Top 13 Kitchen Chimney in India To Remove bad Smells From Your Kitchen

Top 13 Kitchen Chimney in India To Remove bad Smells From Your Kitchen

Kitchen chimneys are a part of the western kitchen for pretty long, and now, as these aren’t costing as high as they used to, these are quickly becoming part of Indian kitchens also.

No matter you are using an electric stove, or traditional gas stoves, proper absorption of vapors, fumes, and ash definitely needs to be absorbed as we use a lot of masalas in our Indian dishes. In short, the main job of a kitchen chimney is to absorb all impurities from the air and make it fresh.

Now, these appliances surely increase the life of the people working in the kitchen! If you have a good kitchen chimney, there won’t be any coughing, sneezing, or allergies in the kitchen.

However, which chimney can be the top selection for Indian Kitchens?

As a part of our testing, we asked the question to 60 common people about what they would see in a kitchen chimney before buying. 96% failed! Only two gave some satisfactory answers!

Guys, such chimneys are needs a big investment, so neither depend upon guesswork, nor you trust the salesman! Be a master yourself!

This guide, besides giving all chimney-related knowledge (even the deepest tips), we’ve tested 46 chimneys and chosen 13 for you, under 3 price categories!

So, read about those 13, and make your kitchen more modern and stylish.

After the reviews, we’ll go through the buying guide section. You’ll know about installation, safety measures, ducting methods, kitchen chimney types, and what not!

Best Kitchen Chimney in India – Quick Comparison

Elica ESCG BF 60cm 9.0 Under 10,000 Buy on Amazon
Seavy 60cm Altis 8.9 Under 10,000 Buy on Amazon
Eurodomo 60cm 8.8 Under 10,000 Buy on Amazon
Eurodomo 90cm 8.8 Under 10,000 Buy on Amazon
Elica 60cm 1200m3/hr 8.6 Under 10,000 Buy on Amazon
Felixe 1450 90cm 8.5 Under 10,000 Buy on Amazon
Eurodomo 90cm Prime 9.1 Under 15,000 Buy on Amazon
Faber 60cm 1295 m3/hr 8.7 Under 15,000 Buy on Amazon
Elica 60cm 1200m3/hr 8.6 Under 15,000 Buy on Amazon
Hindware 60cm 1200m3/hr 8.4 Under 15,000 Buy on Amazon
Faber 60cm 1095 m3/hr 8.3 Under 15,000 Buy on Amazon
Faber 90cm 1200 m3/hr 8.9 Under 20,000 Buy on Amazon
Faber 90cm 1000 M³/Hr 8.8 Under 20,000 Buy on Amazon

Top 13 Kitchen Chimney in India — Reviews

1) Elica ESCG BF 60 NERO 60 cm Kitchen Chimney

Elica ESCG BF 60 NERO 60 cm Kitchen Chimney

By looks, one can’t figure that Elica ESCG BF 60 NERO 60 cm model can cost below 10k rupees! It has over 500 Amazon customer reviews. It’s a superb wall-mounted chimney and suitable for 2-4 burners. 1100 m3/hr is the suction capacity, and it’s suitable for a kitchen as large as 200 square feet. 24 x 20 inches is the kitchen chimney dimensions here. A 1-year comprehensive warranty is on Elica ESCG BF 60 NERO 60 cm model, and there’s a 5-year warranty for the motor. It dominated over the Kaff model (similar price) in 9 out of 9 departments!


  • Heavy frying and grilling cause an excessive amount of smoke and odors. This 60 cm model perfectly deals with that!
  • The filters of this kitchen chimney model do a decent job!
  • Even after providing such powerful suction, it makes no more noise than 58dB.
  • The installation of this chimney is easy. If you have the correct knowledge and correct tools, then you can install yourself also. Still, taking professional help is better. Installation won’t cost you high.
  • The exhausting smell is much more difficult for any kitchen chimney in comparison to smoke. This chimney is excellent in exhausting smell in lesser time than the competitors.

The Final Advice

The customer care service of Elica is amazing, and you always receive support. Many customers agree with that. The price of this range hood is much lower than what you’ll find in your nearby showrooms. The vibration and noise both are minimal, so you won’t catch a headache when it is operating while you are working in the kitchen. Elica ESCG BF 60 NERO 60 cm is definitely worth the purchase.

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2) Seavy Altis 60cm SS 60

Seavy Altis 60cm SS 60

Now, this chimney looks pretty much like Seavy SS 60 fix filter 60cm model, and the price is also the same. Here, the abilities are pretty much the same. In contrast to 1100 m3/hr of Elica’s 60 models, the Seavy model comes with the same suction power. Again, this chimney is good enough for kitchens measuring not more than 200 sq. ft. It rampantly defeated the similarly priced Bajaj and Pigeon models in our testing!


  • he powerful motor of this chimney ensures superb suction of oil particles and odor. Due to its powerful suction, the Seavy 60cm model highly meets the Indian kitchen’s needs. It’s a perfect Indian kitchen chimney!
  • This chimney comes with soft push buttons for easy controls. For delivering a clean, comfortable cooking environment for you in the kitchen, it just needs a touch!
  • This model comes with a black titanium steel finish with attractive curved glass. It adds to the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen.
  • The motor is fully concealed, and it highly backs high airflow. The oil collector is also comparatively larger, which of course, gathers more grime deposits that accumulate inside.
  • The baffle filter perfectly absorbs the grease and further separates oil and smoke in its filter. After a time, the excess greasy oil is gathered in its easily detachable oil cup, which is provided for easy cleaning.

The Final Advice

With a Seavy 60cm Kitchen Chimney, you are definitely going to love spending time in your kitchen. Cooking will be joyous. It’s a very practical kitchen chimney that ensures long durability. Its looks are very appealing, and what to tell you about two strategically placed LED lamps, which create such an elegant cooking atmosphere for you! Seavy 60cm Auto Clean is truly amazing and worth the price tag.

If you’re confused between Seavy Altis and Seavy Prime, then the Prime is better regarding suction power and comes with touch control, but if you look for overall capabilities, then Seavy Altis is highly dominated over Prime in our testing. As a result, we are recommending Seavy Altis here.

3) Eurodomo 60cm Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimney

Eurodomo 60cm Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimney

Now, you know what, Eurodomo 60cm Auto-Clean isn’t that different from our past two chimneys we discussed. Here, the kitchen chimney cost is a thousand rupees less. Are you involved in heavy grilling and frying? No issues! This chimney won’t let you suffer from nose-killing odors and eye-burning smoke. We contrasted this 60cm model with Sunflame and, Ventair models, and out of 3, the Eurodomo 60cm model was the cheapest one, still dominated over the rest two in 6 out of 9 testing departments.


