22 Best Fitness Band in India in 2022 Reviews

22 Best Fitness Band in India in 2022 Reviews

Are you pledging for attaining fitness? Well, what’s new in that? Every year, more than a quarter of people do that, but the success rate is low. That is due to a lack of planning.

For attaining desired fitness goals, you need to follow a proper disciplined schedule, and over-exercise is also pretty harmful.

So, what to do? How to discover the right balance?

Fitness bands become saviors in this case. They track all your exercises, gather stats regarding steps, running, sleeping, calories burnt, etc.

With all that data, you can make an accurate schedule, which highly helps you in getting or staying fit. Almost all athletes and sports persons use such fitness bands.

Once you know the calorie burned, you can plan your diet accordingly. Just imagine how easy it will be!

But wait, accuracy is the first consideration, and around 70% of such fitness bands don’t provide accurate tracking and stats.

No worries, we hired fitness experts for testing these fitness bands, who deeply analyzed the functions, specs, and accuracy of 42 fitness bands through a 7-step process!

Guess what? We’ve got 10 magical fitness bands for you!

We’ve provided fitness bands which were value for money. Makers do claim waterproof capabilities, accuracy, and certain features, but are these bands really carrying so much convenience? 

Well, that’s what we’ve tested! Don’t forget to follow the Informative portion regarding best fitness bands after the following 10 bands, as you’ll find top-level fitness knowledge there, adopting which fitness can be attained in less time.

During testing these bands, we also hired a doctor and a personal coach to figure out how accurate these bands are, and all bands we are mentioning down there are the most accurate ones at their respective price points.

Follow this review, and grab the best fitness band India online!

22 Best Fitness Bands in India – Quick List

Fitbit Charge 3 fitness Band
9.9 Under ₹10000
3D Fitness Moov fitness Band
9.8 Under ₹9000
Garmin Vivofit 4 Fit Tracker
9.7 Under ₹5500
Mi Smart Band 4 9.7 Under ₹2500
HONOR Band 5 (Midnight Navy)
9.6 Under ₹2500
Mi Band 3 (Black)
9.5 Under ₹2000
Garmin Vivosmart Tracker
9.5 Under ₹12000
Fitbit Flex 2 Smart Band
9.3 Under ₹4000
Garmin Vivofit3 Activity Tracker
9.3 Under ₹3500
Fitbit 2 Wireless Activity Monitor
9.2 Under ₹11000
Fastrack Reflex 2.0 Activity Tracker
9.1 Under ₹1500
Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Fitness Band
9.1 Under ₹9000
Noise ColorFit Pro Fitness Band
9 Under ₹2000
Honor Band 4 Running (Green/Grey)
9 Under ₹2000
Huawei ERS-B19 Band 2 Smart Band
8.9 Under ₹2000
Huawei 3E Smart Band Activity Tracker
8.7 Under ₹2500
GOQii VITAL 2.0 Activity Tracker
8.7 Under ₹3500
MevoFit Slim HR Smart Fitness Band
8.6 Under ₹1500
Muzili Smart Fitness Band
8.6 Under ₹3000
Smart Fitness Band HolyHigh YG3
8.5 Under ₹5000
HolyHigh 115U Smart Fitness Band
8.4 Under ₹2000
HolyHigh Smart Bands IPX68
8.2 Under ₹3500

23 Best Fitness Bands in India – Reviews

1) The Fitbit Charge 3 Activity Tracker for Fitness

The Fitbit Charge 3 Activity Tracker for Fitness

Fitbit is one of the leading manufacturers of wearable fitness trackers and smart bands, so you’ll enjoy the company’s top performance. Its Fitbit Charge 3 is among the top brands made by the brand created to increase users’ convenience by bringing the most effective features.


  • For starters, the fitness band monitors your heart rate 24 hours a day to make you aware of any health conditions.
  • This feature helps users be aware that their heart rates are elevated while doing various fitness exercises to help them to get the highest goal.
  • Additionally, the activity tracker tracks the calories you’ve consumed during your exercise sessions.
  • Concerning the battery life, you will get from this band; it will be used for up to 7 days on a single charge.
  • In addition to the battery’s life, advantages like the flexible and skin-friendly straps of this band allow wearers to relax when they exercise.
  • To make it more enjoyable, to make use of it, this Fitbit Charge 3 is water-resistant up to 50m.
  • Another advantage of this fitness tracker is that it tracks your sleeping patterns by observing your time in deep and light sleep. This can help users enhance their sleep habits and improve their chances of restful and peaceful sleep.
  • Simple to make use of
  • Monitoring of heart rate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • 15+ exercise modes
  • Waterproof up to 50m
  • 7-day battery life
  • Are prone to scratches

The Final Advice

This band can use its exercise modes, goal setting, and track progress. Its features create a complete experience for users. The band also lets users remain connected to their essentials and receive instant notifications of their calls, texts, and chats.

2) 3D Fitness Moov Band

3D Fitness Moov Band

Moov is now an extremely adored fitness band of recent. It is a budget-friendly option that offers the ideal value for the money invested by customers concerning the features it offers and its performance. It is an intermediate fitness device that is reasonably priced and efficient in terms of capabilities.


  • The most distinctive aspect of this particular smart band is that it gives live audio coaching for different health-related activities.
  • Users can depend on the coaching provided to achieve more effective results in their health. The program also provides ideas and suggestions for various exercises like cycling, running, and jogging.
  • Another distinct benefit this smart band has is its design. It can be put around the wrist or the ankle with no hassle. The design is comfortable, and therefore it provides the highest flexibility that people are looking for from the band.
  • The straps are top quality, which reduces the risk of skin problems and infections.
  • The fitness band operates by battery power and is not a rechargeable device. It is powered by a battery that can last up to 6 months, and then you have to replace the battery with a fresh one. It’s a light and breathable gadget that will provide the most convenience and comfort you want.
  • Design that is light and flexible
  • The device can be used on ankles or wrists.
  • 3D monitoring has been made possible
  • It comes with motion sensing on 9 axes.
  • Coaching that is audible.
  • The display is not accessible
  • The design could also be improved

The Final Advice

It also has an exclusive 9-axis motion sensing feature that monitors and records the actions of users. The motion sensor has three times the sensors used in other trackers, so you will get fitness monitoring and health tracking in a 3-dimensional way. You will also be impressed that all sensors offer exact monitoring and records.

3) Garmin Vivofit 4 Fit Tracker

Garmin Vivofit 4 Fit Tracker

Another beautiful and impressive smart band made by Garmin, One of the most well-known brands in the world of fitness can be found in the Vivofit four model. The Vivofit 4 band can be described as reliable, consistent, and attractive in performance and appearance.


  • One of the most distinctive features of this band smart is that it needs zero charging and gives a one-year plus battery life for its customers.
  • This means that they will not be burdened by not using the device, and additionally, they can utilize it for the longest duration as and when they need it.
  • The smart band can be utilized with Android and iOS devices, making it extremely compatible. One of the other features included in this band smart is the presence of a bright, always-on display that is easily visible in the sun.
  • The display is not very reflective, which means it won’t strain the eyes of the user when using it. Furthermore, the straps do not cause skin issues like infections or irritations. This band can measure the exact readings of the number of steps taken, the distance covered, calories burned, and sleep patterns.
  • It does not monitor your heart rate, which is among the main flaws of the band. However, its overall performance is satisfactory. This band’s motion IO automatically detects when you are walking and running and consequently gives the desired comfort to users.
  • Non-reflective screen
  • 1-year battery life, with no charges
  • Automatic detection for running and walking
  • Waterproof design
  • It comes in a basic design and no heart rate monitor

The Final Advice

Users also get the option of customizing, which allows them to change the theme of color, customize words, etc. With the interchangeable band, you can use this intelligent band by your mood and preferences. It is also suitable to swim since it is waterproof due to its design.

