Best Lipstick Brands in India that make Your Lips Shine

Lipstick is essential to a woman’s makeup kit and enhances her beauty and confidence. With many lipstick brands available in India, choosing the right one that offers the best quality, shade range, and value for money can be overwhelming.

In this context, it becomes crucial to understand the best lipstick brands in India that are renowned for their superior quality, longevity, and affordability. From classic to bold and trendy shades, these brands cater to every woman’s preferences and skin tone.

In this article, we will explore some of the best lipstick brands in India that offer a range of shades, textures, and finishes, making them a go-to choice for women across the country.

How Do We Choose the Best Lipstick Brands in India?

As a trusted source for product reviews and recommendations, we at have thoroughly tested and analyzed the best lipstick brands in India to ensure our readers receive accurate and reliable information.

Our expert team conducted extensive research and evaluation of each brand, including shade range, quality, longevity, texture and finish, and price point.

Through rigorous testing on various skin types and wear-time analysis, we confidently recommend the top lipstick brands in India. Our team evaluated the performance of each product to provide consumers with reliable and accurate recommendations.

We understand the importance of trust when it comes to product recommendations, and we assure our readers that our expert team has tested and analyzed these products to ensure that they are worth the investment.

Therefore, based on our comprehensive testing and analysis, we confidently recommend the best lipstick brands in India that cater to different preferences and budgets, giving our readers the information they need to make an informed purchase.

 When choosing the best lipstick brands in India, there are a few key considerations to remember. Here are 5 of the most important factors to take into account:

  • The quality of the ingredients used: This is one of the most important considerations when choosing any cosmetic product. Check the labels and only buy from brands that use high-quality ingredients.
  • The range of shades available: Another important factor to consider is the range of shades that a particular brand offers. You want to be able to find the perfect shade for your skin tone and personal style.
  • The lasting power: No one wants their lipstick to wear off after a few hours. When you’re looking at different brands, make sure to read reviews and find out how long each one lasts.
  • The price: You’ll also want to consider your budget when choosing a lipstick brand. Great options are available at all price points, so find one that fits your budget and still meets your other criteria.
  • Your personal preferences: In the end, the best lipstick brand for you will ultimately be the one you prefer. Consider all the factors above and then decide based on which brand you think you’ll be happiest with.

16 Best Lipstick Brands in India

1. Maybelline New York

Maybelline New York

Maybelline New York is one of the world’s oldest and most respected lipstick brands. Established over 100 years ago, the brand has consistently delivered on its promise to bring iconic color and innovation to the fingertips of all consumers around the world.

Maybelline New York has become a leader in makeup products, offering an extensive collection of lipsticks in various shades and finishes. From classic reds and pinks to vibrant oranges and corals, there’s something for everyone, regardless of skin tone or complexion.

Each lipstick is formulated with vitamins and conditioning agents to ensure lips stay hydrated throughout wear time and feel comfortable all day long. Consumers can find their perfect hue thanks to the custom “Find My Shade” tool on Maybelline’s website.

With hundreds of colors on the market, there’s no excuse not to find your perfect shade at Maybelline, New York – you’re guaranteed to have beautifully glossy lips and stunning looks with these iconic products!

Prominent Features of the Maybelline New York Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick:

  • The creamy matte lipstick is dreamy and makes your lips appear gorgeous and plump.
  • It glides as smooth as velvet on the lips for an uncrackable and smooth look.
  • This moisturising Maybelline lipstick shade is made with honey nectar, which helps keep your lips moisturised throughout the day.
  • It’s lightweight and ideal for wearing comfortably
  • It is a great lipstick. Maybelline lipstick is the ideal combination to give a matte appearance and moisturising


  • Highly pigmented shade
  • Blended with Shea Butter
  • Helps protect your lips from drying
  • Long-lasting formula
  • It comes in more than 30 different shades that are pigmented.


  • It’s not 100% smudge proof.

