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Top 10 Best Copper Bottle in India 2024 Reviews & Buying Guide 

The idea of storing water in a vessel made of Copper and drinking it out of it is a traditional Indian custom of maintaining the health of your digestive system.

Nowadays, you can see copper water bottles in most homes in various dimensions and styles since drinking water from them improves your digestion and immunity. Additionally, it decreases the use of plastic bottles.

A copper bottle is superior to other bottles due to its numerous advantages for health, such as eliminating germs, detoxifying, aging, speedier healing of wounds, preventing skin pigmentation, aiding weight loss, and many more.

If you can get the above benefits using bottles, then owning one is a great idea when you are looking to boost your family’s health. But, picking the right bottle can be difficult.

So, take a look at our guide to India’s top 10 copper water bottles.

Which is the Best Copper Bottle in India? Here Are The 10 Best Choices 

1. Prestige Tattva Copper Bottle

Prestige Tattva Copper Bottle

In the Indian kitchen appliances market, Prestige holds a special position, all because of its innovation and quality. Talking about this nicely constructed copper bottle from Prestige, you stay assured because of the 15-day guarantee. This pure copper bottle features a smooth and attractive surface, which adds stars to its overall appearance. 

To stop the leakage of water, the copper bottle has been constructed with a sealed cap. Additionally, Silicone seals make sure that it is easy to open and close the bottle’s lid. We have tried washing the copper bottle using lemon and vinegar. However, no color variation indicates the water bottle’s pure quality.

Prestige Tattva Copper Bottle look

The shiny finish of the bottle is certainly an added benefit to the appearance. It is important to be cautious when closing the lid because the water could start to leak if you do not close the lid correctly.

Another thing to know regarding this Prestige copper container is that it’s somewhat on the heavy end with 500 grams of weight. The majority of copper bottles from India are of a mass of just 350g.

You can grab this copper bottle if its slight weight doesn’t bother you. It’s among the most highly rated copper bottles in 2022 in the Indian market. This bottle from Prestige is good enough to hold 1000ml water. It passed our 7-feet drop-down test.

Prestige Tattva Copper Bottle cap look


  • Capacity: 950ml
  • Dimensions: 29 9 x 9 x 9 cm
  • Weight: 500 grams


  • A glossy and smooth surface
  • Leak Proof and waterproof with Silicone seal
  • The warranty period of 15 days
  • Strong body


  • A little heavier than the rest.

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2. Dr. Copper Water Bottle

 Dr. Copper World's First Seamless Copper Water Bottle

Here comes the second copper bottler we’re gonna review. It’s among Dr. Copper’s top-selling copper water bottles. You enjoy all the benefits of pure copper metal. It’s the most reputed copp bottle brand in India, and this bottle also reflects the brand’s excellence.

The reason why this bottle is so well-known is that it’s constructed from pure Copper. The company claims that it can boost your immune system by keeping the water in the copper bottle for between 4 and 8 hours and then drinking it at the beginning of the day.

The copper bottle is made by hand and leakproof as well. The best part is that the silicone ring stops any leaks in this bottle.

Dr. Copper Water Bottle unboxing

The bottle neck’s diameter measures 3.4 cm, which allows for optimal drinking of water. Of course, the cleaning is easier due to the largemouth. This bottle is completely corrosion-free, and even its lids are made out of Copper.

In terms of cleaning, simply add the juice of a lemon and some salt into the bottle, then fill it with two cups of warm water and shake this bottle after around 30 mins, then clean the water. Then, you can wash the bottle using normal water, and that’s all there is to it.

Are you searching for something more than just a copper container for your whole family? Well, this Dr. Copper combo is worth considering. Besides a 500 ml and 1L copper bottle, you get 2 copper glasses measuring 500ml. 

Dr. Copper Water Bottle body look

Not just is the bottle super strong, but it’s also a 100% copper construction. It’s among the most expensive copper bottles in India but truly great value for the money. 


  • Capacity: 1,000 mL
  • Dimensions: 29 x 9 x 9 cm
  • Weight: 350 grams


  • Affordable
  • Easy drinking
  • Asia’s top brand award-winning
  • Pure copper bottle with lid made of Copper
  • Easy cleaning 
  • Leakproof


  • None

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3. Tagott Apsara Copper Water Bottle

Tagott Apsara Copper Water Bottle

Tagout is an Indian-Australian-based brand that is a specialist in personal and home care products and leather, barware, and other accessories. This bottle from Tagott is considered among the top pure copper bottles made in India. They are sold extremely well due to their beautiful design and outstanding performance.

