LG vs Samsung Washer and Dryer — Which Brand Deserves The Crown?

LG vs Samsung Washer and Dryer — Which Brand Deserves The Crown?

For this post, we will review Samsung and LG Washing machines. If you’re in a dilemma with LG and Samsung in the buying process for a washing machine, we will assist you in a great way.

Also, Samsung and LG both have many different products, and we are certain that you’ve had the pleasure of using at least one of the products from each of these brands.

In the case of washers, both are excellent brands available for quality and performance.

Here we will look at all kinds of washing machines available from both brands if you want to purchase a front/top load or semi-automatic washer. We have made an in-depth comparison of both brands and have concluded.

Therefore, without further delay, let’s jump right into it.

Samsung vs LG: Brand Overview

We will discuss the background of these brands, so you will have an idea of which is the most trusted and well-known.

About LG

About LG

LG is a South Korean brand established on the 5th of January 1947. Koo In-hwoi was the brand’s founder.

The brand has been operating for a long time, thanks to its premium product and performance at an affordable price.

And LG also offers a large assortment of washing machines.

They are famous for their top-quality washing machines with the most advanced features in a price range.

About Samsung

About Samsung

Samsung is a South Korean company, launched on the 1st of March 1938. Lee Byung-Chul was the founder of the brand.

They have been working for quite a long time, so the company is a trusted brand and well-known for their ingenuity and technology used in their products. But, aside from that, the performance and quality and services are also exceptional.

They work in a variety of categories. Electronics and home appliances are two of the most important segments in India.

Samsung vs. LG Front Load Washing Machine: Which is the Best?

If you are looking for an appliance that is front-loaded and trapped with Samsung and LG, we’ve made a comprehensive comparison of the two brands that can help you locate the most efficient front-load washing machine that is ideal for your needs.

Specifications LG Samsung
Energy Star Rating 5 Star 5 Star
RPM RPM is lesser More
Wash Programs All advanced washing programs available. All advanced washing programs available.
Warranty 2 Years on Product. 10 Years on motor 3 Years on Product. 10 Years on motor
Price Almost similar Almost same
Waterproof Touch Panel Available Unavailable
Inverter Technology Smart Inverter Motor Digital Inverter Motor
Washtub Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Smart Diagnosis Available Unavailable
Customer Response Amazing Amazing
Direct Drive Motor Available, this technology helps to reduce the vibration and noise level. Not available

Also, we’ve picked the top washing machines of both brands and then analyzed them before deciding. This can help you determine the best brand for a front load washer.

1. LG 8.0 Kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (Inverter)

LG 8.0 Kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading

This washing machine made by LG offers an 8 kg capacity and comes with various modern features. Let’s look at its features/pros/cons.


Inbuilt Heater: With this heater, you can heat water to sixty degrees Celsius. It’s also very efficient to take off dark stains on all clothes.

Energy Consumption: This washing machine comes with inverter technology. It can therefore consume power depending on the use. Also, a rating of 5 stars is much more effective.

Fast Spin Rate: This washer has the most powerful motor, delivering 1200 RPM for more rapid drying.

Wash Programs: This washing machine has 10 wash programs. This will help you make the perfect wash for every circumstance and kind of fabric.

Smart Diagnosis: The most appealing thing is connecting the device to your smartphone and receiving step-by-step instructions for fixing any issue. In case of any errors, you can solve them through your smartphone device.

Stainless Steel Drum: The stainless steel drum improves its durability and gives the washing machine a longer lifespan.

Waterproof Touch Panel: The Waterproof Touch Panel will be able to effortlessly use this machine using your hands that are wet because it is waterproof, making it more robust.

Motion Control Technology: This technology allows you to move the drum of the washing machine in various directions to create powerful friction between the clothing to eliminate dirt.

Low Sound Level and Vibration: This is due to direct drive technology which means the motor can be directly linked to the drum of the washing machine to ensure greater stability and reduce its sound levels compared with the other washers.

Warranty and Price

This washing machine offers 2 years of product warranty and 10 years of motor warranty.

Considering the cost of its products, it is just a bit more expensive than Samsung because it’s loaded with many modern capabilities.


  • Excellent washing performance.
  • Durable.
  • A smart diagnosis option is available.
  • Super efficient in energy use.
  • Noise and vibration levels are low.


  • 1 year lower warranty of the merchandise.
  • A little more expensive than Samsung.

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2. Samsung 8 kg Inverter Front Loading Washing Machine (Fully-Automatic)

Samsung 8 Kg Inverter 5 Star Fully-Automatic

This washing machine from Samsung is among the most popular washing machines and is packed with advanced features. Let’s find out its features, technology, pros, and cons.