2. L’Oreal Paris

L'Oreal Paris

L’Oreal Paris produces many luxurious cosmetic products, including their highly-acclaimed lipstick line. Offering an expansive range of shades, textures, and finishes, they perfectly complement anyone’s beauty routine.

All of their lipsticks are formulated with expertly-developed ingredients to nourish lips and provide long-lasting color with a comfortable feel. Lipstick lovers will surely find the perfect product in the L’Oreal Paris lineup.

Their most popular selection is their Color Riche Matte Addiction lipstick; this matte formula glides on smoothly, providing full coverage in one swipe that stays put all day long. This iconic shade range offers wearable neutrals and daring bolds – from bold pinks to classic reds and deep berries.

Featuring both timeless hues and modern trends, L’Oreal Paris has something for everyone looking for their perfect lip color match.

Not just for color payoff, L’Oreal’s lipsticks also contain caring ingredients such as Vitamin E and Argan Oil that nourish lips every time you apply them! With highly pigmented shades designed to flatter all skin tones, this brand offers beauty at its best – there’s no doubt why ladies everywhere swear by L’Oreal Paris Lipstick!

Prominent Features of the L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Moist Matte Lipstick:

  • The collection of rich matte lipsticks comes in 45 stunning shades.
  • With a powerful payoff, one swipe is all you require to make your lips look glamorous
  • It’s made using the benefits of Jojoba Oil that will leave your lips extremely moisturised
  • The black leather-like case is extremely luxurious and will be an excellent option for your makeup collection
  • The L’oreal Paris range of lipsticks will keep your lips silky soft and hydrated throughout the day.


  • Highly pigmented, creamy range
  • Non-drying formula
  • It gives a silky and smooth texture
  • Simple to apply
  • Gives a dramatic matte appearance


  • It’s costly
  • It can be transferred

3. Lakme


The Lakme lipstick brand is quickly becoming a coveted go-to favorite among makeup connoisseurs everywhere. Its innovative blend of beautiful colors and buttery, creamy texture offers the perfect solution to anyone looking to take their party looks to the next level.

Their knowledgeable team of professionals is always available to offer expert advice in choosing the perfect shade for any occasion. They also pride themselves in providing long-wearing color so you won’t have to worry about your lipstick fading away by the night’s end.

Furthermore, Lakme lipstick comes in various formulas tailored to suit even the most sensitive lips, ensuring comfortable wear with minimal irritation and no staining. This brand has consistently committed to creating high-quality products that look fantastic and feel good.

With its exciting new releases offering up glossy jelly textures and romantic matte velvets, there is something for everyone at Lakme; they’ve earned their reputation as a leader in the beauty industry.

Whether you’re going out on the town or prepping up before an important meeting, Lakme has covered you with its brilliant selection of luxury lipsticks – allowing you to express yourself confidently each day, knowing your pout will never let you down!

Prominent Features of the Lakme Enrich Matte Lipstick:

  • It is infused with the benefits of vitamin E and olive oil. They work for keeping your lips healthy and soft.
  • This lipstick is able to stay on for a long time, and eliminates the need for regular application.
  • The shades are specifically designed to give a consistent rich, silky coating to your lips.
  • Available in a palette comprising 20 striking and fashionable shades that will suit any Indian skin tone.


  • Intense Pay-offer pay-off
  • Lipstick that is smudge-proof
  • Wearing it comfortably
  • Provides long-lasting shine
  • Keeps lips well-hydrated


  • It could appear uneven on lips with dehydration.

4. Faces Canada

Faces Canada

Faces Canada is a popular lipstick brand helping Canadians create beautiful looks for over 40 years. It is known for its long-lasting colors, creamy textures, and great prices. Faces Canada offers lipsticks in various shades and finishes, ranging from mauves to vibrant pinks and deep reds.

Its matte finish formulas provide full coverage without looking cakey or dry, while its glossy lipsticks are highly pigmented yet lightweight. Its color selection also includes metallic options, perfect for making a bold statement with your makeup look.

