Hawkins Cooker 5-litre Review | Specifications | Benefits

Hawkins Cooker 5-litre Review | Specifications | Benefits

Pressure cookers are among the most popular appliances that you will find in every kitchen. Sometimes, cooking delicious food can be time-consuming. However, you can prepare delicious meals quickly and efficiently in just a few minutes with the pressure cooker.

There is a myriad of cookers that are available that offer a wide range of benefits. However, choosing one that has many advantages and is cost-effective is not easy. Are you looking for pressure cookers that are not just cost-effective but can also make your cooking more simple? Then, the Hawkins Contura pressure cooker is made specifically for you.

It is now possible to easily cook an enormous amount of meals for a huge number of people because a Hawkins Contura cooker has five millilitres that can feed five to six people quickly. However, its distinctive style is sure to make you fall over it because the 5 five litres cooker has curves that allow for the stirring of food is much simpler.

Its Hawkins HC50 cooker is constructed of pure aluminium that ensures quick cooking and reduces fuel use. Additionally, it’s equipped with an inside-fitting lid, which will not lift until the cookware’s pressure is reduced.

What makes Hawkins Contura pressure cooker different from the thousands of other cookers on the market could be a question that pops up in your mind! So let’s take a look at the characteristics of this amazing Hawkins cooker.

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Hawkins Contura Pressure Cooker, 5 Litre

Hawkins Contura Cooker-Accessories and Specifications

Hawkins Contura is constructed of pure aluminium material. The exterior of the cooktop is mirror polished. Additionally, the stunning silver colour of the cooker will make it impossible to take your eyes off of it. It weighs about 5.2 Pounds. This makes its weight lighter.

Let’s take a closer look cooker’s various accessories:

Now let’s have a closer gander at the accessories which come along with the cooker:


  • Cooker lid
  • 43.2×25.4×19.1 Centimeters pressure cooker
  • Rubber gasket
  • 5 years Guarantee card
  • Vent Weight
  • Service centre directory
  • Cookbook

Let’s take a quick glimpse at the incredible characteristics included in Hawkins Contura 5 litres cooker.

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Hawkins Contura Cooker 5-litre Features

Lock mechanism for the inner-lid

Safety should be there no matter which kitchen appliance you use. The Hawkins production team considered this. This is what the Contura’s lid is made of. In addition, Hawkins Contura has an inside fitting that will not be opened until pressure drops. So, using the inside-lid lock mechanism will ensure security to the highest standard that is difficult to locate in many cookwares.

Curved sides

Sometimes it is hard to mix or take food out when cooking in pressure cookers. But the Hawkins Contura features curved sides, because of which it is easy to stir, clean and even see the food with ease. The curves of the sides make the style of the cooker distinct in comparison to other pressure cookers. This can inspire you to fall in love with its style.

Safety Valve

Very few cookers have a safety valve to provide an additional safety measure to protect against burning. The Hawkins Contura is one of the few. The safety valve located below the handlebar permits steam to flow downwards, which will prevent the steam from burning.

After going through these incredible characteristics in the Hawkins Contura cooker, you could find yourself in love with the product. However, every kitchen appliance has its advantages/disadvantages. Therefore, we have to review both the cooking appliances.


The Hawkins pressure cooker has been designed so that the gasket of rubber within the cookware is not exposed to steam. This increases the lifespan of the cooker. But, unfortunately, it also makes it tough.

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  • Include your food items to cook inside the Hawkins Contura cooker.
  • The gasket made of rubber should be placed underneath the cooker’s lid and place the vent weight on the lid of the cooker.
  • Shut off your lid on the cooker.
  • Begin to ignite the gas stove.
  • Let the pressure be created within the cooker, and allow the whistle for vents to go off according to the specifications.
  • After the desired number of whistles have been blown, you can switch off the gas flame. After that, let the cooker cool until the total pressure inside the cooker has gone down.
  • When the cooker is cool when it has cooled, you can take the cooker out, and you’ll see your delicious food is cooked.