Tagout is considered to be a brand whose level matches brands like Milton and Dr. Copper. This manufacturer is getting great attention in 2022. 

Tagott Apsara Copper Water Bottle body look

Weighing 327, the capacity of this bottle is around 1000ml. You can rest assured that the bottle is constructed of pure Copper. Like all other bottles from this brand, this bottle has also come to the market after undergoing a rigorous surveillance process to bring you only top quality.

This copper bottle’s exterior is pure, and the Lacquer coating provides an elegant exterior appearance for this bottle. All these bottles from this brand are handcrafted. The largemouth of this bottle makes cleaning easy. The water won’t leak at all, thanks to the silicon washer that avoids water leakage. Also, it’s rust-free. 

What else did our experts like? Well, it’s an attractive brown color, which can attract anybody! Even if you use it somewhat roughly, this brown color won’t fade away.

Dr. Copper Water Bottle jointless bottle

However, with all these advantages, you also need to accept its somewhat high cost. Yes, it’s around 150-200 rupees costlier than most of the other copper water bottles.


  • Capacity: 1,000ml
  • Dimensions: 7.11 x 7.11 x 28.19 cm
  • Weight: 327 grams


  • Lacquer coat
  • Beautiful packaging
  • Jointless, seamless, and waterproof
  • Its style is elegant and stylish.
  • 100% pure copper


  • It’s a bit more expensive than other brands, but it is worth the cost.

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4. Fairy COP29 Copper Water Bottle 

 Fairy Copper Water Bottle COP29

Cop29 counts among the new and quickly successful Indian brands that have recently rocked the market. The sales of this particular bottle started booming shortly after the epidemic of Covid-19 was declared to be over. This 100% copper bottle is well-tested before entering the market. This beautiful copper bottle in a wood-brown hue is fully hand-constructed.

This bottle is 900 milliliters, and its height is 10.8 inches and 2.8 inches in diameter. In terms of the quality of the bottle, it’s very robust and virtually unbreakable as well. The bottle has an adhesive seal made of silicone around the cap, which will make it leakproof.

Fairy COP29 Copper Water Bottle with good design

With its sleek style with ergonomic curvatures, you’ll be able to carry the container around in your hands. To avoid any scratches, the bottle is coated with A+-grade lacquer. In exchange for a gift, it comes with a velvet sticker at the base of the bottle to prevent slippage and a silicone washer.

The bottle’s packaging is distinctive and will grab your attention certainly. But, with a volume of 900ml, we thought the bottle was somewhat heavy considering its capacity of just 500 grams. If you’re okay with a little weight, we would suggest this Cop29 bottle due to the high-quality copper construction it is equipped with.

Fairy COP29 Copper Water Bottle 100% copper


  • Capacity: 900ml
  • Dimensions: 7.11 x 7.11 x 27.94 cm
  • Weight: 500 grams


  • Extra velvet sticker
  • 100% copper construction
  • Wonderful packaging
  • Sleek design


  • A little on the heavier side.

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5. R Ayurveda Copper Water Bottle

R Ayurveda Copper Water Bottle

Weight is among the top considerations before buying a copper bottle. A lightweight bottle is always easy to transport. This copper bottle from Ayurveda is the lightest one on this list, weighing nothing over 250 grams.

350g is the approximate average weight of a normal copper bottle, but this one is around 100g less. Most importantly, it’s still very strong and durable. 

R Ayurveda Copper Water Bottle true copper design

The bottle size is 25 inches by 8 inches by 8 cm. It holds a capacity of 1000 milliliters. Its appearance is quite appealing. This copper bottle is a step up over the others because it has a green floral print.

It looks very elegant. The bottle features a large mouth, which makes for easy drinking, and, of course, easy cleaning. We conducted leakage tests on the bottle but found no indications of leakage.

If you’re not planning to invest a lot of money in copper bottles but need a fashionable design, go to this Copper Bottle from R Ayurveda.

R Ayurveda Copper Water Bottle indside look


  • Capacity: 1,000 mL
  • Dimensions: 25 x 8 x 8 cm.
  • Weight: 250 grams


  • The lightest copper bottle available in India
  • Leakproof
  • Modern and also cost-effective


  • None

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6. Indian Art Villa Pure Copper Bottle

Indian Art Villa Pure Copper Bottle

There are two main reasons why we decided to add this bottle of Copper made by Indian Art Villa. Most copper bottles sold in India can hold between 900 and 1,000 milliliters. This bottle has a 1,100 ml capacity, which is perfect if your water intake is high.