4) Mi Smart Band 4

Mi Smart Band 4

It’s younger bro, MI band 3 has touched heights of success, and now talking about MI 4 fitness band, it’s also tremendous. It’s the latest fitness band model from Xiaomi. Xiaomi has provided a color display as well as swim tracking with this band. Still, manufacturers claim to offer a huge 20-day battery life.

We’ve always appreciated the Mi Fit app’s quality and also noted in how many ways it’s better than the companion apps that several fitness bands offer, costing higher than Xiaomi’s Mi Band series. This brand is the synonym of accuracy, though! 


  • The fitness band app of this one is truly amazing. You get such a large variety of tracking your activities!
  • In contrast to the previous model, MI fit band 4 comes with a 39.9% larger AMOLED color full-touch display. You can easily adjust brightness. This screen was the clearest one in our testing. 
  • While testing, we found text was looking crisp and clear, while colors were looking nice too. There were no issues reading its screen under direct sunlight.
  • It’s a sturdy 5ATM waterproof built. So, if you want to track your calorie burning, heart rate, etc., while swimming, then definitely you can!
  • 24/7 automatic heart rating monitoring is another amazing feature. Hardly any fitness tracker under 5000 rupees takes so much care of you! If your heart rate taps too high, then the MI4 fitness band is going to alert you automatically.
  • Talking about flexibility and offerings, then hardly any other models around this price offer so many types of activity tracking and work on that much accurately!
  • Mi Smart Band 4 comes with an exercise tracking mode. We tested this during our gym sessions, and guess what? It was reasonably accurate.
  • Waterproof 
  • Exercise tracking mode
  • AMOLED color full-touch display
  • Heart rate alerts
  • Compatible with Mi Fit app
  • Charging time can be a bit high than others

The Final Advice

The M4 fitness band is another solid product in the Mi Band lineup. We loved its display, comfort, and workout tracking accuracy. You are getting notifications from all major apps. Custom vibration patterns for notifications are amazing. Yes, whatever you expect, MI 4 offers more than that. Invest money without any concern! Further, if you want an extra MI fitness band charger, then tap HERE, and for fitness band strap, tap HERE.

5) HONOR Band 5 (Midnight Navy)

HONOR Band 5 (Midnight Navy)

Xiaomi MI band 3 fitness tracker (black) was the best fitness band under 3000, and here, we’ve taken you to a bit more expensive band. Talking about the best fitness bands under 3000, the Honor Band 5 stands the tallest. It is a decent fitness tracker by the Chinese brand.

Revealed in the markets at a very comfortable price, this model proves itself better than Xiaomi’s Mi Smart Band 4. A few high-end features of the Honor fitness band is its capability of measuring the percentage of heart rate till a depth of 50 feet and also intelligent sleep tracking. The charging time is less. This band has been entered the Indian market in three colors.

Coral Pink, Midnight Navy, and Meteorite Black. Honor Band 5 looks almost like the Honor Band 4 regarding design. Now, let’s know why actually is Honor Band 5, the fitness band under 3000! 


  • The Honor Band 5 sports a minimalistic design that will work perfectly and accurately for any fitness enthusiast.
  • During testing, we noticed that this band responded to nine touch inputs on its circular design at its front out of 10, which is great. The touchscreen is impressive.
  • The band material is a silicone that lasts longer than leather straps in comparison. The display on Honor Band 5 is surely the biggest improvement that Honor has introduced. This display is bright and clear. You can read the band’s screen even under direct sunlight.
  • We can call Honor 5 the fitness band for men.
  • This new model weighs below 23 grams, as it is one of the lightest fitness bands in India at this price.
  • While testing, Honor band 5 stood third most accurate fitness band in terms of footsteps counting. The top two were much expensive.
  • Connecting Honor Band 5 to the smartphone is a breeze. All functions are easy to understand. This model of Honor isn’t even a bit overwhelming!
  • Honor claims a great 14 days of standby time on this band. If you haven’t connected this band to your phone, then it might last for a few more days. However, that highly depends on the usage.
  • 14 daysof standby time
  • Lightweight
  • It can measure your heart rate till a depth of 50 feet
  • Display is sleek and highly responsive
  • Waterproof
  • Not as durable as the first 3 models.

The Final Advice

Honor Band 5 has a simple design with a sturdy scratch-resistant display. It’s waterproof and is so comfortable on the wrists. The battery life is appreciable. 

Sleep and Activity tracking are done pretty efficiently by this band, with a complete focus on breaking down numerous activities depending on several factors like the type of swim stroke, intensity, type of sleep, etc.

 Its display brightness at around 75% is also perfect. Overall, it is a perfect fitness band, especially for beginners. It can be the best choice under 3000 from all aspects!

6) Mi Band 3 (Black)

Mi Band 3 (Black)

Before the new Xiaomi fitness band 3, Xiaomi released three fitness bands in India, which are the Mi Band (the very first version), the Mi Band 2, and then the very successful Mi Band HRX Edition. All these gained high popularity. The pricing was always honest.

The MI band 3 is also an affordable one, providing much better features and accuracy than competing fitness bands around its price. It comes in 3 colors – blue, black and orange. It looks like MI band 2, and the capsule size is 17.9 x 46.9 x 12mm. This model’s strap measures 247mm. The weather forecast is a very rare feature to have. MI fit band 3 shows a 3-day weather forecast.

It comes with a very special that 2.5D curved design, which makes it easy for you to wear it throughout the whole day with all comfort. Most importantly, MI fitness band price is much less than expectations. The MI M3 fitness band is the best fitness band under 2000 in India 2019 & 2021 due to the following reasons. 


  • The MI 3 fitness band comes with a 110mAh battery inside, which Xiaomi claims is capable of offering around 20 days of battery life.
  • You find the 3-axis accelerometer as well as PPG heart rate sensors for tracking all activities. Especially in measuring heart rate and calorie burning, MI band 3 is very accurate.
  • The touch button of this band allows users to ignore or decline calls that trouble when they are busy. Besides that, it lets you return to the home screen.
  • Xiaomi claims the fitness band MI 3 is fully water-resistant up to 50m. The users can even go swimming wearing this band.
  • The Mi Band 3 also brings features like alarm, heart rate monitor, stopwatch, find your phone, speed, and sleep tracking, etc., which all prove to be too supportive in achieving fitness goals.
  • This band lets you not just receive your messages but also read them. Further, it will alert you about an incoming call or message.
  • It was the best fitness band in India 2019 also, considering Amazon’s public reviews.
  • The Band 3 comes with a tough and perfect 0.78-inch OLED display whose resolution is 128 x 80 pixels. Besides that, there is an embedded touch-sensitive present under its display glass.
  • 0.78-inch OLED display
  • 110mAh huge battery
  • Sleep tracking mode
  • Heart rate tracking mode
  • Weather forecast
  • The syncing procedure might take a bit more time

The Final Advice

Focussing equally on looks and on functionality, it’s the best value for the money band in India. The previous editions of this band were cool, but “wow” features were missing there, but the MI band 3 is an absolute wow! Connecting this band to all phones (iPhones and Android) is also very easy.

MI fit band 3 app support is tremendous! If you are really concerned about achieving fitness goals and looking for a pretty accurate fitness band that doesn’t cost that high, Mi Band 3 is the best buy for you! Tap the button below to know MI fit band 3 price.

7) Garmin Vivosmart Activity Tracker for HR

Garmin Vivosmart Activity Tracker for HR

Garmin is among the most well-known and trusted brands in health and fitness that offers top fitness tracking devices and other health equipment. Garmin’s smart bands have useful features and provide quality and accuracy to its customers.

When we talk about this fitness band made by Garmin, It is designed to automatically monitor all your running, walking, or cycling activities. And provide you with the most accuracy in results.


