Best Baby Car Seat India in 2022 Reviews

Best Baby Car Seat India in 2022 Reviews

Your baby’s safety is one of your top priorities. While traveling through the car to the grocery store, cinema, mall, hospital, etc., your baby must be protected in a baby car seat.

For adults, car belts are provided for safety, whereas baby car seats are specially designed for baby’s safety, in which they can play with toys and enjoy the ride.

Infant, convertible, and booster are the three main types of baby car seats, and they all have different abilities, so which one is suitable for your baby? Also, do you know the proper method of putting a baby in a baby car seat?

Not only types, there’s much to look like softness, comfort, sturdiness, fabric material, protection, etc.; as the safety of your baby is the main concern, you should invest in the best baby car seat, but you can’t test all above facilities by yourself.

Don’t worry; our expert team has tested 54 baby car seats’ safety abilities by testing them on accident impacts and recommended the 10 best baby car seats.

Also, baby car seats can be easily washable as compared to normal car seats, in which we’ve also provided a 7-step guide for perfectly washing your baby car seat. 

For knowing more about these seat types, you should head towards our informative guide!

Don’t overthink how to buy a baby car seat; we’ll provide all knowledge!

Best Baby Car Seat India — Quick Comparison

Luvlap Baby Convertible 9.6 Under 5000
Buy on Amazon
Trumom (USA) Infant 9.4 Under 3000 5-Point Buy on Amazon
Trumom (USA) Infant 9.1 Under 5000 5-Point Buy on Amazon
R for Rabbit Grand 9.0 Under 6000 5-Point Buy on Amazon
Jack N Jill Convertible 8.8 Under 5000 5-Point Buy on Amazon
R for Rabbit Jumping Jack 8.8 Under 5000 5-Point Buy on Amazon
Luvlap Seat/Carry Cot 8.6 Under 2500 5-Point Buy on Amazon
R for Rabbit Picaboo 8.5 Under 3000 3-Point Buy on Amazon
LuvLap Premier 8.5 Under 6000 5-Point Buy on Amazon
Mee Mee Seat/ Carry Cot 8.2 Under 3000 5-Point Buy on Amazon

Best Baby Car Seat India – Reviews

1. Luvlap Baby Convertible Sports Car Seat

Luvlap Baby Convertible Sports Car Seat

Luvlap has shown dominance in our listing, and Luvlap Baby Convertible Sports Car Seat has proved itself the best seat in certain ways. Also, it’s selling high on Amazon. It’s a great forward-facing and rear-facing seat combo and comes with European Standard Certification.

The build quality is supreme, and the seat is highly durable. Considering the price of the Mothercare bathtub model, Luvlap Baby Convertible Sports Car Seat is much better, as it’s providing almost the same features and comfort at a much lesser price.


  • This Luvlap model comes with 3 position reclining backrest. Sleeping and sitting for your baby is going to be too easy.
  • Due to the perfectly shaped backrest of this baby seat, your baby’s spine gets proper support, and it’s too important also.
  • The seat is constructed to provide equal safety for legs, hips, head, and back. All body parts are perfectly concentrated upon, and before launching this seat in the market, the makers performed several tests.
  • The headrest’s height is easily adjustable. Thus, your kid will attain full comfort.
  • Installing and fixing Luvlap Baby Convertible Sports Car Seat is too easy. It just requires the belts for proper installation.
  • The five-point harness of this car ensures a firm and safer grip.
  • The cushioning is done with soft and breathable material. Side protection is highly appreciable. The padded wings provide great side impact protection.

The Final Advice

In the case of an accident, this seat has got all the features to save your baby from any injuries. It’s the best car seat for babies aging from 4-15 months (one or two more months, no issue) in the rear-facing position.

As a front-facing seat, it’s good enough for children aging from 9 months to 4 years. It’s a fully safe, highly featured model that’s 100% worth purchase.
However, we don’t recommend it for the Nano car.

2. Trumom (USA) Infant Baby Car Seat

Trumom (USA) Infant Baby Car Seat

It measures 70.2 x 42 x 35.2 cm, weighs just 3.9 kg, and 13 Kg is the weight capacity. A 1-year warranty is there. Trumom provides excellent post-purchase support. The softly padded covers are easily removable and washable. The quick remove cover is a sweet add-on.


