Subaa Standard Anodised Aluminium Idli Cooker Review

Subaa Standard Anodised Aluminium Idli Cooker Review

It is unnecessary to travel to South Indian restaurants every time you like Idli. It is possible to make delicious Idli at your home. You will need an Idli Maker or Idli cooker to make Idli at your home. Also, you will need some basic ingredients.

You can quickly prepare delicious idlis in a special idli-cooker. With an idli cooker, you can quickly prepare delicious idlis.

Idlis can also be used as a healthy breakfast or as a late snack option. For all these reasons, an idli-maker is a crucial piece of kitchenware. It is an inexpensive kitchen item that is very useful. Pricing is determined by the size and material of the idlimaker. An idli machine of good quality will cost you between 1000 and 1500 rupees.

Aluminium Idli Maker with Steamer Cooker

This article will show you how to find the best idli cooker if you don’t have one. Below is a review of India’s top idli cooks Subaa Standard Anodised Aluminium Idli Cooker. Subaa Standard Anodised Aluminum Idli Cooker is capable of making 15 idlis simultaneously. Because of its efficient use of steam, it allows for restaurant-style cooking.

Dhokla, momos and khaman are also possible. It is safe to eat because it is made from food-grade materials. Each of the three plates is long-lasting and durable. It is made from aluminium and comes in a bright, silvery colour. It is extremely easy to clean.

We have also reviewed other gadgets. Any of these gadgets can be treasured.

How Does Subaa Aluminium Idli Cooker Works?

There are many sizes and shapes of Idli makers, each with its own unique features. They arrive in modified steam cookers that can be used to cook a wide variety of dishes including Idli. The Subaa Aluminium Idli cooker is basically a steamer that has customized plates to fit the Idli.

Steaming, in its simplest form, is moist heat cooking. It involves heating food in vapour and sealing it in a sealed container. It is considered one of the best cooking methods for vegetables and rice because it preserves key nutrients.

Subaa Aluminium Idli Cooker – About Company

They are idli producers, which produces high-quality aluminum steel. It is made of thick gauze, which makes it extremely durable. It is also easy to clean. You will be satisfied with its unique features.

Each item is made from stainless steel and has a beautiful design to create a sophisticated aesthetic. The elegant design will blend well with any kitchen decor. Subaa products are attractive and durable, which makes them ideal for serving clean and healthy food. Subaa is a brand new, but it is highly trustworthy.

Specification of The Subaa Aluminium Idli Cooker


  • This product is made with food-grade silver aluminum, which will ensure that it lasts a long time. This product is perfect for everyday cooking. Two long-lasting plates are included. It can cook up to 10 idlis simultaneously, is easy to use, and produces high-quality idlis.
  • Packaging Content: Up to 10 idli cooks
  • Aluminium is the preferred material.
  • Subaa Industries delivers high-quality aluminium to the Idli/dhokla/Momos maker. This item is durable and easy to clean.
  • This product efficiently uses the majority of steam to make khaman, dhokla and Idli. You will be completely satisfied with its unique features.
  • In colour: Silver. Aluminium with a hard-anodized finishing

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Subaa Aluminium Idli Cooker Advantages and Disadvantages

Idli Maker

  • Price-Aluminium, a common metal found in large amounts in our environment, is quite affordable. Aluminium pots, pans and other culinary utensils tend to be less expensive than their ceramic or steel counterparts.
  • Aluminium cooking equipment is lightweight. Large aluminium idli cookware and other commercial catering equipment are easy to transport and handle. Your crew will be able to use your aluminium kitchen tools with ease if they are made of aluminum. Aluminium equipment can last a lifetime if it is properly maintained.
  • Good Heat-Aluminum kitchen equipment conducts heat very effectively. This is why it heats quickly, even though it’s thick. An aluminium pan can be used in just minutes due to its heat conduction properties.
  • Suba Idli Makers can steam the Idli to perfection. This ensures that they are perfectly cooked and not undercooked. This is the best benefit of an idli machine.
  • Easy to use-Suba Idli Makers are easy to operate. Even if you’re a novice user, an idli machine will make it easy to make excellent idlis.
  • Multi-Functional Suba Idli Makers can do many things. They can create dhoklas and idlis as well as cooker cakes.

  • Aluminium is a soft metal and isn’t as durable as stainless-steel cookware.
  • A second problem is the staining of aluminium cookware, especially when vinegar-containing foods are used.

What’s special in this Idli Cooker?

Subaa Standard Anodised Aluminium Idli Maker

Idli Maker Design and Size

There are many sizes and designs of idli makers. You can choose from one idli maker or a complete set with the lid, outer pot and idli plates. You can choose from several single Idli stands that come in different sizes to suit your needs.

You will now need to measure the dimensions of the stand in order to determine if it will fit inside your pressure cooker. This will help you save money and make your kitchen more spacious.

Subaa Aluminium Idli Cooker is capable of producing up to 10 idlis simultaneously due to its unique design and size.

Idli Maker Materials

Most idli machines are made from stainless steel. However, aluminium idli machines are rare. The best stainless steel products available are 18/8 stainless, which can be used for a long period of time. Thin gauge aluminium is used by many Idli producers who work with aluminium. Aluminium products are durable and easy to clean.

A non-stick aluminum coating is a key feature of the best subaa aluminium Idli cookers. It can be used long-term. Aluminium steel idli cookers are good for health because they are non-reactive to most foods.

Use for a Variety of Purposes

Subaa Aluminium Idli cooker is versatile. The Idli maker can make idlis with up to five plates. It can also make momos and dados. You can also use the outside Kadai for traditional cooking.


Idlis is one of the most loved breakfast foods you can make. You can create a unique version of this dish with specially bent bowls and an idli cook.

It might be challenging to find the right shape for your aluminum bowls. The Subaa Aluminium Idli Cooker allows you to make fluffy, round idlis. You can serve them with your favorite chutney or sambhar. This Sujata Juicer Mixer Reviews mdoel is a great option for making delicious chutneys.


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