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VARADA Air Fryer Review – Is This The Best Budget-Friendly Air Fryer Model?

A good fried dish is a must-have. Deep-fried fried foods are a favorite. Air-frying is a healthier cooking method than deep-frying and it’s one of the most popular alternatives to the deep fryer.

After eating deep-fried food, the first thing that comes to our minds is how many calories have we consumed and what it would do for our health. We can’t help but eat all of them. How can we keep in shape?

This technology makes it possible to make “fried” foods more accessible than state fairs or fast food.

Let’s take a closer look at the VARADA air fryer’s latest features before we get into the details. It’s also practical enough to be used every day.

An air fryer circulates hot-air instead of cooking the food in oil. The hot-air circulation system circulates hot air at high speeds around the food to create a crispy, crunchy layer. They are a healthy and delicious alternative to deep-frying lip-smacking foods.

Most importantly, VARADA was the #1 model under 10000 rupees among 15 models in our Best Air Fryer in India Review.

VARADA Max Electric Fryer 6.5 liter

Which Features Does Varada Max Air fryer Contains?

Here are the features you are looking for that comes with Varada Max Air Fryer:

Cooking almost oil-free:

Varada Max Air fryer unboxing

Use VARADA’s 360 degrees quick-air frying technology to enjoy splatter-free cooking and up to 85% less oil. It uses quick air vortex technology which is very fast and can produce the desired result in a very brief amount of time. It is therefore a great cooking appliance for today’s lifestyle.

User friendly and safe:

The two most important aspects to consider when buying an electric appliance are its user-friendliness and safety. This is crucial because it is impossible to learn how to use an appliance in a few days. Safety is the second.

You must ensure the safety of the appliance we buy. It won’t make sense to purchase one if it isn’t. You’ll be protected from most electronic and cooking problems with the auto shut-off feature. The LCD display of this air fryer is easy to read and the buttons are soft. It’s easy to clean and comes with dishwasher-safe accessories.

The Frying Basket has Monster Capacity:

Varada Max Air fryer fryer basket test

This fryer’s frying pan is sturdy and coated with a nonstick coating. This allows hot air to circulate quickly, which ensures that food cooks quickly and evenly. It has a capacity approximately 6.5 liters, which is greater than other models such as Glen Air Fryer and Prestige Air Fryer. This is more than enough. You don’t have to fry deep-fried dishes.

Smart Design:

We are seeing new models such as Varada or Hilton Air Fryer. Let’s see what it has to offer. The air fryer’s design makes it portable and easy to use. Most of us live in apartments or small flats with limited cooking space. Its small size means that this air fryer will fit in your kitchen without taking up too much space. Dimensions of the air fryer are 39.5* 32.5* 32.5cm.


This is a must-have when you purchase electronic products. In order to ensure that there are no faulty parts or other problems, make sure you check the warranty period. Varada Air Fryer includes a one-year warranty and exceptional customer service.

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Our Experience Of Using Varada Air Fryer

Varada Max Air fryer easy use

To gain real experience, we ordered several air fryers from Amazon India. The testing was hard because most businesses try to offer their customers the best features at the lowest cost.

As we opened the air fryer, it impressed us. After turning the appliance on, we checked its airflow and found it to be uniform. We fried nuggets and potato cheese balls.

Eight preset modes make it easy to prepare your favorite air fryer recipes. Varada MaxXL Air Fryer Oven features 360deg air circulation technology that cuts fat up to 85%.

We can’t say that the taste is the same as deep-fried ones. Although it did differ, the results were more accurate. The cleaning process was not easy, as we have noted in the features. We were impressed by the VARADA Air Fryer in general. Only STok air fryer offered similar features for 5k rupees. Varada still wins in terms of capacity.

Varada Air Fryer Specifications

These are the specifications for the product:

  • Dimension: 39.5 * 32.5* 32.5 cm
  • Capacity: 6.5 Liters
  • Model name: VARADA Max electric air fryer
  • Power requirements: 250V
  • Cooking time: Between 0-60 minutes
  • Weight: Approximately 5.5kgs
  • Warranty Period: 1 Year
  • Price: 5899 (Could change with the times)
  • Temperature of cooking: 80C to 220C

What Comes In the box?

The VARADA Air Fryer Box contains 1 large-sized tong, 1 warranty card and 1 recipe book.

So, is VARADA Air Fryer Worth Buying? Let’s Conclude

For example, French fries, chicken wings and empanadas are lower in fat than fish sticks. Air frying is more healthy than frying in oil. Air fryers are designed to reduce calories. This is what they do well.

It can reduce calories by as much as 70% to 80%. This cooking method reduces some of the harmful effects of oil-frying. It also makes it easier to eat less fat. Air fryers can be used to cook, but they can also be used to heat frozen food and make it taste slightly better than deep-frying.

Air fryers are not only great for their health, but they also have some disadvantages. Air fryers are large, but have limited capacity. This makes it difficult to cook for larger groups.

The only thing that is left is the fact that you will need to cook in batches if you are cooking for a large group. An air fryer is a great option if you are looking to lose weight or get in shape. Air fryers are not going to make you healthier.

We can eat healthy even if regular gym sessions are impossible due to our busy lives. The VARADA Air Fryer is a great choice, at a reasonable price of Rs 5899 (which can go up/down over time), and with Amazon India special discounts. The fryer can cook 6.5 L. This makes it suitable for families of 5-6.

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