  • This versatile seat comes with 4 position settings, including carrying cot position, feeding position, rocker position, and car seat position.
  • Adjusting it to any of the 4 positions is very easy. The baby carrier car seat handle is easily adjustable in 4 positions. You can adjust it to carrycot, rocker, feeding chair, and infant baby car seat within seconds! It’s all soft-touch adjustment. No power is needed!
  • Carrying this car seat for long periods won’t tire your arms.
  • The five-point harness comes with a convenient one-pull adjustment that ensures complete safety.
  • For ensuring the protection of your baby against wind and direct sunlight, the makers have provided a detachable canopy. UV protection is very important because it can very easily cause tanning and patches on your baby’s skin.
  • Whiles testing, finding any negative in the Trumom baby car seat was very challenging. The complaint percentage is very less. 300+ user reviews and a 90% success rate is its performance on Amazon. Besides very safe, this seat is very stylish also.

The Final Advice

Most importantly, Trumom (USA) Infant Car Seat is compatible with every single car present in the Indian market, including the smallest one also, like Tata Nano.

Due to the soft material construction and the perfect shape of this seat, your baby can sleep comfortably. Side impact pressure is very important with any baby car seat, and makers of Trumom (USA) Infant Car Seat have highly concentrated on that.

3. Luvlap Comfy Baby Car Seat

Luvlap Comfy Baby Car Seat


Testing this seat took us to the point that Luvlap has been very keen on your baby’s safety. This seat has certification from European standards. Before coming to market, Luvlap Comfy has undergone various tests. Most importantly, Luvlap is an expert in constructed baby seats, walkers, chairs, etc.

Due to great cushioning, this model is very suitable for long drives. Talking about safety, it can be called the safest model in the world!


  • This seat is easily portable, weighing 7.04Kg only.
  • This one is suitable for both baby boy and baby girl.
  • Your kid’s head, legs, spine, hips, etc., everything is very well protected.
  • The age range of this baby car seat is highly impressive. Kids aging anyway between 9 months to 12 years can conveniently use it. It means you can buy this bay seat once and use it for the next baby, and even next to the next baby!
  • It’s designed with high-quality special padded wings for ensuring the child’s safety during side jerks. These pads prove to be too useful for protecting shoulders and ribs.
  • The extra crotch pad, shoulder pads, and thicker headrest make your kid feel highly comfortable.
  • You can fit Luvlap Comfy Seat in any car for your baby.

The Final Advice

Modern moms don’t prefer spending too much time anywhere. Besides that, adjusting and installing the car seat for the baby in the car might baffle new moms. So, makers have made this seat’s installation too easy. Besides that, adjustment just needs one soft pull. Comfort and protection are also at a peak. So, buying this model is an intelligent decision.

4. R for Rabbit Jack N Jill Grand

R for Rabbit Jack N Jill Grand


Now, this one also carries ECE R44/04 European Standard Certification, meaning that your child will be entirely safe with this seat.

You can use this one as an infant car seat if your baby ages anyway between 0 – 2 years. Besides that, this seat serves as a perfect one for 2-5 years as a front-facing position. It weighs only 5kg and measures 62.4 x 52.8 x 45.2 cm.

The design and color scheme of this seat proves to be very attractive. While your baby is sleeping, he/she attains high comfort due to soft side cushions. It’s the top choice among the cheap baby boy car seats!


  • Its installation and adjusting process of this baby car seat is too easy; detaching it from one car and attaching it to another car consumes no time—all credit to its special mechanism.
  • The shape of this seat is perfect for providing even support to all body parts. That’s really great.
  • Its cushions are easily washable. Further, you can wipe its metal and plastic parts with soap water.
  • There are 3 recline positions, which can be achieved easily. Its 5 point safety harness provides all the comfort that you expect.
  • The spine is among the most delicate body parts, and It gets injured, then there are chances of comma also! The makers have designed this set perfectly for providing max protection to the spine.
  • Converting this baby car seat brings no frills.

The Final Advice

Our experts highly appreciated the easy installation and de-installation of this seat. A 1-year warranty is there. As it is machine washable and easily wipeable/washable, modern moms highly appreciate this seat.

The quality of its cushion also impresses. Their protection against impact from all directions, and even after providing much safety and comfort, R for Rabbit isn’t asking for a high price. This baby car seat is highly recommendable.

5. Jack N Jill Baby Car Seat (Convertible)

Jack N Jill Baby Car Seat


Maintaining European safety standards, R for Rabbit has come up with another extraordinary baby car seat, which is exceptionally durable. The most impressive thing about this baby car seat is its extra-sturdy base. 0-7 years is the right age for this seat. The max weight limit is 25 Kg. The design is pretty luxurious.

