17 Best Baby Massage Oil Reviews 2022 To Help Moisturize Your Baby’s Skin

17 Best Baby Massage Oil Reviews 2022 To Help Moisturize Your Baby’s Skin

We are here to wish for the better health of your Baby! Therefore, through this guide, we’ll be covering the best oils and some tips for parents to use them effectively. 

Baby oils are of various kinds, but the main motto is to bring betterment to your Baby’s health, no matter it’s the skin, hair, supplying vitamins, or whatever.

We’ve included all sorts of baby oils here, and after mentioning those best ones, we’ve explained the importance of various kinds of oils and their benefits.

Now, baby oil is something which you can’t test yourself, as your Baby’s skin is much softer and sensitive than your skin.

So, we request you, rather than going on with public reviews or doing guesswork, trust the baby oils, which have undergone experts testing and aren’t just safe but also super healthy for your Baby.

Most importantly, these baby oils always take time to bring results. So, rather than going on with little 50-100ml packs, consider bigger packs (we’ve recommended bigger packs only in this review), as your Baby will get benefits only if you are consistent with the oil massage, rather than changing oils every now and then!

We’ve included both ayurvedic oils and oils from foreign brands. Please don’t hesitate to spend 200-400 rupees extra; it’s all about your Baby’s health. Grab the oil that you think will suit your Baby the most.

Besides that, we mentioned a few oil combos done there. If you buy those combos, then they bring more advantages in comparison to buying any single oil from that combo.

Let’s have a look now!

Here’s the list of some amazing oils for massaging babies

Blue Nectar Ayurvedic baby massage oil 9.7 Under 1000 Buy on Amazon
Dabur Lal Tail & Badam Tail 9.6 Under 500 Buy on Amazon
Mustela Stelatopia Bath Oil 200ml 9.0 Under 1500 Buy on Amazon
Omved Shishu Ayurvedic Baby Oil 8.8 Under 1500 Buy on Amazon
Nature’s Veda Dasapushpam Baby Oil 8.8 Under 500 Buy on Amazon
Himalaya Baby Oil, Lotion, & Bath, Combo 8.7 Under 600 Buy on Amazon
Figaro Olive Oil Tin 500ml 8.5 Under 500 Buy on Amazon
Himalaya Massage Oil & Lotion 9.4 Under 400 Buy on Amazon
Himalaya Massage Oil (200ml) (pack of 2) 9.1 Under 200 Buy on Amazon
Johnson’s Baby Oil 500ml 8.2 Under 300 Buy on Amazon


Baby Oil Massage Benefits

Physical Benefits

  • Oil for Massaging builds up the feel of touch, sensations, and a bond of connection. For sure, physical contact develops the production of oxytocin, which is a hormone linked to connection.
  • Massages positively affect a baby’s sleep. Through massages, babies learn to relax properly, and their sleep continuously becomes longer. Thus, improving your Baby’s sleeping cycle.
  • It makes your Baby feel progressively relaxed, less stressed.
  • Massages help in gaining his\her weight and furthermore improve digestion.
  • It reduces gas from baby foods.
  • It also Improves blood flow.
  • The advancement of strong bones improved breathing and muscular relaxation.

Psychological Benefits

  • Taking the time for massaging your Baby with tenderness makes the Baby feel loved and comfortable.
  • It makes your Baby be progressively alert and active during the day. As a result, he/she sleeps better around nighttime. This is the reason using baby massage oil will make the Baby cry less and feel less cranky.

Tips for massaging your Baby And Which oil is better?

Here are some tips that will enable your Baby to appreciate each and every moment of the massage significantly more.

Mineral oil

Mineral oil

Mineral oil is an oil-based item that is not absorbed by the skin, rather creates a hindrance on the surface. We recommend that it can have some benefits in keeping up hydration and lessening contamination through its properties, yet it doesn’t enable the skin to “breath,” and it has no nutritional benefit to the skin as no vitamins are there.

 It has a strong counterfeit smell that can mask the regular smell of the parent/baby. We recommend you not to use mineral oil for baby massage.

Olive Oil and Sunflower Oil Debate

Olive Oil and Sunflower Oil Debate

Olive oil was frequently referred to as the best choice for baby skin, especially for conditions like cradle cap. Now, let’s talk about its use. Our expert team has presumed that oleic acid, which is contained in olive oil, delays skin barrier recovery on harmed widely avoided to use on newborns.

