Best ORIENT Ceiling Fan Reviews & Price idea

Best ORIENT Ceiling Fan Reviews & Price idea

Orient makes attractive ceiling fans in India at a sensible cost. The establishment took place in 1954, having headquarters in Delhi, India. Orient are the biggest makers and exporters of ceiling fans from our country, having in excess of 40 universal markets.
The company services 450 urban areas in the household market.

Star Export House by the Commerce Ministry of India has recognized this brand. It’s run by C.K Birla with a healthy yearly turnover of around $ 1billion in the year 2017.
The maker is known to be a one-stop brand with regards to the most dependable and durable ceiling fan marks in India.

Like we did with Crompton, Havells, and Bajaj (tap the name to read the full review), here also, we picked up the Orient fans catalog and tested the best fans from there.

Later, we chose the final 5 fans for you under various price categories. Most importantly, we covered the whole Orient fans’ price from 1500 to 5000 rupees while testing.

Here’s the best orient fans review list in india

Orient Apex-FX 48″ 8.9 Under 1500 Buy on Amazon
Orient Electric Orina 48″ 8.8 Under 2500 Buy on Amazon
Orient Wendy 48″ 8.8 Under 3000 Buy on Amazon
Orient Electric Adena 48” 8.6 Under 2000 Buy on Amazon
Orient Aeroq. 48″ 8.4 Under 5000 Buy on Amazon
Gorilla 5 Star Remote 8.6 Under 3000 Buy on Amazon

Best ORIENT Ceiling Fan – Reviews

1) Orient Electric Apex FX ceiling fan

Orient Electric Apex FX ceiling fan

In the whole Orient fan catalog, the fan that impressed us the most is Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm, which is selling high on Amazon also. This is so because this fan does what it promises.

Undoubtedly this fan is reliable; that’s the reason you see around 2000 Amazon customer reviews! The operation is pretty noiseless. This is due to the double ball bearing design. So, no unnecessary noise, and your nights will be calm and cool! 


  • The powerful motor makes this fan live long and ensures quality performance always.
  • The fan runs pretty smoothly, no matter at what speed you run it.
  • The air delivery is very impressive at this price. This is so because the blades are wider than normal, providing better thrust.
  • The ribbed aluminum blades are designed with unique angles allowing more air delivery in a larger area.

The Final Advice

The fan needs to be energy efficient for sure because it keeps on running for the most part of the day. The power consumption of this fan is only 78 watts!

If you are finding under 1500 fans, then surely you aren’t a huge money man, and buying Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm ceiling fan will definitely add to your savings, as the electricity bills will be under control!

2) Orient Electric Orina 48 inch Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Orina 48 inch Ceiling Fan

Here comes a stylish fan from Orient, and we’re sure this fan will satisfy many of you with performance. With a 2-year warranty, this fan promises to work smoothly and efficiently for years.

The design and speed are pretty much similar to the Wendy model. Now, let’s know-how is this fan so confident about itself. On full speed, the fan is tremendous! Its full speed performance is much better than most of the other fans around this price. 


  • For a medium-sized room, the fan provides enough wind to make you feel cool regardless of the outside temperature is 40 degrees C. The airflow is even, and that’s because of the perfect blades’ shape.
  • The design and build are perfect. Deeply testing this fan took us to the conclusion that Orient jazz can surely serve you above 10 years.
  • Its color and appearance are highly appreciated by most buyers.
  • Cleaning this Orient electric fan doesn’t need anything more than wiping with a dry cloth!

The Final Advice

Besides perfect functioning, the downrod of this fan is also taller, which means even if your roof is a couple of feet or a bit higher, the air delivery is going to be better than other similarly priced fans.

In Amazon customer reviews, we found that this fan’s price was a matter of concern for a few. Well, getting a winded copper fan with the high-quality material build and silent operation costs this much, at least! To know Orient Orina fan price, tap the button below.

3) Orient Electric Wendy Ceiling Fan 48″

Orient Electric Wendy Ceiling Fan 48

I’m 200% sure you can’t figure out Orient Electric Wendy Ceiling Fan’s price by its look. It definitely looks like a 5000 rupees fan; whole in real, 2400 -2500 rupees is the cost.The sturdiest motor is used for ensuring durability and impeccable performance.

