You are currently viewing Faber Chimney Review 2023 {Best Chimney on the market}

Faber Chimney Review 2023 {Best Chimney on the market}

When we formed our Best Kitchen Chimney review, we had to hire 14 experts in total, and the testing sessions went too long. One amazing chimney that drew our attention was a 90cm model from Faber.

Costing almost 15 thousand (might change with time), this Faber chimney had everything that makes your kitchen environment healthy.

After that, we decided to narrate a solo expert review on this particular chimney and let you know whether the 15k price tag is right for this 90cm model or not.

Ok, disclosing the suspense, it’s a superb purchase, but before that, some figures, specs, and features are there, which you should cherish.

It’s a 4-minute report from TOP 10 products India!

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It’s a Faber appliance, so build quality isn’t an issue. Many buyers feel a bit of doubt regarding how to use a kitchen chimney, but guys, it’s too simple. You can tap HERE for knowing safety tips. Now, let’s move further to this chimney’s special features.

Filterless Chimney


Filterless Chimney is a new generation of Auto-clean Chimney. This filterless chimney ensures No Cleaning hassles (Yes, that’s true), which makes it a sweet buy, and the maintenance cost is zero. The perfect position of the motor inside the chimney makes a clear path for air and smoke.

Heat Auto Clean Feature

The basic intention of every chimney is to make your kitchen smoke/odor-free. Faber Kitchen Chimney makes the same thing happen in a perfect way by using the Auto clean feature, and with this feature, with one touch, you get rid of all nasty particles in the air.

It prevents grease and oil particles, which decrease the suction power of your chimney. The oil collector gathers all oil, and that increases the life span. 

It also eliminates the cleaning hassle. Considering its price, the heat auto-clean feature you’re getting is fabulous.

Also, if a modern gas stove is your requirement, then the Kaff Gas Stove review will shock you since gas stoves’ prices have dropped immensely nowadays.

LED Light for Cooking


Another feature that adds to the modern appeal of this chimney is amazing LED lighting. This light is very calm, and you receive an adequate amount of light that you need while cooking. There are 2 LED lamps, which are built to bring you light for over a decade!

Tremendous Suction Power

The thumb rule is – more the suction power of your chimney, the faster it’s gonna remove odor and smoke from your chimney. Here the suction power is 1200m3/h. 

In our testing, we generated odor and smoke in our testing kitchen. One of our experts wore a mask and put numerous tadka in dal and fried some masala really hard.

After that, we turned Faber kitchen Chimney on, and the way it cleaned the kitchen in 09 minutes; guys, that were insane! 

That time is for entirely cleaning, while if you say in what time did it make the kitchen breathable, it was just 4 minutes even after so much smoke and odor. That was an artificial case. In real-life cooking, you hardly generate that much smoke/odor.

Low Noise Advantage

Cooking is a lengthy process, though, and you really can’t bear any appliance continuously generating noise during that era. 

You can’t concentrate well in such circumstances, and if your dish is spoiled, then bigger issues pop up. This chimney works at a comfy level of 68bD.

Besides that, as we’ve mentioned up that it takes very little to make your kitchen environment clean. You won’t have to hear even that noise for long either. 

Many kitchen chimney brands claim low noise operation, but the good thing is that Faber is standing on its words. Although there are hardly any chances, still, if you find that your chimney is making high noise, then just Tap HERE to know the easiest solution.

Oil Collector and Touch Control


The job of Oil collector cup is to gather oils and various other residues, making it convenient to keep the chimney clean and actually increases the overall durability as well.

Further, with Touch Control, you find it convenient to operate with just one touch, and that makes your kitchen chimney an easy and effortless appliance to use.

Faber Chimney Specifications, Pros and Cons


Material Glass User Manual included Yes
Colour Black Suction Capacity 1200 m3/hr
Installation Type Free-Standing Type Curved Glass & Wall Mounted
Fuel Type Electric Control 3 speed gesture
Size 90cm Warranty 1-year

  • Fantastic suction power.
  • Faber Chimney price is lesser than it’s competitors.
  • LED light for cooking.
  • Lower noise than it’s competitors.
  • Heat auto clean feature is present.
  • No filters, easy cleaning.
  • Oil collector cup and easy touch controls.
  • Black is the only colour to choose.

The Final Advice

Like your other kitchen appliances, we need to understand that a kitchen chimney is also a necessary thing to have. Guys, it saves the cooking person of your family from diseases like asthma.

Right from breathing to eye-related issues that are caused by harmful kitchen smoke and odors, if we start making a list, it’s gonna be too long.

Kitchen chimneys like the Faber model about which we’re discussing prove to be a super beneficial deal. At around 15K, undoubtedly, you’re getting a better return.

Also, once you buy this chimney, you hardly feel any hassle. It will just do its work silently. Also, you can contact Faber customer care support under the 1-year warranty period for free fixes and repair. Their service centers are widely available across India.

So, we’ll conclude this report by saying that the 90cm Faber Chimney has earned great regards from the buyers, and in our experts’ testing also, scores for durability, features, specs, reliability, etc., were the best at this price. Just grab the deal!

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