  • If the Baby is keeping cold, spread him/her with a soft & fluffy blanket and take out just the body part in which you want to massage.
  • Since your Baby is just wearing a diaper during the massage, ensure the room is warm enough. Try to have the room calm with soft lighting.
  • Lay your Baby on a cover on the floor or on your bed. If you like to stay upstanding, drop the Baby on the changing table instead.
  • Use a baby oil that is suitable for your Baby’s skin to keep it hydrated & healthy.
  • Try not to wear adornments as they could scratch Baby’s skin.

Essential oils-Helpful or unsafe?

Essential oils-Helpful or unsafe

Essential oils must be avoided from newborns’ skin for massage because they’re strong. The use of any essential oils on babies’ skin should be supervised by a certified aromatherapist with specific information and is commonly worthy of when a baby is three months old.

Usage of any intensely scented oil may reduce from the exchange of Baby and parent smell imprinting, which is essential for the early bonding process.

Using any product without scent is best to maintain a strategic distance from confusion for the Baby and not over-burden the olfactory system. We suggest that the expansion of a few essential oils to products can disrupt a Baby’s hormonal balance.

Natural sunflower oil has been the favored decision of baby massage for the last 5-8 years as it has several properties making it perfect. It doesn’t have any smell, is loaded with vitamins, can be absorbed by the skin easily, and, if it’s ingested by the Baby, causes no unsafe effects. 

Also, it’s high tile acid and low in oleic acid and. It has antibacterial, restructuring, recovering, and moisturizing textures. We recommend that sunflower seed oil is truly essential for babies’ health and upgraded the skin barrier function.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

In the substitution of sunflower oil, coconut oil is a decent decision. Coconut oil contains oleic acid, the same unsaturated fat found in olive oil, which means it can make skin progressively permeable; however, it’s in a low amount (something near to 5-6% in coconut oil contrasted with 55% plus in olive oil). 

Coconut oil is almost half made of lauric acid (around 48%), as well as caprylic acid (9%) and also linoleic acid(1-2%). After all, it would seem safer to use a natural, normal-based item on babies’ skin as opposed to an exceptionally perfumed or processed item.

Talking about the best coconut oil for baby massage in India, then nothing can be better than Hathmic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, which costs around 700 rupees for 1000ml.

Use of water or no medium to massage

Water alone is a bad cleanser and doesn’t even remove fat-soluble substances. It may also impact the pH of the skin, and it may weaken the skin barrier. Newborn babies’ skin might be best to be left for settling after birth secured by its layer of vernix. 

Current advice is you should not wash the Baby immediately after birth and allow this layer of vernix on the skin to protect the Baby.

Skin to skin can still happen in numerous forms to allow the process of bonding to happen. Massage with no oil can also be useful, although the advantages were shown to be decreased.


How to ensure your Baby’s skin protection?

What products you can use to secure your babies skin. Atopic eczema is basically as common as 25% of babies, and that there seems to be a 6-week’ window’ after Baby’s birth where the babies with a predisposition(genetic) to skin inflammation can have Baby’s immune system made progressively sensitive by various products, and this makes them pretty more likely to develop eczema. 

After that, further research is expected to advise on what’s the best substances for using on the skin in this six-week time frame.

Parents aren’t supposed to use skin products on their babies, despite the fact that they could use unperfumed soap. Furthermore, this has now been tested anyway as being outdated, and that soap might be harmful. No reference is there on the usage of products for massage.

Reviews of 17 Best Baby Massage Oil

1. Blue Nectar Ayurvedic

Blue Nectar Ayurvedic baby massage oil

Our experts concluded Blue Nectar Ayurvedic oil as the best one to buy, due to its amazing ayurvedic ingredients. It includes Organic Ghee, Almond oil, and also Vitamin E, and this is truly a super blend and a very effective formula.

If you ask which oil is best for newborn baby massage, then nothing can be a better answer than Blue Nectar Ayurvedic Massaging Oil. It’s the best massage oil for newborn babies, as it serves the soft skin of a newborn baby very well.