Plus, Faces Canada lipsticks come in specialized packaging with easy-to-use applicators that simplify applying it precisely and evenly. Furthermore, all of its products are cruelty-free and carefully tested to meet the highest standards of quality, so you can trust that they won’t sting or leave behind any harsh chemicals on your lips.

Whether you prefer subtle nudes, vivid shimmers, or eye-catching mattes, Faces Canada has everything you need to create the perfect lipstick look!

Prominent Features of the Faces Canada Weightless Matte Lipstick:

  • The weightless and slender look of a lipstick with an elegant pout is what women want.
  • This Lipstick by Faces Canada Lipstick leaves your lips soft, moisturised, and shiny
  • It is a source of vitamin E, Jojoba oil , and almond oil, which help keep your lips supple and healthy.
  • This lipstick is great for ladies who would like to wear a subtle but striking style with their daily clothes
  • Available in more than 15 stunning shades, these are priced at very affordable cost


  • Smooth texture of powder
  • Pigmented rich formula
  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting lipstick
  •  Moisturised and soft


  • Needs some touch-ups throughout the day.

5. Huda Beauty

Huda Beauty

Huda Beauty has quickly become one of the most sought-after cosmetics brands, especially since its popular lipstick line launched in 2013. The brand’s signature lipsticks are beautiful, comfortable, and highly pigmented, with colors ranging from subtle nudes to daring mattes and shimmers.

Even more impressive is that each collection of colors coordinates perfectly so you don’t have to struggle to find the perfect color combo. This makes it easy for even newbies to create looks that stand out effortlessly.

Huda Beauty lipsticks also contain ingredients like shea butter, mango butter, and avocado oil to keep your lips smooth and hydrated throughout the day or night. As a bonus, many colors are scented with delicious flavors like coconut and vanilla, which allow you to treat yourself while looking fabulous!

With all these attractive features, it’s no surprise Huda Beauty’s lipsticks have been praised by beauty gurus everywhere and continue to be a fan favorite amongst beauty enthusiasts.

Prominent Features of the Huda Beauty Matte Minis Red Edition Liquid Lipstick Set:

  • Huda’s matte lipsticks come with a moisturising formula that offers the highest coverage for your lips.
  • It is easy to apply and use. This lipstick glides effortlessly over your lips, without breakage
  • Non-drying lipsticks that are packed with moisturising ingredients to provide stunning results.
  • It is easy to apply and maintains lips supple and soft. It has the highest pay-off time of 8 hours


  • Smoothly glides across lips
  • All skin tones are compatible.
  • Vegan friendly
  • Highly colored
  • Long-lasting and comfortable


  • Is quite expensive

6. Colorbar


Colorbar is a leading lipstick brand that has received much worldwide appreciation. Providing a range of bold and vibrant colors, this brand is ideal for busy women looking to add a pop of color to vivid looks.

Colorbar’s color selection includes pearl lipsticks, moisture-rich matte lipsticks, lovelight lip shades, and long-lasting lip crayons in an assortment of shades that have something for everyone! The company uses the latest technology and processes and innovative waxes, exotic butter, essential oils, and select pigments to create products that last all day while providing superior coverage.

Their product line stands out from other brands due to its sheer pigmentation that tints lips in one swipe but allows you to effortlessly layer more color for an intense hue. In addition, their products are infused with Vitamin E and Sunscreen agents to keep your lips safe from damage caused by UV radiation from the sun.

Whether you’re dressing up for a party or looking for something casual in everyday wear, Colorbar will surely provide you with something suitable for any occasion!

Prominent Features of the Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick:

  • This matte, velvety lipstick is enhanced with the benefits of vitamin E, Jojoba oils and shea butter
  • It is a great source of hydration for your lips, while also keeping their soft
  • The return on investment is very high and you don’t need to worry about colour bleeding
  • It is a great lipstick to give a bold and stylish look to your overall appearance
  • It creates a light matte, soft finish that hides the actual colour for gorgeous lips throughout the day.


