Whirlpool Refrigerator 3 Door Model: EXPERT REVIEW

Whirlpool Refrigerator 3 Door Model: EXPERT REVIEW

Today, again, we’ve got a reliable kitchen appliance review for you, and this time, it’s the Whirlpool Refrigerator 3 Door Model with the 240L of capacity, which is running hot and wild in the market!

This 240L model is so well accommodating middle-class Indian families that they aren’t able to resist writing superb positive reviews on Amazon.

But what about the darker side?

Is rapid cooling the only job of a refrigerator? How long would this model keep your food fresh? What about the maintenance, and also, what’s there in the warranty?

No worries, guys, our professionals put 16 hours this refrigerator’s full testing, and we’re up to with a report.

There are some charming features, and this model’s specs are also very pleasing. What’s more?

Keep on reading!

See, many guides are available on the internet on refrigerator as it’s among the Must-Have Kitchen Appliances, but we’d put forth 100% honest and genuine advice.

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Whirlpool Refrigerator Review (3 Door Model)Whirlpool Refrigerator


First Look

Actually, it’s hard to believe this refrigerator’s price tag! It’s just below 24K (might change with time), and in case you’ve placed this one in your kitchen, one can get fooled by expected a price around 50 thousand actually! If you move 2-3 thousand less, you’ll find normal design refrigerators, but just look at this one!

By just adding a few thousand, such attractive stuff comes home, and that’s the reason Amazon customer reviews are so pleasing.

As you see, it’s a triple door refrigerator, but do you know what the benefit of a triple door model over a mainstream double door model is?

Well, a triple door model provides better cooling retention, and it minimizes the chances of odor mixing to the least. Besides that, you enjoy 32 L extra storage space! Most importantly, you get India’s first exclusive bottom drawer for veggies and fruits.


Not just by looks, but this fridge is amazing at providing features and luxury also. 

We deeply analyzed which cooling technology does this refrigerator use and what the benefits are over the traditional cooling technologies. Successfully, we discovered the difference.

This refrigerator uses Customised cooling technology (which you find inexpensive refrigerators). Now, this technology has an overall advantage. 

It’s more powerful, first of all, and further, it successfully maintains the temperature inside the refrigerator well during no-power situations, providing more life to your food items. This technology also makes ice faster way.

Moisture retention & Zeolite technology: The cold airflow around the refrigerator’s compartment retains the moisture as well freshness of the contents. It’s undoubtedly an amazing technology. Simultaneously, the Zeolite technology works in the department of preventing excessive ripening of fruits and veggies, keeping them fresh for long. 

Energy efficiency: Whirlpool Refrigerator consumes lesser energy in contrast to a CFL* Bulb, marking it among the biggest energy savior refrigerators in its class. 

Customized cooling & Micro blocking technology: Now, this technology really pleased us. The deli zone arrives with a customizable temperature knob, letting you store delicacies such as cheese, chocolates, berries, and other dairy products. 

Furthermore, a Unique anti-microbial additive prevents up to 99%* bacterial growth, and again this is for adding your food items’ life.

Air Booster: Now, in any refrigerator, if the circulation of cold air isn’t going all right, there is no assurance that your food will last longer. Fortunately, you’ll get the Air booster technology here. It controls the cold air’s circulation so that each compartment of this refrigerator receives the uniform cooling that it needs.

Other features: Some other impressive features include 32L larger storage space, ice twister for collecting ice cubes comfortably inside the collector box with just simple twist action, separate storage zone for fruits, killing the chances of odor mixing. 

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Whirlpool Refrigerator 3 Door Whirlpool Refrigerator 3 Door

So, how many power units does the Whirlpool 3 door refrigerator consume?

Guys, Whirlpool hasn’t provided an exact figure for the power unit consumption of this refrigerator. We already knew this fact, as before starting our testing, we went through the customer reviews, where we found some folks inquiring about this. So, we hired a more trained (and more expensive also) testers’ team.

The main tester, which holds 12+ years of experience in testing electronics, fully understood the functioning of this refrigerator and concluded that we could expect this refrigerator to consume anything between 170-200 power units annually, and that’s amazing!

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Whirlpool Refrigerator 3 Door Model’s Specifications, Pros and Cons


Model FP 263D PROTTON ROY STEEL ONYX (N) Refrigerator Fresh Food Capacity 172 Liters
Annual Energy Consumption 170-200 units (as per expert) Freezer Capacity 64 Liters
Capacity 240 Liters Star Features Door Lock, Stabilizer Free Operation
Installation Type Free-Standing Defrost System Automatic
Voltage 230 Volts Colour Steel Onyx
Warranty 1 Year (10 yrs. on compressor) Shelf Type Glass

  • Outstanding look at such low price.
  • Very low energy consumption (170-200 power units as per expectations).
  • Super sturdy steel construction.
  • Great Amazon customer reviews.
  • Uniform cooling throughout various compartments.
  • Impressive warranty and customer support.
  • Use of various modern technologies for assisting cooling.
  • The quality of the glass shelves could have been better.

The Final Advice

Guys, it’s a supremely modern-looking 3-door refrigerator, with amazing specs and double amazing price tag. If the price were close to 30K, then also we would have put forth our advice to buy it. 

After all, it’s a 4-star energy saver, and you find numerous technologies added into his refrigerator to assist you the best way.

Concerning warranty, 1 year on refri, and 10 years on refi’s compressor is what you get. Regarding customer support, no need to worry. It’s Whirlpool! In our recommendation, one should definitely grab this refrigerator before the price elevates.

In case 24K (might change with time) is going over your budget, then do tap a few review buttons below, and we’re sure you’ll get the best refrigerator, as we have written reviews on refrigerators of all the price ranges. Please feel free to clear your confusion through the comment section below.

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