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Best Backpack Brands in India – Top Choices of August 2023

Whenever we go out, our backpacks feel like an extended part of our body. Why is it so? Because backpacks carry not only our things but also carry a sense of individuality in them.

Since we use our backpacks for a considerable amount of time, it is important for the backpack to be stylish but comfortable and long-lasting, too. Since there are many, many backpack brands available in the market, we may get confused about which are the best in them.

Let’s start to explore the best backpack brands in India and what features make these back brands stand out from the rest. Is it their lightweight carry feature, or is it an ergonomic design that provides cozy comfort?

Features like the use of high-quality materials and separating pockets to cleanly organize the stuff inside your backpacks cannot be overlooked.

Durable and stylish backpacks can become a reliable companion for your long journey. Hence, for a long and comfortable journey, the best backpacks are an ideal solution. 

Best Backpack Brands in India

The choice of your backpack depends mostly upon your budget and requirements, which are fulfilled by them. Backpack brands offer a variety of features and designs and a stunning collection of backpacks in India.

1). American Tourister Backpacks

American Tourister Backpacks

American Tourister backpacks are very suitable for rough and tough, adventurous people. This brand has been providing backpacks that go well for both city adventures and are also perfect for carrying stuff for weekend trips for the last 80 years. You can go exploring the world with these stylish and sturdy backpacks.

These backpacks are durable and lightweight to carry heavy stuff so that you don’t experience any kind of glitch during your long-distance travels.

You can keep your mind on enjoying the trip because these backpacks are designed to have many easily accessible pockets so that you don’t have to spend time searching for your stuff inside the backpack. When it comes to weight carrying capacity, American Tourister backpacks are very reliable, and their carry strips don’t tear off easily.

American Tourister takes its brand image very seriously. Hence, they are committed to resourcing its raw materials responsibly without compromising the ecological cycle of nature. These backpacks are also recyclable.

If you are going for day-to-day, short trips or even long-term travel, you can rely upon backpacks from American Tourister as their backpacks have got your back. Roam through as many places as you want because these backpacks can get you through the journey with a fashionable flair.

2). Skybags Backpacks

Skybags Backpacks

It’s been three decades since Skybags have been known for their comfy yet stylish efficiency. As their name suggests, Skybags are light in weight, and their fluffy baggy looks make them a popular choice for students who want to flaunt their school bags in style for carrying heavy books.

These bags are also an ideal choice for frequent travelers who like to take short-distance trips with their friend groups. Skybags have their looks designed to fit both professional as well as educational atmospheres. You don’t have to worry if these bags will last long or not because these bags are made with materials that are durable.

What makes Skybags stand out the most is they are available in a very vibrant color range, which could impress a wide spectrum of customers, from kids to college adults to office workers as well. 

Skybags have multiple pockets, which can keep all your belongings arranged perfectly and in easy reach. These bags are designed to fit the wearer’s body, which allows for comfy travel without noticing much load from the bag so that you can focus on the travel more.

Moreover, the snug fitting feature makes the backpack to be carried with ease, irrespective of the shoulder structure. Its vibrant colors are very alluring to the eyes of the onlookers.

Skybags come with a price-worthy feature that adds a style quotient to your journey. When it comes to durability, you will be a happy customer when you have Skybags with you.

 3). Wildcraft Backpacks

Wildcraft Backpacks

If you are an explorer who loves to travel with a wild and free spirit, Wildcraft backpacks can be a trusted companion for carrying not only your stuff but also memories with you.

When you have a backpack that comes from Wildcraft brand, you don’t have to worry about your belongings getting soaked in the rain. These backpacks come with a rowdy appearance, which can be advantageous to rock adventurous style throughout your rough and tough journey.

You will be happy to know as a traveler that Wildcraft backpacks are very thoughtfully designed with travel-friendly features like the protection of your belongings with its anti-theft protection feature, so in the midst of your journey, you don’t have to worry about your belongings getting stolen.

Wildcraft backpacks come in different sizes and multiple pockets so that you can get easy access to the stuff you require at a time.

You can arrange the stuff like laptops and chargers in side-by-side pockets and don’t have to remember at which spot in the backpack you have put each and every stuff. Because you can logically arrange things according to your preferences in the backpack.

Backpacks from Wildcraft promise long-term durability. Its zippers are super smooth. The bag’s hooks are easy to adjust. For carrying purposes, these bags come with padded straps for cushiony comfort while you carry the heavy load on your back without getting red rashes from bag straps.