  • One of the greatest characteristics of this smart band is that it tracks your heart rate throughout the day to ensure that you are continuously aware of your health status.
  • In addition, you can also count on its precise results for tracking your calories, steps, and sleeping patterns, among others.
  • We’ll now shift to the design and appearance and one of the most important aspects that make this band a smart one that draws in users.
  • It provides an inclined display for users, allowing them to receive instant notifications in a full-on way, with its non-reflective display that allows users to view all calls, messages, and notifications without problems, even in direct sunlight. The sleek band can fit your wrists most comfortably and flexibly. It is possible to do whatever you wish when wearing this smart band.
  • In addition, because this band is sweat and water-resistant, you do not have to worry about having any issues when you use it in water-related pursuits.
  • Water-resistant
  • Flexible and adjustable waist fitting
  • In-built GPS
  • Monitoring 24×7 with precise readings
  • 7-day battery life
  • App sync can be a bit slow

The Final Advice

This strap is constructed of skin-friendly materials that reduce the possibility of any irritation or infection to the skin. You get a battery life of 7 days with this smart band and other features such as a stopwatch, music control, and a backlit display.

8) Fitbit Flex 2 Smart Band

Fitbit Flex 2 Smart Band

Another amazing smart band is made by the Fitbit brand, which offers an ideal blend of constant excellent performance and top-quality features. You’ll be amazed not just by the functionality of the smart band but also by its appealing design.

Let’s talk about the primary thing that will make you feel captivated by this stylish fitness band: appearance and style.


  • It is designed elegantly with thin straps that ensure users will never feel uncomfortable while wearing the band.
  • In addition, special attention has been given to making the straps comfortable for the skin to be worn all day without experiencing skin irritations or irritations.
  • This smart band works with all Android and iOS devices, so you won’t need to worry about any issues.
  • It comes in a large size, allowing users to enjoy the greatest convenience and comfort when wearing it or using it. You can also be sure of this band in bright sunlight.
  • Moving to its precise sensors, you can depend on this band to keep track of your physical activity and sleep routine.
  • It will provide you with constant alerts of your daily steps and sleep patterns, calories burned, distance traveled, etc. To ensure that you will always stay active and maintain your fitness.
  • The slimmest band that has an easily detachable tracker
  • Recognition of auto-exercises
  • Waterproof
  • Includes interchangeable accessories
  • The battery life can be increased

The Final Advice

It is a Bluetooth-connected smart band that lets its users with immediate notifications of messages, calls, and WhatsApp chats. Because it comes with the feature of auto-exercise detection that automatically tracks your exercise routine, it comes with a battery strong enough to last for 5 days.

9) Garmin Vivofit3 Activity Tracker

Garmin Vivofit3 Activity Tracker

The Garmin Vivofit series is another fantastic model by Garmin that can be described as Vivofit 3. This fitness band was designed for people seeking a basic and reliable fitness band that can be used whenever needed.

In the beginning, the most significant benefit you will gain with this fitness tracking device is its battery. It gives you a full year of battery life without the requirement to recharge.


  • The customers are free of the hassles of regular charges and benefit from the advantages and features provided by this intelligent band.
  • To use your battery requires a lot of features, doesn’t it? This Vivofit 3 by Garmin has various remarkable features that will delight you. It is possible to use this fitness tracker to keep note of your sleep pattern, steps and calories burned, the distance traveled, and more.
  • In addition to the amazing features, users can count on the fitness bands’ sturdy and reliable construction. It features an LED display, making it easy for users to see the screen’s messages, numbers, and other items.
  • The display is big enough so that users do not have to strain their eyes when looking at notifications.
  • 1 year battery time
  • Aural alert feature
  • Flexible and adjustable straps
  • Backlit display
  • Heart rate monitoring is not accessible

The Final Advice

It also has skin-friendly straps that reduce the possibility of causing skin irritation or infections. The Garmin fitness device will inspire you to get active through its movement bar and audible alerts. Due to the waterproof construction of the band, it can also be used when swimming.

10) Fitbit Charge 2 Wireless Activity Monitor

Fitbit Charge 2 Wireless Activity Monitor

Here’s another stunning, smart activity tracker made by one of the top fitness wearables. This is Fitbit. The company pays attention to providing only the most convenient features to its customers to get the most out of their fitness bands.

The fitness tracker allows users to track the activities they take part in, like steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burned.


  • Additionally, you will also be able to monitor how much your heart beats throughout the day with the help of this intelligent band. It is possible to rely on this device to give you the most precise readings and monitoring.
  • This tracker for the activity will be your ultimate companion in giving you the most restful and sound sleep. It tracks your sleeping patterns and monitors your sleep patterns during the day and at night, giving you the greatest comfort to increase the quality of your sleep.
  • It can also be used as an alarm to wake you up early in the morning after completing the hours you want to sleep. For the most precise readings all the time, you will get a massive OLED display that is equipped with this intelligent band.
  • Using this display, you’ll see the text, numbers, or calls clearly and easily. On the screen, so you aren’t missing all of it. It can also be used in direct sunlight to increase the user’s convenience since the screen isn’t as reflective.
  • Provides a variety of features
  • Battery life is decent
  • Recognition of auto-exercises
  • Waterproof
  • Step count could be increased

The Final Advice

It also includes a GPS feature that allows for an instant overview of all notifications sent to your phone. Because it’s waterproof, it is suitable for swimming too. It provides five days of battery lifespan to the users.

11) Fastrack Reflex 2.0 Activity Tracker

Fastrack Reflex 2.0 Activity Tracker

Before starting the Fastrack fitness band review, let us tell you, great watchmaker titan owns Fastrack! The 2.0 Activity tracker doesn’t just appear fantastic on paper, but the performance is also supreme. The cost is low. 

Still, the band is doing a great job and doing justice to the users. The outer and inner layers of this band have different colors, making it look unique. By the way, our experts concluded Fastrack Reflex SWD as the best model in 2019, 2020, and 2021 for women. This is also a choice for the fitness band for kids! 

Besides being stylish, the 2.0 Activity Tracker is highly comfortable also. Its a bit wide profile makes it perfect for thin wrist users. While testing, we wore this band for a complete 24 hours period. While sleeping, having it on the wrist didn’t bring any discomfort. 

There’s a 1-year manufacturing warranty. Camera control is a unique feature here. While checking, it dominated over the Samsung Galaxy fit band in 10 out of 12 departments! 


  • The button of the Fastrack fit band, most of the time, responds very well. We tried tapping its button with sweaty hands, and it did respond well that way too!
  • Regarding step counting, the results are +/-4% accurate, which is great. Not just that, but with all other activity trackings, the same accuracy percentage rolls on.
  • This band is compatible with various android versions 5.0 and above (Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro, Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro, Moto G5 series – all phones, Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro are the exceptions), and all iOS versions 8.0 and above.
  • It comes with the amazing phone finder feature, which uses GPS tracking to ensure you never lose your phone next time. You just need to tap!
  • You can stay in continuous touch with your gang. The band provides notifications of Whatsapp messages and SMSs. Of course, call notification is also there.
  • Accuracy is great
  • GPS tracking mode
  • Notificatins available for whatsapp messages and SMSs
  • Waterproof
  • Sleek display that’s highly responsive.
  • Warranty is lesser than its competitors.

The Final Advice

This is the best Fastrack activity tracker and competes high with MI band 2. Distance, sleep, ad calorie counter works better than expectations. Also, you can conveniently track your sleep. In the morning, it wakes you with vibration, and then further, tracks everything for you.

When we compare fitness bands under 1500, FastTrack Reflex SWD stands the best. Being water-resistant, Fastrack Reflex SWD90059PP05 2.0 Activity Tracker is a highly durable choice. If you’re searching for a fitness band low price facility, then we strongly recommend it.

Buy on Sangeethamobiles

  • Our trust is with Amazon

12) Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Smart Fitness Band

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Smart Fitness Band

On the next list is the renowned brand name Samsung which is among the most trusted brands in the eyes of Indian consumers. From its appearance to its features, Samsung has made sure that they do not leave any space to impress users with its products. The Samsung smart band is equipped with everything you would expect from fitness bands. That’s why we’ll have a closer look at it.


