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Preethi Wet Grinder Review — A Power-Packed Machine

Having the best grinding appliance for your home will help you with performing your everyday kitchen jobs without hassles.

You can find this kitchen appliance not only in Indian families but also in all households around the globe. If you are looking for the best and most durable wet grinder for your home, you can consider having a look at the white Preethi 150-watt grinder.

It is the most durable and performance-focused heavy-duty grinding machine available on the market at present. It offers you not only efficient performance but also a safe grinding experience at a reasonable price.

Preethi 150W Wet Grinder, White

Why should you look at the wet grinder of Preethi?

Having a branded wet grinder in your kitchen will assist you in accomplishing everything related to your grinding errands effortlessly. The white grinding device from Preethi is one such device preferred by many households all over the world. Some of the other valid reasons for considering this grinding device include:

Reliable performance

You may need a handy and reliable wet grinder in your home, apart from a chimney and oven. The 150-watt grinding appliance of Preethi is one such device. It will help you with carrying out a range of kitchen tasks efficiently without much effort.

It is a trustworthy wet grinder, which not only offers the best performance. Also, it also provides a safe and secure grinding experience to you. You will be capable of handling the daily work of your kitchen efficiently. 

Smooth and efficient operation

When it comes to your cuisine, you will never compromise. You love your food as much as you adore the food-making process. This white wet grinder from Preethi is the handiest among all other appliances available in your kitchen. It plays a vital role in blending your spices into a careful and correct amount.

Besides that, it can perform different tasks effectively, ranging from mixing spices to making smoothies you hold dearly in your kitchen. It offers a smooth and efficient operation, in addition to facilitating you to blend anything into any reliability for which you wish.

Performance-centric design

Preethi outfits the white wet grinder with a sturdy body and durable blades. They allow the device to offer the best and most accurate grinding. The sturdy construction of the grinding appliance makes it bear your daily grinding process effectively. Moreover, the 150-watt commanding motor of the device makes it do the grinding and other jobs swiftly to match your requirements.

Remarkable features of the white wet grinder of Preethi

Aesthetic design

Preethi provides the wet grinder with an artist design while facilitating you to handle your grinding jobs efficiently and effortlessly. This grinding equipment serves as a versatile friend for you in your kitchen. The manufacturer outfits the device with uniquely designed rolling stones.

They make the equipment grind better for soft idlis, crisp dosas, and fluffy vadas. It is famous for its uniform grinding capability, as well. The device grinds everything that you feed it with precision efficiently. It comes with a four-step grinding system, as well.

The artistically designed ABS body of the wet grinder boosts not only the overall look of your kitchen. It also has a high resistance to cracks and shocks.

Well-organized grinding

The wet grinder from Preethi comes with a capacity of 2 litres. It also comes with a single-phase high torque 150-watt induction motor.

It helps the device in grinding items quickly and efficiently. The commanding single-phase motor functions mutually with the sturdy cylindrical rolling stones. It makes the device deliver superior and efficient grinding performance.  

Guaranteed safety

Preethi builds the 150-watt wet grinder with enough safety features, as well, for the well-being of users like you. The manufacturer provides the grinding appliance with a shock-resistant ABS body for enhanced protection.

The device comes with a durable power cord with a three-pin top. It comes with PVC insulation, offering additional safety for you whenever you run the grinding appliance.

Durable lid

Preethi outfits a sturdy and durable top to the 150-watt wet grinder. The manufacturer uses polycarbonate material to build it. The material offers the lid a high resistance to damages.

The whole body of the grinding appliance features shock-absorbing capability, making it safe and secure to use. The compact design of the device makes it fit any space comfortably. The sturdy construction of the device makes it remain steady and support the rotation and the speed of the blade.

Breezy cleaning

Above all, the while wet grinder of Preethi makes your cleaning and maintaining jobs a breeze, as well. The cylindrical rolling stones of the device create the battering process easy and soft thus, simplifying the grinding process. The beautiful look of the grinding equipment gives a perfect look to your kitchen. It blends perfectly with other décor items in your kitchen space.

Top five benefits of using the 150-watt wet grinder of Preethi

Preethi 150W Wet Grinder,

  1. You will get an ergonomically crafted grinding appliance.
  2. You will get healthy foods, as the wet grinder comes with a rust-resistant stainless steel drum.
  3. The polycarbonate lid of the device is transparent, allowing you to see the development of the foods effortlessly during the grinding process.
  4. The majestic white hue of the grinding appliance helps you to improve the overall appeal of your kitchen. You can boost its curb appeal affordably without putting in much of your hard-earned money and effort.
  5. You can use, manoeuvre, and maintain the grinding appliance effortlessly, as it comes with a frivolous design.


  • ABS body
  • Polycarbonate lid
  • High-performance motor
  • Durable rolling stones
  • Smooth and efficient operation
  • Effortless to use, clean, and maintain
  • PVC insulated power cord
  • Attractive design
  • Value for money


  • Sometimes the motor vibrates and creates noise.


  • Brand Preethi
  • Material Plastic and Stainless Steel
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH 29.5cm x 29.5cm x 45.5cm
  • Item Weight ‏ ‎ 12 kg 500 g
  • Power Source Corded Electric
  • Color White

Final Verdict

The 150-watt Preethi wet grinder comes with a bounty of beneficial features, allowing users to perform multiple jobs effortlessly. The performance-centric single-phase motor allows the grinding appliance to work resourcefully with a domestic voltage of 230 volts. Thus, it minimizes the current consumption of the device. The 2-litre capacity of the grinding equipment allows users to grind their required amounts of substances comfortably.

The high torque commanding motor works mutually with sturdy cylindrical rolling stones to make the device offer the best grinding performance to users. The combination facilitates users to grind anything they want efficiently without putting in much effort. The space-saving design of the grinding appliance allows users to store it in their kitchen comfortably. The ABS body of the devices offers it high resistance to shocks and wear and tear.

Considering the design features, safety features, convenient features, and other aspects, you can conclude that the 150-watt wet grinder from Preethi is the handiest and the most affordable grinding appliance for any budget-conscious shopper.

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