Its Metallic finish with lacquer coating can attract anybody to buy it. 230 (m3/Hr) is the air delivery, and 320 RPM is the speed. Now, let’s dive into details.


  • The design and shape of the blades are perfect for delivering a forceful breeze throughout the room, with lesser noise.
  • It is very impressive at a higher speed, which means even very high heat is not going to trouble you if you have this fan on your ceiling.
  • As it weighs only 4.73 Kg, the installation isn’t a hassle.
  • The blades of this fan don’t catch dirt and dust as easily as several other fans do.

The Final Advice

This fan from Orient is exceptionally durable. 200+ users composed Amazon reviews. 4/5 stars are the overall score.

Most importantly, the motor s powerful enough to tackle a pretty prolonged usage (as it generally takes place in summers).

So, the style and performance of Orient Electric Wendy Ceiling Fan 48″ are definitely worth its price tag.

4) Orient Electric Adena Decorative Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Adena Decorative Ceiling Fan

Now comes the Orient Electric Adena Decorative Ceiling Fan, which is ideal for your home or office decoration!

This ceiling fan comes with two different finishes to choose from, which are Metallic white & Topaz gold. It’s a highly reliable ceiling fan.

Most importantly, regarding durability, airflow, design, etc., The Orient Electric Adena Decorative Ceiling Fan price will make you happy! Superior paint is used, which will completely blend with your home or office decoration. 


  • The power consumption of Orient Electric Adena Fan is only 80 watts and provides super high speed.
  • The blades of this ceiling fan are constructed using high-grade materials, which make these blades entirely rust-free and provides decent airflow.
  • Orient Electric Adena arrives with a double ball bearing, which ensures smooth & noiseless performance.
  • The Advanced PSPO technology of this ceiling fan will ensure sustained airflow under fluctuating voltages.
  • Most importantly, Electric Adenais can be easily used with inverter power.

The Final Advice

This smartly designed ceiling fan from Orient comes with a decorative canopy with a chrome finish that’ll attract the attention of people. This feature-packed model is entirely worth the purchase! Orient Electric Adena ceiling fan is truly tremendous, and its performance will highly please you.

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5) Orient Electric Aeroquiet 48″

Orient Electric Aeroquiet 48

Here, Orient Electic has come up with an Amazing fan, and we found that it can be called a replica of a top-performing American brand fan, which costs 5 times more than this.

Sorry, we can’t mention the name here. Getting back to Orient Electric Aeroquiet 1200mm Fan, it has earned 400+ Amazon reviews. The 18 pole motor of this Fan is extremely strong, ensuring longer life. Now, let’s know more! 


  • The fan’s finish is glossy, and as it doesn’t get attacked by dust that easily, this fan appears new after several years also!
  • Science is implemented with the blades’ design! As a result, we were amazed to experience how silently this fan operates!
  • The v makes the operation smooth, and that’s why the fan lives long and doesn’t make noise.
  •  The blades are 100% rust-free. These blades are made from high-grade glass-filled compounded ABS ensuring higher strength.

The Final Advice

This fan promises even airflow, and an expert can figure that out just by looking at the blades’ design and knowing about the motor.

It features advanced aerodynamic profiled blades, and the same design is adopted in several very expensive fans. Such blades ensure the best airflow.

This fan is having an integrated design of top & bottom canopy having spindle cover as well as a stainless steel decorative rim right on the top that increases the premiums.

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Extra Suggestion

Orient is a big name in home appliances, especially the lighting department, but how many of you know about Gorilla? Yeah, that’s a tremendous manufacturer of various sorts of fans. Well, let’s make you familiar with the extra suggestion, which is a Gorilla ceiling fan! Have a look!

6) Gorilla Efficio Energy Saving Fan

Gorilla Efficio Energy Saving Fan

Orient fans’ price list made us happy, and here comes another “high value for money fan!” This fan has beaten ceiling fans of various old and dominating companies! It has certain qualities to surprise you!

This one is a five-star rated fan, which is the best cheap fan for your bedroom, and why we call it so, you can read right under! Sleep mode, Boost mode, convenient speed control, and timer mode are other features supporting the purchase.