The fit2 pro gear is a stunning design that will delight the wearers. It is a great option to wear a stylish strap around your wrist. The straps are beautifully made and provide the best comfort for your skin without causing skin irritations or irritations.

It provides a stunning AMOLED display for its customers, who can receive a clear and beautiful display of all stats such as messages and numbers, phone calls, etc. While focusing on the most important part, you can use this smart band in bright sunlight without straining your eyes.

Another advantage of the Samsung smart band is that it comes with an in-built GPS which means you can put away your smartphone when you’re engaged in exercising.

Additionally, you can receive all alerts of important information right on display on your smart band. And, guess what? You will receive the most precise results from every single use.

  • Waterproof design
  • Monitoring of the activities of health
  • Elegant design with AMOLED display
  • Incredible value
  • It is missing the alarm feature

The Final Advice

The fit2 proband is made to resist water, so you can use it while performing any water-related activities. Apart from accurately tracking the distance you swim, this device will also keep track of your heartbeat, sleep patterns, distance, calorie count, steps taken, and so on.

Extremely easily. It works easily with both iOS or Android devices. This means that users don’t have to worry about compatibility.

13) Noise ColorFit Pro Fitness BandNoise ColorFit Pro Fitness Band

A lot were waiting for the Noise Colorfit fitness band review; we know that! Noise launched its ColorFit Pro model here in the Indian market with a whole bunch of features such as a pedometer, SpO2 Level, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, and Sleep Quality recently. 

We’ve got hold of this band for over 15 days and came with our review. Unlike most of the other fitness bands in this review, the Colorfit Pro has an Apple sort of Watch feel to it with a dial that is big square-shaped. 

The colorful Pro is very light. You can detach its strap on both ends. Bluetooth 4.1, various activity tracking is there, and much more. 


  • It comes with a 1.22 inches IPS LCD color display, which is perfect than you expect at this price.
  • The body of Noise ColorFit Pro Fitness Band is made from a zinc magnesium alloy having a satiny black surface that you can easily mistake for smooth and high-quality plastic. Full marks to its looks.
  • The display of this band is covered under a thick enough layer of Gorilla Glass 5, having a curvature of 2.5D. Most importantly, it’s scratch-proof. Besides that, it doesn’t catch fingerprints that easily.
  • Noise ColorFit Pro comes with rubber straps that you can bend, stretch, and twist, and even then, there won’t be any sign of wear.
  • This band can track your heart rate continuously, and besides that, it claims to measure your oxygen saturation and blood pressure in the blood with the help of the same optical sensor, which it uses for the heart rate.
  • It’s rated for usage at 3ATM or roughly 30 meters (almost 100 feet) max. Suggesting you can comfortably take it out for swimming and use the swimming mode for tracking your activity.
  • IPS LCD color display
  • Gorilla Glass 5
  • Scratch-proof
  • Optical sensor
  • Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity
  • Accuracy percentage are not that satisfying,

The Final Advice

With the Noise fitness band, you will definitely become more active and more productive. If you’re looking for a fitness tracker or smartwatch for starting your journey and are having a mid-level budget, the Noise ColorFit Pro is a cool band for you with some smartwatch features.

Overall, its build is pretty solid, and the design is attractive. Putting something near to 3000 rupees for this band must not hurt you at all!

Buy on Myntra

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14) Honor Band 4 Running (Green/Grey)

Honor Band 4 Running (GreenGrey)

Now, the Honour fitness band has a high reputation. Talking about fitness bands, this one comes with max color variations. Operating this band is easy, as its round touch key is so sensitive. 

In case you receive messages or calls in between your workout, the band will vibrate and let you know. This band fits effortlessly, weighing just 17 grams, and the strap takes care of ventilation. No skin infections here! 

Call rejection is supported by this band on phones running on both iOS and Android systems. Its battery life is great. Honor Band 4 Running is a perfect build — an algorithm developed by Honor dedicated to ensuring that every single step taken is recorded accurately. 

Honor Band 4’s increased processing power of its new six-axis sensor, joined with Foot Mode, and further, the upgraded running posture monitoring algorithm highly increases the accuracy of running distance measured crossing 95%.


  • With its six-axis sensor, it is able to detect seven sorts of fitness data, that includes foot strike pattern and impact, eversion range, step length, swing angle, cadence, and ground contact time! Now that’s enough! Further, CISS has developed a technology, which will analyze these data for providing you insightful running posture analysis as well as workout suggestions.
  • This band is highly versatile, so you’re able to wear it in two ways, which are wrist and foot.
  • Due to the waterproof capability of up to 50meters, it becomes your perfect overall activity companion, including swimming and rain dancing!
  • The processors of this band ensure high performance with low power consumption. It lasts as long as 21 days under standby mode. With regular use, its run time is 2 weeks. You can easily charge it with its charging cradle.
  • With this band, never be bothered by LED lights when you’re sleeping. It accurately records all your sleep data while you are in light sleep, deep sleep, and awake for helping you in adjusting your sleep habits.
  • Besides great quality material and dual-color, the design of the strap is lock-in type. It won’t slip out of your wrist when you are doing an intensive workout.
  • Insightful running posture analysis
  • Highly versatile & provides workout suggestions
  • LED lights
  • Design of the strap is lock-in type
  • No GPS

The Final Advice

Investing in Honor Band 4 Running will never let you down. While testing, this band scored impressively in all steps. The perfection is appreciable, and so is the build quality.

The band definitely brings high punctuality to your everyday schedule. Also, it’s perfectly priced. You are able to attach it to your shoe.

Hardly any other fitness tracker around its price is providing that facility. Don’t complain about no GPS; you’re getting much for the price. We highly recommend Honor Band 4 to all.

Buy on Giztop

  • Our trust is with Amazon

15) Huawei ERS-B19 Band 2 Classic Smart Band

Huawei ERS-B19 Band 2 Classic Smart Band

With a huge OLED display for its customers, this Huawei smart band is on the list. It is suitable for people who want an easy but efficient fitness tracker that does not let its performance down. It was made to give the ideal price-for-performance to its users.


  • One of the main advantages of the Huawei smart band is that it’s a light design that will not annoy users during their day-to-day job.
  • The lightweight style of this smart band increases the flexibility required by users. Thanks to the smart bracelet, you will have more comfortable wear on your wrist.
  • It keeps track of every regular exercise for its users, such as counting steps, calories burned, distance traveled, etc. In addition, users also benefit from the help of this fitness tracker for sports like swimming, running, and breathing exercises.
  • Because of the precise calculation of the sleep patterns of its users, this gadget is a reliable option for making it easier to hear and providing peaceful sleep for its users.
  • Waterproof design
  • 21 days of use for a single charge
  • Accurate sensors
  • Great GPS and step counting
  • The display is not visible in direct sunlight.

The Final Advice

There are also features such as alarm notifications, event alarms, and smart alarms. The band can also send notifications of messages, emails, calls, and events. Certainly, you won’t miss any crucial information when you’re making use of this workout band.

16) Huawei 3E Smart Band Activity Tracker

Huawei 3E Smart Band Activity Tracker

Not the best fitness band in the world, but Huawei 3E highly impresses with features for the price. This little band has an impressive battery life of 14 days while you connect it to your phone. 21 days is the standby time. It is water-resistant up to 50m (Woah!), and you can wear it on your wrist with its band or on the shoe with the shoe buckle (that’s a bit stylish way to wear it).

It weighs only 17 grams. Black and Pink are color variations. Surely the display isn’t the biggest one, still big enough to let you read the LED text. It shows all the info that you need. Also, our experts declared this LED bright enough to be read under sunlight.