  • Long-lasting lipstick
  • Vitamin E is a key ingredient in this product.
  • Smudge-proof and waterproof application
  • Highly pigmented formula
  • Contains broad-spectrum sun protection


  • The lips were dry within a couple of hours

7. Wet n Wild


Wet n Wild is an amazing brand of affordable lipsticks that are perfect for any budget! Not only are they affordable, but they also make a variety of shades in stunning finishes to help you create a look tailored to your style.

The lipstick’s long-lasting formula glides on easily, keeping the lips feeling soft and moisturized throughout the day without fading or smudging. It stays through eating, drinking, and kissing – even after 8 hours! The formula contains antioxidants like Vitamin E, skin-conditioning ingredients such as macadamia nut oil, and jojoba ester for smooth and hydrated lips.

Whether you’re seeking a classic red shade for date night or something more subtle for everyday use, Wet n Wild has a color to suit your needs.

Their lipsticks have achieved positive reviews from hundreds of customers appreciating comfortable pigmented wear due to velvety texture and affordability at a fraction of the cost of designer brands.

With efforts towards catering to various skin tones, Wet n Wild revolutionizes the right mix of price versus quality. Enjoy beautiful lips in any shade with Wet n Wild at an unbeatable price!

Prominent Features of the Wet n Wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit Lipstick:

  • It’s a lipstick that can be applied easily and doesn’t dry out your lips.
  • The liquid lipsticks of Wet n’ Wild have superpowers in them that give a shiny look to your lips. They also last for a long time
  • These liquid lipsticks are flexible in their application and make an excellent choice to carry in your purse.
  • It comes with a high-pigmented matte finish, and has some serious durability over long periods of time


  • Lipsticks that are cruelty-free
  • Keeps you moisturised
  • 100% cruelty-free
  • Vegan and safe for use
  • Lightweight formula


  • It’s not a very long-lasting lipstick.

8. Sugar


Sugar Cosmetics, the newest and trendiest lipstick brand in town, has everyone talking about it – from beauty gurus to makeup beginners! Known for their range of colors, intense pigmentation, and affordable prices, Sugar’s lipsticks leave your lips feeling soft and hydrated all day long.

Made with a special formulation containing shea butter and Vitamin E, these lipsticks provide long-lasting color without drying out your lips. Not just this, they are also completely cruelty-free and gluten-free, so you can say goodbye to those pesky allergens!

And the cherry on top? Besides traditional colors like reds and pinks, Sugar also offers unique color combos like guava-gray and dusty rose, which are exclusively created to make you stand out. So what are you waiting for? Try out Sugar’s amazing guilty pleasures today!

Prominent Features of the SUGAR Cosmetics Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick:

  • Sugar’s Smudge Lipsticks are mostly lightweight.
  • It’s a super-rich colour that gives opaque payoff for your lips to look more full.
  • Because it’s enriched with the benefits of Vitamin E, this lipstick can prevent the darkening of your lips and helps keep your lips moisturised throughout the day.
  • Even though it’s a matte formula, you will be uncomfortable after applying it.
  • It’s not prone to feathering or fading, and lasts for up to 12 hours without any smudge.


  • Vitamin E keeps your lips nourished
  • Packaging that is suitable for travel
  • Mask-friendly
  • Waterproof and transfer proof


  • Extremely matte lipsticks can dry your lips out.

9. Revlon


Revlon has been synonymous with quality cosmetics since the company was founded in 1932. Today, its iconic lipstick brand continues to wow makeup lovers with its huge selection of colors and styles.

From sheer colors and ultra matte finishes to creamy lip stains and velvet touch textures, Revlon lipsticks are designed to make your lips look lush and soft.

