Whirlpool Double Door Refrigerator 245L Review 2022 – Should You Invest?

Whirlpool Double Door Refrigerator 245L Review 2022 – Should You Invest?

Talking about 2015-2016, buying around 250L refrigerator models made Indian joint families shed at least 25-30 thousand rupees, and you weren’t getting many choices either. Now, after 5 years, you’ve got so many refrigerator choices that you baffle!

Our team was testing Whirlpool 3 door refrigerator, and we came across this super amazing double-door model, costing below 19K (might change with time). 

We were not able to resist compiling another special session to test this double door model right after we finished our experiments with that 3 door model.

We were glad, as our decision to test this one proved to be right. It’s such an awesome 245L model, after all, and has everything to suit any 5-6 members’ families. 

We had a sharp eye on power consumption and build quality. So, we’re here with this fridge’s report and will highlight every single necessary thing you need to know about it!

Hang on with us for the next 4 minutes!

Now, Let’s Know is Whirlpool Refrigerator Worth Investing or Not

Whirlpool Refrigerator

So, who is gonna find this refrigerator a good one? Well, everyone who can afford spending around 18k, actually! 

If you’re a 3- member family, then you might think that you can do with an around 180-200L refrigerator, but guys, having a much bigger one just by spending 2K extra is much more beneficial.

At certain times, you might need to store more (such as the COVID 19 situation or any curfew or so), and after all, this refrigerator is so promising. Now, let’s get your attention towards energy efficiency, and further, some big features.

However, if you are a single individual, Haier Refrigerator with sufficient capacity while providing this amazing technology.

Energy Efficiency

Yes, the refrigerator is a big appliance, and it actually raises your monthly electricity bill high enough to bother you. Most importantly, you can’t resist running it continuously. 

Well, that might be the scene of your old refrigerator, but with Sanyo’s 245L model, you really don’t need to bother.

As per 2019 BEE, it is 3-star rated, and as per the 2021 BEE rating, it’s 2-star rated. While testing, we got 3 days late, just because we transported 7 modes, similar refrigerators models, to our lab for a full comparison.

We’re pleased to say, this model stood second in terms of energy efficiency, and the model that beat this refrigerator was actually 6 thousand expensive than this one. Talking about the Voltage, it’s 230 Volts.

6th Sense deep freeze technology & Microblock technology

You just rushed from outside with a half-melted ice cream in your hand, but you want your kids to enjoy it to the fullest. 

Just keep that ice cream in the refrigerator’s freezer, and experience the excellence of its full circular airflow feature. Due to consistency and equal airflow, ice, ice cream, or whatever you place in this refrigerator, it freezes rapidly first of all and doesn’t melt down that easily during power cuts.

Now, Microblock technology certainly grabs your attention. This refrigerator’s unique anti-microbial additive prevents up to 99%* bacterial growth. 

That’s actually what you want to maintain the freshness of your fruits and veggies for long—considering Whirlpool Refrigerator 245 Ltr. Double Door price, the technology provided by whirlpool is truly impressive.

Freshflow air tower & Flexi vents

Scientifically designed air towers with a combination of strategically placed vents do a tremendous job. It leads to the distribution of fresh and cool air into all sections of this 245L model. It provides uniform cooling for the further long-lasting freshness of the food.

Now, this means, even if you plan to save more energy and turn your refrigerator off often for minor intervals, this refrigerator allows you to do that (however, your ice might melt if you turn it off for long). Now, is that any other technology also that keeps your food intact during long power cuts? Well, keep reading further!

Chilling gel

Do you get this chilling gel feature in the refrigerators costing this much? The answer is – in hardly 25% of models (as per our experience of testing). 

Fortunately, this fridge comes in those 25% models. The Chilling Gel stores cool air and releases it whenever power cuts take place, which further doesn’t let the inside temperature rise to that level where it can spoil the food.

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Ice twister

Just suppose you’ve got five relatives at your home, and you have planned for a sizzling lassi. Now it’s certain that you do need ice. Do you really think that a couple of small trays are gonna provide enough ice?

Certainly, not! Here, with this 245L model, there’s a special ice bank. On top of it, there are two large ice trays attached.

Twist these trays, and your ice will gather in that bank. Now, fill them again with water, and after a certain time, you again have ice cubes. In this way, you can stock ice.

So, there will be enough ice cubes in everyone’s glass of lassi. Not just that, even if you have pulled out your ice gola machine and planned to provide your kids with awesome, homemade ice gola, you can use this ice bank for sure.

Freshonizer and Active Deo

If you want your veggies/fruits to last longer, then it’s necessary to reduce oxidation. The special freshonizer feature in this model brings you convenience there.

Further, at the fresh flow air tower’s bottom, you get Active Deo with anti-odor action. It keeps the refrigerator environment odor-free (that’s very important) and fresh.

Whirlpool Refrigerator Specifications


Energy Efficiency 2 Star Freezer Capacity 75 Liters
Annual Energy Consumption 244 Kilowatt Hours Installation Type Free-Standing
Capacity 245 Liters Voltage 230 Volts
Defrost System Automatic Material Steel
Refrigerator Fresh Food Capacity 167 Liters Shelf Type Glass

  • Fantastic ice twister is there.
  • It’s price is comfortable considering the features it offers.
  • The chilling gel feature keeps the refrigerator chilled during power cuts.
  • Freshonizer feature keeps your fruits & veggies last longer.
  • Microblock technology prevents any bacteria growth by up to 99%.
  • Energy efficiency is great.
  • No other color selection.

The Final Advice

If you demand all those qualities and features from a refrigerator at this price, then hardly you will come across any such dependable model. 

In short, this Whirlpool model provides every single feature you expect or need in a refrigerator for ensuring the longevity of food without elevating the electricity bills. 

Besides functioning and features, another big beneficial point about this refrigerator is its durability. We’ve tested the motor that runs inside this refrigerator. We found that in various appliances where this motor is used, durability is high.

Also, this 245L model doesn’t trouble with operation noise. Yes, it’s a budget-friendly appliance, but if you feel that it’s exceeding your requirements, then you can grab the Double Door 5-star model. You can get knowledge of that model from this review.

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