  • Huawei has come up with its own application, which is “Huawei Health,” which helps you in knowing how you’re doing on your steps. You always get info regarding exercise activities and also sleep records.
  • It is capable of bringing up your trends on the basis of day, week, month, and year. You can view all your stats regarding walking, running, and cycling exercises.
  • When you tap the button on its screen, you’ll notice the screens change quickly without any lagging issues. The physical performance of the Huawei 3E Smart Band is great. Such high touch sensitivity is what you get with expensive fitness bands.
  • Getting to the settings and making various changes is easy with this band. It won’t require many trials, even if you are unfamiliar with fitness bands.
  • We tested this band against 11 bands of different price ranges regarding the accuracy, where it scored exceptionally well.
  • The charge holding capacity of this band is great. It has pleased many.
  • Huawei Health application
  • Stats regarding walking, running, and cycling exercises are available
  • Great charge holding capacity
  • Display quality is superb
  • Accuracy percentage is not as good as the top brands

The Final Advice

Starting your workout record is so easy with Huawei 3E Smart Band. There are numerous options for choosing workout types. As you are tracking everything, you will be able to set fitness goals ad achieve them easily, all because of the sophistication of this Watch. Just buy Huawei 3E Smart Band Activity Tracker, make a proper workout schedule, implement your plans, and track your weight every day with this band. You’ll see how easily things happen!

Buy on Smartprix

  • Our trust is with Amazon

17) GOQii VITAL 2.0 Activity Tracker

GOQii VITAL 2.0 Activity Tracker

Hey, looking for a model with BP monitor? Here comes GOQII Vital 2.0. Now, this band impressed the most with unique features, and some are exceptionally useful! It features a durable rubber strap with having tongue buckle at its end that prevents hassles while wearing it. 

There are numerous slots in its strap, making the band easy to wear from narrow as well as the broad wrist. Charging and connecting GOQii Vital 2.0 to your phone is very easy.

Features such as GOQii cash, virtual coach, and Blood Pressure measurement makes this band one of the finest fitness band available in the Indian market. Also, it will help you to schedule a call appointment with the coach to discuss your schedule for fitness. What else? Keep reading! 


  • Measuring blood pressure is the best feature of GOQii Vital 2.0 Activity Tracker. You don’t get blood pressure monitoring features in certain pretty expensive activity trackers also. It roughly consumes a minute to measure your blood pressure. You’re saving money there!
  • Besides blood pressure measuring, it measures various factors such as calories burnt, distance traveled, step count, heart rate, as well as sleep.
  • This band was highly impressed with the steps counting test. It was 96.2% accurate (number obtained from our testing) and the same level of accuracy it showed. It was 95.8% (the number obtained from our testing). For measuring BP, it uses the same sensors, which it uses for measuring heart rate.
  • The GOQii Play is an amazing feature, which lets you access content from fitness trainers and health experts via the app. Besides that, for keeping you on track, it telecast several videos regarding health and all.
  • The special app asks you certain questions regarding sleeping, exercise pattern, breakfast, calorie intake, etc., and then suggests you the best trainer for you.
  • The battery backup is of around 6 days using its full charge, and that’s pretty good considering its OLED display. 0-100% charging consumed 48 minutes in our testing (we charged it using a Samsung laptop).
  • BP moniter is available
  • 96.2% accurate
  • GOQii Play feature is there
  • OLED display
  • Fast charging
  • blood pressure tracking is not 100% accurate sometimes

The Final Advice

If you are searching for a fitness band straightforward for your health purpose, then undoubtedly, Goqii Vital 2.0 is your answer. With this device, you enjoy free 3 months coaching card, upon which you have to subscribe. 

The vital really does bring some amazing, never-seen-before type features to the affordable segment, and having a band with blood pressure is amazing.

Keeping all that together, GOQii VITAL 2.0 Activity Tracker is a highly recommendable fitness band in all ways!

Buy on Smartprix

  • Our trust is with Amazon

18) MevoFit Slim HR Smart Fitness Band

MevoFit Slim HR Smart Fitness Band

This fitness-focused band from MevoFit is the ideal option for women who are fitness enthusiasts and want an instrument that can make your exercise routine simple and efficient. With a wide array of features, this smart fitness band comes in a minimalist style that will impress professional women. It’s a high-quality fitness tracker that can provide detailed information and track numerous health-related actions.


  • It will keep track of your health-related statistics such as the number of calories burned, your heart rate, number of steps, and distances covered when cycling, running, swimming, and more.
  • It will track your sleep patterns to provide peaceful and restful sleep without any problems.
  • Another benefit that can make it suitable for female users is that it could be a reliable monitor of their menstrual cycle.
  • It can provide you with the most important information you need to know about your menstrual cycle.
  • The design and fit are the best value for its money with its design, which ensures an easy and comfortable fit. The top-quality straps on this fitness band are guaranteed to provide the best relief for the wearer from skin issues and infections.
  • Attractive design
  • Monitors the menstrual cycle
  • The flexible band can be adjusted with high flexibility.
  • Lightweight
  • Visibility is not as high under direct sunlight.

The Final Advice

Due to the lightweight construction of this fitness belt, it can be worn throughout the day, and you won’t feel a thing. Using curved glass and rounded edges, a perfect-cut diamond makes it extremely appealing. The crystal clear and shiny glass will sparkle all the way, and it will make a lasting impression on your fellow users.

19) Muzili Smart Fitness Band

Muzili Smart Fitness Band

Here comes the Muzili Smart Fitness band, which is a perfect design, providing perfect fit, perfect features at a perfect price! After Mi band 3, it’s the second-best fitness band under 2000.

Generally, reliable and perfect activity trackers cost much high, but Muzili is providing this band at a much affordable rate. It’s the most responsive and effective band at this price, and its functions highly impress! Muzili Smart is in our top 5 fitness bands due to the following reasons:


  • You can expect high clarity from this band’s screen. This brand has a colorful screen display that makes it really effective and easy for you to view all the texts and numbers even in the bright sunlight.
  • As this band connects to Bluetooth, you attain numerous benefits.
  • You can constantly observe your heart rate with this Watch, and most importantly, it’s more accurate than you expect. Besides that, it properly analyzes step count, silent alarms, sleeping patterns, etc.
  • It is waterproof and sweatproof, which means no matter you’re sweat-bathed in the gym, or in to pool for swimming, you don’t have to take off this band. Further, you won’t forget it anywhere, as you can wear this band all the time! It’s too light.
  • While you are using the Muzili activity tracker, you get notifications regarding messages, incoming calls, etc.
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Colorful screen display 
  • Waterproof and sweatproof
  • Easy step count, silent alarms, sleeping patterns tracking
  • Not highly responsive after months of usage

The Final Advice

Most importantly, the features of this model are easily accessible, and if you haven’t used any fitness band yet, then this one is highly recommendable. You’ll use this band perfect with your first step, that much convenient this fitness band is.

Just charge it for 1:15 hours (as per our testing), and it will run the whole day for you. The design is also sleek and highly ergonomic. The capsule is of the right size, and the strap is of highly durable and high-quality material (no skin infections at all), and all that makes Muzili smart a hundred percent worth purchase.

20) Smart Fitness Band HolyHigh YG3

Smart Fitness Band HolyHigh YG3

Talking about the best fitness band brands in India, HolyHigh is a big name! This model is trending high! If you want a straightforward band that does carry certain features but doesn’t baffle you with complexity, then here comes Smart HolyHigh YG3 for you. 

It never confused anyone and is among the most versatile fitness bands out there. It’s perfect for boys, men, women, and girls (girls/women have got an attractive purple color model). The cost is easily acceptable.

The results of testing Smart Fitness Band HolyHigh YG3 were highly pleasing. The powerful notification system was highly impressive, and so did the touch sensitivity. We tested it against Samsung band fit e smart band, and the Samsung galaxy fit band stood nowhere! 