You’ve got a standard 1-year warranty. 0-2 Years is the infant car seat age group, and 2-5 Years is the age group for babies (front-facing). It measures 62.4 x 52.8 x 45.2 cm and fits in almost any car. 2 Kg is its weight. Impressed, aren’t you?


  • Three recline positions make your baby feel comfy while napping, and that becomes very important when you’re going for a long drive. Adjust the recline position as per your baby’s comfort and his/her age.
  • This seat maintains the five-point harness in order for safety purposes.
  • The side impact protection, ensuring neck, spine, and head safety, is truly unquestionable.
  • This seat is designed in such a way that installation becomes a no-hassle thing for you.
  • You’ve got 3 color choices.
  • This seat comes with a machine washable cushion seat as well as easily cleanable parts.
  • It has earned a good reputation on Amazon, not just because of comfort but the low price also.

The Final Advice

This seat comes engineered perfectly and crash tested. Washing cleaning this seat is never difficult. The most important thing we noticed was the fabric quality! Truly superior!

It’s breathable, and such fabric is awesome for your baby, especially in hot places. So, even if your baby sits on it for a longer time, the seat won’t gather. No skin rashes and no itching at all!

As the price is comfortable, and safety is at its best, you definitely need to buy.

6. R for Rabbit Jumping Jack Car Seat

R for Rabbit Jumping Jack Car Seat


Luxury and innovation are at the top with R for Rabbit Jumping jack car seat model. Looks are highly appreciable. The black, grey, and white color combination proves to be perfect. R for Rabbit is a leading baby car seat manufacturer in India and certain other countries.

They are dominating in the USA also. R for Rabbit is exceptionally successful because of its high quality and comfort factors. It measures 74.2 x 48 x 47.8 cm and weighs 5.83kg. Talking to moms using this car seat, we came to know, carrying this seat while strolling is easy.


  • It has successfully passed crash testing for meeting European safety standards. It is ECE R44/04 certified.
  • You can conveniently use it as a front-facing seat, rear seat, and booster seat. The conversion consumes no time.
  • The age range is superior here. Kids aging anyway between 15 months to 12 years can enjoy high comfort.
  • This seat provides the utmost comfort to your kid during long drives also.
  • The headrest’s height can easily be adjusted.
  • The 5 point safety harness is perfect.
  • For side protection, the makers have perfectly designed its padded wings.

The Final Advice

This seat perfectly embraces your baby’s hips, head, and wedge, and that’s what a perfect baby car seat is supposed to do.

Cleaning is another important baby car seat buying consideration, as babies make a lot of mess. Fortunately, R for Rabbit Jumping jack car seat cushions can be pretty easily wiped with water and soap. Full marks for the design. R for Rabbit Jumping jack car seats is cent percent worth purchase.

Buy on Rforrabbit

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7. Luvlap Infant Baby Car Seat

Luvlap Infant Baby Car Seat


Now this baby car seat is coming at an unbelievable price! While most of the models are available around 4000-6000, while this seat is costing around 2500 only. If your baby weighs within 13 Kg, then rather spending high, buy Luvlap 3 in 1 model. 0-15 months is the age recommendation here.

It measures 6.2×47.5×37.2 cm. 4.4Kg is the weight. In testing, it easily defeated baby car seat Poncho, in 8/9 considerations! It was the best baby car seat, India, 2017!


  • This seat comes with four positions to handle adjustment. You can use it as a carrycot and rocking & feeding chair beside a car seat. No other similarly priced model proves to be this versatile.
  • This seat performed great in our bat hitting and crash tests. Such performance from a cheap little fellow for bay baths wasn’t expected.
  • The design is innovative, and padded side wings bring high reliability.
  • Whether talking about the head, legs, hips, spine, or whatever, this seat provides enough protection for all body parts.
  • You don’t expect such a perfect 5 point safety belt harness system from a seat costing this low.
  • However, this baby car seat is claimed to go good enough for babies of 15 months max, but even if your baby is growing at a greater speed, the seat seems perfect for usage.

The Final Advice

Some experts complain that the angle of reclining of this seat is fixed and cannot be changed, but actually, that doesn’t bring any huge discomfort. When it costs too low, at least some feature is going t miss, and most importantly, you’re compromising very less here.

Safety is still at the top! It’s an excellent seat for a newborn baby and supremely comfortable. The material won’t harm your baby’s soft skin even a bit. Luvlap Infant Baby Car Seat Cum Rocker and Carry Cot Is entirely worth purchase.