Whether you’re looking for an everyday classic hue or something daringly bold, Revlon has a lipstick that suits your style. Revlon understands that true beauty comes from within. Every lipstick shade is carefully engineered with soothing, moisturizing ingredients such as vitamin E, macadamia seed oil, aloe vera extract, and shea butter.

Plus, each product contains SPF protection against harmful UV rays. Makeup enthusiasts will enjoy smooth, gliding colors without flaking or drying out their lips.

An even more exciting amenity is the convenience of shopping for Revlon lipsticks at most retailers: your local drugstore, department store, or online store! So why wait? Get ready to amp up your glam session with a beautiful range of lip shades from the trustworthy name Revlon!

Prominent Features of the REVLON So Shady Ultra Hd Vinyl Lip Polish:

  • Revlon’s Ultra HD Vinyl Lip Polish is a stunning formula that enlarges your lips, making your lips appear more appealing
  • It’s rich in Vitamin E and shea butter which provide an intense amount of hydration
  • The lipstick comes in an oil-based formula that sets to create a glossy look, ideal for topcoats on mattes or for use as a standalone
  • It’s a rich mango with whipped vanilla lipstick that smells amazing


  • Comfortable gloss finish
  • It is enriched with shea butter and aloe gel.
  • Ultra-comfortable
  • Applicator for lip hugging
  • Non-bleeding colour, no mess


  • It’s a little itchy on the lips, a few users say so

10. Nyx


Nyx lipstick is a beauty brand that is beloved by many. The range of colors and finishes in the lipstick line makes it one of the most popular brands. Many makeup artists, as well as everyday women, vouch for Nyx’s dependability and impressive results.

Its creamy formula glides effortlessly onto lips with just one swipe to deliver intense color and vibrant shine. What’s more, you can choose from matte shades and shimmery finishes, giving you plenty of products to play with in your makeup routine.

It also has high staying power, which helps it remain comfortable for long periods without irritating or damaging delicate lip tissue.

Whether it’s a casual look or full glamour you’re after, Nyx has an option that fits your specific style perfectly — plus at an affordable cost compared to other brands. All in all, Nyx lipstick gives off luxury vibes without the luxury price tag!

Prominent Features of the Nyx Professional Makeup Powder Puff Lippie Lip Cream:

  • Nyx’s Powder Puff Lippie is a soft liquid lipstick that dries to a soft matte look on your lips.
  • It is packaged in an intriguing tube packaging that has the sponge tip which permits smooth application
  • The formula is extremely colored, which means you will have a great payoff without wasting too much product
  • It has been certified and acknowledged by Peta to be a vegan that has not been tested on animals.


  • Lightweight , matte finish in powder
  • Vegan and cruelty-free.
  • Super comfortable lipstick
  • Comes in eight vibrant shades
  • Smooth application


  • Quite expensive

11. Elle 18

Elle 18

Elle 18 is a leading lipstick brand, creating vibrant colors and smooth, moisturized lips to take fashion to a new level. Whether you’re looking for shine, a pearly sheen, or a satin look, Elle 18 has all kinds of makeup options to match any mood and every occasion.

Elle 18 carries an array of beautiful shades suitable for every skin tone, making it accessible to everyone. With its rich pigments and special velvety texture, the product line is designed to give ultimate comfort while keeping your makeup feeling light and feathery.

The consistently high quality of the products ensures they won’t smudge or melt, allowing the color to stay true to its original shade.

Furthermore, their special line of budget-friendly lipsticks is long-lasting, so you can trust their range of colors will always be bolder and brighter than you expect, providing you with gorgeous results without breaking the bank. All in all, Elle 18 brings an iconic statement every time!

Prominent Features of the Elle 18 Color Pop Matte Lip Color:

  •  Lipstick is a comfortable and soft matte lipstick that is available in a bullet format
  • It’s tiny and comes in adorable packaging that can be carried everywhere
  • The lipstick is extremely well-colored and will keep your lips always moist.
  • It is a brand new formula that delivers high payback in just one stroke
  • High-performance lip colour that gives lips smoothness and softness in just only a few seconds


  • A comfortable formula
  • Highly colored
  • Smooth matte texture
  • 20 fun and vibrant shades
  • The vibrant colour of the sky pays off


  • The scent is a strong, perfume-like scent.

