Best BAJAJ Ceiling Fan Reviews & Price Idea

Best BAJAJ Ceiling Fan Reviews & Price Idea

Bajaj is among the top 5 ceiling fan brands in India. The organization has a yearly turnover of around $450 million. 

The establishment took place in the year 1983 by Kamal Nayan Bajaj. The head office is there in Mumbai. It has a solid network of around 5000 dealers and distributors.

They are selling the best ceiling fans in India, with 40000 retail outlets in India. Besides that, they have in excess of 250 client support centers throughout the country.

We checked the Bajaj ceiling fans catalog with price, specifications, and features and then tested some selected out of them. As usual, we picked 5 Bajaj ceiling fan models with a price range of under 3000.

Following is the Bajaj ceiling fan price list 2021, and after that, you’ll read about RPM, air delivery, attractive features, and much more about the top 5 fans here.

After providing info regarding the Bajaj ceiling fan price in India, we’ve deeply explained each fan.

What’s there in the package?

Bajaj Ornio 48′ 8.9 Under 4000 Buy on Amazon
Bajaj Maxima 24″ 8.8 Under 1500 Buy on Amazon
Bajaj Disney DC-01 48” 8.6 Under 3500 Buy on Amazon
Bajaj New Bahar Deco 48″ 8.6 Under 1500 Buy on Amazon
Bajaj Euro 48″ Premium 8.3 Under 3000 Buy on Amazon
Bajaj Archean 48” 8.0 Under 1500 Buy on Amazon
Luminous Audie 48” 8.6 Under 2000
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Best BAJAJ Ceiling Fan – Reviews

1) Bajaj Ornio 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Bajaj Ornio 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Now comes the most recommendable fan from Bajaj, which isn’t triumphant just regarding design but also regarding performance!

One can expect Bajaj Ornio 1200mm price much higher than the actual. The air delivery of this 65W fan is 230 CMM, and the speed is 340 RPM. 


  • Due to Superior grade aluminum lamination, the fan promises to be highly durable and consume less power.
  • You can see the shankless design on its motor. This feature is useful in eliminating the use of shanks for holding the blades, which lends it a classy & clean look.
  • The tips of the blades are wider, which leads to better air delivery.
  • Hats off to its superior ball bearing, due to which this fan operates so much quieter.
  • The body is all aluminum, which will provide maximum durability.
  • There is a sturdy high torque 14 pole motor inside this fan, which you generally get with expensive fans.

The Final Advice

This is a three blades fan, which comes with its own advantages. Generally, four blades fan spin at a slower speed, making a bit higher noise than the three blades models, but no issue with Bajaj Ornio 1200mm. This one works quite enough to be installed in the bedroom! We highly recommend it.

2) Bajaj Maxima 600 mm Ceiling

Bajaj Maxima 600 mm Ceiling

This is the first 4 blades fan in our Best Ceiling Fans in India 2019 Review. Generally, we Indians use 3 blades fans, while in the USA, generally 4 and 5 blades fans are used. 110CMM is the air delivery of Bajaj Maxima 600 mm, and 2 years warranty is there.

Now, why do Americans prefer using a 4-blade fan instead of a 3-blade fan that we generally use in India? guys, there are numerous benefits, and it’s possible that this one from Bajaj can fulfill your needs.


  • This fan is very sleek. The looks are modern and appealing.
  • It is a double ball bearing design, which increases the load-bearing capacity of this fan. It increases durability also.
  • The quick-start high torque motor is very powerful for the money.
  • Bajaj ceiling fans of small size are quieter than small fans of most of the other brands.
  • No worries regarding the low voltage issues! The fan is equally efficient at low voltages as well.
  • Automatic winding ensures consistent quality, as well as greater reliability.
  • Superior grade electric steel lamination ensures that energy consumption is low.

The Final Advice

Even being a four-blade fan, the operating noise is surprisingly low. It’s very suitable for your bedroom, but the best results will come when you place this fan in your kitchen. Besides that, users found this fan very useful for small home temples also.

For smaller places, you can’t get a better fan than Bajaj Maxima 600 mm, having rupees 1500 as budget. Tap the button and know Bajaj small ceiling fan price.

3) Bajaj Disney DC-01 Ceiling Fan

Bajaj Disney DC-01 Ceiling Fan

Hey, are you looking for a fancy decorative solution for beating the heat? Here comes the Bajaj Disney DC-01 model, which is ideal for the kid’s room.

This is a very attractive slim blade ceiling fan, which promises to do the job it is meant for. the build is highly impressive. 


  • It’s completely made of high-grade metal with broad blades and provides decent airflow.
  • Bajaj Disney DC-01 is the only ceiling fan available in India, having the attractive Blue Cinderella theme, which highly suits your kid’s room.
  • What do you think about the scratches? Well, don’t worry, the surface of this ceiling fan is totally scratch-proof, and it’s easy to clean.
  • The air delivery of the Bajaj Disney DC-01 is 240 cm, whereas it runs at 330 RPM.
  • Bajaj Disney DC-01 arrives with a 2-year warranty and uses just 68 watts of power.

The Final Advice

This fan is specially built for kid’s rooms. We are highly Bajaj Disney DC-01 ceiling fan because of its fantastic design & looks along with great airflow.

It won’t make noise, and most importantly, won’t trouble you with cleaning. You’ll not any other ceiling fan having this much attractive Disney blue Cinderella theme.

4) Bajaj New Bahar 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Bajaj New Bahar 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Now, if you’re planning to buy the Bajaj Bahar 1400mm ceiling fan, then the better recommendation from our side is this 1200mm model.

The complaint percentage is low, and the performance is better. Measuring 24.7 x 20.4 x 16.2 cm, it weighs 2.73 Kg only.