  • It has effective all-day activities trackers that perfectly monitor all the relevant data regarding all the activities you’re were involved in throughout your day. It tracks only relevant information and doesn’t bring any unwanted data.
  • HolyHigh YG3 measures your heart rate, calories count, walking, steps, sleep, running, etc.
  • Of course, it is waterproof, cutting all your bothering while you are in the rain, or swimming, or we say, sweat-bathed in your gym.
  • The high-quality material of its strap has ensured that the band stays very lightweight and won’t invite any infections around your wrist.
  • The fit is very secure and comfortable. That’s why our experts concluded this band fit enough to be worn throughout the day. It weighs only 24 grams.
  • With this fitness band, you can track a total of 14 types of sports! Walking, cycling and running are the default modes.
  • One full charge of this fitness band keeps it running for over 7 days.
  • All essential tracking modes are available
  • Lightweight (just 48 grams)
  • Full charging runs for 7 days
  • Waterproof
  • Display is somewhat smaller than other models.

The Final Advice

As our natural diet is getting unhealthier day by day, we highly need to concentrate on fitness, and a band like Smart Fitness Band HolyHigh YG3 makes the case too easy. As you are having a perfect tracking of every activity, you won’t have to overstress your body.

You can plan your fitness goals in a much better way with this fitness band, and as it’s bringing high accuracy, Smart HolyHigh YG3 is highly recommended by from us.

21) HolyHigh 115U Smart Fitness Band

HolyHigh 115U Smart Fitness Band

Talking about HolyHigh 115U, it’s a stylish and comfy band that can easily outmatch most of its competition around this price range, and one can compare it with more expensive gear in the category of fitness band. The band comes with a 1-year supportive warranty from the makers.

This tracker arrives with numerous modes for activities, including running, walking, dancing, etc. The strap of HolyHigh 15U is durable and flexible. Black, Purple, Blue, Pink, and Green are the color variations here. It is waterproof and dustproof. So no worries about those amazing funfilled runs in the rains outside.


  • The display on this Fitness tracker is OLED HD 0.8″ screen that is crystal crisp and clear. It is conveniently visible in bright sunlight also.
  • The tracker supports sedentary reminders, smart alarms, date & time auto sync, anti-lost, camera remote control, touch display screen as well as gesture control functions.
  • This Fitness Tracker comes with a superb battery backup, which lasts long. Just forget about the hassle of frequently charging it. So, it’s your perfect companion for long tracking trips.
  • This band can monitor as well as track your sleep patterns that include light and deep sleep, calories burned, steps, distance, and the duration of every single activity.
  • Using the responsive touchpad present at the bottom of its screen, you can easily toggle between different modes such as the calorie tracker, the clock, the pedometer, etc.
  • Charging this tracker is quite straightforward with its built-in USB dongle. There’s no necessity for a separate charger for this band.
  • You are getting two modes for the time display, which are horizontal and vertical.
  • With the help of this band’s Bluetooth connectivity, you can perform functions such as clicking a photo with your phone without actually touching the phone.
  • Track your sleep patterns
  • Touch display screen
  • Two modes for the time display
  • Built-in USB dongle
  • Extra free replaceable band
  • Rsponsive touchpad
  • Notifications gets late sometimes

The Final Advice

Having this band, You don’t need picking your phone always in between your exercise activities as the social media notifications of Facebook, Whatsapp, Email, SMS, and calls are sent to this wristband with noticeable vibration alert. You’re also getting the extra free replaceable band for this item’s watch. So, without spending much, buy HolyHigh 115U smart fitness band, online, and bring discipline to your routine.

Buy on Fosso

  • Our trust is with Amazon

22) HolyHigh Smart Bands IPX68 Fitness Tracker Watch

HolyHigh Smart Bands IPX68 Fitness Tracker Watch

This attractive-looking fitness band is going to track numerous things for you, and most importantly, weighing just 18 grams; it’s among the lightest bands available on the market. 

The most important thing about Holyhigh IPX68 is that its calorie counter is so accurate, and that’s a rare case with even the very expensive brands. For connecting this band to your phone, just Download the App known as VeryFit from the Google Play/APP store or by just scanning the QR code. 

Turn on your phone, Bluetooth. Now connect this band with your phone via Bluetooth. The Bluetooth name of this model is” ID115U.” Further, when you are trying to connect your phone with this fitness band, you’ll see a “Bluetooth logo” on the holyHigh IPX68’d screen. 


  • HolyHigh fitness tracker comes with a built-in USB dongle, meaning that there’s no need for a separate charger. When the charge is successful, its red light is ON. If it’s not on, you have to check and plug it properly into the charger’s USB port.
  • The accuracy of this band’s step pedometer would be around 95%-97%.
  • Once this fitness tracker is perfectly paired to your phone, you’ll notice that the fitness tracker would vibrate.
  • IP68 is super water-resistant and allows you to wear this tracker band when swimming and taking a shower. Make sure the water isn’t hot.
  • The colorful screen is modern and offers excellent HD image quality.
  • Steps, distance, calories burned, etc., are perfectly tracked by this Watch. The perfection percentage is great at this price.
  • There’s an advanced heart rate sensor for perfectly tracking your heart rate continuously, manually, and automatically. You don’t have to connect the band to your phone for that.
  • Holy high knows how important proper sleep is for any person looking to achieve fitness. Therefore, this band comprehensively analyzes your sleep to further offering precise sleep quality data.
  • This tracker band supports daily target achieved/sedentary reminder, silent alarm alert, call-in number/name displays, wrist sense, time format, call/messages reminder (Instagram, Wechat, Facebook, Whatsapp, messages, etc.), screen brightness adjustment, and even supports multi-language.
  • Advanced heart rate sensor
  • USB dongle
  • Lightweight
  • VeryFit app compatibility
  • Accarucy percentage are lower in running tracking.

The Final Advice

Even after such a wide range of functions, 8+ days battery life highly impresses. Right from charging, connecting it to your phone, to its function’s usage, everything is so convenient. It’s capable of tracking 14 sports. Wow! The price of HolyHigh Smart Bands IPX68 isn’t hitting hard either! So, HolyHigh Smart Bands IPX68 is highly recommendable because of its high functionality and high convenience.

Buy on Fosso

Other Valuable Mentions

GOQii Fitness Tracker with Personal Coaching

We already have one GOQii life in our listing, and this is the second one, which is more expensive. However, it has 2800= Amazon customer reviews, but in our accuracy test, this GOQii life didn’t perform as per expectation. Hence this model was not able to make grab a position on the top 10 best bands.

MI fitness band HRX

This watch comes with a tremendous MI fit band HRX app. You find certain similar features like MI band 3, but as the price difference isn’t that much, buyers show more interest in Mi band 3. Costing below 1300, the HRX model is worth purchase. It can be your best budget fitness band, though!

Lenovo fitness band HW01

Undoubtedly the construction is cool, and so are the looks, but this price category is overcrowded. Most importantly, MI band 3 has an influence here, due to which Lenovo fitness band HW01 is overshadowed. One can surely try it out, but there is actually no x-factor in this watch. Better go with MI band 3 only. That’s the advice.

Noise ColorFit Pro Fitness Watch

In the early days, Noise ColorFit Pro Fitness Watch was the best fitness band in India 2018 under 5000. After that, a few fitness bands came, which actually provided similar fitness-related features at lower prices.

The current Amazon customer reviews of this little fellow don’t say much good about it, but actually, Noise ColorFit Pro is a good watch. Just the price is uncomfortable for a few.

SF Rush Fitness Band

It was the best choice under 1000 before considering Amazon customer reviews. The performance of the SF fitness band is acceptable for the price, but the fact is that we can’t neglect the customer reviews. There, it has failed to touch even 70% success. Therefore, I didn’t recommend it in the top 10 positions, but if really your budget is below 1000, then surely SF Rush Fitness Band is the first recommendation.

What else?

Our fitness band comparison was pretty intense. Some other ones that somehow failed to mark the presence in our review are the OnePlus fitness band, GO noise fitness band, Hammer fitness band, and Sonata fitness band. If you are searching for a model that comes under 300 or under 500, then you’re going to get nothing except Chinese crap, which might die even after one day of your purchase.