12. Lotus Herbals

Lotus Herbals

Lotus Herbals is a brand that understands the importance of providing natural and ethical beauty products. Their extensive range of vegan and preservative-free lipstick offers something for every woman, no matter her taste or needs. Whether you’re looking for long-lasting, intense color, or something softer and hydrating, this brand has it all.

One of the best pieces of Lotus Herbals lipstick is its smooth finish. Unlike other brands, which can be too gooey, Lotus products glide on like a dream and stay put through everything from hot summer days to cold winter nights. When it comes to color selection, this brand does not disappoint either.

With over 20 shades in their permanent collection and limited edition seasonal hues, there’s sure to be a shade that suits every style and mood.

On top of this, customers can also feel good about supporting a cruelty-free cosmetics company that works diligently to reduce its carbon footprint with consciously sourced ingredients. If it’s the natural yet effective lip color you’re after, look no further than the esteemed and expertly formulated lipsticks from Lotus Herbals!

Prominent Features of the Lotus Makeup Ecostay Butter Matte Lip Colour:

  • Lotus Makeup Ecostay Butter Matte Lipstick is a velvety and smooth formula that practically glides like butter on your lips.
  • It’s highly colored and has a great reward
  • The lipsticks are extremely light and nourishing, so you won’t be uncomfortable if you wear them for extended durations
  • Antioxidants and lip conditioning products make lips more full and fuller


  • Shea butter, Vitamin E and Jojoba oil
  • Super pigmented
  • Excellent coverage
  • Buttery matte formula
  • Absolute stay with no smudging


  • The problem will not go away without the need for touch-ups

13. Chambor


Chambor has been a popular lipstick brand for over 25 years. The brand was the brainchild of French makeup artist Joelle Sinner and her husband François Kaspi, inspired by their love of makeup and beauty.

Over the years, Chambor has become synonymous with elegance and sophistication, offering various lipsticks in shades ranging from classic and timeless to bold and trendy. Its varied selection of hues has won it a loyal fan base among women worldwide.

Chambor earned itself the prestigious Allure Best of Beauty award in 2020. The makeup is attractive and reliable, as it combines long-lasting wear with healthy hydration. The lipsticks are free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates-keeping one’s lips safe from irritants while remaining smooth and moisturized throughout their wear time.

Furthermore, the convenient packaging makes it an ideal travel companion- light enough to be brought everywhere without taking up too much space. A luxury at an accessible price point combined with an outstanding reputation over the years – it’s no surprise why Chambor continues to be popular amongst all makeup users today.

Prominent Features of the Chambor Extreme Wear Transferproof Liquid Lipstick:

  • Its extreme wear Lipsticks come in a long-lasting liquid formula that lasts for several hours
  • It then dries to create a soft, creamy matte lip and gives the lips an airbrushed appearance
  • Because these slippers are waterproof , you can eat and drink what you want without needing to apply regular touch-ups
  • It’s a transfer-proof formula that has a silky sensation and a silky matte texture.
  • This lipstick is vegan and cruelty-free. It has also been dermatologically tested for safe use.


  • Waterproof
  • Transfer-proof
  • Creamy matte formula
  • Super long wear
  • Travel-friendly


  • The lipline drawing with the applicator can be a bit difficult

14. M.A.C


M.A.C. is one of the biggest names in the cosmetics industry, and its lipstick range is renowned for its long holding and vivid color. This iconic brand has been at the top of its game for over 30 years, offering a wide selection of shades, textures, and finishes for every unique skin tone.

From classic, timeless reds to buttery mattes, shimmery pinks, and electric coppers, M.A.C. has something for everyone – no matter where you are! The quality ingredients added to this brand’s lipsticks make it one of the best on the market, so it’s no wonder people everywhere are talking about it.