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8. R for Rabbit Infant Car Seat Cum Carry (Picaboo)

R for Rabbit Infant Car Seat


Hey, are you thinking that the light blue color will get dirty soon? Well, no worries! This seat is too easy to clean. Dust doesn’t catch its fabric that easily. The color combination looks so pretty. The price brings a smile to faces! It is R44/04 certified, and that’s the most stringent certification stated by European standards for car seats. It’s a lightweight and luxurious design that comes with excellent side protection. It measures 70.2 x 55 x 29.4 cm. 0 to 13 Kgs. Is the weight limit, and 0-15 months is the age recommendation.


  • The padded side wings ensure high safety.
  • You can use this infant car seat like a carrycot, as well as a rocking & feeding chair.
  • The inbuilt canopy provides great protection against UV rays. You get such a canopy with several baby car seats, but most of the time, the size isn’t perfect. Fortunately, the canopy of this seat is perfect.
  • This seat weighs only 3.59 Kg. Carrying your little one in this seat won’t stress your arms as much as other seats do.
  • Adjustable 3 Point Safety Belt proves to be a great feature. You can adjust its baby car seat belt at your baby’s convenience.
  • You can set its adjustable handle in 4 different positions for using this seat for using Picaboo in 4 different ways.

The Final Advice

Make your baby travel safe and comfortable with R for Rabbit Infant Car Seat Cum Carry seat. This seat is very durable. This multipurpose baby chair is great value for money.

Just buy this one, and no need to buy a separate feeding chair, as it perfectly serves as one! Choosing R for Rabbit Infant Car Seat Cum Carry seat for your baby is the right decision.

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9. LuvLap Premier Baby Car seat

LuvLap Premier Baby Car seat


Now, this one looks much like Luvlap Comfy Baby Car Seat we discussed up there. It meets the same safety standards, performed equally well in tests, and carries pretty much similar features. However, this seat is designed in a bit different manner. It accommodates kids aging anyway between 9 months to 12 years. This seat is very attractive and promises to last longer. The side and head protection are highly appreciable. This one measures 78 x 50.8 x 30.4 cm and weighs 7.44 Kg. The build quality is supreme.


  • Your baby is getting optimal protection for the spine. Not just that, overall safety is also up to mark.
  • You get 4 Height-adjustable headrests with this seat like another LuvLap seat in this review.
  • The shoulder harness system of this baby car seat is designed for growing simultaneously to your baby’s height, with one-hand adjustment.
  • The adjustment of its belt requires just one hand. Loosening and tightening this belt is very simple. This is necessary in case of emergencies.
  • There is a thicker headrest, crotch, and should pad, which increases your baby’s comfort level.
  • This highly versatile model from LuvLap is compatible with most of the cars in the Indian market.

The Final Advice

Considering value for money, Luvlap Premier is much better than a baby car seat, Chicco! With this baby car seat, your baby’s ride is going to be too comfortable. This seat will make your baby feel as if he/she is in mom’s lap!

You can make a call it a comfy nest in which you can carry your baby to tours to streets of the city, malls, markets, etc., as this seat has passed several quality checks and satisfied our experts much, we highly recommend LuvLap Premier seat to you. 

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10. Mee Mee Baby Car Seat & Carry Cot

Mee Mee Baby Car Seat


Here comes the unique-looking MEE MEE baby car seat cum carry cot, and it’s actually too pretty. This seat comes with impressive instructions. Even after being so sturdily built, this seat seems overshadowed by LuvLap and R for Rabbit models.

Buying a dual functional model is always beneficial, especially when the cost is unbelievably below 3000 rupees! Even after being so lightweight, the seat is pretty spacey, and space is very important in any baby car seat so that your baby doesn’t get squeezed.


  • The Y-shaped belt with a shoulder belt is perfectly cushioned. The lap belts hold your baby in the seat securely, and that’s proving too beneficial while you are riding on rough, bumpy roads.
  • This seat comes with a rocking motion, which your baby is definitely going to enjoy. Due to this rocking motion, your little one doesn’t feel body stiffness when he/she has to sit for longer periods.
  • Another impressive feature is the net that protects your infant from insects.
  • The cushioned seat is very comfortable, and it’s easy to clean.
  • Measuring 60.6 x 42.2 x 30.2 cm, carrying/fitting this seat goes too easy on your arms, as 3.4 Kg is all it weighs.
  • The breathable fabric of this seat doesn’t let sweat gather.

