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Whirlpool IceMagic Refrigerator Review — A Big Energy Saver

Whirlpool IceMagic is one of the best inventions of Whirlpool, thanks to the innovative technology employed to boost efficiency and increase its performance.

Special technology was used to lock in the coldness and hold the temperature at very low levels. This ensures that everything is clean and fresh without loss or decay.

Additionally, because the temperature stays within a set threshold, electricity consumption will be lesser. This is why appliances can aid in reducing energy consumption and also the consumer’s cash.

There are three subcategories within this group, and all are single-door refrigerators. Furthermore, your energy efficiency rating ranges between 3 and 5 stars, based on the model you choose.

The IceMagic refrigerators are also available in a variety of colours, ranging from a washed pastel to a floral-printed body. A refrigerator from this range of products from Whirlpool to your kitchen can do wonders.

Whirlpool 3 Star Direct Cool 215 Ice Magic Powercool PRM Refrigerator

An overview Whirlpool IceMagicPowercool

The blue hue is complemented by an oiled finish and a washed finish; the Whirlpool IceMagic PowerCool is among fridges with the highest demand that are suited to small – to medium-sized families. It’s often used in smaller cafes and restaurants where only the essentials need to be kept inside. As it has a score of 3 stars, its electrical consumption could be below. It’s not as high as other products with the same size and rating.

It can hold 200 litres which allow the storage of several things without difficulty. One of the best advantages is that it doesn’t take up too much space. This means you can put it wherever you want in your kitchen near the counter or in the dining room.

The interiors of refrigerators are divided into different compartments to allow you to keep a variety of things, from fresh vegetables to juice and milk cartons.

  • Colour: Blue
  • Direct cooling system: Defrost
  • Capacity: 200 litres
  • Energy Star: 3 stars
  • Material Materials: Stainless steel

What’s so unique in this model? Whirlpool IceMagicPowercool?

Honeycomb lock-in sharper

To ensure that moisture stays within the crisper, the top layer has honeycomb designs. It helps to maintain the moisture contents, keeping the food fresh, crunchy and free of fungal development or decay.

Additional chilling zone

Just under the freezer, you’ll have the chiller tray, which you can remove and then push back. There isn’t any special slider that the tray is supported with, thus preserving the look of the insides. You can also remove the tray to clean it up every now and then.

Offers laminar airflow

In the refrigerator, you’ll be experiencing laminar airflow. It is a term used to describe the fact that air is moving across the entire room at the same speed in order to distribute all the chilled evenly. If there’s a cross-stream connection, then the temperature will not be evenly distributed across the interior of the refrigerator.

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Features of the Whirlpool IceMagicPowercool

Whirlpool 3 Star Refrigerator

Connection to the automatic inverter

The refrigerator doesn’t need external stabilizers to shield its circuitry from abrupt voltage spikes. This is because it is able to effortlessly connect with the inverter of your home to ensure that the voltages at the input and output remain the same regardless of whether or not you are affected by a power loss. Thus the internal circuits are protected from damages.

Ice making is the fastest and most efficient process.

One of the most impressive advantages that come with Whirlpool IceMagic Powercool is that it is able to create ice in the quickest possible time. It won’t even need that the thermostat is set at the lowest setting to begin cooling the water. After an excellent report from numerous tests, we discovered that this model could make ice in ten to fifteen minutes max.

The ability to keep cold even following power outages

Even if power is turned off and no electricity source is present to ensure that the motor and compressor are running, the temperature within the freezer will not rise quickly enough. A specific mechanism will keep it for the duration of 12 hours. It also won’t cause any problems with milk spoilage or cause fish and meat to emit a foul smell.

Removable gasket

The wrapped gasket over the entire door of the refrigerator could be taken off for washing on occasion. This can help ensure that your refrigerator is free of bacteria, even though this gasket made of rubber can stop bacteria from developing.

Technology to create capillaries that are insulated

The insulated capillary technology allows the coolant to work quicker since there is no energy to be wasted. This means that the compressor shouldn’t have to exert extra effort in maintaining the temperature or circulating the coolant.

Here’s a features recap

  • Creates ice in the freezer rapidly
  • You can take off the gasket that is anti-bacterial.
  • Cooling action faster and more efficient
  • Keep the milk cool for 12 hours
  • A stainless steel body, which will last for the longest duration
  • Extra-large crisper to allow you to store vegetables and fruits with ease
  • You should have multiple compartments for storing different object
  • A sturdy and solid bottle holder at the door
  • The temperature in the freezer can affect other things that you place inside normal compartments.

Final thoughts

If the most spacious and cost-effective refrigerator in the market is what you’re looking for, then nothing can compare to the Whirlpool IceMagic fridge. It is able to store nearly everything, with ice creams stored in the freezer and even the eggs you have left in the small tray at the door. It’s, in actual fact, an essential piece of equipment for any household. We strongly recommend this Whirlpool refrigerator.

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