their garments range from casual, comfortable attire to glamorous cocktail attire, giving customers options for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for something practical or glamorous, Metro Heels is your go-to store choice.

With more than just fabric and styles, Metro Heels offers excellent customer service through experienced employees and prompt shipping services across all countries worldwide – ensuring you get the right product at the right price, all within a timely manner.

8. Marc Lorie

Marc Lorie

Marc Lorie heels have revolutionized the world of high-end footwear. These designer heels serve as the perfect fusion between fashion and function. Offering superior craftsmanship and unparalleled comfort, these heels are designed for those looking for a distinct look without sacrificing support and durability.

With innovative design techniques that focus on both form and function, Marc Lorie heels provide something unique while proudly showcasing traditional shoe-making techniques, making them an ideal choice for the modern trendsetter.

Using quality materials ensures Marc Lorie’s heels look great even after many wears and won’t deteriorate after a single season. Additionally, each piece is stylishly decorated with exceptional embellishments, ensuring you stand out in any crowd.


DICY Lorie Heels Brands is a fantastic shoe line catering to fashionistas looking for something more than simply ‘on trend.’ Their shoes are stylish and comfortable and have various designs, heights, and colours.

Whether you need a pair of classic black stilettos to complete your formal evening look or some colourful wedges to add flair to your jeans and top combo, DICY Lorie Heels Brands has it all. There’s something for everyone in this line, from shiny patent leathers to soft suedes.

The quality materials allow the shoes to last wear after wear, and the construction ensures that even several hours of standing won’t cause discomfort. Plus, their prices are very affordable, which makes them perfect for budget-conscious shoe aficionados. All in all, DICY Lorie Heels are worth a try!



CANVI is a branded women’s shoe store that offers style, quality, and comfort in every pair. This brand has something for any footwear enthusiast, from classic sandals to fashion-forward heels. With an emphasis on creating artisanal handcrafted pieces, each design is tailored to bring you the highest comfort levels without sacrificing style.

Furthermore, CANVI offers an extensive selection of distinct colours and sophisticated materials – including Italian leathers and delicate silks – to provide luxury with an edge that stands apart from the rest.

Their commitment to producing well-made shoes drives them to create unified collections across all mediums, making it easier for customers to find the perfect fit for their style.

As a customer of CANVI’s Lorie Heels range, you can be sure you’re getting the best combination of looks and feel regardless of your journey or occasion – whether for work or play.

How to Choose the Best Heels in India?

High-heeled shoes look classy as well as sexy and elegant when worn with any type of outfit. They can make women feel more attractive and confident.

But, it’s important to make the best decision when shopping for high heels, or else you’ll regret the purchase in the end, particularly when the cost is a bit more expensive. 

Therefore, we’re here to assist you in making the right decision in purchasing high heels. Here are eight factors to consider when purchasing heels when you want your shoes to stay stylish and practical.

1). Select the correct size

When it comes to buying heels, size matters! Finding a pair of shoes that fits perfectly can make all the difference in an outfit. Whether you’re looking for something dreamy and special for a night out or need a practical but stylish pair for your new job, selecting the correct size when purchasing heels is essential.

It’s important to know your feet size so that you can confidently choose the right pair – one that looks great and fits comfortably.

To ensure you find the optimum size, jump online if you don’t have time to hit the shops and use measurements from past purchases or chat with an expert. That way, you’re guaranteed to step out in some seriously-stylish shoes without compromising on comfort -result!

2). Don’t opt for tight-fitted heels

Don’t opt for tight-fitted heels

High heels can be a great way to add a touch of glamour to any outfit, but they can also cause some pretty uncomfortable results if not worn carefully. Many women opt for tight-fitted heels believing they will keep their feet from slipping.

However, this can do more harm than good as such shoes can often create painful pressure points and squeeze your feet tightly, making walking incredibly difficult.

Instead, try opting for shoes with wide-toe boxes and adjustable straps at the ankle for optimum comfort and stability – and don’t forget to take them off occasionally during the day to give your feet a bit of respite!

3). Shop at the close at the end of each working day

It might sound strange, but your feet will likely be tired and swollen due to working and everyday activities. So it’s the perfect moment to look for heels since you’ll have an idea of what the shoe will look like on you over the day. 

Do not try on heels early in the morning because you don’t want the fit to be tight once your feet have grown. Look for shoes towards the end of the day when your feet are swelling to ensure that your shoes are perfect for you.

4). Do the walk test

Heels can be a tricky item to purchase. Not only do they need to fit properly, but they also need to be comfortable enough that you can walk in them. To ensure your shoes are perfect for their intended purpose, take the time to do a “walk test” by trying them on and then taking a few steps around the store before buying them.

It may seem like an extra step in shopping, but it will save you lots of pain and frustration in the long run. Be sure to perform the “walk test” when buying any type of heels, whether stilettos, wedges, block heels or sandals. Taking just a few seconds of your day could save you from walking away with sore feet and regret!

5). Go for suede or leather high-heels

Go for suede or leather high-heels

Every fashionable woman should have a pair of suede or leather high-heels to get a classic and stylish look. Not only do these heels offer great support and cushioning, but they also look amazing with almost any outfit. These upper materials provide an added layer of protection while still allowing your feet to breathe.

These shoes will always be comfortable and fashionable regardless of the weather, making them the perfect choice for any fashionista. On top of providing amazing style and comfort, suede or leather high-heels can also last for a long time – often for years at a time!

Choosing this type of material is smart for those who like to make a statement with their footwear. Whether attending formal events or looking for a classic everyday look, suede or leather high-heels are worth considering.

6). Examine the heel’s placement and thickness

The heel’s placement and thickness should be carefully considered when evaluating a pair of shoes. A heel that is too low, too high, or placed off-centre can cause discomfort and even injury when walking.

Heels that are too thick can be unstable, while those that are too thin can create pressure spots. Checking the size and shape of the heel is an essential step to ensure optimal foot health when working or engaging in physical activities.

Knowing whether a shoe has a good heel placement and the correct thickness will safeguard your feet from pain and strain and help you get the best out of your activity.

7). Take note of the height of the heels

When shopping for a new pair of shoes, the heel’s height is an often overlooked factor. This simple detail can play a huge role in portioning comfort and enjoyment while wearing them. While one may love the style and colour of a pair of high heels, it’s important to consider whether these heels are practical for everyday wear.

If you know you’ll be logging many miles throughout the day, you may want to opt for a more stylish flat or low-heel shoe instead. Additionally, taller spiky heels can become tiring or even painful if worn too much, increasing the risk of muscle and joint injuries.

Therefore, taking note of the heel height before buying is important in ensuring that your purchase will look great and feel great as well!

8). Make sure to keep your clothes in mind

When shopping for high heels, keeping your wardrobe in mind is important. After all, you want to ensure that the style and colour of the shoes you buy will coordinate with what you already have. Consider what colours or prints you typically wear and the occasions when you plan on wearing these offerings from your closet.

If you wish to look on-trend, choose modern shapes and colours – but remember, comfort should be a top priority when choosing a pair of new heels! Find a pair that fits your wardrobe and ensures comfort for day-long or evening wear.


India has evolved as an international leader in terms of fashion, especially footwear. As a result, a wide selection of high-quality and stylish heels is available to suit any taste or budget. When shopping for the best heels brands in India, it is important to consider the style, comfort level, and overall quality.

Ultimately, this ensures that you find a pair that looks great and has been made with excellent craftsmanship. Whether you want something classic or edgy and modern, India’s extensive selection of heels will give you plenty of options. In the end, selecting the right pair of heels comes down to having an eye for detail and ensuring your purchase fits your budget.

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