The Final Advice

During long drives, infants, most of the time, feel body stiffness, which leads to long crying also. Doesn’t that disturb you while driving? Well, to take over that issue, buy Mee Mee Baby Car Seat & Carry Cot, and your infant will be addicted to rocking!

The color is pleasant, and the overall design is highly appreciable. Also, it’s saving your money from buying a movable cradle. Mee Mee model is entirely fit to buy! We are recommending this seat over the Firstcry baby car seat because this Mee Mee model heavily dominated during comparison. 

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Buying Guide

Not bought any of the baby car seats online yet? This guide will highly help you! Car seats are specially designed for traveling with your baby in a car securely.

What type you pick will rely upon the baby’s age, height, longevity, weight, and whether you need to have the choice to remove the seat effortlessly.

Ensure you get the correct baby car seat for your baby’s age & weight, that it fits in your vehicle, and that you use it each and every time. Make sure to check both your vehicle, as well as the car seat, manufactures manuals for ensuring that you’re installing and utilizing your car seat effectively.

Types of baby car seats

Following are the 4 essential types of baby car seats:

Infant Car Seat

Infant Car Seat

This infant car seat is specially designed for infants. This is basically from birth until your baby is a minimum of 2 years old and arrives at the weight limit for the seat; at this point, he\she will probably require a larger seat. These car seats are intended to ride in your car in the back confronting position, as it were.

The baby car seat can be also double as a carrier. (You’re not supposed to put the car seat in the basic grocery cart—regardless of whether it clicks, it’s not intended for that, and it can be dangerous.

Rather, think about a sling or other carrier.) Many models of this baby child car seat can either be tied into the car straightforwardly or into a base that stays tied into the car seat. Different bases can be bought for numerous cars.

A baby child car seat can last you six months to two years, relying upon the development of your baby and the size of the car seat. A few babies exceed the baby car seat quicker than others. When your child arrives at the maximum weight or height limit for the seat, it’s time to change to another kind of car seat intended for toddlers and older babies.

Getting another car seat doesn’t really imply that you should turn the car seat so that it faces forward. You’ll need to keep your baby back looking as far as might be feasible as it’s more secure.

Convertible Car Seat

Convertible Car Seat

Convertible car seats are utilized from birth until your child exceeds a car seat. This implies you can get more use out of the investment.

They can be utilized in front aligned or in rear-facing positions, depending on your baby’s weight. Rear-facing is utilized for babies as long deca 300 steroids as 3 years, and you can begin placing the baby in a front aligned position once your baby is minimum 3 years of age.

The downfalls of the convertible car seats are that they are not compact and can’t be utilized as a baby car seat. They don’t have bases and aren’t simply moved from one car to another car. It can be hard to use convertible car seats for newborns, but these big seats can ensure more safety.

3-In-1 Seats

All-in-one seats, or 3-in-1 seats, are like convertible car seats; then again, actually, they function as a booster seat as well.

The benefit of this 3-in-1 seat is that you just need to purchase one seat, and it’ll develop with your child from rare-facing to front-facing, as well as it will be a booster seat until your child is mature enough to utilize a seat-belt simply.

Booster Seat

Convertible Car Seat

Booster car seats can be utilized basically for kids in a front-aligned position. The base weight requirement changes from 30 to 40 pounds, depending upon your selection of the model. Fortunately, the booster car seat works perfectly until your child is mature enough not to require a car seat any longer.

Booster baby car seat can have its very own arrangement of harness or buckles; else, it can utilize the seat belt, which is already in your car.

Your baby’s height will dictate which is generally comfortable. If possible, you must try the baby car seat out with the baby prior to purchasing it.

Picking the Right Car Seat

For what reason do you need a baby car seat? Because it’s a car’s important part of safety. Baby car seats save lives. If the baby is safely tied in a baby car seat, the risk of dying in a car crash goes down almost 80%.

However, purchasing & installing a car seat can appear to be overwhelming. At the point when you wander down your local baby super center’s aisles, the baby car seats’ sheer number and variety can make you dizzy.

Do not threat yourself. You don’t need to purchase the most costly baby car seat with every one of the fancy whistles and bells.

Scope out your car properly before you shop

First of all, read your vehicle’s manufacturer manual before purchasing a baby car seat. Car seats can be easily attached utilizing either the latch system or the seat belt (which represents the lower anchors as well as tethers for the system of children, and which every single new vehicle has).

