You are currently viewing Best Havells Water Purifier Model Reviews 2024 Which Are SAFEST IN THE MARKET!

Best Havells Water Purifier Model Reviews 2024 Which Are SAFEST IN THE MARKET!

Talking about the highest trending electronics and home appliance brands in India, Havells is one of them.

Now, as pollution is touching heights in India, the water quality is decreasing day by day. Just try to drink tap water, and we’re sure that it isn’t healthy for you.

This tap water contains certain impurities. These include dust, bacteria, mud, cysts, sand, virus, excess dissolved solids such as calcium, sodium, chlorides, magnesium, potassium, and also several heavy metals such as lead, fluoride, arsenic, etc.

You can’t even imagine how hazardous these can be. Therefore, over lack of people die every single year because of diseases prompted by impure water.

RO water purifiers are the best solution, as they provide RO filtered water, but all of these RO machines don’t save you from all water impurities.

If you want the best water purifier, then they cost high.

Fortunately, Havells has come up as your life supporter and is providing some outstanding water purifiers at unbelievable low prices.

On certain grounds, we found Havells water purifiers better than other purifiers of matching prices. As a result, rather than composing an article to recommend the topwater purifiers, we composed Havells models for you.

Consequently, we’ve got 5 amazing water purifiers for you at different prices.

We don’t want you to finish reading just after knowing about the best purifier models. Must read the best water purifier buying guide, which will highly support your purchase. Also, you’ll get a proper idea regarding which purifier will suit your needs. What all are the buying considerations? No worries, we’re narrated that as well.

Here’s the list of top water purifier models from Havells

Max Alkaline 7L RO UV 9.2 Under 15,000 Buy on Amazon
Max 7L RO UV 9.0 Under 15,000 Buy on Amazon
Digi Plus 7L RO UV 9.0 Under 20,000 Buy on Amazon
Digitouch RO UV 8.7 Under 20,000 Buy on Amazon
Pro 7L Alkaline 8.5 Under 20,000 Buy on Amazon

Buying Guide To Select The Most Impressive Water Purifier

Is your tap water safe to drink? As unhealthy degrees of contaminants, for example, lead, bacteria, and pesticides, are found in both metropolitan as well as water supplies, it’s essential to know whether pollutants exist in the Water. Furthermore, if they do, you must know how to supply your house with cleaned& filtered Water.

Purchasing filtered Water is the speediest and least expensive way of getting perfect drinking water. But over the long haul, it’s undoubtedly costly, and plastic bottles are an environmental blight and are wasteful.

Water filters are the perfect solution. Numerous types of water filters are made, and they range widely in cost and sophistication. They may use activated carbon, reverse-osmosis, or ultra-violet rays for cleaning or purifying Water.

The effectiveness of a water filter at separating explicit contaminants relies on the technology utilized. So, it’s essential to know what should be removed from the Water.

You may understand UV, RO, Alkaline functions but really don’t know how do all these functions work.Other than that, we’ll know what water filter purchasing-related concerns are there.

How you’ll know that your water filter is no more working correctly? Do you get any type of alerts for that? Will you get any alerts if some functions aren’t working properly in your water filter? We should get further into this!


Alkaline function

pH Prescription Alkaline Filter is the genuine alkaline filter. It proffers premium quality alkaline water. Besides that, it provides much better outcomes than normal calcite alkaline filters.

This filter has expanded advantages, including expanding the pH of your tap water to 10, emitting far-infrared rays, accomplishing the Oxidation Reduction Potential of – 500mv, and producing smaller cluster chains in the water particle.

Above all, all the models we’ve recommended in our Havells water filter guide come with these features. Havells water purifier ph balance feature is truly amazing. Let’s know how the alkaline function makes you beneficial.


Advantages of Alkaline Water

The human body has an alkaline blood pH of 7.365, and it’s essential to keep up this pH balance. Quite a bit of what we eat, for example, processed sugar, dairy, meat, and coffee, have acidic effects on your pH balance. Therefore, your body needs to work harder to restore itself to a neutral pH.