This Bajaj ceiling fan wattage consumption makes us glad! This is a sort of fan that seems suitable on all ceilings, no matter its classroom, home, office, anywhere!


  • You’ll be amazed to know, the speed of the Bajaj Bahar ceiling fan is 380 RPM! This much fan speed means instant relief from the heat.
  • The quick-start high-torque motor gives no chance to complain.
  • The ribbed blades tend to increase the overall stability of this fan.
  • The metalized ornament and body ring look highly attractive.
  • Here also, you get the double ball bearing construction for quiet function.

The Final Advice

It is a very common fan, and you can see it in many homes, as it is reliable form all angles. The build is perfect, it doesn’t make much noise, and finally, it doesn’t cost any high. All experts out there will recommend Bajaj New Bahar 1200mm Ceiling Fan!

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5) Bajaj Euro 1200 mm Premium Ceiling Fan (Topaz)

Bajaj Euro 1200 mm Premium Ceiling Fan

Now here comes a stylish fan, which will attract many of you. The design itself screens that the fan works smoothly.

Just see the shape of the blades! Here also, blade tips are wider for proving more airflow.
This 4.84 Kg fan consumes 80W. 6 royal color choices are there, including White, Cobalt Blue, Drupe Green, Chocolate Brown, Royal Plum, and Topaz! 


  • On Amazon, around 70% of buyers have settled on giving it a 4 or more stars rating. The fan has pleased many!
  • Generally, when you turn the fan to a higher speed, the noise starts building up. Most importantly, with this fan, noise isn’t an issue.
  • This is a high-speed fan, which successfully maintained superb airflow in 140 sq. Ft. Room in our testing, and we feel that it can serve well even in a bit bigger room than that.
  • Consistency is forming the positive side here, and so is durability!

The Final Advice

Among the most impressive things about Bajaj ceiling fans is no heating issue while running continuously for more than enough hours a day.

These fans need less cool-down period, and Bajaj euro 1200 mm is the same. You’re enjoying style and power with this fan at a reasonable price. One can happily buy it.

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6) Bajaj Archean Ceiling Fan

Bajaj Archean Ceiling Fan

Here comes another amazing-looking fan from Bajaj, and this one comes with 3 different colored models, which are Brown, White, and Bianco.

Its style and elegance can attract anybody. With 210 CMM air delivery and amazing 380 RPM speed, Bajaj Archean Ceiling Fan consumes only 73 watts as max. 


  • Undoubtedly, this fan isn’t less than a dazzling delight for your ceiling. You’re getting a 2-years warranty, 1 year more when compared with other fans.
  • The blades are aerodynamically designed, which means even at a lower speed, the fan delivers an impressive breeze!
  • Double ball bearing is there in this fan, which is designed in a sophisticated manner for minimizing friction and power loss. As a result, the operation is whisper quiet.
  • Quick-start high torque motor ensures rapid speed and brings you instant comfort. Its strong metal body will ensure high durability.
  • This fan works well in low voltage conditions.

The Final Advice

This fan is a cool blend of superior performance while sprucing your décor. The air moment is very impressive, even in a medium-size hall.

Bajaj Archean Ceiling Fan’s sturdy blades improve the overall stability of the fan and provide instant airflow. This perfectly crafted fan from Bajaj is definitely a good choice for your home & office. We highly recommend it!

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Undoubtedly, Bajaj fans were tremendous, but what if we say that we’ve got one excellent extra choice for you? Keep reading.

7) Luminous Audie 1200mm 70-Watt Ceiling Fan

Luminous Audie 1200mm 70-Watt Ceiling Fan

The Luminous Audie 1200mm ceiling fan costs below 2000 rupees. 350 RPM is the speed and talking about the air delivery; it is 230 CMM. The performance is optimum no matter there is a low voltage issue.

Only 230 Watts is the power consumption. It comes with 4-speed settings. This fan weighs 4.5 kg, and as the weight is low and the design is perfect, the noise is also low. Now, who doesn’t love a low noise fan that provides enough airflow?


  • Even if your room is bigger, the airflow will be adequate in all corners, and the whole room will be breezey, as this fan provides a wider conical breeze spread.
  • This attractively designed ceiling fan ensures consistent performance for pretty long.
  • This fan enhances different color schemes of your room or any other space where you’ve installed this fan.
  • Motor body and blades are constructed from the best quality aluminum.

The Final Advice

Motor windings are done with pure electrolytic quality copper windings wire. As a result, durability isn’t an issue.

The overall construction is great, and nothing lacks under “features” at this price. You’ve also got 2 years warranty with home service. Now, shall something else support Luminous Audie 1200mm fan’s purchase?

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The Conclusion

Bajaj has surely done an amazing job with ceiling fans, and the good thing is, no Bajaj ceiling fan disappointed us too high in the testing. Still, we selected only the super best! 

Besides ceiling fans, we’ve written Bajaj air cooler review and Bajaj Toaster Review as well. Now, let’s revise which fan fits perfectly for you.

Bajaj Ornio 1200mm is the overall best Bajaj ceiling fan on this list. The Maxima 600 mm model is a small and powerful four-blade fan, which we’ve selected for your kitchen.

Let’s come back to the ceiling fans now. For your kids, Disney DC-01 is the most recommendable one. 

Bajaj New Bahar 1200mm is an excellent fan with ribbed blades, which can serve well in your mid-size room. If you want a unique-looking fan, then the Euro 1200 mm Premium Ceiling Fan is the one for you.

If ceiling fans aren’t giving you enough confidence to fight summers, then read Best Inverter AC and Best Air Cooler Reviews also.

You’ll find some excellent low price and highly-featured stuff there; that’s our promise. Now, if you want to stick on with ceiling fans, then we have Best Orient, Havells, and Crompton ceiling fan reviews.


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