  • The filter of this chimney requires very little maintenance; you need to clean it once in 6-7 months!
  • Max noise level is 58dB only, which is below the troubling level.
  • This chimney highly modernizes your kitchen and highly suits all kitchen interiors.
  • Its stainless steel baffle filter works perfectly in dragging down all oil, smoke as well as residue particles.
  • For cleaning this particular chimney, you just need to touch a button.
  • This chimney comes with heat auto clean technology for gathering all oil particles and further spares it in a distinctive oil collector.
  • 2 LED lights perfectly brighten up your cooking area and also enhance your mood, and the mood is a highly required thing, talking about doing creativity with cooking.
  • The touch control panel with a digital display is so convenient. This model is very easy to use.

The Final Advice

Not just with the low price, but also the filtration capabilities of this chimney highly impress you. You’ll find certain similar-looking kitchen chimneys, with similar features costing around 12-13 thousand rupees, and those will also won’t last longer than this one, or bring any fancy features either.

4) Eurodomo 90 cm Auto-Clean Kitchen

Eurodomo 90 cm Auto-Clean Kitchen

Were you really expecting a 90cm kitchen chimney costing below 10000? I know you weren’t! It’s suitable for 3-5 burner stoves, which means even if you have a medium-sized joint family, where all ladies gather for cooking, then without spending any high, Eurodomo 90 cm, Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimney will help out! The warranty is 1 year on the chimney and 5 years on the motor. Talking about durability, no worries at all! As this one is a bigger chimney, it will definitely look modern than our 3 previously discussed chimneys, while, in actuality, it isn’t!


  • His high-quality stainless steel baffle is very reliable and never lets you down in terms of dragging down smoke, oil, and residue particles.
  • As it’s a modern kitchen chimney, the cleaning way has also turned out to be modern. Rather than doing any disassembly and assembly, Eurodomo 90 cm gets itself clean by the click of a button. There is heat auto clean technology behind the scene.
  • The suction capacity of 1200 cubic meters in an hour proves to be enough for Indian kitchens.
  • The touch control panel with digital display. It leads to quick and easy operation.

The Final Advice

Undoubtedlythis model is a champion in eliminating odors and highly deserves to be there in your kitchen, as it isn’t just providing high protection but also helping in enhancing the mood of a cook. Not just the LED bulbs are playing that role, but the overall convenience of this chimney is something that every cook looks for, and costing below 10K, then this smell remover is truly run and grab the thing.

5) Elica 60cm Chimney

Elica 60cm Chimney

Moving on to the fifth model, the Amazon success rate of Elica 60 Cm Kitchen Chimney is high and is among the dominating chimneys in this price category. The cleaning process is too simple. While the chimney itself carries one year warranty, the Rotor, Motor, and Baffle Filters shockingly bring 15 years warranty! Yes, 15 years! 1220 M3/Hr is the suction rate, and that doesn’t hurt anybody at all after knowing that the chimney is costing below 10 thousand rupees. Its baffle filter is constructed using stainless steel, which means there is nothing such as replacement costs. This filter is dishwasher safe.


  • Many people scare that the kitchen chimney consumes a lot of power. Most importantlyElica 60 Cm consumes minimal power without compromising with suction power.
  • Generally, cheap kitchen chimneys make noise around 62-70dB, while this 60 cm model comes with quiet technology, making it operate as low as 58dB. Vapors quickly chop in its baffle filter and change direction, which leads to the separation of grease particles.
  • The highly durable motor of this chimney makes very little noise and vibrates less.
  • The 2 LED lamps also consume lesser power and provide adequate light for cooking.

The Final Advice

If you want a calm and clean environment in your kitchen but not willing to spend much, then this smell remover is the suitable one for you. Neither it requires much look-after, nor it confuses regarding operating. Another interesting thing about this model is that it comes with a 3-speed push button as well as a separate light button for providing you the flexibility of utilizing light irrespective of speed buttons. We are highly recommending Elica 60 Cm 1000m3/hr model to you.

6) Felixe 90 cm Kitchen Chimney

Felixe 90 cm Kitchen Chimney

You know what, if you’re reading to compromise just a bit with looks, you can actually acquire a fully functional and durable kitchen chimney at around 7500 rupees, and let me add on further, it measures 90 cm! It is gas stove compatible. At such a reasonable price, its 3-speed powerful motor is ensuring amazing suction, and it brings a 1-year warranty along with a 5-year warranty on its motor. Also, it operates only at 55 dB. Felix 90cm 1450 m3/per was much better than Faber 60cm 1000m3/hr in most departments in our testing. So, Felix 90cm model is what we’re recommending.


  • You won’t believe the suction power of this chimney1450 m3/Hr is it. You read up there that the model costing almost 10 K was providing suction power up to 1100-1200. So, in those terms, Felixe is providing a better model.
  • You’re saving money as a 6ft Expandable Aluminium Foil Exhaust Pipe is already provided in the package.
  • Adjustable speed control of this chimney is another convenience. The installation is equally convenient.
  • A lot of buyers appreciate Felixe due to its humongous size.
  • Even after paying a low price, the chimney makes odors, ashes, and smoke disappear in no time.
  • Most importantly, this smell remover has proven its durability. You’re also getting amazing post-purchase support from his company.

The Final Advice

Surely, you can’t get a better, or anyway, bigger chimney for your home. Felixe has acted too generous here! It looks appealing, but not as much as the Seavy and Eurodomo models mentioned here, and that’s the only department in which you have to compromise a bit. It’s an amazing exhaust chimney for the kitchen, considering consistency. Noise level, vibration level is lesser in contrast to Seavy and Eurodomo models, and I repeat, it’s a bigger one! Not just that, suction power is also higher. this model is coming up as the hot recommendation nowadays!

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7) Eurodomo 90 cm Auto-Clean Kitchen

Eurodomo 90 cm Auto-Clean Kitchen (2)

The Eurodomo 90 cm Auto-Clean model is undoubtedly an ultra-modern thing! This model is suitable for up to 5 burners stove. 200 sq. ft. is the max coverage area. It easily tackles with heavy odors and smoke generated while doing heavy grilling or frying. The chimney is warranted for 1 year, and 5-years is the warranty time for its motor. Eurodomo provides motors, which hardly ever lets you complain—looking to buy a Kutchina kitchen chimney? Better you don’t! In our testing, this model heavily dominated, and Ktchina’s 2 models fell short. Whether you take this model’s price, build quality, feature, or smoke-sucking capacity, Eurodomo dominated everywhere.