It doesn’t crease or dry out your lips but provides a comfortable experience with buildable coverage that doesn’t overwhelm you on application. The creamy formula blends well onto your lips to create a beautiful look that hydrates and softens while maintaining its stunning color pigments, only dying after hours.

Prominent Features of the M.A.C Matte Little Lipstick:

  • M.A.C’s Matte Little Lipstick is one of the most popular products of the moment.
  • It is a premium, creamy formula that provides maximum return on investment in just one application.
  • The colours are vibrant and are perfect for Indian skin.
  • Premium lipsticks are offered in stunning shades that are packaged in gorgeous cases.
  • This formula contains ingredients that hydrate your lips and provide matte look.


  • Packaging that is suitable for travel
  • Comfortable matte formula
  • Long-wearing and flexible
  • Super Formula with pigmented color
  • Does not fade, smudge or feather


  • It is a good way to emphasise the lines of the skin.

15. Oriflame


Oriflame is one of the leading brands in lipstick that offers a wide range of products for all types of beauty. The brand has something for everyone, from soft pastel shades to bold, vibrant colors. The lipsticks are formulated using only the best ingredients, with years of research and development behind the production process.

Whether you want to add just a hint of color or fully explore the range of shades on offer, Oriflame’s lipstick provides stunning effects lasting up to 12 hours from application.

And with a selection that includes vegan-friendly options and different formulation choices, such as liquid mattes or creamy textures, you can be sure you will find something perfect for your needs. Plus, choirs are good about it, too – Organic and Fairtrade ingredients are used within each product!

When you choose Oriflame, you not only get excellent quality makeup but also benefit from their wonderful commitment to helping those in need; through their educational programs and philanthropic initiatives, the company gives back directly to those who need it most.

Prominent Features of the Oriflame Colourbox Lipstick:

  • Its Oriflame Colourbox Lipstick comes in an elegant bullet-shaped packaging that looks classy and is easy to apply.
  • These lippies are very pigmented to ensure that you have a full-on shade of colour with no trouble.
  • They feature a soft silky, lightweight, and smooth formula that glides effortlessly on your lips. They last for an extended period of time.
  • Blended by Vibrant Pigment Blend it gives an exquisitely textured colour to suit any occasion.
  • It gives even coverage to gorgeous, colour-drenched lips.


  • Highly-pigmented
  • Glossy
  • Smooth and soft texture
  • Vibrant colour options
  • Affordable


  • It doesn’t last very long.

16. Biotique


Biotique lipstick is a luxurious brand of products that promises to make every woman feel glamorous. Established in 1994, Biotique has quickly become well-known for creating top-quality lipsticks with vibrant pigmentation without compromising skin health.

Their products feature natural ingredients such as jasmine, honey, saffron, and raspberry seed oil that work together to moisturize and nourish lips while providing endless color choices. For example, their “Fiery Fuchsia” shade lasts up to 8 hours and hydrates your lips with their signature blend of botanicals and essential oils.

Moreover, the Biotique lipsticks also contain argon and jojoba oil for added smoothness and aloe vera to help preserve the texture of lips throughout the day.

As a brand that adheres to high ethical standards, Biotique remains steadfast in its commitment to animal testing-free products which are vegan-friendly and perfect for those looking for an eco-friendly alternative in cosmetics.

Whether you are into bold reds or soft pinks, there’s no denying that Biotique offers something for everyone passionate about their beauty regime.

Prominent Features of the Biotique Natural Makeup Magicolor Lipstick:

  • Biotique’s Natural Makeup Magicolor lipstick is created with natural ingredients that ensure your lips stay nourished.
  • It comes with a broad colour range, which gives you the option for the most beautiful appearance.
  • All lipsticks are free of silicone organic, cruelty-free, and organic making them safe for lips.
  • Rich in moisture, these shades hydrate and provide nourishment to the lips, and keep them soft throughout the day.
  • It lasts for more than 12 hours and stops chopping and drying of lips.


