Whirlpool IceMagic Refrigerator Review — A Big Energy Saver

Whirlpool IceMagic Refrigerator Review — A Big Energy Saver

Whirlpool IceMagic is one of Whirlpool’s best creations, thanks to the amazing technology used to improve the performance and make it more efficient. Special technology has been used that locks in the coldness and maintains the temperature at extremely low levels. This helps in keeping everything fresh and intact with no spoilage or rotting.

Moreover, as the temperature is maintained within a standard limit, electricity consumption is reduced greatly. That’s why the appliance can help in conserving energy as well as the user’s money. There are three subcategories under this range, all of which are single-door refrigerators. Also, the energy star rating varies from 3 stars to 5 stars based on the chosen model.

The IceMagic fridges also come in different colours, starting from washed pastel body to floral printed body. Adding a refrigerator of this product range from Whirlpool to the kitchen will work wonders.

Whirlpool 3 Star Direct Cool 215 Ice Magic Powercool PRM Refrigerator

An overview Whirlpool IceMagicPowercool

Having a blue shade with a washed finish, the Whirlpool IceMagicPowerCoolis one of the most sought-after refrigerators for small to medium-sized families. It is also used in small restaurants and cafes where only a handful of things need to be stored inside. Since it has a star rating of 3, the electrical consumption will be a bit high. But it’s still less than other products having the same volume and rating.

It has a volume of 200 litres that will allow you to store several items with ease. One of the fridge’s plus points is that the appliance does not consume too much space. Hence, you can place it anywhere inside the kitchen by the kitchen counter or the dining room.

The interiors of the refrigerator are divided into multiple compartments so that you can store a lot of things, from fresh veggies to milk and juice cartons.

  • Colour: Blue
  • Energy Star: 3 stars
  • Capacity: 200 litres
  • Defrost system: Direct cool
  • Material: Stainless steel

What is so special about the Whirlpool IceMagicPowercool?

Honeycomb lock-in crisper

To make sure that the moisture remains inside the crisper, the top layer contains a honeycomb design. It will maintain the moisture content, keeping the vegetables fresh, crunchy, and without a single sign of fungal growth or rotting.

Additional chilling zone

Right under the freezer, you will have the chiller tray that you can pull  out and pushed back easily. There is no special slider on which the tray could be supported, thereby maintaining the aesthetics of the interiors. Also, you can pull out this tray to clean it occasionally.

Offers laminar airflow

Inside the refrigerator, you will have laminar airflow. It means that air will move in the same direction with the same speed to distribute the cold evenly. If there is any cross-stream connection, the temperature won’t come down evenly throughout the fridge’s interiors.

Features of the Whirlpool IceMagicPowercool

Whirlpool 3 Star Refrigerator

Automatic inverter connection

This refrigerator won’t require any external stabilizer to protect the appliance’s circuitries from sudden voltage spikes. This is because it can easily connect itself with the home’s inverter so that the voltage input and output are constant no matter it face a power cut. Hence, the internal circuits will stay safe from any damage.

Fastest and quickest ice making

One of the best features of Whirlpool IceMagic Powercool is that it can form ice in the fastest possible time. It won’t even require the regulator to be at the lowest to start freezing the water. After a perfect report through several tests, we found that this particular model can form the ice in ten to fifteen minutes maximum.

Can retain coldness after power cuts

Even if the power is off and no electric source is there to keep the compressor and motor working, the temperature inside the freeze won’t rise too soon. A special mechanism can maintain the temperature for 12 hours. Also, it won’t cause any milk spoiling issue or the meat and fish to start emitting a bad smell.

Removable gasket

The gasket wrapped around the entire door of the refrigerator can be removed for occasional washing. This will help you keep your fridge safe from microbes even though this rubber gasket can prevent the bacteria from growing.

Insulated capillary technology

Thanks to the insulated capillary technology, the coolant will work faster since no energy will be lost. As a result, the compressor doesn’t need to put extra effort into maintaining the temperature and circulating the coolant.

Here’s a  recap of the features

  • Faster cooling action
  • You can remove the anti-bacterial gasket
  • Can keep the milk cold for 12 hours
  • Makes ice in the freezer quickly
  • Have multiple compartments designated for storing different items
  • Extra-large crisper for allowing you to store veggies and fruits easily
  • Strong and sturdy bottle holder on the door
  • Stainless steel body to last for the longest possible time
  • The freezer’s temperature level impacts the other items placed in normal compartments.

Final thoughts

If you are looking for having a spacious and affordable fridge for your home, nothing else could be as good as Whirlpool IceMagic refrigerator. It will help you store almost everything, starting from ice creams in the freezer to the extra eggs in the smaller tray on the door. It is, in fact, a must-have appliance for every household. Yes, we highly recommend Whirlpool IceMagic refrigerator.


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