  • 1200 cubic meters per hour suction power is enough for providing you instant relief against the smoke and odors. No dust will be there either. It cleanly means no allergies!
  • 2 LED Lights perfectly brighten your cooking area, and these suck less power.
  • The touch control panel with a digital display offers you simplicity and speedy operation. Anyone can use this chimney pretty conveniently.
  • Not just by operation, but by appearance, also, it can be counted among the most elegant kitchen chimneys out there.
  • The maintenance is minimal. The cleaning period is of 6-7 months, which never brings worries. The touch of a button will do that, eliminating the need for manual cleaning.
  • The high-quality baffle filters never let you complain. These are made with stainless steel.
  • The installation of this smell remover gadget does not bring and hassles.

The Final Advice

The success rate of Eurodomo 90 cm Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimney is 90%+ on Amazon. 120+ user reviews are there. Salute to the technology; its makers have used it. This silent and beautiful performer definitely makes you hit the “Buy on Amazon” button. The Hood is of powder-coated steel, and a quality finish is provided. The upper glass and touch panel are made from toughened glass. Actually, the whole construction is impressive. Besides that, for installation, 10 ft of Al duct is free. There isn’t any valid point to reject this amazing smell remover gadget at this price; our experts said so after a complete study of this wonderful appliance. Price isn’t hitting you hard either. Yes, a 90 cm model from Eurodomo is a smart purchase.

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8) Faber 60cm 1000 m3/hr Chimney

Faber 60cm 1000 m3hr Chimney

If you talk about a perfectly constructed kitchen chimney, then Faber 60cm stands the tallest under 15000 rupees. The experts say it’s the sturdiest one. The steel grey color looks fabulous and rich. It’s the best sleek model at this price. It comes with a 25% higher suction area, 15% better grease reduction, and 10DB noise reduction. 1 year’s warranty is for the chimney, while a 12-years warranty is for the motor. We advise Faber 60 cm 1000 m3/hr model over Faber 60cm 1295 m3/hr model as except the suction speed, the 1000 m3/hr model dominated in most of the departments.


  • Faber Hoods come with exceptionally powerful motors for ensuring efficient suction. Even after being so powerful, the motor doesn’t roar at all! No one complains regarding noise level.
  • It works pretty fast in cleaning the grease and dirty air. It has great suction power providing better and speedy suction. Faber is the only brand manufacturing a 3-way suction chimney at this price, which scoops out the smoke this much faster.
  • This chimney arrives with the Two Triple Layer Baffle Filter technology, which is most suitable for dealing with Indian oily cooking.
  • You can easily clean its filters in the dishwasher, or if you want, then with your own hands.
  • The LED provided with this chimney brightens up the cooking area very well, without heating much and ensuring low voltage consumption.
  • You get 3+1 speed as well as a separate button for light, providing you operation flexibility, irrespective of speed buttons.

The Final Advice

Faber 60cm Kitchen Chimney is very successful on Amazon. The installation cost is low (near 500-1000 rupees), and a person with the right knowledge, tools, and technique can install this model all by himself. The size it offers will prove to be sufficient for a 5-7 members family. Most importantly, it won’t trouble you in terms of repairing because, as we mentioned earlier, it’s a super sturdy build. If you truly believe in single-time investment, then around 11000 rupees (plus 500-1000 for professional installation) is all you have to invest, and that’s it!

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9) Elica 60 cm Auto Clean Chimney

Elica 60 cm Auto Clean Chimney

Talking about the under 15000 rupees, which have 4+ star Amazon ratings, Elica 60 cm Auto Clean model is the best seller, with 700+ customer reviews. With 58 dB max noise level and 1200 cubic feet per minute airflow displacement, then this model is a hot topic nowadays. It highly compliments your kitchen décor, and as it is a zed black color chimney, it won’t look odd no matter what’s your kitchen’s color scheme. The charming design of this kitchen chimney can attract anybody.


  • Besides being a very low noise kitchen appliance, it needs very low maintenance. Also, it is energy efficient.
  • Heat auto-clean technology is such a beneficial thing. As a result, this chimney doesn’t ask for manual cleaning. Push the button, and the chimney clean itself! Wow!
  • 2 LED lamps of this chimney provide high efficiency. These grant ease while cooking. Having this kitchen chimney means that light won’t come up as an issue ever.
  • The filters are dishwasher safe. These perfectly eliminate unhealthy smoke and greasy stuff from your kitchen. So, your kitchen will always be oil & smoke-free. This further means that the paint of your kitchen will never have those ugly smoke spots on them. Also, there won’t be any dust floating in the air!
  • This beautiful appliance won’t eat much space in your kitchen and will continue its service for several years.
  • Undoubtedly this chimney looks small, but you don’t need to bother about power ever! None of the users ever felt disappointment regarding its power.
  • The special oil collector gathers the oil and several other residues conveniently and maintains the purity of the air.

The Final Advice

Besides being too stylish, the chimney is very easy to use. You won’t ever struggle in your kitchen with smoke, odors, etc. Several users claimed that this 60cm chimney was delivered in such a short time, and many were happy with the post-purchase convenience and support. Undoubtedly, Elica 60 cm Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney is worth your money. There is a 1-year warranty for the chimney and 5 years warranty for the motor.

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10) Hindware 60cm Auto Clean Chimney

Hindware 60cm Auto Clean Chimney

With almost 800 Amazon customer reviews, Hindware 60cm Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney is an elegant choice and a very versatile one also. The metal blowers of this chimney ensure max suction and high durability. Of course, you enjoy thermal auto clean innovation with this chimney. One-touch control ensures easy operation, and you can create a perfect cooking environment in your kitchen in no time.


  • It is designed for typical Indian 9-10 feet ceilings. The wattage you take 180 Watts.
  • The metal oil collector is pretty sturdy and durable, and in contrast to plastic oil collectors, this one is very beneficial.
  • The fans of the Hindware 60cm chimney model highly impressed our experts, especially the shape.
  • There are 2 LEDs, each consuming around 25 Watts. These perfectly illuminate your cooking area. As a result, your cooking will never stop.
  • The metallic blower inside this chimney is great, and the suction capacity is worth appreciating.
  • PVC Duct pipe of 6 ft length is included in this chimney’s package. This pipe is of good quality and won’t hard & brittle that easily due to heat and moisture like other similarly priced kitchen chimneys.