  • Firstly, those fans who make any “hmm” sort of noise at night are not preferred by most of us, no matter how feature-rich or good-lookingMost importantlyGorilla Efficio Energy Saving Fan is such a silent fan.
  • Most importantly, it comes with a remote. Now, if you are in a resting position and in the middle of the night, you feel the need to increase or decrease the fan speed. Neither there is a need to get up and do that, nor you need to trouble your sleeping partner! Pick up the remote and rest, you know!
  • 140-285V is the broad operating voltage of this fan.
  • You are getting a 2+1 on-site warranty. The chances of this fan malfunctioning are pretty less.
  • 220cmm is the air delivery of this fan, and that’s impressive!
  • This fan runs almost 3 times longer on an inverter, which further results in longer battery life.

The Final Advice

You’ll be amazed to know, 28W is the max that it sucks even on its top speed. The smart and powerful BLDC Motor is the mystery behind that!

According to maths, you save around 1500 in just one year, meaning that in two years, the fan will prove itself free of cost!
So, why neglect Gorilla Efficio Energy Saving Fan when it’s saving much money and promising to stay with you and provide you cool air for several years?

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How reliable?

While testing Orient ceiling fans, we were pretty curious to know about Aero fans. This was so because the demand for Aero Series is high nowadays. After testing, we were baffled! Keep reading to know why?

Out of 8 departments of testing, Orient fans Aero slim passed in 6 of them. The fan looks good, no doubt, but there was actually pretty a bit to complain about. The complaint itself was regarding the complaint percentage!

It was high in the amazon customer reviews. As a result, we didn’t directly include Aero fans in our listing among the top 5. Following is the review explaining whether the Electric Aeroquiet 1200 ceiling fan is worth purchase or not.

Orient Electric Aeroquiet 1200 ceiling fan

As Orient Aero slim fan is trending high, we’re doing an honest review on this particular fan, and in the end, we’ll tell whether we are recommending it or not. Read it fully and know how worth is this Orient ceiling fan for you.


  • The aerodynamic design is clever, and engineering is smart.
  • Talking to styling, this fan is a fierce winner with its fluidic silhouette as well as a high gloss premium PU finish.
  • Its 100% rust-free blades are constructed with high-grade glass-filled compounded ABS. It provides strength to the blades.
  • This fan comes with an advanced 3D aerodynamic profiled blade design for ensuring max air throw as well as silent operation.
  • Its super sturdy motor coupled with 3D aerodynamic design maximizes air delivery and ensures noiseless operation.
  • The double ball bearing is used for ensuring smoothly and silently function even at its top speeds.
  • In this fan, you get the sturdiest 18-pole heavy motor having a double ball bearing. This also ensures silent operation.

The Final Advice

Now you might be thinking that when the Orient Aeroquiet fan seems so promising on the paper, then where is the issue? Well, several buyers aren’t able to digest this fan’s cost. 

The fact is that its top speed isn’t that high, and those who face over 40 degrees C in their area don’t find this fan perfect enough to fully relieve them from all heat. Besides that, a few aren’t happy with the coverage area.

The true fact is, this fan is doing justice to its price. You can use it in any room, but not the larger ones, that true, however in small rooms, the air delivery won’t make you complain. Yes, the Orient Aeroquiet fan is a recommendation from our side.

Other ORIENT fan models worth consideration

Besides ceiling fans, we deeply tested table fans also, and considering various factors; we chose Orient Electric Wind Pro Desk-60as. It’s a fantastic table fan worth considering to move air on every corner of your room.

 This model ensures supreme air thrust and low power consumption. Most importantly, the Orient table fan price will please you! 

Just in case you need it, we’re providing you Orient fan customer care phone number – 1800 103 7574.

The Conclusion

While testing, we came to know, the company has truly done a tremendous job with ceiling fans, and the build quality was really impressive.

Orient Electric Apex FX is the overall best model to buy. For a bigger room and fast cooling, the Orient Jazz High-Speed model is our biggest recommendation. Electric Wendy is the most stylish fan here.

Electric Aeroquiet 48″ is the one for your bedroom, as it’s ultra-quiet. At last, our master entry was Gorilla Efficio Energy Saving fan because of its high features, high durability, and also energy-saving abilities, as the name indicates.

Also, cherish Best Orient Air Cooler Reviews to better solutions for the deadly heat summer season in India.


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