Best HAVELLS Ceiling Fan Reviews & Price idea

Best HAVELLS Ceiling Fan Reviews & Price idea

Talking about the most sensible cost, Havells stands the tallest. It was formed in the year 1983 by Qimat Rai Gupta.

The headquarters are in Noida, India. It acquires over 20 branches worldwide with 5000+ experts in excess of 40 nations.

Further, it has 11 production facilities in India with a yearly income of nearly $ 1 billion. Their fans mostly look attractive.

The varieties include decorative, underlight fans, energy-saving fans, metallic fans, customary fans, etc. Energy consumption is the lowest here, and that a huge benefit always.

Testing the models was pleasing, though, as 88% of their fans prove to be the right value for money.

We’ve selected the top 5 fan models from the whole Havells fans catalog for you.

Havells Pacer 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Here’s the list of some amazing havells celing fans to fight with heat in summer in India

Havells ES-50 1200mm 9.0 Under 2500 Buy on Amazon
Havells Pacer 48″ Brown 8.8 Under 2000 Buy on Amazon
Havells Nicola 48″ 8.6 Under 3000 Buy on Amazon
Havells Vogue Plus 8.6 Under 2500 Buy on Amazon
Havells Leganza 48″ 8.4 Under 3000 Buy on Amazon
Havells Moto Race 1200mm 8.4 Under 4500 Buy on Amazon
Super Fan A1 48” 8.6
Under 4000
Buy on Amazon

Best HAVELLS Ceiling Fan – Reviews

1) Havells ES-50 Five Star Ceiling FanHavells ES-50 Five Star Ceiling Fan

While testing various ceiling fans, Havells ES-50 Five Star 1200mm highly impressed us. Its robust and elegant design is specially built for providing optimum airflow throughout your home.

This model is among the best energy-saving ceiling fans, and it comes with 5-star ratings in saving energy.
This fan was better than Havells Yorker in our testing. The air circulation of Havells ES-50 Five Star 1200mm Ceiling Fan is too impressive.

As soon as you turn ON this fan, you feel a refreshing breeze making all body sweat disappear instantly.


  • The perfectly designed blades and its powerful motor ensure perfect air circulation in the room’s all corners.
  • You’ll get support in concealing the messy electrical wirings as this fan arrives with an attractive canopy and an elegantly designed rod, which will provide an uncluttered look.
  • Due to its attractive looks, this fan is perfect to complement modern interiors. The bright white & brown colors are highly suitable for every house’s ceiling.
  • The air delivery of Havells ES-50 Five Star 1200mm is highly impressive, with a sweep length of 1200 mm. It can provide fantastic cooling for large rooms as well.

The Final Advice

This ceiling fan arrives with a powerful 50-watt motor, which ensures rapid airflow along with low power consumption.

It’s easily capable of covering an area measuring 65 to 100 square feet (at average speed). If your hall is bigger, you can run this fan on top speed. So, from small to large rooms, Havells ES-50 Five Star 1200mm ceiling fan is a fantastic choice.

2) Havells Pacer 48″ Brown Ceiling FanHavells Pacer 48″ Brown Ceiling Fan

The fan seems normal, and the price is also high, right? But Why? Firstly, because of the high rotation speed of 400 RPM, and secondly, due to the perfect shape of the blades, due to which heat dissipation takes place in the room much more vigorously in contrast to other fans.

235 CMM is its impressive air delivery. A major reason behind superior cooling output is its double ball bearing construction. Wait, there much more to know! 


  • In summers, in most of the Indian cities, we face voltage issues. Fans start rotating at dead speed, providing no relief from the heat at all. In such cases, Havells pacer becomes a savior. Voltage ups and downs don’t affect its performance.
  • Power consumption matters a lot when you are looking to install fans in all your rooms. This one consumes less than 75W.
  • No matter what’s your interior decor scheme, the dark brown color of this fan is going to blend perfectly with it.
  • No high noise issue here.
  • The wide blades with the partnership of its powerful motor make even air distribution throughout the room.

The Final Advice

If you have a large room where you think you are going to need an extra table fan beside the ceiling fan for proper airflow, then you better stop! Save your money as one Havells Pacer 48″ Brown Ceiling Fan is more than enough. 

Besides that, this high-speed fan is an economical choice. For knowing Havells fan price, tap the button below!