The Final Advice

This Hindware 60cm is loaded with supreme features and makes your cooking as easy as walking in the garden. No matter what’s your cooking style, no matter you believe in heavy grilling and intense frying, it’s capable of handling all that and provides you fresh air always.

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11) Faber 60cm 1095 m3/hr Kitchen Chimney

Faber 60cm 1095 m3hr Kitchen Chimney

Costing around 13K rupees, Faber 60 cm is trending high. Mostly, buyers are happy. It’s a rapid eliminator of smoke, ash, odor, and dust. Besides being a perfectionist, this chimney promises to last long. A 1-year comprehensive warranty is on Faber 60 cm model, and there’s a huge 12-year warranty for the motor. In our testing, this Faber 60cm model destroyed Prestige’s chimney (which was costlier) in all stages of comparison. This kitchen chimney, easy cleaning, and low maintenance are ensured.


  • You’ll be amazed to know, 52dB is the top noise level of the Faber 60 cm chimney (using 3D suction) in our testings. Most of the chimneys operate at 55-58 dB, while this one makes less noise.
  • It has a 3-way suction chimney, which scoops out the smoke faster. The unique 3D suction power provides you high-end suction power. It provides you 25% higher suction area, 10dBA noise reduction, and 15% better grease reduction.
  • Now, as this chimney absorbs grease so efficiently, you can keep the cabinets and other appliances in your kitchen free from greasy builds. As a result, your overall kitchen cleaning time gets decreased to half!
  • The speed at which it sucks all the contaminants in your kitchen created during cooking is truly appreciable.
  • In our testing, this chimney removed the excessive heat in the least time among 13 similarly priced chimney models.

The Final Advice

This Chimney is a perfect blend of looks, performance, and technology. Packed with a high-capacity motor and strong metal blower, this 60 cm model proves that it’s truly worth the price. Just buy Faber 60 cm and ensure proper ventilation of troublesome smoke, odors, and other impurities in the air. Your kitchen’s air quality will be highly improved in no time. In our testing, Faber 60cm 1095 m3/hr Chimney proved itself more beneficial than Faber 60 cm 1200 m3/h Autoclean Chimney in most of the departments.

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12) Faber 90 cm Heat Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney

Faber 90 cm Heat Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney

The Faber 90 cm absorbs charcoal like a champion! The way its fans absorb heat and smoke is so influencing. Both the 60cm chimney models were excellent, and this 90 cm model isn’t left behind even an inch!

With 200+ user reviews and an 85%+ satisfaction rate on Amazon, this chimney is earning high appreciation, and the large portion of buyers are entirely satisfied by paying around 16000 rupees for this. A 1-year comprehensive warranty is on Faber 90 cm Filterless Heat Auto Clean model, and a 5-year warranty is for the motor.

 Firstly, the price is very reasonable for any 90 cm attractive looking highly-featured model, keeping its durable build in mind. In our testing, we contrasted this model with the IFB 90cm chimney. Faber dominated in 7/9 departments. 


  • The powerful motor ensures impressive suction capacity and no heavy matter amount of smoke and odor gathered in your kitchen. This chimney will, without producing high noise, suck every impurity from the air and make it fully fresh.
  • There won’t be an accumulation of oil particles in this chimney, as it comes with the auto-clean features, and by your one touch, it can get rid of that and maintain cleanliness within itself. So, the suction power of this chimney is never affected.
  • There is no need to clean this chimney’s filters frequently because there’s a special oil collector for gathering all oil, and this further increases this chimney’s durability.
  • The cleaning process is simple. Tap HERE to know how to clean this chimney at home.
  • The LED quality is supreme, and both of them provide an adequate amount of light a cook needs over his/her cooking area. Neither too bright nor too dull! Most importantly, causing less heat, it consumes very little energy.
  • While cooking, the noise level of the chimney matters a lot. It highly causes a disturbance if the chimney is buzzing too high, and you might put some wrong ingredients in your dish and destroy it. Fortunately, it generates very low noise.

The Final Advice

See, if your kitchen has 3-5 gas stoves, then the Faber 60cm 1295 m3/hr Chimney is recommendable, but if you have a joint family kitchen, then Faber 90 cm will tackle the case much better. Around 1500-2000 rupees is the price difference. Durability is high with both models. We recommend going with this 90cm model, if the price isn’t troubling, because a kitchen chimney is a long-time investment, and if you are buying this larger one here, it will serve you even if your family expands in the future.

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13) Faber 90 Cm Straight Glass Kitchen Chimney

Faber 90 Cm Straight Glass Kitchen Chimney

Now, Elica is the only brand giving tough competition to Faber Faber in terms of models under 20000 rupees, while no other chimney models are able to compete at all in this price category. Let us add to that, Faber’s 90cm Straight Glass model still managed to heavily defeat Elica 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Filterless with a healthy margin. 

So, over Elica 90cm, we’re highly recommending Faber 90cm (costs around a thousand extra, but is much better regarding functionality, features, and even appearance!). Easy operation is ensured just by a simple wave of your hand. 

The major difference between this 90 cm model and the same size model of Elica is that this one comes with impressive air filtering technology. The touch control panel of this chimney also appears very elegant! There is a bio color LED, which indicates color as per the speed of the fan. The chimney carries a 1-year warranty, and its motor carries a standard 5-years warranty.


  • This chimney comes with the patented baffle filter technology that’s designed especially for dealing with oily Indian cooking. It ensures exceptionally powerful suction. The way it draws oily fumes and unhealthy smoke will leave you open-mouthed!
  • Like other chimney models of Faber, the max level is 62dB here also because they use the same technology for noise control in all their chimney models.
  • This chimney is fitted with a seated motor, which is sealed for ensuring that vapor and oil depositions never decrease the efficiency of the motor. A 3-layer baffle filter system is present. Due to the separate oil collector, cleaning becomes very easy.
  • The metal blower is of supreme quality, which exhausts odors and smokes very efficiently out of your kitchen. There is a motor field ensuring the high durability of this chimney’s motor.
  • 1000 cubic meters per hour suction capacity proves to be enough to deal with brainstorming masala fumes and heavy smoke of typical Indian kitchens.
  • The premium feature with a matte black finish body makes this chimney look very striking in any kitchen. It highly enhances your décor. Besides that, you’re getting extra long, high-quality Aluminum duct pipe (10ft) for installation, and besides that, 1 Aluminum tape, 2 Clamps, and a Cowl cover.

