Best BAJAJ air cooler Reviews & Price Idea 2021

Best BAJAJ air cooler Reviews & Price Idea 2021

Best BAJAJ air cooler Reviews & Price Idea 2021: Global warming has led to insane climatic changes; thus, the summers in India are of more long term as well as hotter. Both dry heat and humidity are raised by breaking down environment conditions.

With the beginning of summer, diseases such as dehydration and heat strokes emerge. Skin irritation because of profuse sweating is one more commonality. Thus, only fans in our homes & working environments don’t do the trick any longer to make an open to living feel.

Keep your homes and workspaces cozy and cooler in piping hot summers by using Bajaj air coolers. The Bajaj air coolers’ feature depends on their incredible air throw and distribution, which can reach almost 5600-meter cube every hour on the peak.

This implies the air from these air coolers can travel up to 50 feet. The airflow can be easily adjusted by the three-way speed control system, and also a few models of Bajaj offer remote control for easy controlling.

The efficient 4-way deflection swing of Bajaj air coolers allows uniform airflow all through the air and also offers the unique bed-level airflow function.

There’s much to know about Bajaj coolers.

Let’s move further.

Best BAJAJ Air Cooler Reviews & Price Idea 2021

Cherish the Bajaj air cooler price list 2019 & 2020!

Best BAJAJ air cooler Review

BAJAJ air cooler Bajaj DC2015 43L 9.0 Under 10,000
BAJAJ air cooler Bajaj Glacier DC2016 8.9
Under 11,000
Bajaj Platini PX97 36L 8.8 Under 6,000
Bajaj Frio 23L 8.6 Under 6,000
Bajaj MD2020 54 L 8.5 Under 7,000
Bajaj PCF 25DLX 24L 8.5 Under 6,000
Crompton Ozone 75L 8.8 Under 10,000

After knowing Bajaj air cooler models and prices, let’s discuss each cooler deeply.


BAJAJ air cooler

1.) Bajaj DC2015 43 L. Room Air Cooler Review – Best cooler for the coastal region

Talking about the most popular Bajaj cooler, it’s this 43L model. Its power highly impressed us. The makers say this air cooler is perfect for a 600 sq.ft. Room, but in testing, our 750 sq.ft. The room was very well filled with a cool breeze.

It measures 57.0 cm x 40.0 cm x 109.0 cm. 10 days full refund policy is highly appreciable. We tried to run this Bajaj air cooler without water; still, the breeze was appreciable!

Let’s go in details

Why should You Buy?

  • This cooler is suitable for all climate types. Most importantly, it’s an expert in bringing relief from the humid climate of coastal areas.
  • With the help of its continuous water supply system, it delivers 4000 cubic meters per hour air at max and 3000 cubic meters per hour at medium as an average.
  • There are 3 side cooling pads. Removing its cooling pads is very easy, and castor wheels ensure easy mobility.
  • Due to high air throwing capacity, Bajaj DC2015 43 Ltrs is highly recommendable for halls also.
  • No need to move this cooler from place to place even if you’re in a humongous room, as it throws air as far as 48 feet as per our testing).

The Final Advice!

Thermoplastic material is used for constructing this cooler, meaning that it will last long. After all, it’s corrosion-free. The performance is impressive, and the appearance is awesome. Inverter capability, Four-way air deflection, 3-way speed control, and quiet performance make this cooler entire worth purchase.


BAJAJ air cooler

2.) Bajaj Glacier DC2016 Desert Desert Air Cooler Review (67 Ltrs)

There’s much to appreciate about Bajaj glacier dc2016 air cooler! This huge cooler can be moved easily due to those little smooth castor wheels. The power of this cooler is incomparable at this price!

We were pleased with the air thrust while testing. Noise level is still under control, and most importantly, the energy consumption is less. It’s is compatible with inverters and allows you to operate it in various circumstances.

Let’s go in details

Why should You Buy?