Backpacks from Wildcraft promise long-term durability. Its zippers are super smooth. The hooks of these backpacks are easy to adjust.

4). Tommy Hilfiger Backpacks

Tommy Hilfiger Backpacks

For customers who want backpacks for both work and play and gender-neutral backpacks, Tommy Hilfiger backpacks provide a huge variety of backpacks for customers like you.

These bags come in different sizes to cater to different requirements of the customers. They attract eyes with their vibrant colors and sophisticated designer features, which can allure any traveler.

Tommy Hilfiger backpacks come with built-in USB port features so that you can keep your electric devices in your bag so that they do not get soaked when you travel to rainy areas. These backpacks are water-proof in nature.

When you are set to travel, you want reliable products that also appear stylish when you carry them around. For travel-worthy features, Tommy Hilfiger backpacks provide benefits like durability, premium quality leather material and a double-sided zipper.

The stylish looks, convenience and unmatched quality of Tommy Hilfiger backpacks are to die for. You can never go wrong choosing a backpack from the Tommy Hilfiger brand.

 5). F Gear Casual Backpacks

F Gear Casual Backpacks

When you require backpacks for daily use, then F Gear Casual Backpacks are just for everyday bag carriers like you. What makes these backpacks stand out even from their competitors is their unique, fashion-forward designs and chick appearance, which gives them a grafting edge over other brands.

If you are a moody traveler who doesn’t want to worry if the weather allows you to travel wherever you wanna go, you can totally rely on F Gear backpacks. As these backpacks are good for setting out on a wild journey because of their water-resistant manufacturing, they can easily withstand varying weather conditions.

The carry straps of these bags provide the user with added comfort and comfy fit, which works best for both male and female body types. Their backpacks are available in varying sizes and unique fashionable patterns. Whether it is a daily commute or even a weekend getaway, F Gear Casual backpacks work well for both users.

F Gear Casual Backpacks are a perfect blend of looks and functionality. They can be bought to flaunt a casual style for traveling and other purposes like daily trips or even long-distance travel.

6). Nike Backpacks

Nike Backpacks

To see what a perfect blend of style and quality looks like, you will get to see in the Nike Backpacks. It is one of the iconic backpack brands that has perfected the art of designing bags that not only look stylish but also fulfill transportation purposes. 

You also need a backpack that keeps your belongings safe and protected from damaging harsh weather conditions. Nike bags will do this work for you.

The company has gained a lot of customer preference experience over the years, which helps them design bags that their customers will definitely like. These backpacks come with features like durability and easy handling, designed to evenly distribute the weight of carry stuff so that users do not trip due to the imbalanced weight of their backpack. 

Nike backpacks have a perfect blend of modern minimalist looks and classic, colorful vibrancy, which defines its iconic statement over its counterparts.

Nike backpacks are packed with distinctive features like zip-mesh pockets, laptop sleeves, and rain covers to meet your travel as well as daily needs. These backpacks are quite popular among male users and minimalism lovers.

7). HRX by Hrithik Roshan Backpacks

HRX by Hrithik Roshan Backpacks

If you want to go for a backpack that displays a perfect fusion of fashion and functionality. These backpacks are for every customer and every lifestyle.

Backpacks from HRX by Hrithik Roshan cater to a wide range of audiences by making backpacks available in different designs, colors, prints and unique, specialized patterns. All these features make HRX backpacks work for both casual and street-style looks.

Signature features like adjustable straps and breathable material back mesh panels keep users from being sweaty. Their ultra-superior quality, comfort and convenience make them a very suitable choice for users who do not want to compromise on the quality or comfort of their backpacks.

HRX brand keeps on updating the designs of their backpacks with the latest trendy designs so that you never lose out on current trending fashion. 

You will see not only classic black backpacks here but backpacks that are even more vibrant than even the bright colors; these colors include Neons.

Yes, you heard it right because not many brands offer neon backpacks. Neon backpacks are shifting customer opinion; instead of going for traditional backpack colors, they are turning to neon colors. There must be a very good reason for that, right? Neon colors are very well suited for nighttime travelers, especially on roads.

8). Fastrack Backpacks

Fastrack Backpacks

For those looking to flaunt their backpacks in style but want to go a little short on the budget, Fastrack Backpacks are just for budget-saving customers.

Fastrack backpack brand is a popular choice among both collegians and professional job-goers who want the concept of durability, modernity and affordability of features in their backpack.