Are you looking for a similar fan at the same price? SS 390 price is close to this one, and that’s also a highly reliable fan. 

The performance was tremendous, and the fan price is something buyers are highly appreciating. get it HERE 

3) Havells Nicola 48″ Ceiling FanHavells Nicola 48″ Ceiling Fan

Many of you would be finding a fan for their drawing-room, which doesn’t just function outstanding but attracts visitors’ eyes also.

Adding just a few more hundred to the cost of our last fan, you can buy something much more stylish and elegant!

Yes, it’s Havells Nicola 1200mm ceiling fan model, again a very durable fan, which defines class! Due to the efficient motor, the performance of this fan is very smooth, and that’s what one expects, right? 


  • This fan is providing you wide options regarding colors. You can choose whatever suits your interior decor more among 5 amazing color combinations.
  • Weighing just 3.63 kg, the fan is no hassle to install.
  • You’ve got variations of 24″, 36″, 48″ and 55″ size variations. You can choose as per your hall’s size.
  • Strong Aluminum blades and sturdy die-cast covers promise to provide you high durability overall.
  • The coverage area of this fan is tremendous. It was among the top two fans in our testing regarding this.

The Final Advice

Like the fans we mentioned up there, this one also comes with twin canopies, which means there won’t be any wires messing around. It’s a very clean and simple installation.

Power consumption is also just 68W. When looking for decorative fans, then the normal cost for reliable ones tough 3500, while this fan is costing below 3000! So, just grab it!

If not entirely satisfied with this one, then Havells Enticer 1200mm is another sweet choice for you.

4) Havells Vogue Plus Ceiling FanHavells Vogue Plus Ceiling Fan

Now, Havells Vogue Plus 1200mm is a highly appreciable fan. This one is 48″, and the cost is somewhat between the Paces model and Nicola model.

It measures 535 x 135 x 55 mm, and the dimensions of its motor measure 265 x 215 x 195 mm.

The weight is 3.8 Kg, and its speed is 350 RPM. The air delivery is 225 CMM. The exotic blade trims are so much eye-catching. It highly increases the beauty quotient of the fan in both stationary and rotating forms.


  • Many of us avoid buying white ceiling fans as dust appears cleanly there, and one needs to clean them frequently. It’s not so with this fan. It comes with silver-blue color, and it won’t attract dust as other fans do. Besides that, cleaning is easy.
  • The metallic silver-blue paint finish is highly appreciable. Also, the motor comes with a decorative ring.
  • Low voltage performance is a big consideration nowadays with modern fans, and Havells Vogue Plus 1200mm doesn’t let you down here. Your other appliance might slow down in low voltage, but not this fan!
  • Of course, you get double canopy and double ball bearing benefits here also.
  • Due to silent operation, Havells Vogue Plus 1200mm is a very suitable bedroom fan. No noise and no disturbance!
  • The makers claim that this fan covers 100 Sq.ft. But while testing, we found this fan covered 25% more than that perfectly!

The Final Advice

Every single fan’s performance highly depends upon the motor quality. Most importantly, this fan’s motor is truly robust and is capable of operating on a wide voltage range.

Low voltage or high voltage will never damage its motor. So when you’re getting the style, durability, powerful air delivery, and nice appearance, the cost of this fan must not displease you.

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5) Havells Leganza 48″ Ceiling FanHavells Leganza 48″ Ceiling Fan

Now, how to appreciate this one? Anyone can misjudge its price by its looks! This fan, costing a bit above 2500, looks like a 4000 rupees thing! The design is awesome.
Did you notice it’s different from the previous 3 fan models in our listing?

Yes, it’s a 4-blade fan that carries its own advantages! Talking about the elaborate range of Havells appliances, the Leganza is probably the most good-looking fan around. Your ceiling will look much attractive after installing this fan. 


  • This fan, because of 4 blades, provides great airflow in a larger size room.
  • You can choose between dual bronze and gold tones. Most importantly, both are equally suitable.
  • You enjoy 2 years warranty here. However, the fan is expected to last much longer than that!
  • Talking about a bit heavy 4-blade fans, 72W power consumption is highly acceptable.