  • Organic
  • Cruelty-free
  • Tested for dermatology
  • Available in 15 colours
  • Very concordant


  • It is a strong odour

How to Buy a Lipstick?

How to Buy a Lipstick

There are numerous makeup looks available today and a gorgeously colored lip is always one of the list. It’s tempting to pick the shades and colours that are featured from magazines or YouTube instructional videos.

However, make sure to determine what’s best for you prior to buying. Your skin tone, your skin type, and your wardrobe are the most crucial factors to consider when picking your lip shade. Be sure to determine the compatibility of a lipstick with the other factors prior to selecting a style.

Deciding on Your Colour

With the vast range of lipstick shades available, choosing a shade can be overwhelming. One way to do it is by asking a makeup artist in a store for help or pointers. They can tell you which shade will best suit your complexion, undertones, and facial features so that you can pick the perfect one for your day-to-day use.

Another option is to visit online sites offering filters that allow you to narrow down your search by color and suggest palettes. Ultimately, colors should depend on individual tastes and match one’s style better than anyone else’s opinion.

Experimenting with different colors ensures you stumble upon something new while allowing yourself to express yourself freely!

Finding the Right Texture

When choosing a lipstick, the decision-making process isn’t just about finding the right shade – there is also the texture to consider. Depending on your makeup needs, you may benefit more from a matte or glossy finish.

Matte lipsticks are long-wearing and stay put against fading throughout the day, making them perfect for someone looking for bold, highly pigmented color.

However, if you’re going for a natural look, a glossy lipstick may be better suited due to its softer feel that adds subtle shine without appearing too unnatural. Understanding which texture works best for you can help enhance your entire makeup look.

Choosing the Right Brand

Choosing the right lipstick brand is a crucial step in makeup and beauty. A certain brand of lipstick that agrees with your skin type and tone could make all the difference in your appearance. The right lip product can enhance your features, bring out your natural beauty, or add to an already well-done makeup application.

Different brands offer different levels of coverage, textures, and shades, so finding one that suits you best shouldn’t be too hard. Do your research since selecting an ill-suited lipstick means dealing with smudging, fading, bleeding, or flaking throughout the day, all of which could destroy an otherwise great makeup job!

FAQs – Let’s Clear Some Lipstick Questions

Q: What are the best lipstick brands in India?

A: Some of the top lipstick brands in India include Lakme, Maybelline, Colorbar, L’Oreal Paris, MAC Cosmetics, Revlon, and Nykaa.

Q: Which brand has the most long-lasting lipsticks?

A: MAC Cosmetics is known for having long-lasting lipsticks. Their Matte Lipstick formula is particularly popular for its staying power.

Q: Which brand has the best range of shades?

A: Nykaa has a wide range of shades, with over 100 options in their Matte To Last Liquid Lipstick collection alone. They also have a variety of finishes and textures to suit different preferences.

Q: Are there any affordable yet high-quality lipstick brands?

A: Yes! Lakme and Maybelline are both affordable brands that offer good-quality lipsticks. The Lakme Enrich Satin Lip Color line is a favorite for its creamy texture and pigmented shades. Maybelline’s Superstay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick is another popular option for its long-lasting formula at an affordable price point.

Final Words

Regarding lipstick brands in India, the selection can be overwhelming. Each brand has unique features, developing a quality product that caters to different styles and budgets. From budget-friendly options like Wet N Wild to luxury brands like MAC and Chanel, there are many choices available to Indian shoppers.

Ultimately, selecting which is best for you will depend on your needs and preferences. Finding the right shade, texture, and finish of lipstick that suits you doesn’t require hours of research; there are plenty of options in India that can meet all your requirements.

Whether you choose a drugstore classic or prefer something more luxurious, you can find a great option available in India at an affordable price.


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