Vibration and Noise Level: The washing machine is also equipped with a direct-drive electric motor. This means that the motor is directly attached to the washtub to lower the noise and vibration and give better stability.

Washing Programs: It includes twelve different washing programs that will ensure your clothes are properly cleaned, and you can change programs to suit your needs.

Higher RPM: This washer’s motor has the power to offer 1400 high-speed spin. This can lead to faster drying.

Low Energy Consumption: The Samsung model comes fitted with an inverter motor that adapts the load to suit the type of clothes, making it more energy-efficient. Additionally, the five-star energy rating is more efficient in energy use.

Steam Wash: This machine is also able to offer steam wash. This wash can be extremely effective in eliminating tough stains while keeping your clothes free of germs for 99.99 percent.

Stainless steel Wash Tub: This model comes with a stainless-steel wash drum which offers a high-quality washing experience and enhances endurance.

Diamond structured drum: The diamond-structured drum that features intensive wash offers better washing performance and is extremely efficient to get rid of dirt from clothes.

Warranty and Price

This washer is covered by a 3-year lengthy warranty of the product as well as 10 year of long guarantee on its motor. This means that Samsung offers a lengthy warranty on its product.

When we think of the price, the Samsung washing machine has less of a price tag than the LG. However, they’ve left out certain aspects.


  • Low levels of noise and vibration.
  • The speed of spin is higher.
  • The price is a bit lower than LG.
  • Super efficient in terms of energy consumption.
  • A long-term guarantee on your product.


  • It is not equipped with the latest features such as LG, for example, Smart Diagnosis or a waterproof touch screen.

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Final Advice

This is the case for the front load washer. If you’re on an expensive budget and need higher-end features, choose LG washing machines since they have higher-end features over Samsung.

If you’re looking for all the features you need at an affordable price, then Samsung is among the top options on the market.

We have also picked the best washing machines from either brand with various capacities. To make it easy for you to pick the top washing machines that will save you energy and time.

LG vs. Samsung Top Load Washing Machine: Who Wins The Battle?

If you are looking for a top load washer and you’re unsure what brand to select between LG or Samsung washers, then we’ve created a comprehensive compression and a conclusion so that you have the idea of which machine is best for you.

Specifications LG Samsung
Energy Star Rating 5 Star 5 Star
RPM Higher Lesser
Wash Programs All required wash programs are available. All required wash programs are available.
Warranty 2 Years on Product and 12 Years on motor 3 Years on Product and 10 Years on motor
Price Almost similar Almost Similar
Inverter Technology All LG top load washing machine has Inverter Technology Samsung has both Inverter and Non-Inverter top loaders.
Washtub Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Built-In Heater No No
Smart Diagnosis Available Unavailable
Fuzzy Logic Control Available Unavailable
Customer Response Amazing Amazing

We also picked the top two leaders from both brands. We examine them thoroughly. After this, we’ve concluded to help you get more of an idea of which one is best for you based on your needs.

1. LG 7.0 Kg 5 Star Top Loading Washing Machine (Smart Inverter)

LG 7 kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing

The washing machine is made by LG with 7 kg of capacity and various modern technology. Let’s look at the technology as well as the Pros/Cons.


Lower Noise Level: Thanks to the clever inverter technology, this machine has an extremely low level of noise when compared to regular washing. This provides greater stability.

Smart Diagnosis: LG is always a believer in the most recent technology, which means that you can fix any problem with your washer using your smartphone. All you have to do is to connect your phone to this washer using its Smart ThinQ app.

Energy Efficiency: The technology used in this washing machine makes washing energy efficient. The 5-star energy rating makes this machine highly efficient.

Stainless steel wash Tub: This machine has a stainless steel washtub. It increases its durability.

Auto Restart and Automatic Tub Clean Feature: They are crucial to ensure that in a power outage, the machine will restart precisely from the exact point at which it began. When it is finished washing, it will automatically cleanse the tub.

Wash Programs: This machine comes with six different wash programs. These are efficient in washing various kinds of fabric in various conditions.

Turbo Wash Features: The turbo wash feature will create powerful steam from the water to spin your clothes top-to-bottom and left to right to give the same wash for all clothing and get rid of difficult stains quickly.

Warranty and Price

The model has a 2-year warranty on the item besides ten years warranty on the motor.

Now, if we talk about its cost, LG and Samsung, both machines are available at a price.