  • It’s cent percent pure Ayurvedic oil that is free from mineral oil, Paraben, and Sulphate. Its mild & soothing fragrance never irritates the Baby. So, no nose or skin-related issues are there.
  • Organic ghee is a rare ingredient to find in such oils. However, it is a decent ingredient as in the early months. Babies require extra fat for ensuring the decent overall development of both body and mind.
  • Besides Organic ghee, you find certain potent Ayurvedic Herbs such as Shankhpushpi Oil, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, which are rich in vitamins A, C, D & E, and Calcium which all ensure healthy growth of muscles, bones, and sensitive skin.

The Final Advice

Undoubtedly, Blue Nectar Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil is a superb formula. When you massage this oil on your baby’s skin, your baby’s mind goes calm and relaxed.

This further leads to deeper and healthier sleep. Also, you’ll find that he/she cries less, and that happens due to a calm mind only.

This oil gets absorbed fast, and we highly recommend you to massage for your precious loved one daily with this oil!

2. Dabur Lal Tail 500ml, Badam Tail 50ml Combo Pack

Dabur Lal Tail & Badam Tail

Now, that’s a highly preferred cheap oil that is much more beneficial than certain very expensive baby oils available out there.

We were very pleased doing the Dabur Lal tail oil review as we came across certain positives. It’s the perfect best baby oil for newborn massage.

This oil is available in 100ml, 200ml, and 500ml solo packs, but don’t buy a single oil, as this combo of Lal tail and badam tail blends for several times more benefits. It’s a Dabur India product and 100% safe for your Baby. It’s the best choice for strong bones.


  • Only highly beneficial natural herbs are used for making this baby oil. This carries no side effects.
  • If you provide regular scalp massage with this oil, Dabur massage oil keeps the brain healthy and also ensures healthy hair growth.
  • Body massage of this Lal tail brings strength to muscles, and especially bones.
  • Most importantly, this oil isn’t restricted only to babies. Your older kids also receive certain benefits. The badam tail will relax the minds of your kids, which is under the tension of studies.
  • Dabur Lal oil for baby massage is edible, and the dosage is 5-10ml (which is 1-2 teaspoons) with around 250 ml of milk.

The Final Advice

Undoubtedly, it’s very beneficial to baby oil for a very reasonable price, and this combo lasts for pretty long. This oil has helped the babies in starting walking.

So, if your Baby is 12-14 months old and still now walking, then better than getting worried and trying several things out; just buy this oil, and give 2 times massage regularly to those little legs, and you see the magic then!

As it is the best oil for baby massage for bones, you definitely need to buy this.

3. Mustela Stelatopia Bath Oil

Mustela Stelatopia Bath Oil

Here comes the baby massage oil for fairness. Undoubtedly, Mustela Stelatopia Bath Oil is an expensive one, but the benefits are also higher here. This oil is highly praised by American moms. 

Aloe vera leaf extract is the main ingredient here, which is considered extremely beneficial for soft baby skin. This bath oil is great for restoring hydrolipidic film immediately and in a permanent manner for the whole body.


  • During the winter season, a Baby’s skin goes dry faster than an adult’s skin, and if you don’t use proper baby oil, then it really hurts the BabyMustela Stelatopia Bath Oil is the best at soothing dry skin.
  • In summers, this oil soothes skin rashes.
  • It instantly soothes skin irritation and tightness.

The Final Advice

The Mustela Stelatopia Bath Oil is a perfect all-round oil, which brings benefits in all seasons. When you use it for your Baby, it leaves a sort of protective film on his/her skin. As avocado oil is also included as an ingredient, it promotes the restoration of damaged skin tissues. Besides that, it also carries softening properties. 

What else can one expect from a baby oil? You’ll be amazed to know, Mustela Stelatopia Bath Oil costs below 1500! Just grab this oil!

4. Omved SHISHU Ayurvedic Oil

Omved Shishu Ayurvedic Baby Oil 

The Omved SHISHU Ayurvedic Oil is the new oil in the market. It is 100% Natural & Organic. Not a single trace of any chemical is found in this oil.

A large percentage of this oil is composed of vitamins & medicinal herbs, and this oil is meant to bring all-round soothing and protection to your Baby’s skin. 

One of the biggest advantages of this oil is that it helps in increasing Baby’s body weight. It brings power to muscles, and if applied well on legs regularly, it helps the Baby in learning to walk.


  • Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is the base of this baby oil, which is very rich in Vitamin E.
  • Ashwagandha, Manjishtha, and Ushira are the medicinal herbs added in this oil. This trio makes a perfect blend and actually works better than certain medicines out there. Most importantly, these carry no side effects.
  • It brings relief from issues like gas, colic, and constipation. This oil further improves sleep, and healthy sleep is very important for every Baby.
  • It alleviates symptoms of eczema and several other milder skin ailments.