We recommend not even look for the under 700 category minimum, as they just look good. If looking for reliability, then get your budget near to 1000 rupees at least, as even the cheapest wristband costs that much. Buy Zebronics Fit100 Fitness Band under 1000 rupees!

Expert Buying Guide To Help You Select The Best Fitness Band

Now, let’s move to our the expert buying guide. If you’re familiar with the market for a fitness band, you’ve presumably seen that there is a large number of choices out there. However, knowing it about a fitness band is very important.

Spend more, and you will get the heart rate tracking, and if you’re spending a bit more than that, then you’ll get GPS or a higher water rating. If you’re on a strict spending plan, still you will find something that’ll provide you some basic features like step tracking.

But, the products we’ve recommended will provide you high-end features at a cheap price. This Fitness Bands Informative Guide will cover some essential knowledge regarding fitness bands, including features, tracking functions, applications, etc.

Step by step instructions for purchasing a Fitness Band

Just connecting “fitness bands” to a web engine will provide mind-blowing results. Actually, you need to consider what you require & want before you begin thoroughly. You’ll have to ask yourself whether you need things like GPS or heart rate monitoring and what sorts of exercises you typically do.

Here are a few key points of consideration when you start your search:

1. Style

The wrist fitness band is very popular among all other fitness bands, but it’s not the only alternative. In case you don’t know whether you need to wear something around your wrist constantly, it’s worth it to take a look at all the different alternatives. You can get trackers that are necklaces or rings of jewelry; you can even discover trackers that’ll simply clip onto your dress.

If you need a wrist movement tracker, regardless, you have some extraordinary style choices accessible to you. A few devices look incredible and can be customized through a few different brands. Different devices are low profile and don’t even look like flashy trackers.

Another thought is whether you need a smartwatch, which will probably concentrate less on fitness and more on keeping you connected. In any case, numerous new models are great for fitness bands and smartwatches, which means you have more alternatives.

Also, remember comfort! You’ll need to wear it all day, every day, so it must be comfortable enough to wear with various sleeve lengths. A few high in weight trackers are truly awkward for those with littler wrists or for the individuals who wear long sleeves. Others may very well not feel right to you. Choose the devices with long-term wear, keeping in mind.

2. Display

The display is an essential part of your fitness band, and it’s important to look at the functionality & style of the devices in which you’re interested in. Displays have various options and specs, including:

  • Visibility in different light conditions
  • Touch screen
  • Side Buttons
  • Colored or black & white
  • Size of screen

If we talk about the looks of the display, it’s essential to find one that comes with an instinctive interface. There’s nothing more regrettable than spending your cash on a fancy tracker just to struggle with utilizing it.

A few devices come with a steep learning curve but still are useable once you become to know it, yet others are buggy, touchy, or overlay-complicated and basically not worth it. The experience of the users is the main key in your enjoyment of the device – else, it will likely end up in the drawer sooner than later.

3. Features

The features of the fitness bands incorporate things like activity, heart rate monitoring, and sleep tracking, which we’ll cover later on. The features of fitness bands generally make\brake the decision for you. It’s a smart thought to establish early in your inquiry exactly what you need from your fitness band.

Some parts of the features thought may also incorporate metrics and data. If you’re looking for a tracker that will truly help in your training and also will improve your health or will address concerns, for example, weight or rest issues, the data & tracking that goes with it must be genuinely high on your list.

Related to data (and furthermore user experience), another part you may be keen on is experience or feedback. Some fitness bands and their related applications work admirably of keeping users motivated by giving them a chance to compete with different users, offering virtual rewards, or giving words of encouragement. If this interests you, there are a lot of fitness bands that offer an extremely positive experience for the users.

4. Activity Tracking

Activity tracking is, obviously, an essential part of a fitness band. Most will track steps above all else, and if that is the primary concern you need, you have many more alternatives. In case you’re searching for trackers that separate between various exercises and really track various exercises, you’ll need to give specific consideration to the various trackers’ capacities.

Some things to understand and follow regarding activity tracking:

  • Without GPS, your steps, distance, and other running/cycling/walking information probably won’t be totally accurate.
  • Not all trackers count flights of the stairs – if this is essential to you, ensure your fitness band has an altimeter and will log that data.
  • If the tracker doesn’t measure your heart rate, the “calories burned” check will just be an estimation based on movement or steps. For reliable “calories burned” check, you need to buy at least 2,000+ rupees fitness bands.

If you’re a swimmer, ensure your fitness band is both waterproof and fit for following swimming Trackers can’t check things like effort, in this way, even though most companies’ calculations are top quality, your tracker will always be unable to give results to you that what number of calories you’ve exactly burned, or even distance between a harder exercise say, running on the seashore vs. a standard running on the road.

In any case, numerous applications will allow for updating that information, and a few trackers enable you to do that from its display (previously or after the activities). The best guidance we have in this classification is to ensure the tracker you’re interested in can follow the exercises you need it to. Regardless of whether you need it to track reps, paddling, or your golf game. Regularly these are called multi-sports devices.

5. Sleep Tracking

Most wearable fitness bands also track sleep. Notwithstanding, they can be altogether different in accuracy & quality. If sleep tracking is essential to you in your fitness band, it’s certainly worth doing some examination on which devices are the best and generally accurate.

What you’ll see in various trackers is that in some cases, to know when you fall asleep, while some others expect you to press a button when you’re going to sleep. Some are entirely accurate; however, many must be updated through the application so as to have the correct information about when to sleep or wake up.

The best sleep tracking will have the option to decide sleep stages by examining your heart rate and also your movements during the hours you rest. This feature can be super helpful for knowing your sleep patterns & behaviors, especially when you’re totally concentrating on your health.

However, if you have a rest issue or suspect there may be more going on, it’s ideal for checking with the doctor, or you should find a dedicated sleep tracker for more accurate data.

6. GPS

Regardless of whether your fitness band has GPS or not, it is an essential factor for a lot of future fitness band owners. It can be convenient and handy, especially for runners. You can track your courses, evaluate new courses, and get further developed information about your runs or cycling.

There are two kinds of GPS choices in fitness bands:

  • In-Built GPS: It comes equipped with GPS
  • Linked GPS: It sets with your cell phone for extracting GPS data

Having in-built GPS means you don’t need to take your smartphone with you. But if you need GPS in your fitness band, then it will cost you a bit more. Fitness bands with GPS capabilities cost something more, especially in-built GPS.

If you’re looking for an in-built GPS fitness band, make sure that you check for those two features, which are (in-built versus linked and the battery life). This is especially significant essential if you’re a trail or long-distance runner, who needs a GPS fitness band that will last your whole run.

7. Heart Rate Monitoring

While numerous fitness bands presently come standard with HR, if this is essential for you, then you must consider both the exactness of the monitor and the data that you get from it. Heart rate monitoring originates from optical sensors that basically read the blood pulse in your veins. 

The best HR fitness bands have the most developed sensor technology, yet heart rate checking, just like sleep tracking, can be sensitive. Probably the ideal ways that your data is utilized in different bands are to decide things like VO2 Max and cardio fitness score, levels of your stress, etc. 

It’s a great addition to the fitness bands that are utilized for a holistic health focus. The majority of the most current fitness bands can follow your heart rate pretty precisely. 

Obviously, keep in mind this data shouldn’t take a visit to the doctor, nor should you utilize your information to make any big lifestyle changes without discussing them with a medical professional. calories burning is fully proportional to your heart rate, and if a fitness band is measuring heart rate well, that means it’s accurate at measuring calories burning as well.

8. Application

Having a fitness band means you can connect with an application, so it’s a smart thought to know what the application can do. Fitbit is generally the best application for fitness bands; it gets reliably great reviews and offers standard updates. The application you’ll like will surely be subjected, but reading the reviews of users is a decent move before you purchase.