Additionally, many brands will charge an extra fee for copper glasses, and, most importantly, it requires additional space. However, this copper bottle has a glass built-in. The cap is glass, which helps save space.

This brand Indian Art Villa is regarded as among the most considered Brands in India in this segment. The brand has a worldwide presence that includes countries like Spain, Canada, the U.S, Mexico, etc. It has an attractive and vintage design related to copper bottles because all copper bottles made by the brand are handcrafted.

Made of pure and top-quality Copper, it’s an ideal water bottle for anybody’s bedroom because of its 1,100ml capacity. Cleaning is easy with an extremely wide mouth.

Indian Art Villa Pure Copper Bottle look

However, this bottle has a downside because of the glass inside. It is important to know that the copper bottle isn’t leakproof since the cap functions as a glass. Hence, it’s a perfect bottle for bedrooms or placed in a single location. Also, it is not leakproof. Are unable to fill the bottle to the highest degree.

For many people, copper-based water bottles are mainly used inside the walls of their homes. For those who require it, this bottle by Indian Art Villa is the purest copper bottle to be found in India for 2022.

In addition, If you’re searching for a leak-free copper container made by Indian Art Villa, You could look into this 1,000ml bottle that comes with two copper glasses from the same manufacturer.

Indian Art Villa Pure Copper Bottle inside look


  • Capacity: 1,100ml
  • Dimensions: 20.32 x 10.16 x 20.32 cm
  • Weight: 390 grams


  • Set consisting of 2 bottles and two glasses
  • The Best Copper Bottle Brand in India
  • Perfect copper water bottle to use in your bedroom
  • Pure Copper of the highest quality
  • A large capacity of 1,100ml
  • Inbuilt glass


  • Insufficiently leak-free because of the glass that is built into the body.

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7. Milton Copperas 1000 Copper Bottle

Milton Copperas 1000 Copper Bottle

Like Prestige, Milton is one of the most highly regarded and well-known names in The Indian food industry. There’s no one more superior than Milton in terms of quality and value, coupled with the reasonable price. You must also be aware that Milton is among India’s top copper bottle brands.

If you’re searching for a perfect Copper Bottle below 1000 rupees, which also has a guarantee, you should choose this one. It comes with 920 milliliters and weighs 400 grams.

Milton Copperas 1000 Copper Bottle look

Contrary to the two previous copper bottles, the one, in this case, is made entirely of Copper. That means that the bottle’s body is constructed of Copper apart from the lid.

The exterior of this copper bottle made by Milton has been coated in high-quality Lacquer. To put it into simple terms, Lacquer is a special liquid painted onto metal or wood to shield it and create a shiny appearance.

Because of the lacquer coating, the copper bottle can be described as tough and resistant to damage. The bottle’s mouth can be wide, making the cleaning process simple.

Because it can be the sole copper bottle available in India with a 1-year guarantee, the Milton Copper bottle is the most reliable copper bottle you can purchase on the Internet in India.

Milton Copperas 1000 Copper Bottle inside look

If you’d like to include a couple of copper glasses, each having the capacity of 280ml in the bottle of Copper, purchase Milton Copperas Gift Set of 3.


  • Capacity: 920 milliliters
  • Dimensions: 7.7 x 22.5 x 7.7 cm
  • Weight: 400 grams


  • Leakproof Design
  • Made of 99% Copper
  • Lacquer coat
  • One-year of warranty


  • None

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8. Coppertown Leakproof Copper Bottle

Coppertown Leakproof Copper Bottle

If you are looking for copper bottles for your family members and searching for a reasonable price, you should consider this deal from Coppertown.

It is a set comprising two copper bottles that can hold 1,000 milliliters and two copper glasses with a 250 ml capacity each. The cost is reasonable for the copper bottles.

Coppertown Leakproof Copper Bottle look

The glasses and the bottles are made in a classic copper design, with the peacock design. Both bottles are leakproof, and the quality of the material is impressive as well. Its weight is impressive at only 228 grams.

Although the glasses are very small, why would you bother since they’re completely compatible when paired with copper bottles. This is a great deal for the price and is something you could buy for your entire family.

Coppertown Leakproof Copper Bottle goog mug quality


  • Capacity: 1,000 ml
  • Dimensions: 7.11 x 7.11 x 27.94 cm
  • Weight: 280g


  • Set comprising 2 bottles as well as two glasses
  • 1,000 ml capacity
  • Glasses are complimentary with copper bottles


  • None

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9. Rising Town Copper Water Bottle

Rising Town Copper Water Bottle

The final item in the present review of the most effective copper bottle available in India in 2022 comes by Rising Town. The copper bottle comes with a capacity of 1000 ml and is light in weight, only 28 grams. The best part is that you get 500ml copper glasses in this copper bottle which is quite an offer.

