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Usha Nutripress Cold Press Juicer Review — A Better Choice?

Selecting the most effective cold press juicer will supply you with endless delicious, fresh juice. If you’re looking to make celery juice for a nutritious breakfast or pure juice of citrus or apples, the best cold-press Juicer (also called the slow juicer or masticating Juicer) will ensure that the juice is as healthy as it can be.

These juicers reproduce the process of hand-squeezing while preserving the minerals and fibres that are beneficial. Although the top cold press juicers can be higher priced, their designs are more gentle to the food items that you add to them and offer higher yields over centrifugal juicers.

Finding an upgrade to your Juicer isn’t an easy task, and that’s the reason we review juicers within our Top10 Products India Lab to determine the best ones that will be worth the investment.

You can juice almost anything – fruity apples with a broad diameter that quickly, hard and fibrous carrots, and floppy kale, which could frequently hinder machines. The top juicers are assessed by weighing different data points based on key characteristics.

Let’s examine!

Usha Nutripress Cold Press Slow Juicer

What are the indicators to determine whether this cold-press Juicer is efficient or not?

Output: What is the amount of juice produced from the equipment? What is the pulp produced, and how dry is the pulp? (Hint that it should be dry since this indicates that more juice is being removed.)

Taste: The sweetness and the smoothness of the juice are important aspects to consider: the more sugar and the less pulp, the more flavorful.

Temperature: What is the final temperature of the liquid? What is its relationship to other tests being performed simultaneously?

Let’s Review Usha Nutripress Cold Press Slow Juicer (200 Watts)

Usha Electricals is a popular brand that has been manufacturing electrical appliances since 1958. Usha products are sold based on the reputation of the brand’s heritage and goodwill.

Additionally, this model is a high-powered device with all the features you want, such as quality, brand, performance, and power. You can also read the article of panasonic wet grinder

What did We like?

  • You can juice it all -Green vegetables, nuts and grains, Hard vegetables, frozen desserts, fruits.
  • It extracts the maximum amount of juice from soft fruits and vegetables and extracts much more juice than the average Juicer.
  • It is rich in vitamins, nutrition minerals, enzymes and minerals thanks to a unique cold-pressed process that ensures low-temperature juicing to ensure healthful and natural Juicing.
  • Warranty: 5 years for Usha Cold Press Juicer’s Motor (2 years on the product)
  • Free Recipe Book comes in the box.
  • Home demos are available for free in a handful of post-purchase cities (Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai), and the Product Demo Video for other cities is Online.

What’s inside the box?

Don’t be expecting too many accessories. You get only the most essential as you would with Borosil Cold Press along with Usha Nutripress.

You get Auger, Juicing bowl, Juicer Hopper, Container for juice, a Fine filter, a coarse filter, a Pulp Cleaner brush, an instruction manual, a Smart cap, and a recipe book.

Usha Nutripress CPJ 361S Cold Press Juicer Contains the following components:

Usha Juicer Jaar


  • Main Unit: The Main Unit is the core element that makes up Juicer. The Juicer includes the important controls and motor.
  • Hopper/Feeding Tube: Use this tube for feeding to provide fruits, vegetables, cereals, grains, nuts and other grains.
  • Auger: Auger can break down the ingredients needed for natural juice production.
  • Low-temperature: Natural Juicer at 70 RPM to keep the nutrients while running in a quiet.
  • Pusher: Use the pusher in order to push down the fruit into the tube to be fed whenever required.
  • Juicing Bowl: Juice Bowl is the home of the Auger & Filter to juice.
  • Pulp Container: Use the container for gathering pulp as well as fresh fruit from the pulp outlet.
  • Juice Bottle: A container holds juices and nut liquids from juice stores.
  • Cleaning Brush: Use it to clean the juice bowl and filter or auger.
  • Fine Filter: Ideal for making pure juices with a minimum amount of pulp, such as green juices from fruits or vegetable juices.
  • Coarse Filter: It is used to make more pulpy and thicker juices.

Which Features Does USHA Nutripress Juicer Contain?

  • Everything you need is in one location. The Juicer extracts juice from vegetables and greens such as cereals, nuts, cereals along with frozen and frozen fruit desserts.
  • The motor’s capacity is 200W. It has an electric motor that has 200W, which is ideal for slow-juicing.
  • To preserve the juice’s nutritional value and ensure the nutritional value of the juice, the Juicer is gradually turned at around 70 turns per minute.
  • Pulp container for pulp is able to hold large amounts of pulp, allowing continuous Juicing.
  • The box includes an ice container for juice from the juice outlet at the base of the unit.
  • The filter removes juice with only a little (or no) pulp.
  • A five-year warranty on the motor. 2 years are included for the item.
  • The package also includes an abrasive filter texture that makes the juice softer.

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What Are The Usha Cold Press Juicer’s Key Advantages?

Usha Nutripress (361S) 200-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer 

  • Background operations: The Juicer is silent when it operates, an exclusive advantage for customers looking for quieter juicers.
  • Absorption of nutrients to the maximum extent possible: The Juicer retains the natural flavour and the nutrients in vegetables and fruits by extracting juice at a low rate of RPM and does not increase the temperature of the Juicer because of spinning.
  • Filters for pulp: A coarse filter and fine filter let users select between pulpy and non-pulpy juices and then make the juice exactly how they would like.
  • Easy to Clean: Juicer has a simple cleaning brush that helps keep the Juicer’s interior clean and tidy.
  • Warranties: It comes with five years of warranty, making it reliable and durable.
  • De-seeding: It’s a process that is able to extract juice without crushing the seeds.
  • Durable Product: It seems to be durable and long-lasting. Therefore, it will last for many years without any issue.


Like all things, the best cold press juicer you can get will depend on your budget and the purpose for which you want to use it. Wanna check out? Spend just a little bit to see if you like it.

In general, smaller devices may cause more hassle than they’re worth. And If you choose to use them for a long time, it could be necessary to purchase them all over yet again. However, make a small investment in the beginning, and you’ll find the Juicer can last longer. It will also make the juice more efficient and likely have a longer warranty.

A mid-range masticating juicer can cost between 10 to 35k. In addition, the models mentioned above are likely to produce greater output from your vegetables and fruits than less expensive equipment. It allows you to get the most value for money.


Take note of how much slicing or dicing you’re prepared to perform. Then, check the dimensions of the feeding tube to determine how large it is. Slow juicers are typically less than those who juice fast. However, there is a slight variation. You should look for larger feed tubes when you do not want excessive prep.

We also recommend checking the warranty twice, particularly if you’re paying more. If you’re looking to have your Juicer last for a long time, ensure that the manufacturer’s warranty is adequate.

Among the most impressive cold press juicers available on the marketplace is the Nutripress (361S) Cold Press Slow Juicer. While it’s more expensive, it delivers better performance and superior sound quality all-around.

A Juicer is an ideal option for fitness and health lovers, specifically those who want to ensure that their drink contains the right amount of enzymes, nutrients, and fibre.

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