  • Excellent washing performance.
  • It is durable enough.
  • It has a low level of noise and vibration.
  • Super efficient in energy use.
  • Smart diagnosis available.


  • Lower Warranty than Samsung top load washer.

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2. Samsung 7 Kg Top Loading Washing Machine (Inverter)

Samsung 7 Kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic

The washing machine manufactured by Samsung has 7 KG of capacity and a variety of features. Let’s look at the advantages, features, pros, and cons to better understand.


Spin Speed: The Samsung top load washer is equipped with powerful motors which can give you the speed of a spin at 680 RPM. This can provide an efficient drying experience but is smaller than LG.

Energy Consumption: This top load model has Inverter technology that makes it energy efficient, and the energy rating of 5 stars improves its efficiency.

Stainless Steel Wash Tub: You get a stainless-steel constructed washtub with a diamond shape that can help enhance the rubbing effect and improve the wash experience. Additionally, it increases the durability of the tub.

Low Vibration Wash Machine: The Low Vibration wash machine reduces vibration to give better stability due to its inverter system. The lower vibration results in a lower noise level.

Wobble Technology: This is among the unique technologies available on Samsung washers. This technology provides the gentle care needed for your fabrics and an untangled washing experience.

Wash Programs: This machine offers six different wash program choices to enhance your washing experience for various types of clothes under different circumstances.

Warranty and Price

This washer is covered by a 3-year lengthy warranty on the machine and 12 years of warranties on the motor. Therefore, Samsung offers a lengthy warranty.

If we speak about the price, this washing machine is similar to LG. There is no significant price difference between LG and Samsung.


  • Excellent washing experience, and less knotted clothes.
  • A lengthy warranty on the motor and product.
  • Durable.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Low noise and vibration.


  • Lower RPM took longer to dry.

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Final Advice

If you’re looking for a top load washer and both of them are top-quality for the features and prices. It is easy to pick one.

However, the Samsung top load washer has a few extra options to give you more care for your clothes.

LG vs. Samsung Semi-Automatic Washing Machine: Which Model Surpasses The Other?

Samsung vs. LG Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

If you are looking to select a semi-automatic wash machine and are not sure which one to pick, then we’ve done a thorough analysis of all semi-automatic machines.

Specifications LG Samsung
Energy Star Rating 5 Star 5 Star
RPM Higher Higher
Wash Programs Limited number of wash programs Limited number of wash programs
Warranty 2 Years on Product. 5 Years on motor 2 Years on Product. 5 Years on motor
Price Higher Lesser
Portable Wheels Available Available
Inverter Technology Unavailable Unavailable
Washtub Material High-quality plastic High-quality plastic
Soak Technology Available Unavailable
Smart Diagnosis Unavailable Unavailable
Air Drying Technology Available Available
Customer Response Amazing Amazing

We have also selected the best two semi-automatic washer models made by LG and Samsung and compared them thoroughly, and concluded to help you choose the one that best suits your requirements and budget.

1. LG 8 Kg 5 P8035SPMZ Star Washing Machine (Semi-Automatic) 

LG 8 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading

The LG semi-automatic 8 Kg washing machine is one of the most popular washing machines loaded with advanced features. Let’s look at all the Pros/Cons of this machine.


High RPM: This semi-automatic machine has a strong motor that can offer a 1350 RPM capacity. It will also give you a quicker drying time.

Energy Consumption: This washing machine is rated with an energy rating of 5 stars meaning it can save a significant amount of money on your electric bill.

Collar Scrubber: This washing machine also has an option to scrub the collar, so you don’t need to scrub your collars by hand.

Washing Programs: This machine has three awesome washing programs. You can pick the one that best suits your needs.

Air Dryer Functions: The greatest thing about it is that it can dry your clothes more quickly than other washers since it uses an air-drying device to dry the clothes within a couple of minutes.

Portable Wheels: This washer is very heavy. However, the portable wheels of this washer enable it to be easily portable to be moved from here and there effortlessly.

Rolling Jet Pulsator Technology: This model provides the best washing experience by using the technology of the roller jet pulsator. This technology can help to improve friction and provide the best washing experience.

Soak Technology: With this technology, it’s possible to soak clothes for over 20 minutes to quickly get rid of the most stubborn stains.

Warranty and Price

A 2 year extended warranty covers this washer for the product and five years of long warranties on its motor.

If we are talking about the price, then LG’s semi-automatic washing machine is at a cost that is a bit higher than Samsung’s. You can pick the one that suits your needs.


  • Long-term warranty.
  • Mobile washing machine.
  • A low power consumption.
  • Speedier drying experience.
  • Fantastic washing experience.