The bottle is adorned with an image of a peacock printed on it. The glass, however, is unadorned. You don’t have to worry about spills because it is water-resistant.

Rising Town Copper Water Bottle outer look

Copper bottles have an elegant matte finish and an ethereal touch. The additional glass is easily and neatly put on the side of the bottle should you wish to make space on the table at night.

You could clean the copper bottle using lemon water, vinegar, or even some Pitambari powder. It is also possible to look into the combination offered by Rising Town if you want two copper glasses and two copper bottles for less cost.

Rising Town Copper Water Bottle glass quality


  • Weight: 280g
  • Capacity: 1,000 mL


  • Leakproof bottle
  • With a 500 ml copper glass
  • Pure Copper
  • Extremely light


  • None


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10. Vedic Copper Bottle for Water

Vedic Copper Bottle for Water

Based in Mathura (U.P), Vedic is a renowned exporter and manufacturer in the industry of copperware. With regards to appearance, it is an elegant and attractive copper bottle. The capacity of the bottle is 1000 ml, and it weighs 350 grams. The Copper used to construct the bottle is 100% pure.

This is a great option for those who don’t wish to invest too much in copper bottles since the cost of this bottle is very reasonable. While the bottle is leakproof, it did have some minor issues when trying to shut and open the cap simultaneously. For the price, you could give the copper bottle a shot.


  • Capacity: 1,000ml
  • Dimensions: 27 x 99 x 8 cm.
  • Weight: 350 grams


  • Leakproof bottle
  • Artistic design
  • Very affordable


  • The opening and closing of the cap aren’t easy.

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Buying Guide – Best Copper Bottle in India

Although there is a lot of information on the Internet that discusses the advantages of drinking water inside copper bottles, many people have doubts about the quality. This buying guide will hope to answer all of these questions and some of the most frequently asked concerns like what is the best Copper Bottle Brand in India, How to pick the right copper bottle, how to clean it, etc.

Which is the best Copper Bottle Brand in India?

  1. Indian Art Villa
  2. Milton
  3. Dr. Copper
  4. R Ayurveda
  5. Tagout

There are over 10,000 copper bottles on the market in India via Amazon India, and I do not even include websites such as Flipkart or, etc. If we choose the top copper bottle brands available in India for 2022, these are Dr. Copper, Milton, R Ayurveda, Tagott, and Indian Art Villa.

To be the top company in copper bottles, quality and performance must be superior to the rest. Another aspect to think about will be the size of the bottles and whether they’re leakproof. Last but not least is the pureness of Copper when making the copper bottle. With all of these aspects, they are clear winners in India’s top brand of copper bottles in 2022.

How to Choose the Best Copper Bottle in India? Check These 9 Points

1. Leakproof

A copper bottle must be leakproof, especially if you intend to take it around in the gym, work, or even outside. The best part is that most all copper containers found in India are leakproof, except ones with caps that are glass. One example of this is the Indian Art Villa Pure Copper water bottle. Copper bottles of this kind are designed to help you save space and are only suitable for bedrooms since they are usually kept in one location throughout the day.

2. Ease of Cleaning

In addition to other substances like Stainless steel Thermos glass, a copper bottle requires the highest quantity of cleaning and maintenance. While the cleaning process isn’t as complex as it may sound, having a larger mouth is always beneficial as it lets you reach down to the bottom much more easily.

3. Durability

It’s no surprise that the best copper bottle must be robust regardless of its brand. Durability can be measured by the quality of the bottle or how much Copper is contained in it. The higher the percentage of copper present in the bottle, the better. It is best to avoid the copper bottle fitted with a uniform ring of plastic on the cap. A lot of it is dependent on how you maintain and use the copper bottle. This guide will also provide some of the rules and regulations of copper bottles.

4. Design

This is your preference, as copper bottles have an unadorned exterior. Some bottles have a textured surface, and there will be bottles with designs, like peacock prints. Based on your preference, you can pick any item.

5. Weight

Everything you intend to carry around in your hands or carry around in your bag must not weigh much. A copper bottle of high quality from India is, on average, approximately 350 grams or 400 grams. Anything that is heavier than 400 grams is not recommended. In this article, we’ve looked at some pure copper bottles made in India with weights of under 300g also. Some of the bottles are Rising Town, Coppertown, and R Ayurveda.