The Final Advice

We know the benefits of this oil mentioned above are forcing you to buy it, but what if we say that there are additional benefits? Yes, it also improves and increases blood circulation, which is further helpful in pushing the nutrients o various parts of Baby’s body. What else does it do? It boosts brain health and also strengthens it!

For a little baby, Omved SHISHU Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil is a must-buy thing, and the cost near 1300-1400 Is not affecting you, then we highly appeal to you to grab the best oil for baby massage in summer!

5. Nature’s Veda Dasapushpam Baby Oil

Nature’s Veda Dasapushpam Baby Oil


Nature’s Veda Dasapushpam Baby Oil is a perfect oil for nourishment of Baby’s skin and moisturizing it. It’s 100% Natural and Ayurvedic, free from synthetic and artificial stuff. You can use this oil throughout a Baby’s skin, but the experts say it works the best for the scalp! 

Nature’s Veda Dasapushpam Baby Oil highly improves overall skin immunity and shields it against certain infections also.


  • If your Baby’s scalp is dry, then it can lead to certain issues. Unhealthy hair and restricted hair growth are the most common ones. Nature’s Veda Dasapushpam Baby Oil prevents dry scalp and further highly promotes the growth of healthy hair.
  • This oil highly soothes dry skin and is highly beneficial in both the summer and winter seasons.
  • This baby body massage oil is Free from Parabens, Phthalate, and other petrochems.
  • No artificial fragrance is used. Still, the fragrance is very pleasant for the Baby.

The Final Advice

Virgin Coconut Oil is the base of this oil. 10 Sacred Flowers of Kerala are used for the formation of this amazing oil. Even after so much hard work is done behind making this oil, the cost price is kept too low! This 150ml pack cost lesser than 500 rupees! So, why not prefer Nature’s Veda Dasapushpam Baby Oil to various other foreign-made synthetic baby oils?

6. Himalaya Baby Massage Oil (500ml), Gentle Bath (400ml), Herbals Lotion (400ml) Combo

Himalaya Baby Oil, Lotion, & Bath

Undoubtedly Himalaya is a leading baby product brand in India. They make bath oils, massage oils, hair oils, etc. Here what we’ve selected is the combo of Baby massage oil (500ml), gentle bath (400ml), and herbal lotion (400ml), and if you apply all three of these days on your Baby, surely positive results will be found.

Olive oil is another beneficial ingredient that contains vitamin E in a sufficient amount, and it ensures protection, nourishment, and softening of Baby’s skin.


  • The vegetable massage oil comes with the power of herbs.
  • Ashwagandha is added to this oil, which highly improves skin tone.
  • No such ingredient is present in this oil, which can cause rashes or allergies on your Baby’s skin.
  • The almost oil acts as a natural moisturizer and makes skin soft & supple.
  • The gentle bath oil proves to be a decent oil for a complete head-to-toe wash of the body.

The Final Advice

Now, as you are using three different oils here, you are providing more ingredients and further benefits in more ways. The formation of all three oils is entirely different, and each oil does a specific job. All three bring the overall protection, soothing, and development of Baby’s skin. The formula is pH-balanced and entirely soap-free. There are no side effects.

This combo of 3 superb oils is definitely worth purchase, and it’s very reasonable also.

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  • Our trust is with Amazon

7. Figaro olive oil (500 ml) 

Figaro Olive Oil

Figaro has been a successful baby oil manufacturer for a century. Here comes Figaro olive oil for baby massage, which is actually an absolutely fantastic all-purpose edible oil that is enriched by a large percentage of olive oils. It brings abundant health benefits. It is full of Vitamin E and antioxidants. 

Most importantly, this oil boosts everybody’s health. Now, let’s know Figaro olive oil benefits for baby massage. This oil highly helps in maintaining the cardio-circulatory system. That’s among the biggest olive oil massage benefits for the Baby.


  • Figaro oil for baby massage works exceptionally well in controlling cholesterol levels
  • Most importantly, this oil is very easy to digest in comparison to other cooking oils. That’s why it is a highly recommended oil for newborn babies.
  • It is the best olive oil for baby massage in winter.
  • While most of the imported good-quality cooking oil oils prove to be pretty costly, this one is reasonably priced.
  • This oil is decent for giving a nice scalp massage and ensures healthy growth of Baby’s hair. It makes hair very soft and silky. It highly reduces dandruff, and further, hair damage e will decrease.

