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Top 10 Best Non-Electric Water Purifier In India

If power interruptions are frequent in your region and you are looking for an electric water purifier that isn’t plugged in is the ideal choice for you.


In addition to saving a significant amount on your electric bill, the non-electric water purifiers are also portable.

Therefore, they can be used wherever needed, even in a power outage. Additionally, the non-chemical filtering method used in these cleaners helps prevent the deterioration of water quality.

What else do we need? Sure, a non-electric water purifier.

Are you also searching for an effective non-electric purifier for your water? Do the various kinds of non-electric purifiers confuse you?

If so, then you’re in the right spot. We’ve compiled a list of the most effective alternatives to purifying water that is not electric for you to select the best one for your needs.

What is an electric water purifier that isn’t?

In plain English, they are water purifiers that purify and filter the water without electricity. They are also referred to as gravity-based water purifiers and are extremely popular among people who use them.

They use water pressure or gravity to eliminate impurities such as bacteria, dirt, and more from the water. Utilizing effective fibre mesh filters and activated carbon filters will ensure the necessary and proper water filtration process to the highest degree.

These water purifiers are inexpensive and utilize an easy, chemical-free process for purifying water of possible contaminants.

The Best Non-Electric Water Purifier

1. KENT Gold+ 20L Gravity-Based Water Purifier


KENT is the first brand that pops into our minds when thinking about reliable, sturdy, durable, and non-electric water purifiers. This water purifier can keep all contaminants and dirt out of the water with its impressive capabilities.

The capacity of 20 litres for this water purifier will not let you down whenever you require clean and safe water.

One of the most appealing aspects of this particular water purifier is that it purifies and cleans the water without the need for any chemicals.

This guarantees that there won’t be any alteration in the taste of the water.

Finally, the efficiency of this non-electric purifier is verified by NSF and WQA certifications. So, you are certain of high-quality performance without compromising the quality of the water or your budget. Users also get a guarantee period of one year for this cleaner.


  • Tank capacity of 20-litres with 4000-litres of storage capacity.
  • WQA and NSF certification to ensure the highest quality of performance
  • Elegant tabletop design that is free of leaks
  • Cleans the water without the need for any chemical
  • Purifies water by using hollow membranes for UF.
  • The nano-silver carbon filter
  • Water tank with a transparent design constructed with a tough, non-breakable plastic

  • It is constructed using a hollow fibre UF membrane that removes any contaminants present in the water.
  • The UF membrane has a pore size of 0.1 microns, so you can be certain that you will get pure water as the end outcome.
  • Nano-silver carbon filters allow greater water disinfection without scent.
  • The stylish style of the tabletop water purifier makes it a stylish and useful option for homes with a modern design.
  • The tank’s transparent construction is constructed using a durable ABS food-grade plastic that lasts for the longest duration.
  • Somewhat poor Amazon customer reviews.
  • You need to change the sediment filter per month if you’re filtering 40L water twice a day.

2. Eureka Forbes Aquasure 20L water purifier

Eureka Forbes Aquasure 20L water purifier

The water purifiers made by Eureka Forbes are known to provide the purest drinkable water in the most efficient possible way.

Due to the chemical-free, 100% purification method used to treat water, non-electric water purifiers made by Eureka Forbes are always in huge demand with users.

The water purifier has an overall tank capacity of 20-litres, which is sufficient for an entire family. Beyond that, the 1500-litre storage will ensure that fresh and pure water is always accessible to users.

Even though the solid particles might be difficult to remove, all other contaminants, such as pollutants and bacteria, are eliminated from the drinking water.

So, if you’re living in a region with high TDS water levels, it could take a significant amount of time to produce the desired water purification results.

The stylish and elegant appearance of the water purifier has an additional benefit for customers. This water purifier is made using food-grade, non-toxic plastic and is a great fit for any interior design.


  • It comes with 20-litres of tank capacity.
  • Simple to maintain and clean.
  • Elegant and stylish design made of non-toxic plastic.
  • 3 stage water purification process.
  • Natural shut-off feature that prevents any water overflow.

  • The purification process in three stages is extremely precise in cleansing the water of dirt, impurities, and contaminants.
  • It doesn’t create any smell in drinking water.
  • The shut-off function built into this water purifier stops any leak or overflow when the tank is filled.
  • It is the best option for locations that have a TDS of 350ppm.
  • It comes with the benefit of a six-month warranty.
  • The body once fit doesn’t appear to be strong and well placed. However, it won’t crumble and fall easily.

3. Eureka Forbes Aquasure 22L Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes Aquasure 22L Water Purifier

Its Eureka Forbes 22-liter water purifier has been made for all large families that do not compromise on the need for healthy, pure drinking water at all times.