The Final Advice

Faber 90 cm Straight Glass Kitchen Chimney is providing a professional-grade experience at a non-professional grade price. The motion sense feature of this chimney is enough to make your relatives, neighbors, and friends feel jealous! There isn’t much altercation in the efficiency of the 90cm chimney model of Elica and Faber, but spending 1K extra for more impressive filtration and the system isn’t hurting you, then you definitely should go with Faber’s 90cm chimney model.

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A Kitchen Chimney Buying Guide

Indian cooking involves a lot of grilling, frying, utilizing various oils & masalas. The noise of spluttering tadka, though, gives a flawless taste and smell, but it also leaves its impact on the kitchen tiles & roof. Over a period of time, grime gathers on the over-the-counter and cabinet appliances.

More than cooking, it’s cleaning your kitchen, which is discouraging and cumbersome, and none of us likes to face that. A chimney or you can call the kitchen hood, is a boon to numerous who love to cook but pull themselves back due to the issue of watery eyes, grimy kitchen, and smell.

Now you can easily cook your heart’s delight with the help of this brilliant appliance. The electric chimney sucks the air inside your kitchen. The air that time goes through the filters. It absorbs the heat as well as traps the grease particles, thereby expelling fumes &odor, and ventilates the kitchen keeping it odor-free and fresh.

26 – 30 inches is the ideal height. There are many more tips below! Let’s teach you how to buy a kitchen chimney!

What to Look while purchasing a Kitchen Chimney

Chimneys are built for happy & comfortable cooking habits, especially for a covered square foot area. Before getting a chimney for your kitchen, the following essential points are what you’ve to consider.

Suction Power & Filters

It’s the capacity with which the kitchen chimney will suck the dirtied air. Chimneys that come with long PVC funnels have higher suction power. For cooking Indian dishes, higher suction power would be the best. Suction Power also relies upon the size of the kitchen. For those individuals, who cook regularly and would utilize their chimneys frequently, the power ranges from 400 to 1000 cubic meters per hour.

Suction becomes poor if your chimney’s filter doesn’t work appropriately. You’ve to pick a model with a suitable filter, which you want to be based on your requirement, and selecting the correct filter increases the performance of your chimney. 

Maintenance & Budget

You must choose a kitchen chimney that needs less maintenance and doesn’t need to be done every 2-3 months. You must also install your chimney at lower tallness so that it’ll be in your reach, and you can clean it appropriately. Installing a chimney at a lower height will also suck more heat, oil, and smoke created from cooking. There are various designs available with numerous brands. In this way, there’s no need to stress over the way that whether you’ll have the option of purchasing a decent chimney in your budget or not. The expense of such models ranges from 10000 Rs. to 30000 Rs. 

Motor/Blower & Size

The motor or blower in your chimney must be sealed to protect it from dust particles. The Aluminium non-stick blower, as well as the motor, is the correct decision for saving yourself from the pain of re-servicing every 2-3 months. The size of a kitchen chimney relies upon your kitchen’s size. It also relies on the size of the stove. The chimney must cover your stove from all sides so that it can suck the maximum amount of smoke/heat delivered from cooking. A normal model comes in 2-3 feet in size. 

Noise & Speed Settings

You must choose a chimney that doesn’t make noise or makes exceptionally minimal noise and doesn’t irritate your cooking or your family members. You can generally choose the kitchen chimney, which has the additional silent kit installed in it, which will drop down the noise of the chimney. The speed with which such odor remover machines suck the dirtied air is lower at the start. But, these days, there are kitchen chimneys with numerous speed settings, in which choosing a chimney with a higher speed setting will be ideal for getting faster outcomes. 

Cut-out for the duct of the chimney in the external wall

There must be a minimum 6-inch-wide circular cut-out in your external wall for the duct of the kitchen chimney. This cut-out must be made on your external wall at the height of 7 feet from your floor level or over your window-lintel level. If there’s no pre-existing circular cut-out in your kitchen, at that point, try giving the contract to your chimney installer for making the hole in the right position of your external wall for proper installation of the chimney.

Another way to manage such a circumstance could be by utilizing the cut-out or position of your external exhaust fan to pass your chimney pipe through it. If you are living in rented apartments or buildings with restrictions, which won’t let them make a cut-out in your external wall, then a ductless chimney is the best alternative. 

Warranty and Service

Make a point to purchase the kitchen chimney from a verified dealer or trusted sites like Amazon so that you’ll get a warrant. Most chimneys accompany a minimum of 1 year of warranty, whereas a few of them have a lifetime warranty too. Warranty is a vital part as regardless of which model you pick, in the end, it’ll surely need cleaning & fixing. [/su_box]

Extra Features to Consider

Protected Thermostat & Double motor

Ensure to look that the kitchen chimney you’re purchasing has protection from the thermal overload. It’ll keep safe the motor of your model from overheating/burning out. The thermal overload protects or turns the chimney’s power to go off right when it notices overheating. In this manner, it’ll protect your chimney’s lifespan.

An electric chimney for a kitchen with a double motor fitted inside delivers enhanced function than those with a solitary motor. Double motor kitchen chimneys also have the bi-rotational Feature; two motors will rotate in the opposite direction, creating a low compression sector.

The air will absorb into this low compression zone, consequently increasing the airflow. In this way, it’s ideal for picking the kitchen chimneys with two blowers. They’re particularly the best fit for an Indian kitchen.

Regulator & Indicator light

Always pick a model that has auto heat sensors. This automatically regulates a chimney and allows it to go off & on as it detects grimes and heat in the air. Also, go for the kitchen chimney with an indicator light, which shows you when it should be cleaned or serviced.

Vertical and Horizontal Kitchen Chimney

Something else to consider before purchasing a kitchen chimney is to know which is appropriate for your kitchen, relying upon your cooking style. Picking whether you need a flat or vertical chimney also relies upon the design of your kitchen.

The vertical kitchen chimneys have turned out to be popular these days because of it’s modern design and also are ideal to be installed with Island cooktops – when you have a stove in the middle of the kitchen.

But, in Indian kitchens, it’s best to pick the traditional horizontal chimney. They are progressively long-lasting and can withstand substantial Indian cooking. [/su_box]

What is the difference between extraction and distribution modes?

The following are the contrast among extraction and distribution mode?

Extraction mode (ducted outside):

The fan draws the vapors created during cooking into the hood, in which they go through the grease filter and into the confining influence air. The grease filter absorbs the grease, which is contained in the fumes created during cooking keeping your kitchen absolutely free from odors and grease.