Alkaline Water progressively helps in the balancing process of your body by introducing a higher pH to the body for balancing the low pH, and along; therefore, your neutral balance will re-established. Alkaline Water also essentially allows your body to absorb the minerals due to its high oxygen content.

This is essential as if your body doesn’t have enough minerals, like calcium, then it tries to discover it somewhere else and could possibly take it from the bones of your body. This makes your bones weaken and may cause significant issues later in your life.

pH Prescribed that Havells Alkaline Filter can raise the pH of the filtered water up to 10 to 10.5 (according to our tests)! This is a fantastic property of these filters, as most ordinary filters can just raise the pH to only 7.5. (ORP) Oxidation-Reduction Potential is the most beneficial advantage of Alkaline Water.

Concentrating on ORP

The (ORP) Oxidation Reduction Potential is the reading indicator of how bio-available& bio-absorbable a product will be in the body. The lower the reading beneath 0 (mv) millivolts, the more ions are available for helping with the body’s metabolic functions.

The Tourmaline Ceramic is what pH Prescription Alkaline Water Filter uses, which, when combined with Water, produces indispensable minerals for your body. 

All the while, the pH Prescription Alkaline Water Filter also renews the Water, emitting(far-infrared rays)FIR for producing ‘living water.’

Actually, pH Prescription Alkaline Water is similar to, characteristically, to the Water inside the bodies and is made by including(Fe2Fe3) Ferric Ferrous Salt to Water through ceramic material in your filter. When Fe2Fe3 is added to common tap water, it emits far-infrared high-frequency rays.

Far-infrared rays are also known for their amazing healing& detoxifying effects on living organisms. FIR suppresses the development of excessive free radicals &shorten Water’s cluster chain. The purified& activated Water has littler water clusters, which are increasingly efficient at protecting cells from different stimulants.



RO function

Invert osmosis expels contaminants from feed water or unfiltered Water when the pressure forces it through the semipermeable membrane. 

Water flows from the more focused side (more contaminants) of the RO membrane to the less focused side (fewer contaminants) for providing clean drinking water. The new& fresh Water produced is known as the permeate. The concentrated Water left over is known as the brine\waste.

A semipermeable membrane has little pores, which blocks contaminants but lets water molecules flow through. In osmosis, Water turns out increasingly concentrated as it goes through the membrane for obtaining equilibrium on both sides. 

Reverse osmosis, in any case, blacks contaminants from entering the less focused side of the membrane. For example, when the pressure is applied to the volume of saltwater during reverse osmosis, the salt will be left behind, and just clean Water flows through.

A reverse osmosis system also removes sediment as well as chlorine from Water with the pre-filter before it forces Water through the semipermeable membrane for removing dissolved solids. 

After Water leaves the RO membrane, it goes through a post-filter for polishing the drinking water before it enters the dedicated faucet. Reverse osmosis systems have different stages relying upon their number of post filters & pre-filters.

See, many guides are available on the internet on water purifier as it’s among the Must-Have Kitchen Appliances, but we’d put forth 100% honest and genuine advice.

What does the reverse osmosis system remove?

The reverse osmosis system expels dissolved solids such as fluoride& arsenic through the RO membrane. The RO system also includes sediments & carbon filtration for the broad spectrum of reduction. The carbon filters in the RO system remove bad taste, chlorine, and odors, and also the sediment filter removes debris and dirt.

Does the reverse osmosis system remove…

  • Fluoride? Yes.
  • Salt? Yes.
  • Sediment? Yes.
  • Chlorine? Yes.
  • Arsenic? Yes.
  • VOCs? Yes.
  • Herbicides & pesticides? Yes.
  • Numerous different contaminants? Yes. The contaminants listed are probably the most well-known ones treated with the RO system; however, the system also evacuates a slew of other contaminants.
  • Bacteria & Viruses? No. If your water comes from any city treatment plant, at that point, it should already be micro-biologically secured. Reverse osmosis may remove a few bacteria, but bacteria could develop on the membrane and potentially enter the water supply.