With the acclaim and popularity of the brand, given the popularity and reputation of the brand Eureka Forbes, the users can be sure to receive impressive benefits and qualities of the cleaner for water. You won’t be dissatisfied.

The water that has been contaminated is then processed using the correct precision and then served as healthy pure and pure water in the result.

The available carbon block filter helps remove all contaminants, impurities, pollution, and other harmful contaminants from the water and ensures that it is safe to drink.

This cleaner is the perfect solution in areas with lower TDS concentrations in water. Beware of using the cleaner with large solid particles because they are not likely to be cleaned. However, its performance is in line with the low TDS levels and other impurities present within the water.

To conclude, users will be given the most comprehensive warranty of one year with the Eureka Forbes water purifier.


  • It has a tank capacity of 22-litres.
  • Transparent tank made of high-quality non-toxic plastic
  • A sleek and elegant design
  • Auto shut is an option that can be enabled.
  • The focus is on the 3 stage purification process.

  • Because of its size and ample capacity, users will never be short of completely pure water.
  • This water purifier was created to provide its customers with safe freshwater through the three stages of purification.
  • Regarding its design, you’ll receive a stylish water purifier for your space.
  • It is constructed with top-quality non-toxic, food-grade plastic that will last for a long time without problems.
  • The device is fitted with an automatic shut-off function to stop all forms of leaks and spills of water.
  • Bad customer reviews on Amazon.
  • The taste of water isn’t that good.
  • Durability and functionality are questionable.

4. Tata Swatch Non-Electric Cristella Plus 18L

Tata Swatch Non-Electric Cristella Plus 18L

Tata Swatch never fails to provide high-quality products to its customers. This water purifier is a perfect illustration of this.

It’s designed with the essential features and high quality that customers require and will look at the water purifier.

Customers can purchase a tank capacity of 18-litres that will suffice for a normal-sized family.

One of the most appealing aspects of this gravity-based cleaner is that the process of filtration is non-chemical, which means it doesn’t affect the taste, quality, or even the flavour or taste.

It is activated with an auto-switch-off feature to stop all potential leaks and flooding of water. Once the tank is filled, the machine will automatically switch off, reducing the possibility of accidents or dangerous scenarios.

In addition to its features and attributes, the clear reservoir of the cleaner has been constructed of scratch-free, high-quality plastic.


  • The 18-litre capacity can be used for 18-litres.
  • Made of scratch-resistant plastic of top-quality
  • Dual dispenser for chemical-free purification.
  • Tata Swatch bulb to ensure precise water removal
  • Silver nanotechnology for completely purifying water

  • It will save much energy/time by not spending time filtering water to drink.
  • It has a dual dispenser, making it easier for users to enjoy pure water both from the upside and downwards.
  • Thanks to the Nanosilver technology, it can remove 100-crores of bacteria and germs, impurities pollution, and harmful chemicals from water.
  • The water is further cleansed precisely by using the Tata Swatch bulb.
  • The slim design of the device will require little space in your home.
  • There is a six-month warranty period for this purifier based on gravity.
  • The product description is misleading.
  • packaging was poor in a few cases.

5. Tata Swatch Cristella Advance 18L Water Purifier:

Tata Swatch Non-Electric Smart 15L Water Purifier (2)

On our list of top non-electric water cleaners are the Tata Cristella Swatch model. With this cleaner, users will be free of all worries since they’ll get clean and purified drinking water.

It’s designed to provide 22-litres of tank capacity, a great choice for families with large numbers. It also helps you save time and effort to purify the water often.

The auto-switch function with this water purifier will help ensure that there isn’t any chance of overflowing the water, including leaks when using it.

If you examine the design of this product, there is very little chance that you will not be amazed. It’s made of high-end food-grade, scratch-free plastic. Furthermore, the stylish designs and looks can easily be incorporated into contemporary interior design ideas.

It can cleanse water using the TDS amount of up to 1500ppm. It also comes with a 6-month warranty for this Tata Swatch water purifier to deal with all adverse and unpredictable situations with ease.


  • The tank can hold 22 litres.
  • Rely on the Tata Swatch bulb for the water filtering process.
  • Created with scratch-free high-quality plastic
  • Silver nanotechnology is used to eliminate impurities
  • A 2-way dispenser that has an auto-switch-off feature.