The Final Advice

Figaro Olive Oil is the one that you can use for various types of cooking. A bit grown-up baby definitely needs healthy oil, and, and rather than using any other unhealthy oils, Figaro Olive Oil is the best one to have. This oil is imported from Spain. Deoleo S.A is a Spanish giant company, which is the world’s largest bottler of olive oil.

If you are asking, “is Figaro olive oil good for baby massage?” then we say it isn’t good. It’s tremendous! To know Figaro olive oil for baby massage price, tap the button below.

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8. Himalaya Herbals Baby Lotion (400ml) and Massage Oil (500ml)

Himalaya Massage Oil & Lotion

The Himalaya Herbals Baby Lotion and massage oil is a superior combo for moisturizing baby skin better and deeper than several expensive baby oils. Most importantly, it’s cheap—the herbals lotion pack of 400ml. And the massage oil (500ml) isn’t even costing 500 rupees! 

This combo is great. Babies are pretty active and always keep on kickboxing lying there. This also increases muscle stress! This oil relieves that muscle stress in no time.


  • It improves skin complexion and helps in retaining skin glow.
  • The Himalaya baby lotion makes your Baby’s skin softer and smoother.
  • It has soothing as well as antimicrobial properties that ensure that your Baby’s skin is healthy & lustrous.
  • This baby massage oil highly nourishes the brain and nervous system. It calms a Baby’s mind, which also decreases the average crying of a baby.

The Final Advice

It’s true that adults can also use this oil and get some benefits, but we advise, “BEHAVE YOURSELF, THIS OIL IS FOR YOUR BABY.” The massage oil is infused with olive oil & winter cherry, whereas the lotion is made with the power of herbs, olive oil, and almond oil, which keeps your Baby’s skin moisturized, soft and supple. You definitely need to buy Wells Almond Oil.

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9. Himalaya Baby Massage OilHimalaya Massage Oil 

Here comes another fantastic combo of oil for babies from the Himalayas at a low price. This oil is formed using some highly beneficial ingredients like Aloe Vera, Winter Cherry, Almond, and Olive oils. These all ingredients are handpicked and natural.

All the oils which are present in the oil blend are rich in antioxidants as well as vitamins, and that’s actually what Baby’s skin needs the most for glowing and becoming healthy.


  • The scent of this oil is much more pleasant than other oils, which won’t trouble your Baby’s nose!
  • The oil is non-sticky, due to which the absorption takes place pretty faster.
  • The natural ingredients highly protect the soft skin.
  • It is among the most effective oils at this price for soothing dry and itchy skin.

The Final Advice

Most importantly, there is nothing like lanolin, mineral oil, parabens, and phthalates, which means nothing is synthetic, not even the color.

On hot days of summers, there are high chances that your Baby’s skin gets itchy or catches some infections. This oil works better than medicines in such cases.

Himalaya Baby Massage Oil is almost 500 rupees cheaper in comparison to other highly expensive oils while providing similar natural ingredients. Thus, we highly recommend it!

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10. Johnson’s Baby Massage Oil with Vitamin

Johnson’s Baby Oil

Now, everybody knows about Johnson’s baby oil. It’s the best baby massage oil brand in India, and more health benefits at a lower price are the biggest factor behind Johnson oil’s success. 

Also, it’s the cheapest oil in our listing. This clinically proven baby oil is gentle and mild, and also it has passed the 5 level safety assurance process. so, why’s this oil the most popular and successful one in India? Let’s know together!


  • The delicate floral fragrance keeps babies smelling fresh, and the fragrance stays for longer, due to which this oil gets so much appreciation.
  • The company has 120 years of experience and is a highly trusted one. Their formulae are always super and hardly lets moms complain!
  • Not just for the skin, but the Johnson brand is equally beneficial for hair growth. However, users quarrel about it because Johnson’s Baby has already formulated a special oil for hair, but the experts concluded that this oil is good enough for hair also.

The Final Advice

Johnson’s baby oil is trusted across 173 countries, and they know what a baby needs better than any other brand! Regular massage with this oil makes the skin healthier and soft. You can use this oil in all seasons, but as per experts, it’s decent in winters especially. As this oil is very cheap, you can go with the bigger pack, and it will last too long.

