Butterfly Rice Cooker Review | Is It Worth Purchasing? 

Butterfly Rice Cooker Review | Is It Worth Purchasing? 

It has been over 100 years of cooking rice without the assistance of any kind of machine. Perhaps you wonder who would need a special kitchen appliance in this day and age? Maybe…you. Making rice isn’t that difficult. However, not everyone can make it perfect. Rice cookers are the perfect option for people who believe in perfection while cooking.

Rice isn’t the only food you can cook in this gadget. This cooker is also useful for cooking pasta, quinoa rice puddings, and so on. It is important to alter the stock or water you prepare before making the rice.

Rice cookers make the job easy, regardless of who is preparing rice. It means everybody in your family will be an expert at this task, all because of this wonderful device. From pizza to cakes, everything can be cooked using the rice cooker.

The butterfly rice cooker can be described as a device that allows you to boil or steam rice. We tried it during our testing session to testing the aluminum idli cooker and the Prestige 3 three-litre cooker. The test session was positive for us.

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BUTTERFLY JADE 1.8 L Rice Cooker, White

Key Specs of Butterfly Rice Cooker

  • The cooker can accommodate as much as 1.8-Liter of material that includes water as grains such as grains, rice, quinoa, and millets.
  • In any case, make sure your rice weighs is approximately 1 KG as it may only have a 1Kg cooked rice limit. The cooker can overflow and cause the rice to spill.
  • The bowl that cooks food inside the appliance is made of aluminium and is anodized to give it a surface.
  • Anodized aluminium meets every requirement for cooking, making it from damage and easy to maintain. The metal also assists in easy cleaning, and it is not necessary to worry that rice may stick to your cooker.
  • The gadget is powered by a 500-watt power source and 300 voltages. Its dimensions are 31.2 2 x 28.2 and 28.2 centimeters in dimensions. The weight is 3.04 Kg

What is it that makes the Butterfly Rice Cooker an Ideal Choice For You?

Many rice cookers are on the market, but Butterfly rice cookers are the most popular. Butterfly rice cookers can be an outstanding choice for people looking for a cutting-edge electronic cooking device. Here’s a small portion of the features you’ll enjoy using the rice cooker. This could be the reason you should invest in this fantastic kitchen appliance.

Contact handles for wellness

Rice Cooker comes with two amazing handle handles that are touch-sensitive. With these cool-touch handles, you can move or move the rice cooker effortlessly. Moreover, they won’t hurt your hands.

Aluminium cooking bowls with anodized finish

The cooking bowl included in this Butterfly rice cooker is high-end quality. The bowl is safe and simple to use. It is also possible to take it off to clean. In addition, modern technology makes cooking faster and cuts down on cooking time.

Cover made of hardened steel

Cooker also comes with a unique steel cover. This special steel cover features steam vents that match how steam appears. A proper moisture level is the most effective way to cook rice with perfection, which is why the Steam Vent performs an excellent job in this regard.

However, if you are a single individual, hawkins cooker 5 litre will cost you below 5k with sufficient capacity while providing this amazing product.

Separable cord

Rice cookers are portable, meaning that you can easily take the cord off to carry the cooker somewhere else or put it on your dining table.

Kg rice cooking compartment

The rice cooker can cook up to 1 kg of rice at one time. This means that the rice cooker can prepare for your entire family in just a few minutes while also making a variety of dishes at the same time.

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Pros And cons of Butterfly Rice Cooker:

We are aware that each device has pros and pros. Here are a few advantages/disadvantages of the Butterfly rice cooker.


It helps keep hot food for quite a long time

It’s a fantastic feature that allows your food to remain warm for a long time. You can select the warm setting, and your food will stay warm for a long time. However, it may vary with different varieties of food products. The majority of other rice cookers do not keep hot food hot.

Make your rice immediately with the rice cooker

There’s no need to hang around in the rice cooker the way you do in an oven or any other cooking vessel. Instead, simply measure your rice, add water, place it on the top of the cooker, then switch the cooker on. The rice cooker will automatically turn off its cooking mode once the cooking process is complete and then switch to warm mode to ensure that food remains warm.

You can easily wash the rice cooker

The rice cooker has aluminium that contains some components that are easy to clean. It’s unnecessary to rub it vigorously (or make use of strong cleaning products) and sweat when washing the cooker.


When you are beginning to make the rice into kadhai or pots, It is advised to mix the rice every 3 to 5 minutes until the cooking process is complete. This isn’t necessary, but if you mix several times, you’ll be mixing the rice’s base layer. Also, it’ll keep it from getting too hot or burning.

The cooker is not without a negative aspect, and it’s the only one:

It makes use of non-stick advances

Because the container that holds the rice has a non-stick coating, you should use utensils that aren’t sharp when scooping the rice. If you are using metallic utensils, the surfaces could be damaged, resulting in a poor cook-out experience after a while.

The Conclusion

Rice is now just a few minutes away and doesn’t require any supervision in any way with the fantastic Butterfly Rice cooker. The cooker is designed in a sleek and modern exterior design. The easy part is that you put the proper amount of water into the cooker and put the cooked rice for cooking similarly. As a result, it requires less energy and can cook all-round rice within minutes.

If you’re planning to buy a rice cooker, one like a Butterfly rice cooker would be the perfect choice for every family to enjoy the moment and incredible rice cooking. Simply add the rice ingredients and the necessary amount of water, and you’re done with your task. Enjoy delicious and delicate rice in a matter of minutes!

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