  • The process of purification is non-chemical, which means it doesn’t affect the taste of the water or the minerals present in water.
  • The Silver nanotechnology can remove more than 100-crores of bacteria and impurities from water, 
  • It comes with a Tata Swatch bulb for water filtration, which has a purification capacity of 3000-litres.
  • It provides a lifespan for cartridges up to 1.5-years to provide outstanding performance with no problems or hassles.
  • The dual-way dispenser makes it simple and easy for users to drink water from both sides.
  • Failed in our water taste test.
  • Failed in our hammer hit test.

6. Prestige PSWP 3.0 Clean Home Water Purifier 

Prestige PSWP 3.0 Clean Home Water Purifier

If you’re searching for an energy-efficient water purifier that can provide you with top-quality clean water, opting for the Prestige Water purifier that is not electric is an excellent alternative. The Prestige water purifier isn’t just efficient in its operation but also beautiful.

It has 10 litres of tank capacity for users and consequently is one of the most popular alternatives for families with small numbers of children.

The Prestige water purifier cannot remove salts dissolved in the water but is very effective in removing contaminants, bacteria, and harmful contaminants from water.

In terms of maintenance and usage of this cleaner, the user should change the cartridge every six months for the desired outcomes.

In addition, the water purifier must also be cleaned at least every 15 days to prevent any issues and difficulties in its regular operation. Also, there is no issue with leaks with this cleaner, thanks to its tank-to-tank design.

There isn’t a warranty attached for this product. However, consumers can still trust the high-quality performance provided by this water purifier from Prestige.


  • Ten litres of capacity is available.
  • It needs regular cleaning and maintenance.
  • Compact size with a simple design
  • 2-stage chemical-free purification
  • It doesn’t alter the flavour of the water.

  • The water purifier will offer 9-litres of water purified per hour with its sophisticated filtration technique.
  • It utilizes its two-stage purification process, which guarantees clean water to the users.
  • There are no compromises in the quality of the water because it is completely chemical-free.
  • The slim model of this cleaner can be easily adjusted at any time and be easily incorporated into the design of your home.
  • The transparent tank has been constructed using high-quality plastic, ensuring that the product is more durable.
  • The technicians sent by the company for troubleshooting are mostly inexperienced.
  • A bit pricey.

7. KENT Gold 20L UF technology Gravity Water Purifier

KENT Gold 20L UF technology Gravity Water Purifier

Another impressive non-electric water purifier by KENT has all the attributes and features that consumers are looking for.

KENT Gold gravity-based purifiers are an excellent illustration of an affordable, high-quality, efficient, and stylish water purifier.

In every way, users are assured of receiving healthy, pure, and clean drinking water.

The non-chemical purification process adds to the many benefits offered by this water purifier. It is virtually impossible to issue the taste or minerals within the water.

KENT is not only focused on the efficiency of its products but also ensures that they design them with the most appealing styles.

The water purifier made by KENT is no different since it’s made of premium food-grade plastic that is non-toxic and safe for consumption. Additionally, the use of this product is user-friendly and simple for the users.

Concerning the warranty provided, users are offered the most comprehensive warranty of 1 year for this gravity-based KENT water purifier.


  • Features 20-liter capacity.
  • It is suitable for use with low TDS levels of water.
  • A transparent tank constructed of non-toxic plastic
  • Made of hollow fibres with an ultrafiltration membrane to aid in purification
  • Nano-silver carbon filter to ensure effective water disinfection
  • The chemical-free process for purifying water

  • It is a great option to accommodate large Indian families. This cleaner comes with a capacity of 20-litres for the tank.
  • Utilizing a hollow fibre ultrafiltration membrane demonstrates the correct and precise water purification and filtration without leaving any contaminants.
  • The pore size on the membrane is 0.1 microns, which means there is no chance for impurities to pass through it.
  • With the help of a highly effective nano-silver carbon filter, it can provide the desired outcome for water disinfection too.
  • UF membrane needs to be cleaned after every 15 days.
  • this purifier won’t satisfy you if your local municipal water supply quality is too bad.

8. Eureka Forbes Aquasure Xtra Tuff 15L Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes Aquasure Xtra Tuff 15L Water Purifier

The last item among our picks of the top non-electric water purifiers is the Eureka Forbes Xtra Tuff gravity-based water purifier.

With the reputation and authenticity of Eureka Forbes, including the many incredible features that this water purifier offers, it has earned its place in the hearts of the people who use it.

Users can be assured that they will get the water purified with each usage with this cleaner.

With its efficient filters, it barely takes a minute to purify water. It can remove bacteria, impurities, chemical compounds, etc., found in water.

In addition, the use of durable high-end plastic guarantees that the device can last for the longest duration of time without any issues. The machine is also equipped with an auto-shut option that lets the machine automatically shut down when the tank is full.

It’s a compact design that can be transported anywhere and without hassle.

