Samsung Refrigerator 5 Star Model Review 2022

Samsung Refrigerator 5 Star Model Review 2022

Now, passing Indian summer without a refrigerator is a true sin! The relief that you get after pulling a water bottle out of your refrigerator, put it on your lips, and letting that nice cool water flow down your throat is incomparable, isn’t it?

Numerous refrigerators are available, but for those, prefer one-time investment and long-term energy saving, we’ve brought a super amazing Samsung model!

We recently tested this 5 Star model against six 5-star refrigerator models from other brands and came to know how supreme this model is!

We’ll reflect you this refrigerator’s positives/negatives, and by going through a 4-minute read, you’ll gain all confidence regarding the purchase, we bet!

So, shall we begin explaining those rich features?

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Samsung Refrigerator 5 Star

Appearance of Samsung Refrigerator 5 Star

See guys. If you place a hundred refrigerators, we bet that more than half of buyers will agree with this 5-star model regarding looks! Makers have really done more than enough in detailing, applying the best color scheme, and hence, they’ve been successful in attracting buyers also.

The royal blue color catches eyes very easily, and the floral pattern blends with the background paint perfectly. Even if you go with Samsung’s expensive refrigerator range, you’ll hardly find something more attractive than this model.

It provides your home’s heart a style boost. The distinctive Crown design of this refrigerator makes your kitchen much stylish and unique. 

The round-top shape, softly curved, & clean lines are highly appealing. It features a single door with a unique horizontal handle.

Toughness & Dependability

Discussing reliability, the VDE certification is highly respected across the world. After testing the Samsung Refrigerators’ compressor, VDE has certified that this 5 Star fridge will run for 21 years almost.

You’ve got the provision of keeping this refrigerator under lock & key, if and when required. This prevents your kids from destroying your cake or sneaking your delicious pudding behind your back.

What Features Does Samsung Refrigerator 5 Star

This refrigerator arrives with a set of 18 features, out of which some will really impress you. Not just the features, but this refrigerator’s functionality also deserves appreciation. We’ll describe each feature here and help you in knowing whether this refrigerator is gonna assist your requirements well or not.

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LED Light

You’ll be able to find ingredients pretty easily and save money & space with an LED Lamp. It’s more slender, slimmer, and, most importantly, more energy-efficient in contrast to conventional lighting. It illuminates all corners with a more comfortable and mild light, reducing electricity bills. That is also creating additional storage space.

Digital Inverter Technology & Stabilizer Free Operation

Digital Inverter Technology adjusts this refrigerator’s compressor speed in response to demand across 7 levels. It utilizes lesser energy, reduces wear and tear for longer functionality, and also minimizes noise.

Its Stabilizer Free Operation ensures steady and faithful work. It prevents electrical damage or shorting in case there are any fluctuations. Isn’t that awesome? It’s very helpful if you face frequent power cuts.

Deep Door Guard & Safety Gasket

You can save containers of milk/juice at the doorway, along with 2 rows of bottles/drink cans. The Big Guard can be great for drinks bottles that are tall (2L bottles). 

A Safety Gasket prevents the build-up of fungi & bacteria and helps keep the door liner clean. Hence, everything is flavorful, and further, food is likely to go off fast.

Vege Box & Base Stand Drawer

An ability Vege box provides a great convenient space to store all the fresh veggies and fruit. As they’re all in 1 place and because it’s so huge, it’s a lot easier to find everything you use daily.

You can keep veggies at room temperature much comfortably. There’s a huge Base Stand Drawer in this refrigerator’s lower portion. 

It’s a handy place for storing numerous food items that don’t require cooling, such as potatoes, onions, etc. And you also squander kitchen space or won’t utilize baskets.

Clean Back

You can lean out your refrigerator’s back much more conveniently. The Safe Clean Back is nothing but security cover cables & coils. It provides added durability, can be conveniently wiped clean, and looks neat. It ensures dirt prevention and shields them.

High Energy Efficiency & Inverter performance

This fridge is High energy performance certified; therefore, it saves bucks without sacrificing performance by using lesser electricity. 

The BEE, 5-star rating, makes it one of the most energy-efficient refrigerators out there. Most importantly, your food remains fresh during power cuts, and it keeps on running 24X7 even.

Runs On Solar Energy

This refrigerator can run on electricity generated by Solar Panels, inside the voltage range of both 100v – 300v. Current and Voltage from the batteries are controlled by their charge control. 

In the day, the SPCU uses stored energy in the batteries to run appliances. It’s an amazing capability, though.


Model RR21T2H2WCU Freezer Capacity 18 Liters
Installation Type Free-Standing Capacity 198 Liters
Energy Efficiency 5 Star Rating Fresh Food Capacity 170 Liters
Star Feature Base stand with drawer Material Steel
Annual Energy Consumption 104 Kilowatt Hours Shelf Type Glass

  • Very impressive energy efficiency.
  • Enough storage space for the money.
  • Convenient LED Light.
  • Doesn’t need a voltage stabilizer.
  • Clean back.
  • Capable of running on solar energy.
  • base stand drawer adds to the appeal, and functionality.
  • A couple of competing refrigerator models beat it regarding operating noise.

The Final Advice

The Digital Inverter Compressor of this refrigerator is certified to work for 21 years** and is backed up by a ten-year warranty.

It’s a part of the direct cool refrigerators range and is capable of offering crispy and fresh veggies even after 15 days of storage inside the refrigerator. 

Hence, you can enjoy the first-day alike freshness, even after 15 days. The Samsung New Energy Platform refrigerator provides more storage space, which is very useful. It provides 6L more internal capacity.

We will keep on counting benefits! Undoubtedly, this model doesn’t carry any deal-breakers. The competition is high, but still, this model has the quality to shine brighter than other models.

In case you desire more, just read our best refrigerator in India reviews! Coming back to this one, the price is reasonable, and this energy savior truly deserves to be bought!

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