  • It comes with 3 distinct control settings for speed. You can customize the air throw level the way you want.
  • A powerful air-throw at your bed level enables the DC 2016 Glacier model to makes warm restless nights cool and comfortable for you.
  • The advanced cooling technology of this cooler ensures that the whole room is cooled silently, ensuring high comfort and peace.
  • there is an icebox for enhanced cooling
  • With a humongous 67 liters water tank, this cooler provides long-lasting, effortless cooling.
  • The Bajaj DC 2016 Glacier provides an air throw of 90 feet, which makes it suitable for residences, restaurants, large halls, offices, and banks.

The Final Advice!

The price of the Bajaj glacier dc2016 desert desert air cooler in India is easily acceptable. It’s a more economical as well as environment-friendly option of cooling, in comparison to an AC.

It’s shock-proof, lightweight, and resistant to corrosion. No matter how hot summers are in your city, this huge and powerful cooler is enough for you. It can bring freshness to your huge room in no time! Yes, we highly recommend Bajaj Glacier DC2016.


BAJAJ air cooler

3.) Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36L Air Cooler Review

If your searching is based on portability, compactness, and durability, at a lower price, then Bajaj Platini PX97 torque 36 ltrs room air cooler white model is a perfect fit for you. The air delivery of the Platini PX97 model is 1300 meter cube per hour, and that’s amazing!

1800 cubic meters per hour is the peak air delivery. We recommend it over Bajaj PC 2012 personal air cooler considering durability and value for money.

Let’s go in details

Why should You Buy?

  • As the cooler is pretty silent, you can place it in your bedroom and office, as neither it will disturb your sleep, nor interrupt you while working.
  • Even after being so silent, the power generation of this air cooler is amazing! Most importantly, even after throwing air continuously for long, overheating won’t touch Platini PX97.
  • Engineered thermoplastic material is used for designing the Bajaj Platini PX97 air cooler, which makes it rust-free and durable.
  • Besides weighing pretty light for the size (11 Kg), the castor wheels add on to convenience while moving it.

The Final Advice!

36 Litres is capacity, meaning one doesn’t need to fill water in it frequently. That’s amazing capacity at this price. As over-heating doesn’t take place easily, the expected and estimated durability is higher than most other similarly priced air coolers.

With the help of a 4-way air deflection system, it ensures great cooling in an area measuring 150 square feet. 3-way speed control adds on to its success. Bring the Bajaj Platini air cooler home and enjoy efficient cooling!


BAJAJ air cooler

4.) Bajaj Frio 23 Ltrs Personal Air Cooler Review

Want a cheap yet powerful air cooler? Well, after spending not much, comes your home Bajaj 23L air cooler, which looks decent and performs awesomely. If your room measures around 150-200 sq. Ft. then his 23L model is enough.

This Bajaj 23 liter air cooler model arrives with Honeycomb cooling media and easily removable 3 Side cooling pad, which enhance its overall performance. It perfectly deflects air in all four directions. It brings instant coolness in the room.

Let’s go in details

Why should You Buy?

  • You can set the cooler to any of the desired settings, which are low, medium, and high. On high settings, this 23L model is exceptionally powerful.
  • 4 castor wheels are very smooth. When you move Bajaj coolest Frio air cooler, full with water, then also the wheels roll on without making any noise.
  • Its honeycomb pads are surrounded by the blower, which increases this Bajaj cooler’s overall productivity, decreasing the energy consumption simultaneously.
  • The motor speed is 1350RPM, and costing a bit above 5K, that’s really appreciable.
  • Air throw distance is 30 feet, which again, for the price, is appreciable.

The Final Advice!

Besides impressive features mentioned above, inverter compatibility makes Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque Air Cooler a very suitable choice. However, regarding capabilities, both Bajaj Frio and Bajaj Platani are awesome, but for a smaller room, we recommend Bajaj Frio air cooler. To know Bajaj air cooler Frio price, tap the button below.


BAJAJ air cooler

5.) Bajaj air cooler MD 2020 Review (54 Ltrs) – Best Bajaj air cooler with humidity control

Can you believe, by spending below 7000 rupees, you’re getting 54 Litres capacity in a cooler! It is tremendous enough to cool 400 Sq. Ft. room. Now, as capacity is high, you already know that you just need to fill water once, and it won’t ask for that again soon.

