A Complete Philips TAPB603 Soundbar Review With Honest Testing Results

A Complete Philips TAPB603 Soundbar Review With Honest Testing Results

Philips is among the most tremendous brands for electronic gadgets and electrical appliances like washing machines, home theatre, air conditioners, light systems, etc. But the Philips soundbar has won hundreds of hearts right after its launch in the market. Having a sleek and slender design, this electronics item will make an amazing addition to your home.

Being the hub of advanced sound and connectivity technologies, the Philips soundbar will help you enjoy an immersive audio experience. The audio quality is unparalleled. Hence, worrying about getting another Dolby or Philips speaker is not required to listen to music, watch movies, or play video games online.

The performance of the Philips soundbar is amazing that you won’t get anywhere else. It will boost the sounds and make an echo in the room and act as virtual spatial speakers. Thus, the sounds will not be concentrated in a single position. Even if you are sitting at the farthest corner from this speaker, you will be able to hear the sounds clearly without any overlaps.

You can keep it in the living room, right where you have the home theatre so that everyone can have a lifetime experience. But if you want privacy while listening to music or watching something, it will suit your bedroom setting also.

Philips tapb603 review

An overview of Philips Tapb603 Soundbar

The Tapb603 soundbar is the first audio device from Philips that features the Dolby Atmos technology, which is why it’s so popular in the market. You will get this product with all other useful accessories in a single package. For starters, the additional subwoofer will help you to establish a wireless connection with your phone, laptop, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device.

This soundbar from Philips has a futuristic design with curves in the external body. In addition, the slender architecture of this electronics also induces a wonderful look to it. That’s why Philips soudnabr the most sought-after in the market.

Based on the active cable, its status will be displayed right in front of the box, which we would never see in any competitor at identical price. There aren’t many aggressive or drastic changes and the inclusion of features in the Philips tapb603 soundbar. But the smaller changes have made it stand out in the crowd.

A Quick Overview of the features

  • 3.1 audio channel
  • Dual HDMI ports
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity
  • Centrally placed speaker
  • Special optical cable input
  • Item dimension: 13.4 X 95 X 7.5 centimetres
  • Item weight: 8 kilograms
  • Speaker count: 2
  • Batteries: Lithium metal
  • Hardware interface: USB, HDMI, Bluetooth
  • Addition: Subwoofer
  • Speaker channel configuration: 3.1
  • Speaker connectivity: HDMI and optical
  • Audio output voltage: 320 watts
  • Speaker Amplification: Dolby Atmos
  • Power source: AC
  • Maximum operating distance: 7 feet
  • Remote included: Yes

What is so special about the Philips Tapb603 soundbar?

Philips soundbar advantage

Slim and sleek design

Unlike the other sound boxes from Philips, this one is slim and sleek which can be kept in an open cubby of your TV cabinet, in your study room, in the theatre room, or in your bedroom. It weighs only 8 kilograms which is not that hard to move. Moreover, the frame is so thin that you can even keep it on one of the shelves. Furthermore, its angular design will help place it properly without the fear of dislocation or unexpected movements.

Dual speakers

The soundbar comes with an in-built speaker having an output of 200 watts. The additional subwoofer further amplifies this sound by adding another 120 watts of energy to the original audio signals. Hence, the sound reaching your ears at the farthest corner will be clear as no information will be lost from the audio signals.

Remote controlled operation

You can control the operations of the Philips tapb603 easily with the remote that comes along with the package. There is no need to get up from wherever you are sitting to play the next song or increase the volume by one level. This remote is reinforced with a strong sensor so that you can use it to send signals to the receiver present inside the speaker from anywhere within the seven feet radius.

Three preset modes

You will have three different preset modes- Movies, News, and music- that will help you get the perfect sound without changing so many features. For example, if you set the soundbar at News preset, the bass will automatically get reduced.

Features of the Philips Tapb603 soundbar

Multiple I/O ports for connectivity

With this Philips Tapb603 soundbar, you will get a series of connectivity options that will help you play music or games, watch a movie, or do anything with ease. Firstly, it can be connected wirelessly with Bluetooth, provided the device is within the maximum distance range of 7 feet.

An optical input port is also there so that you can connect an optical cable. There are two HDMI ports- the HDMI in and HDMI ARC- which will let you have the best gaming or theatrical experience. The USB input port is also there, using which you can connect a flash drive with the soundbar and play the songs.

Central positioned speaker

The speakers are placed right in the middle to make sure that you can hear every word clearly and every tone with clarity. You won’t feel the extra bass or the treble which is a good point. Unlike other speakers, it will allow you to listen and understand the spoken language if you are not a pro in it.

The realistic and immersive audio experience

Thanks to the Dolby Atmos sound amplifier inside the soundbar, you will be able to enjoy a realistic experience. The sound vibrations are spread throughout the room, and when they strike a hard surface, they will get reflected into the room without losing any energy. Hence, you can easily have that immersive feeling to be a part of whatever is being played on the soundbar.

  • Will help you to realize what an immersive audio experience with the Dolby Atmos.
  • Sleek and slim design for better placement
  • It can be controlled using a remote device
  • Comes with multiple input/output ports, including HDMI and USB
  • No special sound modes are present


If you are hunting for something affordable, then the Philips tapb603 soundbar is the ideal choice. Not only will it offer you an immersive audio experience, but it also is a great choice for home theatres or gaming. With the subwoofer and the Dolby Atmos technologies, the sound output is truly commendable. It’s undoubtedly the most recommendable sound bar at this price.


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