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11. Himalaya baby massage oil 500ml

Himalaya baby massage oil 500ml

We added Himalaya massage, lotion, and bath combo. However, we separately did a Himalaya baby massage oil review and found it pretty healthy for your baby. This oil has most of the qualities that you expect, and it is also highly trusted in India.

12. Seagulls Olivon olive oil for baby massage

Seagulls Olivon olive oil for baby massage

It’s probably not the best olive oil for baby massage, but it will provide all the basic advantages expected from olive oil. Most importantly, it’s easily affordable, costing below 250 rupees!

13. Sofidew baby massage oil

Sofidew baby massage oil

It’s a pack of two, 100 ml each, that costs nearly 300 rupees. It makes skin soft and moisturized. Skin softening of the baby is very important, especially in winters. It’s tested in Europe and declared 100% safe. The fragrance is truly amazing!

14. Ad oil for baby massage

Ad oil for baby massage

This oil is a great blend of Vitamin A, D, E, and Olive Oil, and all of that is very important for your Baby! It’s a pack of 3, costing nearly 200.

It will undoubtedly make your Baby’s skin smooth. You just need to be consistent and punctual with baby massage. Parents highly appreciate it.

15. Patanjali baby massage oil

Patanjali baby massage oil

Patanjali is a big name, though! It’s a decent herbal oil (costing around 400 for the pack of 4), and if you massage this oil on your Baby’s scalp, you’ll see that the hair will become strong, dark, and dense! It’s highly recommendable.

16. Life & Pursuits Organic sesame oil for baby massage

Life and Pursuits Organic sesame oil for baby massage

Is sesame oil good for baby massage? It definitely is! It has its own unique advantages, which other oils can’t provide. This oil has supreme ratings on Amazon.

It’s free from any sort of synthetic elements, no matter its fragrance, color, or ingredients. It’s actually a unique blend of medicinal Ayurveda herbs and cold-pressed certified organic oils, meant for increasing your baby’s strength.

17. Bertolli Classico olive oil for baby massage

Bertolli Classico olive oil for baby massage

Here comes a tremendous oil from Italy. Using Bertolli olive oil for baby massage is very beneficial in certain ways. It is too rich in Omega-9 unsaturated fat that helps in regulating your baby’s cardi-circulatory system. Other reliable ones are sebamed oil and mamaearth baby massage oil.

Buying Guide & Parents’ Tips

Massaging babies with baby oil is a delicate and soft ancestral practice that every parent must practice for providing pleasure to babies! Numerous health professionals advised that massaging your Baby with oil helps them in building up your relationship & contributes to your Baby’s growth and development.

There is no uncertainty about the benefits of baby massage oil, but what do you know about oils for massaging your Baby and which massage oil is best? Baby oil is essential while massaging newborns because his/her skin is extremely delicate. Using such oils will also assist your hands with moving smoothly and all the more easily on Baby’s skin.

The perfect way to use Baby Massage Oil for Soothing and Moisturizing 

The perfect way to use Baby Massage Oil for Soothing and Moisturizing

During winter: Due to its fully healthy ingredients, baby massage oil is best used in winter, when the climate is cold & dry. Coconut oil for baby massage helps to warm Baby’s skin. During summer, oil containing coconut oil is the best for use in blistering summers and humid climates.

A newborn baby can be massed from a few days after birth, from the moment parents feel prepared to do as such. The first run-through, the massage lasts just some minutes; at that point, it lasts longer as your baby gets used to it.

Rub the oil between his\her palm after heating it properly. With huge, circular motions, delicate massage your Baby’s back, tummy, and limbs. Your hands must completely wrap your Baby’s body.

Singing or talking tenderly to your Baby while massaging is extremely beneficial. Also, for doing it more properly, you can know how to massage infants with baby oil perfectly.

When to Use Baby Massage Oil?

It is also essential to take special consideration and use suitable oil. Using oils when massaging baby’s skin will keep it supple, soft, and agreeable for quite a while! So as to be suitable for babies, such oils ensured high resistance and also tested under dermatological & pediatric control.

The following are the perfect times to use massage oil:

  • Choose a period during which your baby is relaxed or awake.
  • Around evening time before sleep time.
  • After bathing, massaging babies allows them to feel relaxed.