You can choose before purchasing which one you need to utilize and afterward look for a seat dependent on how you need for installing it — belt\latch.

If you’ve chosen to utilize the latch system, ensure you know where the latch connections are available in your vehicle — there may not be any latch connections in the center, rear-seating position; that is the most secure spot for your baby.

Another tip, measure your back seat to know how much room is available there for a baby car seat. A car seat for babies with a huge base can be impossible to fit in a small car, so you’re supposed to choose the baby car seat with a smaller base.

Also, think about who’ll sit in your car’s back seat. What number of children do you have? What number of are in car seats? Take the measurements of your backside before you shop any model and carry the measuring tape if you’re buying it by yourself in the store for measuring the base of the seats.

Pick a convertible car seat that will develop with your child

Pick a convertible car seat that will develop with your child

Not putting money into another baby car seat amidst those tough first two years (in which the baby grows the fastest) will be a blessing. 

New-borns can comfortably sit in two types of baby car seats: a rear-facing model or a convertible seat (which firstly faces the back of the car and later is moved in the direction of the front).

Purchasing a convertible car seat saves cash because it keeps going through toddlerhood, and it’s totally solid regarding safety.

Consider a car seat stroller in case you’re trying to save cash

While convertible will save the cash in the long run, but our experts agree that the ability to move a sleeping baby in the baby car seat — regardless of whether the baby fits the seat for just a year — is precious.

If you need to purchase an infant car seat yet need to trim expenses, think about looking for a travel system, an infant seat & carriage, which are sold together at a discount.

Buying cheap baby strollers with car seats is very beneficial. You may discover these in only the stroller aisle, not in the car-seat aisle.

Step by step instructions to pick a seat dependent on your child’s age

The following baby car seat weight guide will help you with choosing a seat dependent on your child’s age.

Birth to age 2: Utilize a rear-facing seat. Your child’s weight must be not higher than permitted on the seat’s weight limit.

Age 2-4 and close around 40 pounds: At this age, you’re supposed to utilize a front-facing baby car seat.

Age 4-8 or up to 4 feet and 9 inches tall: Utilize a belt-positioning booster seat. Constantly keep your kids in the back seat.

Post age 8 or 4’9″ tall: Seat belts (with no booster seat) are not bad. But if your child should continue utilizing a booster seat until the seat belts of adults fit properly. How might you know?

You’re supposed to check the lap belt’s position and also the shoulder belt on the child. The lap belt is advised to be on the upper thighs – not the stomach, and the shoulder belt must be on the chest, not on the neck.

We recommend that all children more youthful than age 13 should sit in the back seat. That holds true if they are in a booster seat, car seat, or seat belt. The explanation: air packs can hurt or even execute small kids riding in the front.

We suggest keeping babies that are under two years in the rear-facing until they exceed the car seat manufacturer’s height& weight limit.

A rare-facing car seat will secure your baby’s sensitive neck during an accident. A seat’s weight limits compare to the seat itself. A few seats can go up to 60 plus pounds.

Credit: Mom Com

How to clean a baby car seat perfectly?

How to clean a baby car seat perfectly

If you’re new to cleaning baby car seats, you’ll have to become familiar with it, as it’s essential to know the cleaning process perfectly.

Following guide with 9-advance cleaning procedure will help you in knowing how to clean your baby car seat perfectly along with what cleaning supplies are required for cleaning it properly:

1. Move Fast For Better Results

If you’re letting stains and spills sit for a longer time, removing them properly will be next to impossible.

The dry messes can sometimes wait; however, wet masses can’t. You probably have to take care of your baby first and then ensure that they’re alright.

Your second main work is to wipe off anything you can with a cloth or wipes as quickly as possible. If you don’t have proper time, you can at least pre-soak the cover of the seat. This will keep away the spill from drying up and setting in.

2. Check The Baby Car Seat Manual

If this is the first time cleaning your baby’s car seat, you’ll need to understand the manual perfectly. While most baby car seats will come with the same materials, you would prefer not to miss a particular cleaning direction from the manufacturer.

The car seat manual should accompany some helpful leads for all the cleaning techniques you can utilize. Can’t discover your car seat manual?

This is the essential step, as you may mess things up if you missed anything. You may render it unusable by utilizing any inappropriate cleaning items or techniques.

For example, it’s tempting to get your pressure washer out and blast away all such gunk, but this may really harm a few portions of your car seat. With the right guidelines, it will be simpler to clean securely.