  • Slightly higher price than Samsung.

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2. Samsung 8.5 Kg Top Loading Washing Machine (Semi-Automatic)

Samsung 8.5 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top

This Samsung semi-automatic washer can hold 8.5 Kg and comes with most of the necessary features. Let’s look at all the latest features, cons, and pros of these washers.


Hexa Storm Technology: This new technology can wash your clothes efficiently and eliminate dirt and stains quickly.

Energy Efficiency: This washer has five stars, making it more energy-efficient and using less energy than standard washing machines.

Wash Programs: This Samsung semi-automatic machine has three different wash programs. In addition, with this, you will be able to wash different kinds of clothes.

Portable Wheels: This washing machine comes with a portable feature, making it mobile and allowing you to easily move the washing machine here to wherever you want it.

Air Turbo Function: This semi-automatic washer can deliver an extremely fast-drying experience due to the air-turbo function.

Cycle Buzzer: The buzzer feature helps remind you that one washing cycle is finished.

Warranty and Price

Samsung semi-automatic washer is covered by a 2-year warranty on the product and five years of motor warranty.

If we talk about price, it is priced a little cheaper than LG. If you are looking for an automatic washing machine at a lower price, then this model is the ideal choice.


  • Portable washing machine.
  • The buzzer function is available.
  • A low energy consumption.
  • A dryer with an air supply is available.


  • Soak technology and Collar scrubber are not available.

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Final Advice

If you’re on an adequate budget, it is worth considering that the LG washing machine comes with the majority of the most advanced features for washing that provide a powerful washing.

If you’re on limited funds, it is possible to get a Samsung semi-automatic washer is an option. Therefore, you can select the one that meets your needs.

Top 5 Factors to Consider Before Buying a Modern Washer and Dryer

If you’re purchasing your first washer or you’reready to upgrade, you’ll need the right model that will meet your particular needs. To make shopping easier and make a better decision, here’s a list of the most important factors to consider before choosing the top dryer and washer model.

1. Size, Configuration, and Ergonomics

There are three primary size options for front-loading washers. Keep in mind that the capacity of your washer is immediate relationship with how long you’ll be doing laundry. The bigger tubs mean fewer loads, and fewer loads mean you have more time to do other things that you like.

  • Mega-size washers: Washers that contain more than 27″ width (29″ – 30″) are classified under this category. They can hold massive capacities, up to 6″ cu. ft.
  • Full-size washers: They are equipped with a 27″ wide width and range of 4.3 up to 5.5 cu. Feet. Capacity, based on the model. Full-size dryers and washers are typically stackable.
  • Small washers and dryers (Apartment dimension) typically feature an average of 24″ in length and 2 – to 2.5 cu. ft. capacity. They might be tiny in size, but they have a wealth of features and dryers that stack-just like their bigger cousins.

The two brands, LG and Samsung, manufacture three sizes. Even though they each offer one compact model, Samsung manufactures one of the top-quality washers within the size category.

Samsung WW22K6800AW utilizes steam power to get rid of tough stains without harming fabrics. It has 14 wash cycles and 8 different options, offering an array of washing capabilities.

Apart from its sturdy construction and outstanding efficiency, LG WM1388HW is packed with smart features worth noting.

NFC Tag-On technology lets users download new wash cycles on the Internet and transfer them into the washer using the wireless NFC technology. This means that you will be able to easily locate the right washing program to suit any kind of soil or fabric.

Wait, here comes the important part!

In general, Samsung washers have greater tub depth. While traditional LG washers typically have 33″, Samsung is equipped with 33″ to 35″. Therefore, it is important to measure the size of your room to make sure your washer is positioned in the right way.

The heights also differ, and you should keep track of them too. With a range of sizes, widths, and height combinations, both brands offer the same range of washers. The largest capacity washer is made by LG-outfitted, with a huge 5.8 cu. ft. capacity.

For these renowned international corporations, the design aspect is essential for their products. If you take a look at Samsung washing machines, expect to see smooth, rounded edges and deep, sophisticated hues.

Also, keep in mind Samsung’s AddWash. The AddWash door will eliminate the need to carry an additional load of laundry because you forgot something. Now you can quickly add forgotten laundry once a cycle has started, without starting the process over.

LG is a brand with its own aesthetically attractive designs. With attractive around doors and stainless steel finishes, the washers appear stylish and distinctive.

The recent release of the LG WashTower caught the market by surprise. LG resolved a few important issues by launching the LG WKEX200HWA and its brothers (the LG WashTower comes with gas dryers and Black stainless color).

