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Nova Hair Dryer Price: Should you Buy?

Nova Hair Dryer Price: Hair drying is a natural phenomenon, and spending 500-600 rupees shouldn't hurt, as this is a daily requirement. If you're buying this little appliance, you have a handful of considerations, if you really don't wanna burn your hair! Not scaring you, but most of the hairdryers, costing below 1000 actually do boast of having safety features,…


Best OTG Oven in India Review in 2021

Best OTG Oven in India Review in 2021: Science is evolving so well in kitchen appliances, including Kitchen chimney, refrigerator, Convection microwave, Cold press juicer, or we say induction cooktop! Today, we're discussing an appliance that's rapidly becoming a part of most of the Indian kitchen due to its multiple functionalities. The full form here is Oven, Toaster & Grill,…

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Prestige Electric Kettle PKOSS Review {Best buy 2021}

Prestige Electric Kettle PKOSS Review: There are many benefits of an electric kettle, and it assists you in a different situation, but as this appliance is cheap, over 80% of these don't work longer. Even if you don't use them for some months, you can notice a significant downfall in their performance. Today, we've brought you an amazing kettle, that…


Glen Air Fryer 3044 2.8L Review 2021: ULTIMATE CHOICE

Glen Air Fryer 3044 2.8L Review 2021: If everyone in this world starts using air fryers, heart diseases will decrease up to 60%, a report says so! When you are spending 15-20 thousand on refrigerators, 10-15 thousand on Microwaves, over 10,000 on juicers, then we feel that you should not feel hurt by spending 4-5 thousand over an appliance like…


Best Refrigerator Under 30000 in 2021 Review

Best Refrigerator Under 30000 in 2021 Review: It's true that after shedding around 30K, you can acquire a superb refrigerator, but how many of below 30k refrigerators are really worth calling "superb" in India? The answer is - around 35% because, in every 2 out of 3 models you buy around this price, some of the other issues start popping…


Sujata Juicer Mixer Grinder Review 2021 {EXPERT CHOICE}

Sujata Juicer Mixer Grinder Review 2021: No matter what your cooking style is, a juicer mixer grinder is a sort of appliance, which you definitely feel the need for at some point in time. After all, this single appliance is capable of doing so many jobs, and most importantly, they aren't that expensive. Today, we're discussing the best Juicer Mixer…


LG Convection Microwave 28L Review [Best in 2021]

LG Convection Microwave 28L Review: If you are an absolute foodie, then our today's review is for you! We've pulled such an excellent 28L model out of the huge heap of convection microwave ovens, and reading its functions will blow your mind! Recently launched in the market, LG Microwave Oven Convection has generated high sales, and most importantly, earned a…


Wonderchef Juicer Review {Best you can buy in 2021}

Wonderchef Juicer Review: Today, there are many appliances for juicing available. A cold press juicer also juices, but there are huge differences regarding juicing results. It's obvious that the more expensive juicer you're buying, the better juicing experience is going to be. Well, does that rule simply everywhere? Certainly, not! Just look at the Wonderchef Juicer, which is costing around…


Faber Chimney Review 2021 {Best Chimney on the market}

Faber Chimney Review 2021: When we formed our Best Kitchen Chimney review, we had to hire 14 experts in total, and the testing sessions went too long. One amazing chimney that drew our attention was a 90cm model from Faber. Costing almost 15 thousand (might change with time), this Faber chimney had everything that makes your kitchen environment healthy. After…


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