A Complete Philips TAPB603 Soundbar Review With Honest Testing Results

A Complete Philips TAPB603 Soundbar Review With Honest Testing Results

Philips is among the top electronic devices’ brands, and they have expertise in electrical appliances such as washers, air conditioners, lights, household theatres, systems, etc. However, the Philips soundbar has captured the attention of hundreds of people’s hearts since its debut on the market. With its sleek and slim appearance, this electronic gadget can be a stunning accessory to your home.

As the centre of modern technology for connectivity and sound, the Philips soundbar can help you experience an immersive audio experience. The sound quality is unbeatable. Therefore, worrying about buying an additional Dolby or Philips speaker is not required. It is not necessary in order to enjoy music, watch films or play online video games.

The sound quality of the Philips soundbar is incredible, and you can’t find it elsewhere. It can boost the sound and produce an echo throughout the room, and also act as a virtual speaker. Therefore, the sound is not restricted to a specific location. Even if you’re sitting in the corner that is farthest from the speaker, you’ll be able to hear the clear sound without any interference.

You can put it in the living area in the same spot as the theatre in your home, to allow everyone to enjoy the experience of a lifetime. If you prefer peace in your music listening as well as watching a movie, the theatre will work well in your bedroom too.

Philips tapb603 review

An overview of Philips’ Tapb603 Soundbar

The Tapb603 soundbar was the first audio device made by Philips with Dolby Atmos technology. This is why soundbar is so popular on the market. The product comes along with other essential accessories in one package. In addition, the subwoofer will allow you to establish a wireless connection to your laptop, smartphone or any other Bluetooth-compatible device.

This soundbar by Philips is a modern design that features curves on the external body. Furthermore, the slim design of the electronics creates a stunning appearance to it. This is the reason why Philips is the most sought-after in the marketplace.

In accordance with the cable that is active, its status will be shown directly in front of the unit; something is not something we’d see in any competitor with the same cost. There aren’t many dramatic changes or the addition of features in this Philips audio bar tapb603, but it has got everything to impress you. However, the minor changes have helped it stand out from the crowd.

A Quick Overview of the features

  • 3.1 audio channel
  • A special optical input cable
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity
  • Dual HDMI ports
  • Centrally located speaker
  • Interface for hardware: USB, HDMI, Bluetooth
  • Speaker count 2
  • Item dimension: 13.4cm X 95cm X 7.5cm
  • Item weight: 8 kgs
  • Addition: Subwoofer
  • Batteries Metal Lithium
  • Speaker channel configuration: 3.1
  • Audio output voltage: 320 watts
  • Connectivity to speakers: HDMI and optical
  • Speaker Amplification: Dolby Atmos
  • Maximum operating distance: 7 feet
  • Source of power: AC
  • Remote Included Remote included.

What is so special about the Philips Tapb603 soundbar?

Philips soundbar advantage

The slim and sleek design

In contrast to the other sound boxes made by Philips, the one we have here is slim and sleek. It can be stored in an open space in your TV cabinet, in your study space or in the theatre or even within your room. It weighs less than 8 kilograms which isn’t too difficult to move.

Furthermore, it is so small that you could even store it on the shelves. In addition, its angular style allows it to be placed in a proper place without having to worry about unintentional movements or dislocations.

Dual speakers

The soundbar has an in-built speaker with 200 watts of output. A subwoofer is added to amplify the sound by adding an additional 120 watts of power to the audio signals. Thus, the sound that reaches your ears from the most distant corner will be crystal clear since there’s no loss of data in your audio signal.

Remotely controlled operation

You can manage the operation on the Philips tapb603 with ease using the remote included with the set. You don’t have to stand up from where you are for the play of the following tune or to increase the volume one level. The remote is bolstered by a sensor that is strong enough to allow it to relay messages to the speaker within the speaker from a place within a seven-foot distance.

Three preset modes

You can choose from three settings – Movies, News and music that can help you achieve the perfect sound without altering the options. For instance, if you choose the soundbar to News preset, then the bass will decrease.

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The features of the Philips Tapb603 soundbar

Multiple I/O ports to connect

The Philips Tapb603 soundbar comes with various connectivity options to help you play games, play music or even watch a film or just do whatever you want easily. It can first be connected wirelessly using Bluetooth when the device is within a maximum of 7 feet.

An optical input is present to allow you to attach an optical cable. The device has two HDMI ports – the HDMI into and HDMI ARC. Both allow you to enjoy the most immersive gaming or theatrical experience. Additionally, the USB input is present that allows you to attach a USB flash drive using the soundbar and listen to songs.

Centrally positioned speaker

The speakers are situated in the middle of the room to ensure that you listen to every word clearly, and every sound with clarity. There is no need to feel the extra bass or the treble, which is a great thing. In contrast to other speakers, this one can allow you to listen and understand spoken words even if you’re not an expert in the field.

The real sound experience that is immersive and realistic

Because of this Dolby Atmos audio amplifier that is housed in the soundbar, you’ll be able to experience an authentic experience. The sound waves are dispersed across the entire room. And when they hit the surface with a solid object, the sound waves will reflect back into the room and not lose any of their energy. This means that you’ll experience the sensation of being part of whatever is playing by the bar.


  • It comes with multiple input/output ports that include HDMI as well as USB.
  • Slim and sleek design to allow for better positioning.
  • Help you understand the full-on audio experience can be with Dolby Atmos.
  • It is able to be controlled via a remote device.
  • No sound modes of any kind are in place


If you’re looking for an affordable soundbar option, this Philips tapb603 soundbar would be the best option. It not only gives you a full-bodied listening experience, but it is also a fantastic option for home theatres or gaming. With the subwoofer and Dolby Atmos technology, the sound output is truly impressive. It’s certainly the most recommended soundbar available at this price.


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