Recirculation mode

Where it’s not possible to vent your hood to the outside, the hood can work in the mode, which is called recirculation. The fan draws the fumes created while cooking into the hood, in which they go through the grease filter and afterward through the carbon filter before the clean & fresh air is released over into your kitchen.

The grease filter absorbs the grease, whereas the activated carbon filter absorbs all the smells. For working your hood in this mode, it’s important to install the activated carbon filter.

Our Recommendation

If possible, we suggest you have the hood ducted out. A ducted hood’s performance is marginally superior to a ductless or cycling hood. Besides that, a ducted hood also removes condensation and steam from the kitchen.

A ducted hood traps fats as well as dust in it, ‘s grease filter before expelling the air from the kitchen. Most grease filters can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher to avoid dirt building up and reducing the performance of extraction.

Charcoal filters should be replaced regularly. A hood utilized in recirculation mode has charcoal filters, notwithstanding a grease filter. The charcoal filter absorbs the smells of cooking. A hood in the mode of recirculation recycles the air back into the kitchen after the filters have totally cleaned the air. This implies steam is recycled back into the kitchen. 

Size of Chimney: Master Tips

Were not you waiting for some big tips from us?


  • While acquiring a Kitchen chimney, there are a few things that you have to remember, and one of the noticeable things that you have to choose is its size. In case you pick up the wrong size chimney for your kitchen, it probably won’t work effectively.
  • In case you pick a little size chimney as indicated by the size of your kitchen, at that point, it will simply over-burden and won’t be able to suck up all the grease and smoke. Further, in case the size is too enormous for your kitchen, at that point, you would simply wind up spending more money than necessary.
  • Most Kitchen Chimneys, significantly bigger in India, are accessible in standard sizes measuring 60cm and 90cm. When in doubt, you ought to consistently go for a chimney, which is somewhat larger than your Hob or Stove size, to ensure that it totally covers the zone and ingest all of the smoke that leaves your food efficiently.
  • In case you have a cooktop having 2 to 4 burners, at that point, you can buy the 60Cm model as it will work superbly. Those having a cooktop with 3 to 5 burners need to buy the bigger variation of 90cm.
  • In any state, you ought to never accept a Chimney that is littler than your Hob or cooktop. In case you pick a kitchen Chimney, which is littler than your Hob, at that point, it won’t work that effectively on the grounds that some smoke or fumes is surely going to escape from its suction power and will further spread in your kitchen.

F.A.Q About Best Kitchen Chimneys

How actually a Kitchen Chimney Works?

Talking about how it works, then generally functioning of a kitchen chimney is basic. Smoke and oil discharge, while you cook are sucked in by this machine and discharged outside while the grease is trapped in the chimney filters, and it stalls out there itself. A kitchen chimney comes with a pipe or ductless. Both sorts of chimneys work in different manners. There are different modern functions available inexpensive chimneys. However, the basic principle of working still remains the same.

What is a PVC Pipe or Hose Pipe in a Kitchen Chimney?

Hosepipe / PVC pipe is nothing but a channel pipe that gathers grease and oil from the filter; however, this pipe additionally should be cleaned. It very well may be sliced for kitchen chimney fitting in any size of a kitchen. You can likewise paint it to match your kitchen interior.

What is an auto clean chimney?

Cleaning chimneys can be pretty troublesome. The fume, oil, grease particles, and so on sucked in and gathered by the chimney absolutely would be a bad dream to clean. Particularly, the individuals who use to have a moderately busy calendar may think that it's appalling to utilize their spare time (which is pretty rare) for these gross cleaning works. Innovation is up to protect each one of those in the type of Auto Clean Chimneys. These new-age chimneys procedures to gather the grease particles or oil sucked in by it in a separable oil gathering compartment, which is detachable. You would simply need to clean that small compartment once every month or so. No troubling work! Essentially, the general manual cleaning that a chimney needs is very low.

How to clean kitchen chimney?

This isn't a simple job to clean a chimney, particularly on the grounds that there are a few kinds of chimneys accessible at the market, and every single of them has a diverse methodology of cleaning. We should investigate the chimney types and know how to clean them. No matter what chimney sort you're using, but you'll get the perfect cleaning method down there! Hence, no need to look for kitchen chimney cleaning services and paying anything! Mesh and baffle filter cleaning methods: The filters of this sort of chimney are fitted with a twofold layered filter having a huge suction limit. It ought to be cleaned with detergent and warm water. This effective solution will unclog the pores. Further, you should repeat this cleaning procedure each a little while. Clean the baffle filters every 2-3 weeks for increasing durability. Warm water and a normal mild detergent are all you need for cleaning these baffle filters for dealing with greasy residue. Further, mesh filters consist of little pores for retaining the smoke, so there are chances of little particulates obstructing the pores, and you need to clean every 8-10 days. Before you clean the kitchen chimney filter, soak these filters in warm water for loosening the grime. Harsh detergents will scar the surface, and you don't want that, right? You can likewise expel the inside mesh layers for cleaning them independently for superior safety. You can't clean charcoal filters. Generally, you need to replace them each for 4-5 months. Use soap scrub for cleaning duct tape chimneys, generally once per month. They are a lot simpler to maintain in contrast to mesh and baffle filters. Keep it clean, and maximize the life use of the chimney in the kitchen!

What Are the Security Considerations While Using a Kitchen Chimney?

Are you looking to mount the kitchen chimney on the hood of your home for the kitchen? Along these lines, it needs high care, special guidance, and, most importantly, safety tips for each user. It is important to finish the installation perfectly and place it securely. You can find free-standing hoods of various kitchen chimneys in the market, yet their widths vary. The vast majority of the chimneys are joined to the wall's face since they accompany some additional features. Such hoods are accessible in the market in modest range and costly ranges. These are digital, and some also come with indicators. The dishwasher grease filter accompanies these hoods for work and cleaning conveniences. As these hoods are attached or connected to the cooktop, their width ought to be exactly the same. An additional chimney hood is accessible there, so before the installation of your kitchen chimney, along these lines, keep these things in your brain.

Other Safety Tips

Before finishing, some tips are there that we want you to keep in mind.

  • At the point when you install the chimney in your kitchen, guarantee that the kitchen chimney and stove are having a base separation of 25 – 30 inches max.
  • Every single model requires a precise voltage for high-end performance. Once in a while, the 2 stage voltage is insufficient for electrical equipment, so having the 3 stage voltage is better.
  • Guarantee that you have an appropriate earthing before the process of kitchen chimney installation in your sweet home.
  • Keep up a different duct for allowing the smoke out in the duct chimney’s case. Keep in mind that never append the duct to other equipment of smoke exhausting.
  • Leaving the gas burner open will be foolish and careless! The filters are combustible, and this can burn your kitchen chimney.
  • Keeping the frying pan open is risky. The oil can surely catch fire.
  • Along these lines, it’s good to have and install a kitchen chimney, yet dangerous. So one needs to focus on the work on the grounds that the cooktops and hood should be cleaned altogether.