The pads are pretty easily removable, and the design of this air cooler ensures easy cleaning. Through its drain plug, you can conveniently secrete the wastewater. This quiet performer deflects air in four ways.

Firstly, Bajaj TC2007 37 liter air cooler price is higher than the MD2020 model, and secondly, the build quality is also better here.

We recommend it over Bajaj air cooler TC 2007.

Let’s go in details

Why should You Buy?

  • You get castor wheels at the base for convenient mobility of this air cooler.
  • The speed at which it regulates the temperature is great. You feel a bit scary in switching off certain air coolers for letting them cool down because when you start them again, they will take much time to regulate the temperature of the room. This isn’t the case with Bajaj MD2020 Room Air Cooler. It brings instant cooling and relief.
  • This cooler throws air in all parts of a room as it comes with a swing option. So, if on a hot summer afternoon, your whole family for friends group is sitting and watching TV, no one will complain that he/she is getting less share of cool air!
  • The float valve works perfectly, ensuring a dependable valve shut-off in this cooler and constant water level.
  • The wood wool cooling media helps in dealing with humidity and heat faster than regular air coolers.

The Final Advice!

At such a comfortable price, Bajaj MD2020 Room Air Cooler is providing peak delivery of 3600 cubic meters per hour. As it is an inverter compatible cooler, there’s no need to bother power cuts. Three-speed controls allow you to set the airflow as per your convenience.

There much to enjoy besides marvelous wind current and air toss limit in this cooler, making it a very suitable purchase. To know Bajaj air cooler MD2020 price, tap the button below.


BAJAJ air cooler

6.) Bajaj PCF 25DLX 24 L Air Cooler Review – Bestseller

Regarding sales, Bajaj PCF 25DLX 24 Ltrs model is the best on this list. Some might say that the air throwing mouth of this cooler is small, but it has its own benefits.

Low noise is among the top benefits. The cover area is equal to Bajaj Frio. Again, the same castor wheels are there, but there is a change in the motor. This Bajaj cooler is highly recommendable for night use. The low operation noise is the reason.

Let’s go in details

Why should You Buy?

  • One can highly appreciate its performance in coastal regions, and the same is reflected in Amazon customer reviews written by the buyers living in coastal regions.
  • Due to compact size, it’s suitable for offices and dorms also.
  • Keeping this cooler clean and stagnation free is very easy. Use the drain plug to remove all wastewater from it.
  • The biggest advantage is, the motor doesn’t burn anything more than 80W! It’s the best bajaj cooler regarding energy consumption also.

The Final Advice!

While testing, we gathered humidity in the room using an electric humidifier and then turned on this Bajaj cooler to see in what time does it decrease the humidity. The time taken by this cooler was much lesser than several 7000-8000 rupees cooler models. For those living in Kerela, Chennai, Vishakhapatnam, Kolkata, or any other high humidity regions, Bajaj PCF 25DLX 24 Ltrs cooler is the ultimate choice.

Best BAJAJ air cooler Reviews: Extra Suggestion

The sixth air cooler in our list is not from Bajaj. Bajaj air cooler models were awesome, but this time, it’s Crompton, and this cooler is double-awesome! just check the price and water holding capacity, we’re sure that you’ll be surprised.


BAJAJ air cooler

Crompton Greaves Ozone Desert Air Cooler Review (75-Litre)

The Crompton Greaves Ozone Desert Air Cooler is among the counted air coolers, which managed to earn over 80% success rate on Amazon. This is so because the cooler is so tough that it withstands harsh and over usage, and stands on the expectations very well. Big credit goes to the motor.

Most importantly, this model from Crompton can deliver continuous and even performance, while most of the air coolers collapse after being used so high. It’s so due to the motor overload protection feature.

It won’t consume much space; still, it’s capacity is amazing 75 liters.

Let’s go in details

Why should You Buy?

  • The effective honeycomb cooling pads do a tremendous job.
  • 46000m3/hr is the air throw capacity, and such high capacity you find in much high rated air models. As the air throwing capacity is high, it cools bigger size halls much faster than other similar air coolers do.
  • The water level indicator shows when to fill water.
  • It operates only at 190watts, and most of the buyers appreciate Crompton Greaves Ozone Desert Air Cooler due to this.
  • This cooler comes with a separate ice chamber for putting the ice cubes.