Additionally, customers have a six-month warranty on this water purifier, which is designed to endure any adverse situation.


  • Features 15-litres of capacity
  • Small size, available with a stylish style
  • It is enabled with the auto-shut feature.
  • It is designed with float technology to stop leaks and overflows
  • Transparent, toughened, high-quality plastic top tank

  • With a tank capacity of 15-litres, this purifier for water is ideal for families of average size.
  • It can be used with water with a TDS of up to 300 ppm.
  • For the convenience of those who use them, the cartridges are readily available on the market and for a reasonable price.
  • It’s designed using Float technology, which shields the purifier from water leaks and flooding.
  • The device’s compact size allows it to be set up in any location to match the design.
  • A few complains regarding the purification speed.
  • Below the expectations customer reviews on Amazon.

9. KENT Gold Optima 10L Gravity Water Purifier

KENT Gold Optima 10L Gravity Water Purifier

KENT is one of the brands that keep its customers’ requirements and demands in mind when designing every product.

With this incredible water purifier, you’ll find a water purifier specifically designed to provide the greatest convenience to its customers to drink safe and healthy water.

With a tank capacity of 10 litres, the KENT Gold water purifier is ideal for smaller families.

It is a combination of the most efficient filtration methods to give its customers pure water available. The purification process is carried out with an ultrafiltration membrane made of hollow fibre. The water is then treated with a nano-silver carbon filter to achieve the highest quality results.

To impress the people who use it and make this water purifier that is gravity-based blend in with the contemporary interior, it has been constructed in a clean and elegant style.

 It is suitable for use with this cleaner for water with low TDS levels of water.


  • Ten litres of tank capacity is available.
  • Transparent tank made of high-quality food-grade plastic
  • Purification and filtration that is chemical-free
  • Purifies water with hollow fibre ultrafiltration membrane
  • Rely on nano-silver-based carbon filters to disinfect water.

  • Its filtration capacity can be 0.31-litres per minute, which ensures that you always have the right quantity of pure water.
  • With a membrane life of up to 4000-liters water purifier is made to last for the longest duration without causing any problems.
  • The entire process of purification and filtering is completely chemical-free, ensuring no loss of the quality or purity of water.
  • The transparent tank is made using high-quality food-grade plastic that is abrasion-resistant.
  • It has been evaluated with WQA and USA gold seal certifications to prove its superiority.
  • It also provides a one-year warranty to its clients to manage all circumstances with efficiency and comfort.
  • Water taste changes very much, and it may take time for the users to get used to the water taste.
  • The filtration speed decreases with time.

10. Tata Swatch Non-Electric Smart 15L Water Purifier

Tata Swatch Non-Electric Smart 15L Water Purifier

Suppose you’re searching for a clean water filtering device for a family of a similar size that isn’t too big but efficient in its function and performance. In that case, there is more suitable than this Tata swatch, a non-electric water purifier.

This water purifier is offered with a capacity of 15 litres and can supply clean and fresh water to users throughout the day.

Through highly precise filtration process, the user is assured of receiving only pure, clean freshwater.

To avoid any overflows or leaks from the gravity-based cleaner. Using this feature, the purifier shuts down automatically once the storage tank is full.

To match its globally recognized performance to match its international acclaim, it is constructed with a strong and transparent body. It’s quite easy on the hands-on task to wash and put together the device.

This water purifier that is not electric is a great option that will not disappoint in terms of performance or advantages.


  • Tank capacity of 15 litres.
  • It is equipped with an auto-shut function to avoid spills and overflows.
  • It is designed with a strong and transparent body.
  • Utilizes nano silver filters to remove bacteria
  • It is enabled by the Tata Swatch bulb for water disinfection.

  • The water purifier can be seen as a better method to cleanse water at the highest level of comfort and ease.
  • It uses its nano silver filters to eliminate 100-crore of bacteria from water.
  • The filtering and purification process is also based on the Tata swatch lamp that can be easily focused on water disinfection.
  • Alongside long-lasting cartridges that last up to 1500-litres, users get a guarantee of six months for this cleaner.
  • The capacity can be an issue for a few. So, it isn’t fit for big families.

The Best Non-Electric Water purifier

If you’ve got the list of most effective non-electric water purifiers available, you can pick the one that meets your requirements and specifications. We would, however, like to suggest KENT Gold+ 20-liters of Gravity Water Purifier.

The water purifier KENT is the best due to its incredible features, including a 20-litre capacity UF purification membrane, Nano-silver carbon filter, indestructible material, no-chemical filtration, etc. Additionally, you can buy this KENT water purifier that is non-electric for a reasonable price without issues.

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