Cautious Handling

Never remove your kitchen chimney hood from the packaging until the time has come to install it. At the point when the lifting is finished, guarantee that you use your fingers for lifting it. My dear companions, please never attempt lifting it from the pot tracks. During this work, we recommend wearing cotton gloves and safety glasses. Ensure that there are no scratches and fingerprints present on your gloves. Kindly don’t remove any plastic. Once you’ve finished your kitchen chimney’s installation, you can remove it.

Appropriate Ventilation is Needed

Connecting it to the existing ventilation system is not recommendable. The ventilation stream needs to be it’s very own and consistently keep in mind that the hood removes odors and definitely no steam. Appropriate air ventilation and circulation is vital for air. The air streaming doesn’t need to be exhausted and needs to flow from possibly all sides freely. The hood guarantees a without a smoke, charming smelling kitchen in any event when it’s not there; the work is being finished.

Perfect Ducting of Hood

Installing a kitchen chimney without a duct is impossible. Alongside the right and exact ducting stream, you need to duct the hood too appropriately. Before beginning the ducting work of your kitchen exhaust chimney, you need to know where it will run or lead. The shorter it is, the better it’s going to be, as performance issues will be there if it’s too long.

We highly prescribe putting the hood ventilator outside, as though not, it will even now gather the scents and odor inside, yet will likewise push back the heat inside the house. In case your hood’s filters aren’t consistently cleaned and pivoted, at that point, the smell will continue moving inside the house. There is some extra cleaning inside, which will turn out to be difficult to resist.

Tips for lessening the noise that an electric kitchen chimney makes:

There are two different methods of lessening the noise that an electric kitchen chimney makes:

Change the using way of your extractor fan: Extractors are quieter at lower settings. In case you turn your hood on at its minimum setting before you begin cooking, you will control scent and steam levels in a better manner.

You likely don’t have to increase its power except if you burn something! For cleaning residual scents, just leave the extractor on for around 5 – 10 minutes after cooking. A few extractors even have advantageous run-on timers with the goal that after a pre-set time, they switch off automatically.

Utilize the right ducting: It is important to duct properly – for its performance, yet in addition to its noise level. Pick the ducting that the manufacturer suggests. BEST hoods ought to be installed with the help of 150mm (6″) smooth inflexible ducting.

Smaller, flexible, or ribbed ducting can bring issues with the free airstream and, along these lines, make higher noise. Guarantee the hood is perfectly situated, so the straightest and shortest ducting run is used. Again it’s going to improve the air stream as well as lessen noise.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Hood installation: Safety tips

Now, it’s a crucial point for everybody who didn’t have any experience of electrical installation. The electrical connections or attachments that you make must be perfect, and you should properly connect to the kitchen chimney hood. Disconnect the power supply necessarily till you have perfectly installed your Chimney.

Further, check the opening of the board to ensure power is off, as it’s going to turn on automatically when you connect the wire. Taking the help of a circuit repairman or an expert is necessary for wiring work. With an electrical connection, keep up a safe distance between the cooktop and the kitchen chimney hood.

Types of Kitchen Chimneys


These are the best compact kitchen chimneys accessible in India if you’ve not enough space in your kitchen for the chimney with a hood. They also work similar to kitchen chimneys with a hood, yet they require less space for installation.


Contemporary Kitchen Chimneys are well suited for a modular kitchen as they also add style to your kitchen. They are also known as modular kitchen chimneys. They look attractive, and these chimneys come in various designs, which you can go with any design that fits your budget.

Ductless Hood Benefits

The main advantage of the ductless hood vent is that it’s a lot more versatile in terms of area. It very well can be installed almost anyplace in your kitchen, as it shouldn’t be connected with any duct in the walls or roof.

If you’re renovating your kitchen and you would prefer not to install/move duct-work around, at that point, a ductless hood vent provides you more alternatives for where and how you can install it.

Kitchen Chimney Filter Types

The filter in the kitchen chimney plays an essential role in trapping dirty & polluted elements from the air in the kitchen, regardless of whether you’ve got the chimney that recycles or expels the air through a duct. However, a filter, which doesn’t work appropriately can mean poor vacuum suction, developed dust, and a possible health hazard.

Clean or Replace?

Kitchen chimneys, which recycle air, utilize charcoal filters for absorbing odor and oil. Purification force relies upon the quality as well as the size of the kitchen chimney’s charcoal granules inside. The charcoal can not be washed. 6 to 12 months is a natural lifetime. It’s a similar principle as a hoover vacuum and coffee machine filters. 

Work Filters for Chimneys with Ducts

These filters comprise aluminum mesh layers, one over the other with a slight offset. The kitchen chimney sucks your kitchen’s air through the filter. Fumes and smells go through the duct to the outside.

Grease particles stick to one/other all of the layers of mesh. If you’re utilizing a lot of oil/fat in your cooking, even with the steel barbecue, they’ll stop up even more quickly. Check the manufacturer’s manual for knowing instructions for checking whether you can place them in the dishwasher or for suggested cleaning agents.

Baffle Filters for Effectiveness

Baffle filters are a bit higher than mesh filters when compared to effectiveness and easy cleaning. We suggest you the baffle filter for cooks who fry & barbecue food regularly, with the steel grill or grill machine. Both filters release grease particles into the air.

These baffle filters, made out of steel/aluminum, change the direction of airflow for making grease settle on the baffle but without damaging or affecting the air suction power of your chimney.

Finally, you can also maintain a strategic distance from the clean/replace issue if you decide on an auto-cleaning chimney. These models need low or no maintenance, with components such as the electric suction motor, which is sealed against grease & dust.

Charcoal Filter

These filters are made from the charcoal ballot with holes in it, as well as these holes do the absorption system. The kitchen chimney, which is fitted with this charcoal filter, comes at a reasonable price for Indian cooking.

This sort of filter can’t be cleaned, and the charcoal filter makes more noise compared with other filters. A kitchen chimney fitted with the charcoal filter requires much work as this filter should be replaced each 3-4 months.

