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Best Ductless Kitchen Chimney in India (2024)

A modern kitchen is incomplete without a kitchen chimney. They’re functional and can improve the appearance and experience of the kitchen.

Installing a chimney is an important step to consider when designing your kitchen and will help keep your kitchen tidy.

Modern kitchens are immune to fumes but are not necessarily smoke. It may be steam, grease, and the emissions released by cooking.

The kitchen chimney is a great way to keep smoke and odors, heat, and other harmful particles from your kitchen. Based on the working methods, kitchen chimneys can be classified into ducted and ductless.

The most effective ductless chimney is contemporary, fashionable, and simple. Contrary to their ductless counterparts, chimneys eliminate airborne oils and odors by filtering the air.

To make it easier for the most efficient kitchen chimney ductless in India. Here we have listed three of the best models.

After reading the evaluations of the following kitchen chimneys that are ductless, don’t forget to check the buyer’s guide.

This guide contains 3 best ductless models to shortlist the answer for you instead of mentioning 10-15 models that we reviewed. However, if you want more choices, we have 13 Best Chimney in India reviews that contains the most impressive chimney models.

Best Ductless Kitchen Chimney in India 2023 

1. Hindware Nadia 90 cm Ductless Kitchen Chimney (1200 m3/hr)

Hindware Nadia 90 cm 1200 m3hr Filterless Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimney

The Hindware Nadia kitchen chimney is made of durable, high-quality steel. The elegant style of the chimney will appear elegant within any home kitchen.

It is equipped with an efficient motor that can deliver 1200 m3/hr of power at maximum speed. It comes with 3 speeds which allows you to choose the one that best suits your needs. Due to its power, it’s ideal for cooking with a lot of power, which involves cooking and grilling.

To allow use during night time the chimney comes with a lengthy LED light that illuminates the entire area you cook. This ductless chimney comes with an intuitive control panel that’s not just elegant but also user-friendly. Additionally, it can be operated by the hand wave due to the motion recognition function.

The appliance is equipped with filters that are not filtered, so it features an oil collector that is metallic to serve as a way to clean. It is available in two colors that are silver-gray and black.

Available in two variations – 90cm and 60cm. It comes with a one-year warranty on the product and five years warranty on the motor. If you’re searching for the top ductless chimneys in India, then this Hindware Nadia is a tremendous alternative.


  • Filterless technology 
  • 1 year after purchase and 5 years on the motor
  • High-efficiency LED bulbs that are energy efficient
  • Three-speed control with the touch
  • The thermal auto-clean feature
  • Motion technology for detecting the motion
  • More suction capacity


  • We can’t find any cons

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2. Elica 90 cm Ductless Kitchen Chimney (1200 m3/hr)

Elica 90 cm 1200 m3hr Filterless Auto Clean Chimney

In cooking chimneys for kitchens, Elica is one of the most well-known brands that offer many of the top-selling chimneys in India. The Elica WDFL 906 HAC MS NERO chimney is constructed of robust stainless steel and is fitted with the most modern filterless technology. Its stunning design and matte black finish provide a sophisticated appearance to your kitchen. With a suction capability of 1200 cubic meters/hour, the kitchen chimney will provide a pleasant cooking experience.

Other options comprise a motion detector that lets you operate without touching the device. Simply wave your hands towards the device to switch it on or off or boost the rate.

It will ensure that the oil residue is not a concern since the chimney is equipped with an oil collection system to store the oil within it. The LEDs built into the chimney provide clear visibility of the foods you prepare.

It is equipped with sophisticated heat auto clean technology that allows the user to clean their chimneys with only a click of one button. All features can be accessed via modern touch control.

Since it’s easy to maintain, you do not have to think about keeping the exterior clean. For warranty issues, they provide 5 years warranty for the motor and 1-year on the product.


  • LED lamps
  • 5-year warranty on the motor and 1 year for the product
  • Auto Clean feature
  • Touch control panel
  • Filterless technology
  • Affordable Price
  • Motion Detection
  • Super suction


  • The installation service isn’t great.

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3. Faber 3D T2S2 Ductless Kitchen Chimney (90cm)

Faber 90 cm 1200 m3hr Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimney

Faber’s 3D T2S2 Ductless chimney is equipped with unique features to remove all particles and smoke parts of your kitchen. With a solid and sturdy design that can offer an output of 1095 millimeters per hour.

It’s suitable for Indian kitchens that have three or more burners. Regarding design, it features an aluminum and glass body finish that can enhance the appearance of your kitchen.

This wall-mounted unit comes with 3 suction ports that efficiently absorb grease, steam and also remove food odors, keeping your kitchen spotless. The 3-layer baffle filter in this unit was specifically developed to handle oily Indian cooking. It is constructed from stainless steel, which means it’s long-lasting and durable, and is easy to clean.

