Sunflame Juicer Mixer Grinder Review – Can It Beat Other Brands?

Everybody is aware of what a blender processor is. We’ve been raised on its piercing, crashing noise, and our parents prepared a tart coriander chutney for the dosas or pureed tomatoes and onions to create a spicy curry. Blender processors are definitely the most basic of kitchen appliances and are the ones we cannot live without!

In case you’re new to the use of a blender processor, or an expert in kitchen appliances, we are certain that you’ll be able to master certain aspects of choosing the ideal blender processor.

Sunflame Style DX 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

Sunflame – Is It A Clear Choice?

Sunflame, with its high-end products in Indian kitchens for more than thirty years, has been trying to provide home cooks with the latest technology and provide enjoyable food.

It states:

“Our unending quest for undisputed understanding of the needs and requirements of our customers has led us to constantly innovate. Always looking for new ideas, headways plans, arrangements, and enhancements with a staggering amount of R&D, Sunflame has set its sights on improving the quality of services offered to its customers. Our vast network of vendors and companies all across guarantees unrelenting assistance and support for utter satisfaction.”

Fully comprehend an item before buying the item. Because we’re often affixed by machines made in India, it is crucial to find a durable and reliable machine. We’ll help you by educating you on the inside and out of this sunflame juicer processor. The review here is only a small portion of the specifics of the product.


  • 500W Powerful motor which ensures the best mixing and pulverizing results
  • No-Slip feet guarantee the best grip in exercise.
  • Holder Capacity: 0.7L Dry Grinding Holder, 1L Liquidizing compartment, and 0.25L Chestney grinding compartment
  • 3 Speed control to give you better control of the machine
  • 2 Year Manufacturing Warranty On Product

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What can you expect from the blender?

Sunflame Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars

  • Amazing SS Blade: Sharp solidified edges of steel for perfect-finished blended plans. Enhance your culinary abilities to an entirely new level with The Sunflame DX500-Watt Mixer.
  • Dry and wet grinder: Solidified steel holders that are strong enough to liquidize, beat wet/dry, and make chutney. The compartments come with a tight grip to accommodate the blender. It runs at 500W.
  • Simple to Clean: Conservative body with an ergonomic layout and a simple handle that allows for optimal use and simple cleaning. Additionally, the machine comes with anti-slip feet to ensure comfort while using and also to hold it from sliding.
  • 3 Speed Control: Sunflame DX500 Watt Mixer can make pulverizing and mixing easier. You can increase or reduce the speed without causing too much trouble to the system.


Uproarious: The force from the processor in the blender produces some noise. If the watt is as high as it will go, the result is likely to be quite uproarious. The blender processor isn’t quiet, but there’s no need to worry because we all know that blenders create noise. We’ve been hearing this noise since our childhood.

The edges from the processor in the blender These edges are sharp. They come in a variety of sizes. This can be tough when cleaning them. You must also be aware of other blenders when cleaning the blade. Also, there is nothing to be stunned about.

A Buying Guide To The Sunflame Juicer Mixer Grinder:

Sunflame Style DX 500-Watt Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars


You must consider wattage when evaluating the blender processor as it’s the amount of power it has. Higher wattage means higher power and faster speed. Anything 500 W- 750 W is an excellent choice for an Indian family due to fewer needs and users.


The greater the number of holders, the higher the quality. Look for a blender with 2 to 3 holders with varying capacities to suit your needs. One can be used to crush flavors, one for making chutneys, and further for crushing. A robust body and break-proof cover are a basic necessity to endure the constant usage within the kitchen. Additionally, make sure you have an ergonomically designed handle to ensure an ergonomic handle.


The RPM of the blender processor is also an important consideration since it informs you of how fast the sharp edge will rotate every second. If you decide on buying an ordinary blender processor, any range between 18000 to 23000 RPM is a great interval of speed. The juicer blender processor can typically anticipate that low is medium RPM to work efficiently. When the RPM is increased, liquids or flavours might not blend or beat effectively. Look for blenders with high-quality processors that come with a speed control knob/change to alter the settings to meet the requirements.


Edges accomplish everything, and it is great to examine the quality of their construction. You must ensure that the material has been handled with steel and is in the perfect 304 grade. The steel’s grade is important in that it will tell you whether the steel is resistant to disintegration or oxidation. The first-rate steel edges will also maintain sharpness for an extended period of time.


The components will determine the cost of the blender processor it can provide you and the quality overall. A few quick choices are making sure you’re spending very little. However, such juicers won’t likely include the top features. The cost-to-money ratio of Sunflame Juicer Mixer Grinder is amazing.


If the company offers an acceptable guarantee on the product, you will be sure that it’s definitely a high-quality product. A 2 to 5 years guarantee is something you must look for when selecting the juicer mixer. Check for additional guarantees for the motor. This will make sure that the appliance will be used over a longer period of time.

Things to be concerned about

In most cases, 500 watts are enough to complete the daily tasks within the home of an Indian family. In all cases, a few things must not be neglected to keep up when it comes to the blender. So, remember these tips to keep the blender functioning for a long period of time.

For the hard grinding of things like masala, idli paste, or turmeric, make use of blender processors that typically come with a higher wattage rating of 700 Watts or higher.

If it’s not too troublesome, allow the motor to cool down a bit while you’re working on other kitchen tasks. Most MGs come with an overload protection feature, which typically detaches the motor in case there appears to be a problem of overheating.


It is a great product. Sunflame Juicer Mixer is certainly worth purchasing since it offers everything that will meet the basic needs of your kitchen at a price that is truly affordable and worthy of consideration. It’s actually more efficient than the advertised model, and additionally, it’s not expensive.


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