This is how it works: the Hawkins Contura cooker cooks food in just a few minutes without hassle.

Ratings By Amazon

Now let’s look at a brief review of how Amazon has evaluated its Hawkins Contura (HC50) cooker in terms of its features.

Quality of material 4.2
Durability 4.1
Value for money 4.0
Easy to Clean 4.0
Easy to Use 4.1
Summary 4.3

The overall rating on Amazon is 4.3. From this, we can conclude it is a good buy. Hawkins Contura (HC50) 5 Liters cooker is worth it.

Based on these ratings, we need to know the benefits provided by the Hawkins Contura cooker besides its negatives.

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What Benefits Does Hawkins Cooker Provides You?

Hawkins Contura Pressure Cooker


Easy to see food items

Due to the large size of the inside of Hawkins cooker, it offers great wideness, making it easier to observe the food cooking. This means that now you can clearly see the food cooking.

Sturdy pivot

This Hawkins Contura features a strong pivot, which makes it easy to operate the pressure cooker because it does not offer any pressure to the plastic handles. The sturdy pivot aids in extending the life of the handle made of plastic. It also makes it easier to hold the pressure cooker with your hands.

Simple stirring and elimination of food items

Sometimes, stirring food is an arduous task when cooking in the pressure cooker. However, the Hawkins Contura makes this tough job much easier since it features rounded sides making it easier to stir and take out the food. It’s not possible with other pressure cookers.

Fuel efficient

Many pressure cookers are efficient in terms of fuel consumption. However, certain models take a long time to cook and use up a lot of fuel. However, this Hawkins Contura comes with an enhanced pressure regulator that lets you cook faster and helps to save fuel.


Its Hawkins Contura cooker is cost-effective, offering uncountable benefits for a lesser price.

What Are The Cons of Hawkins Cooker?


Not Induction safe

It is strongly recommended to utilize this Hawkins Contura cooker on a gas stove because it is not safe for use in Induction. This isn’t useful as many cookers are sold on the market that can be used both on gas stoves as well as Induction.

Although it is true that the Hawkins Contura has the disadvantage of not being Induction secure, it comes with many incredible advantages that make its drawback, not a major issue.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hawkins Contura (HC50) Cooker

How many people can Hawkins Contura cookware accommodate?

It can accommodate 5-7 persons.

What is the mass on the stove?

It weighs approximately 5.2 pounds.

What is the material from which the Hawkins Contura cooker was made?

It is made from pure aluminium material.

How big is this Hawkins Contura 5 litres cooker?

The dimensions are 43.2 25.4 x 25.4, 19.1 Centimeters.

Can we use it on Induction?

It's not possible to apply it to Induction.

What colour can you find the Hawkins Contura cooker available?

It's offered in silver colour and has its outer part with a mirror-polished surface.

Is the Hawkins Contura cooker dishwasher safe?

It's not dishwasher-safe.

What is the cost of Hawkins Contura 5L?

This Hawkins Contura (HC50) 5L cooker costs 1,880 INR on Amazon. The price also differs if the dimensions of the cooktop are lower or higher.

What sizes is this Hawkins Contura HC50 cooker available?

The range of sizes of Hawkins Contura cookers is a wide range. Hawkins Contura cooker starts from 1.5L, 2L, 3L, 3.5L, 4L, 5L, and 6.5L.

Final Thoughts

Final Advice

After taking a close look at the pros and cons of this Hawkins Contura pressure cooker, we recommend it. Its distinctive design, along with its energy efficiency and endurance, make it one of the best pressure cookers in its own unique way.

While there is much other cookware that offers greater advantages than the Hawkins model is a fantastic price-for-money and economical. Therefore, you can enjoy many advantages with the lesser expense. In addition, its efficiency in fuel capability makes it an excellent purchase. Don’t forget that the design is ergonomic for this pressure cooker, which makes it distinctive in its own manner.

Why put it off? Check out this stunning Hawkins Contura HC50 5 litres cooker on Amazon.

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