Reverse osmosis system benefits

The reverse osmosis system is among the best extensive methods for filtration. It removes 98 percent of dissolved solids that makes it more healthy to drink.

The water distiller is the only other alternative regards the drinking water system, which also decreases TDS, but it’s less efficient if compared with the RO system.

  • Harmful dissolved contaminants decreased
  • Sodium reduced
  • More environment-friendly than bottled water
  • Awful tastes &odors decreased
  • Simple to install&maintain
  • Easily fits under the kitchen sink

Does reverse osmosis wastewater?

The reverse osmosis system does the job of sending water with dismissed contaminants down the drain as wastewater, not at all like different filters that trap contaminants.

As water flows throughout the system, it’s divided into two streams. The first stream carries the filtered water to the dedicated faucet, whereas the second stream carries the dissolved contaminations, removed salts, and minerals to the drain.

The brine water or “wastewater” carries dismissed contaminants from the reverse osmosis system to the drain. Four gallons of water leave the channel for each gallon of water produced.

The brine water is utilized for a reason, so it’s not actually wasted. The wastewater in the RO system helps clean the water, much the same as a dishwasher utilizes water for cleaning dishes or like the (….washing machine…..) uses water for cleaning garments.


UV function

Ultraviolet water purification is the best strategy for purifying bacteria from your water. (UV) Ultraviolet rays kill harmful pathogens in the home’s water as well as destroy illness-causing microorganisms by striking their genetic core (DNA).

Most importantly, this is incredibly efficient in killing their ability to reproduce. Purifying the water with Ultraviolet light is exceptionally straightforward, successful, and environmentally safe.

UV systems destroy almost 100% of harmful microorganisms without including any sort of chemicals or changing the water’s taste\smell. Typically, UV water purification is generally utilized with different types of filtration, for example, reverse osmosis systems or carbon block filters.

UV systems are a powerful means for water disinfection for residential purposes of entry use for helping purify the whole home. UV systems are mostly recommended to homeowners, who probably suspect any E.coli, giardia, cryptosporidium, or some other kinds of bacteria & infections in the water.

It isn’t recommended to use chlorine or different synthetics for purifying water like good private owners. They produce toxic byproducts. It’s essential to avoid drinking any water, which is possibly contaminated from bacteria to protect yourself from any water-borne bacterial infections.


Ultraviolet Purification Advantages

  • Totally Chemical Free: UV purification doesn’t use any sort of chemicals such as chlorine or odor in the water.
  • Taste and Odor Free: UV doesn’t include any type of chemical taste or odor in the water.
  • Amazingly Effective: One of the most effective paths for killing disease-causing microbes by destroying 99.99%.
  • Requires little energy: Uses about similar energy as it would for running a 60 watt light.
  • Low Maintenance: Set &forgot kind of system, simply change UV bulb every year.

Do these water purifiers eliminate basic minerals?

Dependent upon the source as well as area, municipal water may contain varying amounts of healthy minerals. Although water must not be the only source for getting minerals in your eating routine, it can contribute to your suggested daily intake of these nutrients.

Water filters are known for their capabilities of water purifying. Besides that, also for their efficiency in removing unwanted water ingredients.

But shouldn’t something be said about minerals? Are these even remove during the filtration process, leaving the tap water slightly unpalatable?

The answer to this particular inquiry relies upon the water filtration technology utilized by the water filter system. Some water filters do remove some healthy minerals. Others will hold them, removing just contaminants.

In standard, the water filters utilizing the RO technique neglect to hold essential minerals in the water. Most importantly, all Havells water filters, even after using the RO technique, come with mineral holding capacities.

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Important Points to Consider

Following important pointers will help you with choosing the correct RO water purifier system that is perfect for you.

  • Check the quality of the water before buying a water purifier.
  • Capacity: You have to check the capacity limit of the purifier before buying.
  • Get some knowledge about the different purification stages. The more stages of water purifications will ensure more clean water.
  • Check the cleaning strategy as every technique has a few limitations with regard to killing impurities.
  • Check the absolute amount of water it can purify to guarantee that it meets your requirements.
  • Further, check the certifications to guarantee that the product has been fully tested as well as fulfills all the quality standards.