The sound range is adjustable to around 58 dB despite the robust motor. These LEDs are sufficiently bright that your cooktop is well-lit when you cook. The chimney is ductless and has smooth edges that prevent scrapes and cuts. It features a touch control for all features.

In terms of warranty, it’s covered by a 1-year warranty on the product and 10 years for the motor. Overall, it’s one of the most efficient chimneys with ductless technology available in India and an excellent price for the money.


  • Touch control
  • Available 60cm and 90cm models
  • It is suitable for heavy-duty use
  • Bright LED lights
  • Quiet, super suction
  • Attractive design
  • 3 speeds


  • There is no oil collection tray
  • No motion detection
  • Expensive

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Do you want the entire information of this chimney model? We have the entire Faber Chimney Review to help you get all the knowledge about this specific model. For example, features, working system, specs, etc. are explained in that guide.

Why Buy Ductless Chimneys

Why Buy Ductless Chimneys

A wide selection of kitchen chimneys is available on the market. But why should one purchase ductless chimneys? This is the solution.

  • EDS option is present in the ductless kitchen chimneys specifically made to reduce the sound generated by kitchen chimneys. Ductless kitchen chimneys have an enormous cost range, and they come with chimneys of all sizes that allow customers to pick the best.
  • They effectively filter air, smoke, odors, and other particles. They then let air escape back onto the kitchen’s surface. The charcoal filters, as well as the baffle filters that are used in ductless chimneys, can be easy to clean. Ductless chimneys’ suction capacity is greater,, permitting massive air filtering inside the kitchen.
  • First of all, ductless chimneys offer less hassle in installation. They are also easier to set up and can be put in any location. The flexibility is the main feature of kitchen chimneys with ductless as they can be put in small kitchens and require little space.

What Is the Difference Between Ductless and Ducted Chimneys?

What Is the Difference Between Ductless and Ducted Chimneys

Pricing and Installation

It is also one of the elements. There’s not much difference in the prices as both versions are offered at reasonable prices. When installing, ductless chimneys are simple to set up and lower in cost, while separate kits for installation are required to set up chimneys that are ducted.

Working Mechanism

Ductless chimneys are simple chimneys that operate by filtering the air before dispersing it in the kitchen. Since duct chimneys have a complex design, the presence of ducts helps the chimney in removing the air in the kitchen, unlike ductless kitchen chimneys.


Kitchen chimneys take up significant space in the kitchen over the stove or burner. Ductless chimneys do not require any additional space beyond a complicated set-up that is simple to maintain and clean.

However, the ducted kitchen chimneys come with added complications associated with them and the ducts. The ducts take up a lot of areas. It is even more difficult to live in a smaller space in the kitchen.



Due to the advanced motors and exhausts used in ductless kitchen chimneys require more maintenance; however, with ducted kitchen chimneys, maintenance is not as high.


The performance of chimneys for kitchens that are ductless is generally ideal for small to medium kitchens because the performance range from medium to heavy is calculated from their performance. For kitchen chimneys with pipes and ducts, the efficiency determined is always heavy-duty, ideal for large and small kitchens.

Heat Elimination Factor

If you live near the coastline or in a constantly hot area, ductless chimneys aren’t recommended since ductless chimneys retain heat in the kitchen area, and the chimney can’t remove heat.

In kitchens, chimneys with ducts, it is possible to remove dust, heat, smoke, and odors from the kitchen’s surfaces.



The stereotypical view is that kitchen chimneys generate lots of noise. Still, when you consider that kitchen chimneys aren’t entirely silent, kitchen chimneys without ducts emit less sound than kitchen chimneys with ducts.


Which chimney is the most efficient one: ductless or ducted?

Both chimney types are the best for their purpose. If you cook more frequently and require a strong air-cleaning system, ductless kitchen chimneys would be the best choice. If you're in a smaller kitchen and cook less frequently, opt for ducted chimneys.

For what kind of kitchen is a ductless chimney perfect?

A kitchen chimney with ductless venting is ideal for kitchens with small spaces. It is less complicated to install and has no additional burden of pipes and ducts; it takes up less space. Because noise is lower in chimneys with ductless vents, they can be used in small kitchens.

Which is the most efficient chimney that is ductless in India?

After conducting all the research and analyzing all the reviews, we've decided that the KAFF Lumex DHC90 AFF chimney is the most efficient chimney made of ductless. It is a great suction capacity, motion sensors, and touch controls. It's not just that it's so smooth that it will alter the appearance of your kitchen.


You will likely be able to determine the most efficient ductless kitchen chimney in India. Here’s a suggestion: purchase a kitchen chimney that matches your kitchen to the greatest extent.

Often, this aspect is not considered before making a purchase. You must be certain about the kitchen space and how often your chimney is going to be utilized. It is always helpful if you know the specifications you’re looking for.

If you’ve read this entire article, we are sure you’ll choose the best and most efficient ventless chimney for your kitchen.

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