You don’t have to worry about feeling awkward when you carry heavy stuff in your backpacks because Fastrack backpacks are designed to keep the ergonomics of customer comfort in focus. 

Say goodbye to your worries regarding your belongings getting soaked because Fastrack bags come with a waterproof feature. 

Fastrack backpacks have multiple separate pockets, which can be utilized for neatly organizing your things. You don’t have to keep searching where you put your power bank or a tiny object like a pen. 

Fastrack provides its stylish, convenient, yet affordable backpacks in both retail as well online shops. From there, you can easily order the backpack of your choice.

9). Gear Backpacks for Men

Gear Backpacks for Men

Gear Backpacks for Men is another upcoming new brand which is offering features like style, comfort, durability and convenience in their backpacks.

These new backpacks from the market bring convenient features like multi-pockets to hold your gear and adjustable compression straps to secure your items in place.

These backpacks offer every travel-worthy feature, like being lightweight, wear-resistant fabric and water-resistance. This means you can set out on an adventure without worrying about the weather conditions.

You can always rely upon Gear Backpacks for men, whether you are a nature traveler or a city dweller; their backpack ranges have something for everyone.

You can find a perfect backpack that blends well with your individualistic style pattern. What makes the Gear Backpacks for Men a perfect choice is their unmatched style and the manufacturing quality of their backpacks.

10). Puma Backpacks

Puma Backpacks

Travelers who are looking to stay organized while also wanting to decorate their journey with stylish backpacks, Puma Backpacks are for you. Puma is a world-renowned name in sports gear. The same extends to their unbeatable backpacks, which suit the different tastes of customers.

Puma backpacks are built with ergonomically designed straps to conform to maximum comfort. They are highly durable backpacks that can survive all kinds of use.

Backpacks from Puma are designed to provide maximum storage space for a variety of items like laptops and textbooks. They have alluring, vibrant colors and designs that can enchant every traveler and even many onlookers.

Puma backpacks are very sturdy whenever the question of durability comes up. Get your hands on stylish Puma backpacks and stand out from the crowd with pride up your sleeves.

11). Harissons Backpacks

Harissons Backpacks

Harissons Backpacks is a very well-known brand for its reliable and trendy style backpacks. The combination of innovation and stylish designs created with heavy-duty materials adds a durable feature to these backpacks.

The most evident feature of Harrison’s backpacks is that they are available on canvas and in vibrant colors and patterns that fit every user’s persona. School students can make a style statement with Harrison’s synthetic leather backpacks through the backpacks’ modern looks.

These backpacks are designed to have adjustable straps, multiple small pockets and even laptop sleeves. This allows the users to be well organized during their travel. Harisson backpacks have ample storage for all your needs.

What makes Harisson backpacks stand out in the backpack market is their commitment to quality. You can rest assured about its quality when you opt for Harrison backpacks because once you buy them, you won’t regret buying them.

12). Swiss Military Bags

Swiss Military Bags

You can see a perfect combo of fashionable and functional carry bags to get you through your journey very smoothly. Well, the data shows according to the current market position, Swiss Military Bags are becoming highly popular.

These bags are resistant to wear, tear and additional damages because of the highly durable materials being used to manufacture them. This resistance makes these bags to be able to withstand even harsh weather conditions, be it out of town or in town.

Customers are provided with a wide range of backpacks to choose from, classic military bags and even trendy modern features with perfect zippers in multiple compartments. 

With high-quality standards and the outstanding feature of affordable pricing, Swiss Military Bags are becoming the most sought-after choice when you want to travel long distances. 

Unpack your day-to-day stress, pack your Swiss Military backpacks and get ready to set out on your dream journey.

How to Buy a Backpack? Follow These 9 Tips

How to Buy a Backpack Follow These 9 Tips

Adventure, Freedom, Travel. Which attire comes to your mind when you hear these terms? 

A backpack is not just some simple carry bag; it’s something more. A backpack carries your obsession with a wide range of adventures, gaining new perspectives by meeting new people and changing places, a getaway from a chaotic life. A backpack also carries your dreams and destinations. 

In the old era, people used to carry different stuff separately in small small pouches. Now, imagine that you can carry multiple things in a single backpack. Isn’t that awesome? Imagine your hands being unoccupied, yet you are able to carry with you everything that you want. This is the task a backpack does for you. 

In this blog, we will explain to you how you can get the best backpack according to your requirements, be it your school trip, weekend hiking trip or even a planned trip to Mount Everest.