Features of Havells water filters

We were amazed to see Havells water purifiers’ features in our testing, and certain of these features make these Havells models better than other purifiers. Let’s see:


  • The paramount merit of utilizing the Havells water purifiers provide clean as well as safe drinking water.
  • It helps in filtering around 99% of germs, pesticides, bacteria, and chemicals that, meanwhile, boiling up the water can’t provide. Wards off the terrible smell & taste in the water, making it taste great and pure.
  • The most recent technology utilized in Havells water filters helps in also removing the harshest of industrial chemicals, which get dissolved in the water. In this way preventing numerous unwanted diseases.
  • With the improvement in technology, presently, the water filters are available at little cost to profit even the marginal income individuals so they can have filtered & clean water.
  • Most Indian homes get an underground water supply, which is hard. The RO water purifiers help in reducing water’s hardness, making it soft as well as safe to drink.
  • In addition to that, Havells water purifiers are a breeze to install.
  • Filters with TDS controller keep checking the quality of the water and help in providing the best water safe to drink.

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Havells Water Purifier: Why are these necessary

First of all, a water filter is essential, and for what reason, you definitely know. Presently, why we’re exceptionally suggesting Havells water purifiers? This is so as we ultimately tried 5 models of this company. We found that every purpose of security is guaranteed by Havells, and costs are outstandingly low.

India’s water sources are very diverse, from rivers, waterways to reservoirs. But with expanding contamination levels, the quality of the water is degrading after some time. Although the Indian Government is working on the issue along with different NGOs, it’ll take a long time & effort to get the rivers cleaned.

Firstly, keeping this in mind, it’s quintessential that each family in India must have an appropriate water purifier. Although, in a few houses, water is provided through underground sources. Still, the underground water is highly salty and sediments content. Notwithstanding, both municipal as well as groundwater should be purified before it’s safe to drink.

The market offers a wide range as well as makes of water purifiers to fit the spending limit of each individual living in India. Yet, the problem is that not every person knows about the sort of water filter they should get for their home use.
Firstly, the water supply at your home decides the kind of water filter you should use and understand this is basic to get safe & healthy drinking water at your home.

Certainly, the municipal water is treated for making make it clean, yet it isn’t alright for drinking. As the water is treated with chlorine and different chemicals to dispose of bacteria and other water contaminations, the water still has a large amount of pesticide, chlorine, and other industrials wastes in it.

Firstly, the water must be cleaned before drinking. So, you can’t continue boiling water each day, right! We need an ideal solution for this issue.

The best thing about Havells water purifiers other than plenteous features is that, regardless of whether there is a bit of malfunction, you unquestionably get alerts.

Therefore, safety isn’t in question! You have alarms for self-diagnostic, low water pressure, a tank full, purification process, UV, SV, and pump failure.


Customer support

What if, in case, your Havells model is troubling you in any way? Consequently, just type Havells water purifier customer care number – 1800 11 0303 / 1800 103 1313. You’ll always receive help from Havells water purifier service center. Havells customer care for water purifier number is toll-free.

1.) Havells Max Alkaline RO+UV Water Purifier (7-Liter) 

Havells Max Alkaline RO+UV Water Purifier

Narrating Havells alkaline water purifier was a pleasure! This RO UV purifier highly impressed me. This model gripped the top position in our listing. It isn’t just reasonably priced but also is ultra-safe. If you have this filter, you can enjoy 100 percent RO and UV purification.

This 7-liter model comes with a 1-year warranty. You get the Havells water purifier installation kit together. No headache will be there in installation. 


  • Besides purifying the water, it highly concentrates on balancing the pH level of the water.
  • It provides minerals fortifications, which means that only impurities will be separated from the water, but not the essential minerals. This also highly elevates water’s taste.
  • Havells water purifier’s alkaline water treatment is very impressive.
  • The Mineral technology adds natural minerals with trace elements for delivering alkaline water.
  • The revitalize is also present, which will enhance water molecules, which improves hydration as well as mineral absorption.
  • Very importantly, due to its unique design, you can mount this water filter in a corner, keep on the tabletop, mount it on a wall, or wherever you feel for saving space.