Conduit Vs. Ductless Kitchen Chimneys

Most of the designers and cooking experts would agree that a ducted model is better than the ductless models in a few different ways:


Moisture & heat reduction: The ducted vent sends the heat and steam of your cooking through the duct and right out of your home, keeping the kitchen cooler as well as drier. The ductless model also filters the particles out of your cooking area, but the moisture and heat still remain in the room.

Smell reduction: As a ducted hood sends all air legitimately outside, a large portion of the cooking scents is sent with it. The ductless hood can filter out a portion of the smell, but a lot more of that onion/bacon smell will stay to spread through your home. Obviously, if the food smells good, which you’re cooking, then this might be a plus point!

Grease capture: Airborne grease from cooking can be settled on your cabinets or walls, making a layer that should be cleaned fairly regularly. A ducted range hood works admirably, blowing this oily air outside. A ductless hood vent also catches a lot of that oily air and filters out the grease, and that’s why its performance will generally be less amazing if compared with a ducted model.

Maintenance: Ductless range hoods have a filter for capturing airborne particles. So as to keep up their performance, you have to clean or change the filter periodically.

Noise: A ducted range vent frequently makes less fan noise as it doesn’t need to pull the air through the filter, while the ductless model requires more power to work.

What Are The Best Kitchen Chimney Brands in India?

Here comes the brand’s comparison. We came across several brands and prices, but now, we’ll dive deeper! Aside from thinking about the important details of the kitchen chimney, you can’t skip considering brands.

Indeed, you ought to incline toward purchasing your model from a genuine brand name for ensuring reliable performance and longevity. In case you don’t know the topmost kitchen chimney brands to make your pick, then we’ve provided the most notable and high-reputation brands from which you can pick your Chimney:

Overall best brands


Hindware brand is viewed as one of the highly trusted and most reliable kitchen chimney brands in India. The chimneys this brand provides come with extraordinary features. Hindware chimneys arrive with baffle filters. Most importantly, chimneys that accompany these filters are the most appropriate for Indian kitchens, as per the experts.

The materials used for constructing this Chimney are rust-free. The appealing LED lighting in Hindware chimneys adds to the looks of the Chimney as well as your kitchen. 

Hindware: Various feature such as perfect double auto-cleaning provision makes these chimneys from Hindware, the most suitable picks for Indian kitchens.


Elica’s kitchen chimney designers have an extraordinary aesthetic sense that is obviously delineated in their models most of the time. Hi-tech innovation utilized while constructing Elica chimneys makes them incredible yet separated from other brands. The Elica possess a hardened steel and glass body, which makes the chimneys pretty attractive, which in turn makes them an appealing part of your kitchen space.

Elica: The top-rated models of Elica chimneys come with 1100 cubic meters/hour suction speed, making it a commendable kitchen chimney brand in India. Elica kitchen chimney price list fully satisfies, as for money, Elica provides high features.

Best Brands Regarding Features


With regards to kitchen appliances, Faber definitely rings a bell as it is one of the presumed names on the planet. The special 3D Y2S2 innovation that Faber uses in their few kitchen chimneys models permit 3-way suction, consequently guaranteeing that the kitchen remains smoke-free constantly. Their models bring high durability.

Some choice features such as push-control buttons and 3-speed activity and makes Faber chimneys highly worth having in the kitchen space. This makes Faber outstanding amongst various kitchen chimney brands in India. 

Faber: 3-speed operation, push-control buttons, and 3-layer baffle filters make it a perfect pick for Indian kitchens.


German innovation is truly phenomenal with regards to the assembling of kitchen machines. Bosch utilizes a similar German innovation while designing their models. Therefore, Bosch’s chimneys hold a solid spot in our minds with regard to picking the best brands. The higher suction power guarantees better air quality in your kitchen.

Bosch: This brand adopts European-style baffle filters that consequently make it a commendable purchase for all Indian clients.


Kitchen chimneys from Prestige suit our huge Indian kitchen space as Prestige models come bound with record-breaking suction power. The computerized display facilitates these chimneys’ operation. Inbuilt incandescent lights increase the brightening factor that highly makes the chimneys from Prestige a commendable purchase.

Prestige: Besides its innovation and appearance, the Brand name Prestige is itself the plus point of these kitchen chimneys. Reading Prestige reviews for their models from the buyers also brings a feeling of satisfaction. Prestige has done pretty well in manufacturing other kitchen appliances also. Prestige has been such a prestigious and reliable name, talking about kitchen appliances.

Other Considerable Brands


Among the high-in-demand and best kitchen chimney brands across India, the Glen chimneys – accompany extra filters. A few of their ductless chimneys are easy to install and use. The company is known to utilize premium quality baffle filters in all of its models. Glen’s design always impresses.

Glen: Besides top-quality baffle filters, Glen chimneys likewise have carbon filters that lead to better filtration of the kitchen air.


Sunflame also designs kitchen chimneys in a very good manner. The Sunflame models arrive with features such as feather touch control, making the whole operation pretty convenient. They come with a high suction limit that is an absolute necessity for every single Indian kitchen.

 Their chimneys work for an enormous range of Indian kitchens. We’ve also noticed that the complaint percent regarding functionality and cleaning of Glenn chimney is much lesser than any other kitchen chimney brand in India.

Sunflame: Most importantly, the auto-cleaning capacity feature of their chimneys makes it outstanding amongst other kitchen chimney marks in India.


So, is Chimney necessary? It definitely is! A kitchen having this appliance is very healthy for the whole family, and if you think that buying these chimneys costs much, then have you thought about how much will you need to spend on treatment and medicines caused by kitchen fumes, smoke, and other kitchen hazards?

The positive is, these are even available under 10K!

Now, let’s remind you which chimney model is best for whom!

If yours is a small kitchen, then Elica ESCG BF 60 NERO 60cm is the best Chimney for you! Seavy Altis 60cm SS 60 is the best cheap fixed filter chimney for the kitchen. Even if you have a large kitchen, you can buy a large chimney at an unbelievable price! Buy Felixe 90 cm Kitchen Chimney, and get your kitchen fresh! Eurodomo 90 cm Auto-Clean 1200 m3/h is the best under 15000.

Regarding Hindware, 60cm Auto Clean 1200 m3/h seems most promising regarding durability. If you want the best Chimney for your large kitchen, then buy Faber 90 cm Heat Auto Clean 1200 m3/hr. Regarding features, Faber 90 Cm Straight Glass model impresses the most!

Well, if you’re a foodie, and aren’t willing to compromise with your health either, then you should read our Best Air Fryer in India Review. Besides that, we’ve made your dish-washing easier than ever by selecting few tremendous dishwashers to buy in our Best Dishwasher in India review.


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