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Kent Cold Press Juicer Review — Welcome Fresh & Healthy Juices

It’s the most efficient smart home device you can purchase. In today’s world, it is time to switch away from processed juices and purchase a Kent Cold Press Juicer to supply nutritious juices for your family.

The process of oxidation for raw materials is extremely slow due to the very low exposure to the air inside cold press juicers.

The process that is involved during the process of making juice is extremely slow and natural. This means that the drinker will get fresh juice from fruits that contain the highest amount of vitamins, minerals, fibre, and the original flavour without artificial preservatives. Natural and organic products are becoming more important in the current time due to our hectic and unbalanced lifestyle.

A glass of natural juice may prove to be a great energy booster for any.

The Kent Cold Press Juicer is constructed with reverse motor action that assists in clearing any obstructions for a smooth extraction to ensure that you don’t get interrupted.

It also comes with a larger tube to feed to allow you to insert several things at the same moment to be processed.

If you are confused while buying a cold press and are looking for something more versatile, purchase a product similar to the Panasonic Juicer Mixer grinder.

KENT 16006 Cold Pressed Juicer


Overview of Kent Cold Press Juicer

Utilizing KENT’s KENT Cold-Pressed Juicer, it is possible to replace the processed juices that have higher sugar levels and live an improved lifestyle for your family as well as yourself.

In the absence of heating or processing, this gentle squeezing method provides more juice while keeping the highest levels of vitamins, minerals as well as fibre and flavour. It features a reverse motor that eliminates pulp blockages to ensure more efficient extraction. The juicer is also equipped with the largest feeding tube, permitting you to include more components.

Contrary to conventional juicers, KENT Cold-Pressed Juicer features the power of 250W, which has a low-noise operation, quicker juice extraction and smooth outflow that makes daily juicing simpler.

The process uses extremely high pressure to keep food fresh. This process eliminates any unwanted bacteria and also preserves a greater production of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. It also provides the freshness of flavour.

Cold-pressed juices offer a unique taste. You can make large quantities of juice from any fruit you like and then store it in a safe manner. It’ll still be delicious after two weeks.

Features of Kent Cold Press Juicer

Kent’s features are similar to the characteristics that are present in Borosil’s Juicer as well as Usha Nutripress!

KENT cold press

Let’s be thankful for the following incredible Kent cold press juicers features:

Maximize the number of nutrients that are retained in the juice

The main benefit of the low-speed squeeze method is that it preserves the maximum nutrients within this glass of juice, guaranteeing that it will influence the way you live your life to healthier living.

Additionally, it can extract more juice from one slice of fruit than any other device. The true flavour of the fruit doesn’t get lost in the long squeeze that allows it to stand apart among its kind of. Your morning juices are going to be healthier than drinking processed juice.

Quality Construction

The quality of the material used in the construction of Kent Cold Press Juicer is exceptional and top of the line. The plastic used is Grade A. The machine is designed so that it doesn’t generate any heat, which means that all the nutrients are retained within the liquids.

The model appears robust and well-built. Combining the components and the right force can result in the most smooth and delicious juices you’ve ever tasted at any time.

Reverse Motor Action

It’s one of the highlights of this particular juicer. Kent Cold Press Juicer comes with the reverse motor operation. This feature is unrivalled by any other centrifugal juicer that is simple. It aids in clearing pulp blockages to enable a more efficient extraction to occur. This provides this machine with an edge over other juicers and is the reason it is the ideal juicer for kitchens.

Wide Feeding Tube

Kent cold press juicer Kent cold-press juicer is equipped with a wide feed tube that allows you to include larger portions of fruit or vegetables simultaneously in a machine. The benefits of a wider tube for feeding are:

Reduces your preparation time

It also reduces time spent in the machine, since at one point, it was possible to insert an increased number of fruits and vegetables. It permits the user with an unobstructed chopping experience or to push the ingredients through the tube feeding.

Powerful Motor

The juicer contains a powerful motor that is housed in it. Contrary to other juicers of the past with a larger battery with a power of 250W. The larger the motor, the speedier the juice extraction. Easy extraction makes day-to-today making juice easier than ever. With a high operating speed, it’s silent. It’s a compact and useful component of the daily routine.

Easy of Use

It is easy to gather and clean up, then work on dismantling, and then clean. There is virtually no mess, hassle or spilling out the largemouth for feeding allows feeding food items into it simply to serve you fresh juices and tasty flavour.

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Most Attractive Highlights of Cold Kent Press Juicer?

KENT cold press juicer

  • According to Kent, this juicer is not producing noise or heat while operating. You’ll be delighted to learn that there isn’t a noticeable difference in temperature as mentioned in the specs.
  • The quality of the build and construction is amazing; you’ll be with us once you have seen it. It appears shiny and keeps its shine.
  • It appears luxurious and is easy to make use of.
  • In contrast to other juicers like it, the Kent press juicer has the ability to make the most delicious juice with no effort. It produces extremely smooth and delicious juices without that much effort.
  • Reverse motor movement eliminates obstructions and assists in the process of extraction. The extraction process is much easier and smoother. So you don’t have to worry about obstructions or insert a spoon into the hole to clean the pulp. The process went as we expected.
  • The process of dismantling and cleaning it is as simple as taking the cap off the pen.
  • It also makes minimal noise when it’s in operation.
  • Due to the large tube for feeding, the Kent Cold Press Juicer requires less time doing the same amount of work as traditional juicers.
  • Its larger feeding tube will allow you to cut down on the time of preparation.


  • Producer: King clean Electric Co Ltd
  • Item model number: KC-SJ502
  • Dimensions of the Product: 22.7cm x 17.5cm x 45.5 cm; 7.2 Kg

  • Get more nutrients into your single drink.
  • Maximize the juice of the fruit or vegetable.
  • It will not make noise.
  • It does not generate heat.

  • It takes a bit longer when compared to using centrifugal machines.

The Conclusion

Are you looking for a juicer? Choose this KENT cold pressing juicer because it will be a perfect decision. The juicers run at a slow speed to produce less heat. In this way, they hold the vital nutrients that are found in vegetables and fruits.

Furthermore, the juice made by cold press juicers offers a longer time of usage compared to traditional juicers. The juices produced by cold-pressed machines are more nutritious and healthy. You should choose these machines for a healthy daily routine. We recommend this juicer 100%.

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