During winter: Due to its fully healthy ingredients, baby massage oil is best used in winter, when the climate is cold & dry. Coconut oil for baby massage helps to warm the baby’s skin. During summer, oil containing coconut oil is the best for use in blistering summers and humid climates.

These oils are easily absorbed by the skin, light in texture, and gives a cooling impact. It is suitable for sensitive skin and also helps in treating skin problems such as rashes and dermatitis. Exceptions: Avoid massaging when the baby is sleeping or crying.

The Hot F.A.Q Session

Now, most of the new parents are going to clear huge doubts regarding baby massage and oils used for that. Read keenly!

When to start oil massage for a newborn baby?

After the first few weeks of your Baby’s birth, you can start massaging your Baby. Just follow your Baby’s mood. Your Baby should be alert, calm (not crying), and pleasant when you’re ready to give them a message. Don’t try to be fancy with the massage technique. Just follow the normal one, and do it slowly.

Try to choose a time when your Baby is between meals. Then he/she will neither be too hungry nor too full. We also recommend not to begin just before her sleep. A perfect time to massage your Baby is the period when he/she is awake but settled. 

Can baby oil be used as massage oil?

Can baby oil be used as massage oil

Most baby oils are generally petroleum-based mineral oils, which are surely not appropriate for a Baby’s body massage. It’s better to choose an oil from the top 10 oils recommended by us. Those are all tested safe.

How good is Johnson baby oil for face massage?

Johnson’s baby oil is safe for face massaging and does moisturize Baby’s face. However, this oil does a normal job and misses the x-factor. There are much more beneficial baby face massage oils up there (the top 5 are really tremendous).

How good is mustard oil for baby massage?

Mustard oil is full of vitamin E, which is essential, though. It also acts as a superior sunscreen. Yes, you can massage your baby with mustard oil, but make sure it’s of reliable quality. 

What are the almond oil massage benefits for a baby?

Almond oil among the most popular choices among Indian parents for massaging their little ones with. There are sufficient vitamins A and E, fatty acids, and also a few minerals in Almond oil.

All these properties make it a perfect oil for massaging. However, certain precautions are also recommendable while choosing the right oil and applying it to your little one. As per our experts, buy Wells Almond Oil 800 Ml pack, and achieve the best results.

Which oil is best for baby massaging during the summer?

We did a comprehensive research on various baby oils and found that Omved Shishu Ayurvedic Baby Massage Oil was the best of the rest. All of its ingredients are highly beneficial to a Baby’s skin and avoid skin issues that occur in summers due to high heat.

Which olive oil is best for baby massage in winters?

Which olive oil is best for baby massage in winters

We brought 13 top olive oils in our lab, out of which certain were very beneficial for Baby’s skin. However, if you’re asking for the best, then it’s Figaro olive oil for a baby massage! If you are not willing with olive oils, then use badam oil for baby massage, as it also works well.

Which oil is best for baby massage for fair skin?

See, there is no massage oil out there, which can make your baby’s skin instantly fair, and if you see such fast results from some oil, then better stop using that. It will surely bring skin issues in the future, as the only chemical included oils can bring such fast results.

However, you can adopt some natural oils, which do take some time but do bring fairness to your baby’s skin. According to our tests, Mustela Stelatopia Bath Oil proves to be the best. We’ve already explained it.

The Conclusion

All of the oils mentioned above nourish your Baby in some way or the other, and none of them are harmful at all. Now, let’s revise which oil is beneficial for your Baby in which way.

Blue Nectar Ayurvedic Oil is the best choice. For infants, we highly recommend Dabur Lal Tail 500ml, Badam Tail 50ml Combo Pack, which is perfect for soft skin.

Further, Mustela Stelatopia Bath Oil is the top selection for fairness. If we talk about the ideal oil for summers, it’s none other than Omved SHISHU Ayurvedic Oil, while for winters, Nature’s Veda Dasapushpam Baby Oil is the one to buy.

If you want a perfect combo for the overall nourishment of your Baby, then buy Himalaya Combo. Just go to the review up there and see what all Himalaya is providing in this combo and how reasonable the pack is! At last, Figaro olive oil is the best edible baby oil to buy.

For lifting up your Baby’s comfort level, we’ve got certain other reviews like the Best baby car seatBest Bathtub, and Strollers. So, let’s make the babies feel happy! 🙂


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