3. Gather Your Cleaning Supplies

For cleaning baby car seat properly & carefully without damaging, you’ll need the following supplies to begin:

  • Baby wipes and also a soft towel for removing debris.
  • A sponge will be required for wet spot cleaning.
  • If you have a little handheld vacuum, this will be useful.
  • A little container of warm water.
  • A gentle soap is needed, for example, Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Washor Dawn Dish Soap.

4. Wipe Off What You Can

Before you get down to clean the corners and nooks, get as much strong debris as you can. While it might appear you’re picking away for quite a long time, it will be a lot simpler to clean the seat when you do this.

You can utilize baby wipes or a basic cleaning towel for this step. If you have a handheld vacuum, it will be better.

5. Evacuate The Cover And Padding

Evacuate The Cover And Padding

Remove the cover as well as any removable paddling from your baby car seat for simpler cleaning. Most car seats come with covers, which can be easily removed without any headache. Begin from the top and remove any buttons or clips used to fasten it in place.

Numerous fabric covers can be easily washed on the delicate cycle with the help of a washer with cold water. Double time check that your manual to ensure this is permitted.

Utilize a mild detergent and guarantee it is completely washed. If you utilize your washing machine, you’re not supposed to use the dryer. Putting any baby car seat parts in the dryer may compromise their integrity.

6. Clean The Harness And Buckles

With warm water &gentle soap, wipe down the harness as much as possible. You may be tempted to try a heavy-duty cleaner like Clorox, but it may damage the baby car seat and isn’t recommended. Rough cleaners could harm the harness as well as compromise the seat.

They may aggravate your baby’s skin also. Indeed, even normal cleaners like vinegar aren’t that good to use while washing the baby car seat, so stay with gentle cleaners only.

The buckles are entirely simple to clean. Basically, you have the option of swishing them in water through them to remove any garbage that might be a jab in the grooves/little corners.

7. Clean The Frame

The base, as well as frame, are the easiest to clean parts of a baby car seat. If you’re trying to clean a dry mess, a vacuum cleaner is your most logical option here.At that point, use soap and warm water for cleaning the whole frame, wiping it down with the clean cloth afterward for removing any soap residue.

8. Air Dry The Seat Before Assembly

When you are finished cleaning, place the baby car seat where it can air dry totally. Air drying in the sun will help to get rid of any odor left behind and then leave it smelling fresh. If you have a removable cover, hang it for drying and leave it be.

If your cover doesn’t come off, leave the whole car seat in the sun for drying out. It’ll likely take more time than it would if it was dismantled; however, better than leaving it for collecting mildew or mold.

You’re supposed to leave the baby car seat for a couple of hours or up to an entire day to enable it to dry completely.

9. Reassemble The Seat

Once everything is totally dry, you can easily reassemble it and set it back to its rightful place. If you observed everything while at the same time dismantling, then reassembly will be a breeze. You can undoubtedly read the manual if you totally forget how you did it.

You should guarantee the cover fits in the right place. The straps must be returned to their right odor so you don’t compromise the baby’s security or comfort.

Car Seat Installation Tips

Now it’s time to install the baby car seat in your vehicle. It’s essential to secure your car seat. Regardless of whether the safety seat looks secure, it maybe not. 3 out of 4 parents are driving their car around with inappropriately installed baby car seats, and that’s dangerous for your babies.

Here’s a step by step guide for installing a convertible or rear-facing baby car seat properly:

  • You’re supposed to read both your car’s owner’s manual guidelines as well as the car seat manufacturer manual guidelines totally.
  • Ensure you know how to utilize the seat LATCH or belts (Lower Anchors & Tethers for Children) system with the car seat before you begin the installation process.
  • Just install the baby car seat in your car’s back seat. That’s the place where your baby is fully secure until your child turns 13 or arrives at the height of a minimum of 4 feet 9 inches.
  • Follow the car seat’s guidelines while threading the seat belt through your car seat belt path & tighten it.
  • buckle& lock the seat belt
  • Press down on the seat immovably to tighten it. The car seat must not be moved more than 1 inch from forwarding or side to side and in reverse once it’s perfectly installed.
  • Read the car seat manufacturer manual to ensure the reclination of your safety seat at the right point.
  • Look that your baby is secured perfectly in the seat.
  • Put the harness straps through the slots at or beneath the baby’s shoulders.
  • The straps must lie flat against your baby’s body.
  • One can tell that hardness is snug enough when you’re not able to pinch any extra material to the shoulders.
  • The chest clip must be at your child’s armpit level. So, that’s how to fix it!
  • For knowing it more properly, you can check how to install a baby car seat perfectly!