If you want a full-size vertical washer and dryer but do not want to use an incline and a step stool, the LG WashTowever is a great solution.

The appliance industry is known for having an interesting debate about front load vs. top load washers. However, since both Samsung and LG manufacture top load washers, we didn’t cover these washers on this page.

2. Cleaning Performance

Cleaning Performance

Both Samsung and LG are constantly innovating, expanding the capabilities of their products. Modern machines have various functions, including numerous washing cycles, steam cycles, and many other helpful options.

In the case of washing machines, they both have outstanding outcomes. This is why they have earned the top position in our highly-coveted top washer and dryer set of rankings. LG utilizes steam technology which penetrates deeply into fabrics and loosens dry, stubborn soils without harming your clothes.

LG offers the 6 Motion feature that includes different tub motion options to improve washing performance.

Samsung offers Power Foam to provide deep cleaning. It mixes water with detergent to thoroughly clean your clothes. Like LG, Samsung features Steam technology on certain washers.

For speed, efficiency, and better cleaning, LG has TurboWash. The system uses spray jets to boost the efficiency and performance of washing by reducing the number of total load washing cycles by as much as 30 minutes.

Similar to LG’s TurboWash, Samsung has SuperSpeed. The feature uses jets that spray foam detergent and warmer water that will thoroughly wash clothes. It also cuts down regular cycles and offers more effectiveness.

Both washers have different wash cycles:

  • regular whites
  • colored heavy
  • quick wools

Also, both are equipped with self-cleaning features.

Washing machines have indeed been in use since the 1850s. Before the first washing machines powered by electricity came on the market, energy efficiency was not a top priority. Today, however, energy efficiency and water efficiency are major concerns for manufacturers.

The machines are equipped with energy-saving features, such as an automatic water fill that detects the size of the load and fills the tub with just the amount required.

You’ve probably noticed the Energy Star label on appliances. Energy Star means products meet the federal government’s requirements for energy efficiency.

Every single Samsung and LG washing machine has been Energy Star approved; however, the two companies go over the basic requirements of the government and provide additional features for additional savings in resources.

To avoid wasting water, LG has a SenseClean system that measures the number of clothes put in the washing machine and alters the water level in line with it. This is particularly helpful when you only require washing a handful of clothes and don’t require the tub to be filled.

3. Connectivity


As you probably know already, each LG and Samsung have a significant investment in the field of technology. Both companies are huge manufacturers of smartphones; it’s not a surprise that they integrate the latest mobile technologies into their devices.

Samsung has a specific smartphone app:

Through this application, it is possible to control the washing machine and schedule washes from a distance. Samsung also offers an intelligent laundry assistant called Q-Rator, which uses artificial intelligence to assist you in organizing your laundry schedule.

It offers wash receipts for various fabrics, which means you don’t have to worry about the time of washing or the temperature when washing different fabrics. Furthermore, Q-Rator informs you of maintenance concerns and provides additional useful suggestions.

LG also integrates smart appliances with smart apps:

As with Samsung, LG has its application called SmartThinQ. SmartThinQ is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, which means you can manage your washing machine using your voice.

The SmartDiagnosis feature can report any problems related to your washing machine directly to your smartphone.

On top of that, LG has the highly desired NFC Tag-On feature that lets users download new wash cycles on the Internet and then transfer them into the washer through wireless NFC technology.

The appliance does not have to be equipped with separate cycles for different types of garments-you can download it at any time through the Internet.

4. Noise and Vibration

Compared to other appliances in the home, Washers can create the most noise and vibrate. The latest front-loaded washing machines rotate the spin at over 1200 RPM when in spin mode. This high-intensity motion can be felt or heard.

If you reside in a tiny apartment, noise and vibration could irritate you. To combat this, Samsung, LG, and a host of other household appliance companies have developed advanced anti-noise technology.

Samsung features VRT Plus Technology, which reduces noise and vibration up to 40% better than the normal VRT. The technology is unique and includes a tub design with a dedicated sensor to ensure that loads are in a calm and even balance.

In the same way, LG’s TrueBalance Anti Vibration System helps to make LG washing machines more steady. With the direct motor drives and balancing washing, even large loads are quiet and easy.


Nishant Rajput is the CEO and the head author at top10productsindia.in. He recently returned from Melbourne, Australia, after studies. Nishant is an engineer and carries colossal enthusiasm for guiding the Indian public to invest money in the right products. He hires a paid team of experts for analyzing data and narrating comprehensive reviews & guides! Besides that, he's a martial artist, gym freak, guitarist, and singer.

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