The Final Advice

The navy blue and pearl white color combination looks vibrant. The transparent water tanks make it even more attractive. It is going to cut off water in case it is not safe for drinking.

You’ve also got alerts for self-diagnostic, a tank full, low water pressure, purification process, SV, UV, and pump failure. This super-safe water filter is truly amazing. Abundant safety features make Havells Max 7L Alkaline RO+UV Water Purifier a “must purchase” thing. To know have alkaline water purifier price, tab the button below.

2.) Havells Max Water Purifier (RO UV 7-litres)

Havells Max Water Purifier

This 7L model is the best-selling Havells water purifier, having 350+ Amazon customer reviews. It costs at the verge of 13K.

At that price, Havells Max RO UV Water Purifier (7L) is bringing great advantages. It has a 1-year warranty.

The flow rate is 15 liters per hour. The water passes through RO and UV purification while not losing any essential minerals. Its reviews on Amazon are also amazing. The water is healthy, and the taste is appreciable. Let’s know more now! 


  • The big fact is, Havells water purifier max corrects purified water’s pH and also adds back the natural minerals’ full-spectrum trace elements.
  • Havells max price is very comfortable.
  • Revitalizer restructures the water molecules for making them biologically active, which improves hydration as well as mineral absorption.
  • I protect, the purification monitoring feature is present. It constantly monitors the purification process and always ensuring water safety.
  • Its design provides you multiple mounting options, and the best seems to be corner mounting.
  • Removing and cleaning its tank is very easy.

The Final Advice

Besides providing 10% pure and tasty water, it also boasts several consumer-friendly alerts for low water pressure, purification self-diagnostic, a tank full, and error alerts for UV, SV, as well as pump failure. The faucet is zero splash and soft touch.

Havells 7L Max RO UV is a highly convenient one. With this 7L model, you certainly save around 5K rupees! The beneficial deal, though! To buy Havells water purifier online, tap the following button.

3.) Havells Digi Plus RO UV Water Purifier (7-litres) 

Havells Digi Plus RO UV Water Purifier

Now, Havells Digi Plus 7L RO UV Water Purifier is such an attractive model. Its design is absolute, wow!
It ensures absolute safety through RO and UV purification. Impure water passes through its RO membrane, and after that, UV treatment takes place to ensure entirely safe, pure, and healthy water.

The I protect purification monitoring perfectly monitors the whole purification process. It ensures that the water that you’re getting is always 100% safe. 


  • Firstly getting such an impressive double UV purification system in a water filter at this price is challenging.
  • It highly enhances the oxygen level in treated water and maintains proper hygiene in the water tank.
  • The Revitalizer is present in this water filter. Its basic job is to restructure the water molecules and further make them biologically active. It leads to the improvement of hydration and mineral absorption.
  • This Havells RO water purifier is easy mounting and less space-consuming capabilities. Also, the filter looks exceptionally attractive.

The Final Advice

The best thing to like about Havells Digi Plus 7L RO UV is that it re-filters the stored water every four hours. The mineral level is also perfect. High-level water filters bring high annual expenses, while the plus point is, maintenance expenses of this water filter in comparatively pretty low.

4.) Havells Digiplus Alkaline – RO & UV 

Havells Digiplus Alkaline – RO & UV

This 7L model is similar to the other 7L model we recently discussed. That model was Digi Plus, while this one is also Digi plus, and the price difference is minimal.

It comes with a very efficient purification process, after which there are no chances of any impurities remaining in the water. Both RO and UV functions are highly appreciable.

This Havells RO water purifier price is pretty pleasing. This model is better than the Digitouch 7L RO UV; our testers said that! The cost is almost the same, but we’re highly recommending this purifier over that 7L model. 