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The five-point harness is an absolute necessity. Go for straps that aren’t difficult to adjust and also a buckle, which is simple to unlatch latch.

At the point when you set up the rear-facing baby car seat, ensure the shoulder harnesses are at or beneath your baby’s shoulder level. The opposite holds true for forward-facing baby car seats, so it can be simple for misadjusting.

Head support

Head support

Since your baby won’t be able to hold up his\her head, search for a seat with an insert to help his head by supporting it. It’s more secure than utilizing an attachment. Just use inserts made by a similar company as your car seat — else, you risk an inappropriate fit.

If this still isn’t sufficient support for your baby’s head, you can roll up receiving blankets around the baby’s head to keep it set up. Skip neck cushions — while they may appear to be supportive, they can really be dangerous in the accident.

Energy-absorbing form

During the accident, this can keep your baby safe and protect him\her from the impact.

Side Protection

Deep sidewalls, as well as adequate barriers around your baby’s head, neck & spine, will ensure the baby’s protection if there’s a side-impact accident.

Search for research & evidence on the manufacturer’s site that supports any cases about side-impact security.



Does the material and cushioning feel cozy&delicate? This may seem like a luxury, but anything which soothes your baby is important in the first few months.

Expiration date

The basic life span is around six years—after that, the plastic may become weak. This is particularly essential to take a look at in case you’re borrowing a baby car seat from your relative or friend.

On that note, just accept hand-me-downs from somebody you genuinely trust — ensure you know about the tub for your baby’s bath that what it has been through before you placed your very own baby in it.

Hence, you must never purchase a car seat from any recycled store. Never utilize a seat that doesn’t have a mark\label with the date of manufacture& model number along with guidelines.


Babies must ride rare-facing until they’re a minimum of two years of age or until they arrive at the highest weight/height permitted by the manufacturer of car seats. At that point, they can move to a front-facing baby car seat with the harness.

All children below 13 must ride in the car’s back seat, where they’ll be most secure. In vehicles without back seats (like a sports car or truck), you shouldn’t turn off the front seat airbag, which may be harmful to your baby. Look at your manufacturer’ to find out how to remove the airbags.

Do you require more than one car seat?

Now, in case you and your partner are driving separate vehicles, then do have a separate car seat for each vehicle. In any case, if your schedules, as well as coordination, allow it, you could rather purchase one car seat that’s easily movable between cars when you need it.

If you go this course, search for a seat that’s not difficult to install and uninstall and generally lightweight, so switching the baby car seat from one to another will be a breeze.

In case you’re beginning with a rear-facing baby car seat, which snaps into a base, another alternative might be to purchase the extra base in favor of investing in an extra seat.

How portable does your baby car seat should be?

How portable does your baby car seat should be

A few parents will install the car seat and leave it set up for the whole two-five years; their little one will utilize it.

However, you may require a progressively portable alternative in case you want to utilize a similar seat in over one vehicle, or if you’d prefer carrying the baby in the car seat — or snapping your car seat into a perfect stroller.

If you intend to move the car seat a lot, search for an alternative with an ergonomically designed handle as well as a littler, lighter footprint: Seats can easily weigh in at a manageable ten pounds or a heavier 20-30 pounds, and that is not including baby’s weight!

Let’s Conclude

The smooth way of finishing this car seat review will be a rapid look-back, right?

Luvlap Sports Baby Convertible is the overall best baby car seat in India. Trumom (USA) Infant Baby 3 in 1 model is our best all-purpose model.

If you’re planning a long drive, then ensure your baby’s comfort by buying Luvlap Comfy. We’ve one more choice regarding long drives, which is R for Rabbit Jack N Jill Grand.

Do your wife and you have separate vehicles? Don’t you think that your baby car seat needs to be lightweight and easily detachable as well?

You should buy the Jack N Jill Convertible model, as regarding switching vehicles, it will be very convenient. R for Rabbit Jumping Jack is the best convertible rear-facing model on this list.

Regarding the cheapest baby car seat, our biggest recommendation is Luvlap Infant Baby /Rocker/Car Seat/Carry Cot. Further, the best rocking choice is Mee Mee Baby Car Seat/Carry Cot.

Not just the baby car seats, but for our readers, who have newly become parents, we have some other highly informative reviews like Best Baby Massage Oil, Best Baby Bath Tub, and Best Stroller, which will surely elevate your level of parenting!


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