The Final Advice!

Due to lightweight operation, placing this cooler near your bed, sofa, or dining table will never bring inconvenience or disturbance. Through motorized louver movement it ensures 4-way air deflection.

Also, it is inverter compatible. Rusting is never an issue here, and cleaning is never a hassle. Hence, we find Crompton Greaves Ozone Desert Air Cooler ex Crompton Greaves Ozone Desert Air Cooler exceptionally suitable at that price.

After all, why to choose a Bajaj air cooler?

Bajaj is a well-known company for quite a while for its fabulous products. Bajaj Electricals is present globally categories – Kitchen, Lighting, Fans, and Domestic Appliances.

This brand is available with products including Mixer Grinders, Irons, air coolers, Blenders, Ceiling/Pedestal/Table/Wall Fans, Gas Stoves, as well as LED Lighting. Bajaj is a believed brand, and their customer care is incredible.

Other excellent features, which almost every air coolers of Bajaj offers include a huge water tank (43L), the ice chamber as well as float valve. Offering comfort is the first priority of Bajaj air coolers. Most air cooler models from Bajaj have castor wheels for simple moving.

They also sport the auto water level as well as a neon indicator. The air coolers accompany water inlet opening & overflow set up. The circuits utilized in their air coolers are dependable & robust, and also are inverter compatible. The key to the long life of any air cooler is, in every case, great maintenance.

In this manner, Bajaj has consolidated innovative features in their air coolers that make it simple for maintenance. As the pads of Bajaj air coolers are easily removable, cleaning them will a breeze. The addition of the handy drain plug in certain models allows stagnant water’s systematic drainage from the system.


Another Bajaj air coolers’ extraordinary strength is its well-built design. They’re visually attractive with their ultra-modern construction and sleek design and are made of high-grade plastic, which is thermally built. They’re corrosion safe and can tolerate exposure to water and humidity.

Bajaj air coolers offer a practical as well as an exceptionally effective performance at a reasonable cost. They concentrate on offering you the most recent and the most suitable technological advancements in their air coolers. Bajaj gives you the highest efficiency as well as performance while keeping in mind limitations such as consumption and electricity bills.

Bajaj air cooler customer care number and support

Everyone knows that Bajaj holds a high reputation. They have earned this big name because of their quality, reasonable pricing, and, most importantly, post-purchase support. Type Bajaj air cooler service center toll-free number – 022-4128 0000 and get rid of your Bajaj cooler related issues.



Like every other part of your air cooler, the cooling pads also need care & cleaning to work appropriately. It’s vital you keep checking your cooling pads’ condition. Cleaning them, ensure they are placed perfectly and ensuring they are in perfect condition can surely extend their life. Use a brush to clean those pads. In case much of dust has been gathered or if it’s cracked then it’s best to just replace them.

Best BAJAJ Cooler Reviews: The Conclusion

We deeply analyzed the Bajaj air cooler price list 2018, 2019, & 2020. After that, we tested various top Bajaj models, and brought you the best. besides high grade features, Bajaj air coolers have highly satisfied in the field of low energy consumption, and looks also.

If you live in coastal reign, it becomes miserable during the summers, as you have to fight with heat as well as humidity altogether! In such case, Bajaj DC2015 43 L model acts as a saviour! After that, does temperature break day to day records in your city in summers? Then buy Glacier DC2016 Desert for attaining relief. It helps in fighting extreame heat.

After that, we recommend Platini PX97 Torque 36L model for medium size rooms. Bajaj Frio 23 Ltrs Personal Air Cooler proves to be perfect for smaller room.

Further, a cool and cheap solution to overcome humidity is Bajaj air cooler MD 2020. PCF 25DLX 24 L model has satisfied in overall departments, hence is the bestseller cooler over here. Besides Bajaj air coolers, one Crompton model highly surprised with performance, and that was Ozone desert 75L model. 75L capacity means enough guys! Also, we have Best Symphony, Best Kenstar, Best Orient, and best Voltas reviews for you.


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