1). Comfort

You don’t want to feel uncomfortable when you carry backpacks with you? Right. A backpack that does not have even distribution of weight can put the users at risk of tripping or straining themselves at any point of their journey. Hence, comfort is a must-have factor whenever you are setting out on a journey for long travel.

Comfort is a critical factor to consider when buying a backpack. A comfortable backpack will make carrying heavy loads more manageable and reduce the risk of strain or injury.

2). Durability


As a wise customer, you don’t want to invest in a backpack that doesn’t last very long and goes to the dustbin very soon. This is not only damaging to Mother Nature but also damaging to your pockets as well.

Hence, instead of investing in a backpack that, in a few days of use, belongs to the dustbin, you can be wise and invest your hard-earned money into getting the right backpack for you.

Durable backpacks are made up of highly durable materials, which include nylon polyester and canvas materials that can withstand rough and tough use and do not tear apart very easily.

3). Content Protection

When you travel on a journey, you also visit places and collect some memorable items from them. Some of the items are even gifts for your near dear ones. You want a backpack that can keep your belongings safe and secure from being stolen or damaged when you take them home.

This requires getting a backpack that has padded backpacks and also anti-theft feature to safeguard your belongings all the time, anywhere. Moreover, you don’t want to play with the safety of expensive and fragile items like laptops or cameras.

Hence, while choosing a backpack, you should look for anti-theft features like lockable zippers and blade-cut protection-proof materials.

4). Size


A long trip requires a large backpack, but short-distance travel requires less stuff to carry around. The choice of a backpack must be made according to your requirements and not just by the looks of a bag.

Hence, you should look for a bag that has many compartments and a capacity for items you need to carry around.

5). Your Activity Needs

You shouldn’t just have a backpack that looks eye-pleasing and attractive; the backpack must have the ability to fulfill the needs of your activities while on travel. These activity needs include packing stuff for hiking or heavy water bags for long-distance travel.

You will also need easy-to-access items that you frequently need and check up on, like the passport and travel tickets. This is so you can travel free-handedly.

6). Material


Whenever you go to buy a backpack, you not just look for its appearance but also its Material. The reason is a bag’s Material is what keeps the bag going. The material of your backpack determines how much weight it can handle and how long it will last. 

When the backpacks are made up from the kinds of materials like nylon, polyester, canvas and leather, you know that these materials will last long.

Nylon material gives a shiny appearance, whereas canvas material makes your backpack appear stylish and rugged.

7). Organization

We are pretty sure that nobody wants to travel with a messy backpack. This is why organization plays a very vital role when you go traveling. 

Many compartments add a feature of neat organization of the stuff. Internal as well as external pockets give easy access to your things. 

8). Budget


Buying backpacks doesn’t mean you have to put a lot of money into it. You also need to look at your budget. Buying a cheap backpack can be very alluring for you, but it doesn’t always mean that you will get the quality that you want.

You should look out for all the features like theft protection, water and heat resistance and organizable pockets. You should act as a wise consumer and go for a backpack that ensures a quality and budget-friendly feature.

9). Style

Nobody wants to carry a boring-looking backpack. Style is something that you want at any cost. When you go for a trusted brand, you will get both style and quality.

We all love versatile backpacks. Style is what creates an individualistic essence in our lives.

The Look of a backpack speaks volumes about any backpack owner. A professional backpack displays a person who is coming to see you from a professional point of view. At the same time, a canvas backpack will give out a sense of a rugged, rowdy look.

Best Bag Brands – FAQs

Best Bag Brands - FAQs

What are some of the best backpack brands available in India?

There are many professional backpack brands available in India. Some of them include Wildcraft, American Tourister, Skybags, Fastrack and Nike backpacks.

Which backpack brand offers the most durable products?

Wildcraft is the most popular backpack brand which manufactures very durable backpacks in India. 

Which brand offers the most stylish backpacks?

Fastrack is becoming a popular brand among both young and adults who are looking for fast fashion to be cool among their friends and college groups.

Are there any eco-friendly backpack brands available in India?

Yes, brands like Hempster, The Jute Shop and Eco Wings make eco-friendly bags with sustainable materials like jute and hemp.

Which brand offers the best value for money?

For consumers who are looking for pocket-friendly backpacks, the Skybags brand is the brand one should go for.


We are pretty sure that after going through the above article, you would have gotten a very good idea about which backpack you would like to go for. By keeping your requirements and travel or packing needs in mind, you will be able to choose a perfect backpack for you.

You can always think of factors like durability, low weight and fashionable design features to pick the right backpack for you.

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