  • Most importantly, the water filtered by this 7L model isn’t just pure, but most importantly, maintains all minerals. The taste is also added.
  • The 7L capacity is ideal for smaller families, and its per hour water dispensing capacity is impressive. 15 L it is! Most importantly, you get a notification when the tank is full.
  • The margin of error is zero. iProtect purification is already provided for monitoring the whole filtration process. Out of it, no impurity is going to escape. In case any given department of this water filter isn’t working perfectly, then also you get alert.
  • Correcting the pH is another feature. If the pH of water is low, then it can raise it up to 10 (as per our tests). Very few water filters bring such capability around 18K rupees.
  • The service is too good, and you get support from well-trained engineers.
  • Due to the small size, this Havells UV water purifier filter doesn’t occupy much space.
  • The tank of this water comes well-sealed. No bugs or insects will enter inside the unit and water.
  • The touch is very sensitive, and the design also looks pretty good.

The Final Advice

As per our experts, the touch sensitivity of this filter is going to last pretty long. The price is high, but Havells Digiplus Alkaline – RO & UV Water Purifier is profoundly satisfying with features. Most importantly, when it is ensuring complete safety and also taking all responsibility for catching and showing errors, then what else do you need?

Buy on Tatacliq

  • Our trust is with Amazon

5.) Havells Water Purifier Pro Alkaline 7L RO+UV Havells Water Purifier Pro Alkaline 7L RO+UV

Havells Pro Alkaline RO+UV Water Purifier provides absolutely safe & great tasting water with 100% RO and UV purification. The water passes through a highly reliable RO membrane and then through the perfect UV purification, leaving no impurities in the water.

Havells Pro Alkaline RO+UV provides all notifications and errors regarding any malfunctions. Havells water purifier pro uses very impressively and reliable 6-stage water purification technology for purifying water. 


  • The tank cover comes with ingress protection which stops the external invasion of particles.
  • It is suitable for corner, wall, or countertop installation.
  • The mineral cartridge is there for adding minerals to the water.
  • Havells Pro Alkaline RO+UV improves 8 plus pH level of water by adding important alkaline minerals.
  • Germicidal UV uses UV doses of wavelength 253.7mm for killing the microorganisms.
  • Silver impregnated alkaline taste enhancer helps in increasing the taste of water. This filter is very beneficial as after removing all impurities, the water really goes tasteless, but this filter adds a bit of pleasant taste to it. Users highly appreciate that.

The Final Advice

Taking of its 7L water tank and cleaning it isn’t a hassle. When this tank is full of water, the tank indicator notifies you. Besides that, a soft-touch faucet provides zero splashes and ensures a smooth flow of water.

A 1-year warranty is there, and dual-tone Beige & White is the color of Havells Pro Alkaline RO+UV Water Purifier. You aren’t left with desires. Most importantly, safety is at its best and the biggest consideration, right?

Care for your family’s health, and don’t postpone purchasing it! To check Havells Pro Alkaline RO+UV Water Purifier price, tap the button below.

However, if you are a single individual, Glen Air Fryer 3044 will cost you below 5k with sufficient capacity while providing this amazing technology.

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Additional recommendations

Besides Havells, a few other water purifiers pleased us while testing. The second most impressive brand was Konvio Neer, and the price of their water purifiers was less than Havells models.
Not just that, we’ve three more here. Most importantly, we kept an eye on here, and we noticed frequent discounts. We recommend you to view it once!


Havells Water Purifier Havells Water Purifier Havells Water Purifier Havells Water Purifier

The Conclusion

When it comes to safety, Havells doesn’t compromise even a bit! You might find a few of Havells models a bit expensive, but these purifiers are actually saving a lot of medical bills by shielding you against various diseases. Most importantly, all of the purifier models come with perfect RO and UV filtration systems, and all are durable also.

Secondly, the complaint percentage is low. So, one cal surely relies upon these Havells water purifiers, and also regarding value for money, these purifiers prove to be the best.

So, rather than trying to save money here, do buy a highly dependable Havells water purifier. Our top pick is Havells Max Alkaline RO+UV model.

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