The Final Advice

High power and pretty large coverage area are the lone two factor which is enough for attracting anyone to buy this fan. Looks are better than any other fan around this price out there. So, one feels proud showing it off in his living room. HPLV motor works perfectly at a lower voltage. What else are you looking for?

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6) Havells Moto Race Kids Ceiling FanHavells Moto Race Kids Ceiling Fan

You can perfectly knock out the slanting sun rays by Havells Moto Race Kids Ceiling Fan, which will spruce up the looks of your kid’s room! Its vibrant color & motor race theme will surely make your little one’s room much attractive!

The RPM is pretty high (330 RPM); still, the noise level is lesser than the competing fans. The airflow of this fan is undoubtedly impressive.


  • It comes with a unique motor race theme, which is completely fantastic when compared with single-color fans.
  • Havells Moto Race Kids Ceiling Fan is powered by a fantastic motor, which works flawlessly at low voltage!
  • You’re getting twin canopies for hiding the messy wiring, which is appreciable. The 2-years warranty is equally appreciable.
  • This fan has earned so many positive reviews from those who used this fan in their kids’ rooms.

The Final Advice

This model is equipped with ergonomically designed blades that are capable of providing impressive air flows even for bigger rooms.

This ceiling fan is fantastic at doing silent operations (even on top speed), so your kids can easily sleep without any headache or noise. The Havells Moto Race Kids Ceiling Fan will definitely please you with its performance and looks.

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7) Super Fan A1 Ceiling Fan

Super Fan A1 Ceiling Fan

The Super Fan A1 is a decent fan that comes with a remote control. Costing nearly 4000 rupees, it’s highly appreciated by the users.

It is milky white in color, but no worries, dust won’t gather around that easily. It doesn’t just come with a different name, it also brings some different abilities.

As remote control is provided along with, a regulator is not needed form the switchboard, which is going to save space for one extra switch for you. There are LED indicators for remote operations. 


  • More than 50% energy is what Super Fan A1 saves for you, increasing your savings!
  • The Aluminium die-cast body is very durable.
  • If you operate this fan with an inverter, then also you’ve got a number of hours.
  • It spins at the speed of 350RPM, and the air delivery power is 220cmm.
  • This fan is suitable for a number of locations.

The Final Advice

The big thing is, a 5-year warranty is what you get with this whole package, so you’re going to be at several upcoming summers in less money.

After full testing of Super Fan A1’s specs, features, and functioning, we conclude, it’s surely worth the purchase.

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8) Exhaust fan – Havells Vento Jet-15 Auto 150mm

Exhaust fan

No other exhaust fan around this price can operate at lower noise than this one. It comes with an automatic front opening for preventing entry of foreign objects such as dust, bird, pets, etc. It’s a very suitable highly-featured exhaust fan.

9) Wall fan – Havells Swing Platina 400mm

Wall fan

These sort of fans serve really well, but durability is the major issue with these fans. However, in testing, we came across Havells Swing Platina 400mm fan, which is so perfectly built that our experts bet this wall fan will last longer than the competitors.

10) Table fan – Havells Crescent 250mm Table Fan

Table fan

Looks, design, colour, features, everything is so fascinating about this little table fan, and these are its success pillars. Like other Havells fans, this one also is a silent performer, and ensures jerk-free revolving, covering a massive area.

11) Stand fan – Havells Sprint 450mm

Stand fan

There’s a wide variety of Havells stand fans, but the surprising fact is that most of their stand fans having max reviews and ratings actually got beaten by an under-rated fan! It’s none other than the Sprint 450mm model. Its heavy base ensures great stability, and this fan ensures superior low voltage performance.

Havells fan customer care – 1800 103 1313

The Conclusion

ES-50 Five Star model is our overall best ceiling fan choice. Havells Pacer 48″ is the best high-speed model, and as a result, we recommend it as a fan that provides the fastest relief against relief.

Due to its extraordinary looks, we recommend Havells Nicola 48″ Ceiling Fan as the best ceiling fan for your drawing room.

If you prefer a 4-blade fan, then Leganza 1200mm fan is perfectly suitable for you. Now, when you are looking to buy a ceiling fan for your living, drawing, bedroom, etc., then don’t you think you need something fancy for your kid’s room as well? Grab Havells Moto Race model, which will please your kid deeply!

Also, read the Best Orient, Crompton, Bajaj ceiling fan reviews for discovering more options!


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