A few people who use fitness bands utilize different applications related to their tracker’s application – MyFitnessPal is one of them – so if you have an interest in doing that, check for similarity before you purchase. Also, there might be some particular features you need, similar to the option for tracking food, so ensure your exploration considers; however, as much of your wants and requirements as possible. [/su_box]

9. Waterproof versus water safe

Having a waterproof fitness band may be essential to you, in case it’s great to know what names like “water safe” or “waterproof” really mean. This assignment matters if you expect to swim, shower, or you want to run in the rain with the fitness band.

No gadget is totally waterproof. Rather, devices may have some degree of water opposition, and your fitness band’s specs should disclose to you precisely how safe it is.

This estimation is normally an ATM rating, so you’ll see that trackers recorded as something like “5 ATM,” however, it may also be clarified in meters like “water-resistant to 50 meters.” Those ratings are actually similar. In the case of water ratings, higher numbers are always better than lower.

That rating of 5 ATM/50M implies that the fitness band will oppose water up to 50 meters beneath the surface if you’re not moving. Subsequently, if you need a fitness band that can be completely submerged, in which you can swim laps without sorry, then you’ll need a minimum rate of 10ATM to be safe.

Truly, you can swim with a 5ATM\50M fitness band, but we highly recommend you to go with higher. Here are a few general guidelines for water ratings mentioned below:

1 ATM/10 Mtr. Rain/Splash safe
3 ATM/30 Mtr. Slash/Rain safe; fast shower OK
5 ATM/50 Mtr. Rain/Splash safe; accidental submersion and showering OK; light, surface swimming
10 ATM/100 Mtr. Rain/Splash safe; fine for showering & swimming


10. Battery + Charging

The battery life of your fitness band will depend vigorously on its features. Devices with GPS will normally have a lot shorter battery life. For example, you’ll have to charge it substantially more. Numerous fitness bands last 4-5 days with a solitary charge. Still, others utilize standard CR2032 batteries and just must be changed in a few months. Consider charging time, as well, as you make your choice.

11. Notifications

With regards to notifications on your fitness band, there are two sorts you should seriously consider: smart notifications from your texts, applications, missed calls, etc., and inactivity alarms or notifications. Huge numbers of today’s fitness bands blur the line between fitness band and smartwatch, so a lot of fitness bands can keep you connected. 

The decent thing about those sorts of devices is that it is another motivation to leave your smartphone at home when you work out. Inactivity updates or silent alarms can be extremely valuable to assist you in staying on track.

 A few of the devices that offer those sorts of notifications will also allow you to set alarms for reminding you to be in some places, to take essential medicines, or to get going at different intervals. You enjoy plenty of choices in this category, so it merits looking at if having alarms or notifications is essential to you.

Master Workout Tips For Fastest and Convenient Fat Burn

Following are the top 10 master workout tips given by experts for bringing the best results:

1. Be intense with your exercise of fat burning

Try not to be tricked by the so-called fat-burning zone. This is the misinformed idea that working at a lower intensity is great for fat burning rather than working at a higher effort level (For example, if you walk rather than running.) The harder you perform an exercise, the higher the calories you will burn, which really counts when we talk about losing fat.

2. Pick your fat loss exercise carefully

There is nothing such thing as ‘an ultimate activity for calorie burning.’ Energy burned is replied on the activity itself, however on how much exertion you put in, how skilled you’re at it, to what extent you do it for, and how regularly. So pick a fat burn exercise that you will do routinely and reliably. That implies an activity that you really appreciate, except if you need your exercises to include untold misery and weariness! Also, one that is accessible and practical.

3. Exercise bigger muscles for more greater calorie burn

The genuine fat-burning activity utilizes the huge muscle groups of your body – the thighs & bottom, chest & back—the more overall recruitment of muscle, the greater the calorie consumption. So in your gym workouts, you’re much improved off utilizing, say, the rower rather than one of those arm-cranking machines for most extreme calorie burn.

4. Economic exercise advancement

To start up the calorie draining or the fat-burning activity must be practical for a sensible period. So while skipping is an incredible exercise, it’s very little use if you can just do it for three minutes. We recommend 20 skippings per hour for each session, three to five times each week. It doesn’t need to be consistent exertion.

5. Interval training for maximum calorie burn

Interval training, in which one mixes hard effort exercises with bouts of recovery, is probably the ideal method for taking calorie burning to the max, improving vigorous fitness, and utilizing constrained time. 

For fetching the max out of the interval session, guarantee that you work outside your comfort zone on the efforts and simplicity right off during the recoveries. Maintain a 2:2 rest/work ratio to start with.

6. Convey the exercise load

Exercises that are weight-bearing, for example, running & walking, utilize more calories than those in which your weight is supported (for example, swimming or cycling), basically because you need to move your own body weight against gravity.

7. Running on empty

Did you know, practicing on an unfilled stomach in the first part of the day burns increasingly fat? yes, it does! The facts confirm that the body needs to depend on fat stores if you do not break the overnight quickly. However, on the other hand, the absence of a ready energy supply may imply that you don’t work out for as long or as hard as you may have generally done.

8. Go for the after burn

Probably the best thing about exercise is that the fat-burning advantages proceed long after you have out the shower. This ‘afterburn’ (expanded calorie consumption) is far more noteworthy after exercise at 75% of most extreme heart rate or higher – another reason for eschewing those low-force exercises!

9. Increment exercise force

If you need to continue seeing outcomes about your fat-burning program, you should continue expanding the intensity. This isn’t equivalent to expanding your effort. As you get fitter, your body will have the option to adapt to expanding demands. If you rest on the laurels, the advantages will start to tail off. 

10. Continue moving to burn fat

Increase your day by day fat burning by moving! Slender individuals will stand and move more than overweight individuals in ordinary everyday life. Their ‘non-exercise activity thermogenesis’ (NEAT) was 350 calories higher every day than overweight individuals.

So don’t simply stay there, squirm your toes, get a move on, get up normally, and move your body. Here are some common calorie burns for various exercises. Remember these stats are going to differ from person to person as these are intended as a rough guide: [/su_box]


63 Kg 72 Kg 81 Kg. 90 Kg. 99Kg.
Aerobic Dancing 161 184 207 230 253
Aerobic Step Training 203 232 261 290 319
Basketball 180 208 234 260 286
Bicycling 280 320 360 400 400
Dancing 140 160 180 200 220
Normal Housework 126 144 162 180 198
Jogging (8Km/h) 259 296 333 370 407
Moving 189 216 243 270 297
Skipping Rope 399 456 513 570 627
Stair Climbing Machine 224 256 288 320 352
Swimming (25m/min) 168 192 216 240 264
Walking (5 Km/h) 140 160 180 200 220
Weight Training 175 200 225 250 275


We were going to conclude this guide with a quick recap! Currently, those were the best fitness bands in India, and we have a keen eye on upcoming fitness bands. If we find something better, we’ll keep on updating this review.

What about a quick revision now?

Talking about the overall best, then nothing can beat Mi Band 3! If looking for extra features in your fitness band, then buy the elder brother MI Band 4. Under rupees 3000, HONOR Band 5 is the best buy! If you aren’t an MI fan, then buy Muzili Smart Fitness Band at an almost similar price to MI Band 3. do you prefer lighter fitness bands? Buy HolyHigh Smart Bands IPX68 then!

In our testing, most of the female volunteers voted Fastrack Reflex 2.0 Activity Tracker. It’s the best band for women! At last, our experts chose GOQii VITAL 2.0 Activity Tracker as the best fitness band with a blood pressure monitor in India. It’s perfect for senior citizens!

 When we are talking about fitness, then we can not, in any case, skip the nutrition portion, right? We have a dedicated category at Top10Productsindia. and we’ve narrated comprehensive nutrition-based reviews. Must read Best Asitis Protein in 2021 Reviews for in-depth supplement-related info. That way, you’ll be able to properly achieve your fitness goal! Also, read Best Treadmill Review.


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