6. Cost and Warranty

A handful of brands in India provide a guarantee on copper water bottles. Since they are usually not, they are not guaranteed, but it is contingent on the company’s policies. Despite this, Milton offers a one-year guarantee on every copper bottle they sell, which isn’t bad given the amount they are sold. In addition, you can purchase the most popular copper bottle available in India in 2022 for just 1,000-rupees.

7. Capacity

The capacity of copper bottles in India starts at 500 ml and can grow up to 1,100 milliliters. Anything larger than 1.1 liter is the copper jug and is not an actual bottle. For a person, the ideal amount is 900ml to 1,000 milliliters. If you require more copper bottles, it’s best to opt for a combination pack similar to this.

8. Pure Copper

If you decide to purchase a pure copper bottle, it needs to be a copper bottle made with 100% copper. A bottle made of Stainless steel that is painted with the Copper outside is not considered a genuine copper bottle. To judge any copper bottle that even its lids are constructed of Copper is an authentic copper bottle. In this post, a few of the top copper bottles are TAGOTT Cop29 Dr. Copper, etc.

9. Lacquer Coating

Several companies have begun coating the exterior of copper bottles using lacquer solutions. This coating makes sure that your copper bottle will have an opaque or matte appearance. For aesthetics, it enhances the overall appeal of copper bottles. Some copper bottles with a lacquer coating include TAGOTT Apsara Copper Water Bottle, Milton Copperas 1000 Copper Bottle, and others.

8 Benefits of Drinking Water from a Copper Bottle

1. Improves Digestion

Improved digestion is among the most important reasons to purchase copper bottles. Copper bottle for use every day. It is believed that drinking liquid from the bottle early in the morning with an empty stomach helps enhance digestion. This is because Copper assists in cleansing and detoxifying the stomach. It also removes excess waste from the system. In the case of storing the water inside a bottle made of Copper, minerals dissolve on the water’s surface. They help break down food particles and help improve digestion.

2. Aids in Weight Loss

Simply put, healthy digestion is beneficial to the general health of the body and helps in weight loss. Because Copper aids in breaking down fat in the body and stores the nutrients your body requires, and eliminates the remaining, it eventually results in weight loss over time, especially if you consume it frequently.

3. Improves Aging

If you’re worried about wrinkles appearing on your face and there are signs of aging, copper water bottles are the best option. Copper can be a natural antioxidant and aids in the process of cell renewal. It prevents wrinkles that appear on the face and generally slow the process of aging in the body.

4. Improves Brain Functioning

The human brain represents the ultimate representation of your body. Without the functioning of the brain function, there will always be serious health issues. In the classroom, the brain communicates with the rest of your body by electricity. Copper assists cells in communicating with each other and transmitting these impulses promptly, thus improving brain function.

5. Heal Wounds

Because Copper’s antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties can heal wounds in the body quickly and efficiently, in addition, given that Copper boosts immunity and strengthens the immune system, healing from wounds will occur much quicker.

6. Fights Off Infections

In 2022, the year that a single disease like Coronavirus has caused so much harm throughout the world, particularly in India, it is imperative to discover a substance that improves the immune system and assists the body fight dangerous illnesses. Fortunately, Copper can destroy bacteria extremely effectively, especially E.Coli, S. aureus, and Cholera Bacillus, which can cause serious illnesses within the body.

7. Stimulates Thyroid Gland

The thyroid is a tiny gland shaped like a butterfly and is located near the neck’s front. The function of the thyroid gland is to release thyroid hormones, which regulate the rate at which the chemical functions of the body take place and affect the metabolism of the body. But, if you get into the habit of drinking liquids from the bottle of Copper, it helps balance the imbalances that occur in the thyroid gland.

8. Reduces Hypertension

Over 30% of Indians suffer from hypertension, and the problem is greater in urban areas contrasted to rural areas of India. Hypertension can cause various issues in the body, including heart attacks, blocked blood vessels, and more. Copper has been discovered to control blood pressure levels in the body and reduce the risk of heart-related diseases.

The Do’s and Don’ts of a Copper Bottle

There are many questions regarding the safety issues associated with drinking water from the copper bottle. This article will explain what you must and shouldn’t do if you own a copper water bottle in your house.

Before use

When using your copper bottle for the first time, ensure that you clean it in normal water. In a normal routine, make sure to fill your copper bottle up with warm water at room temperature and leave it at this level for 6-8 hours. After which, you can take a sip of the water with an empty stomach.

Make sure you pay attention to cleaning.

Like everything else, copper bottles require regular cleaning from time to time. Cleaning it regularly is essential to ensure you can reap the most advantages of drinking water from the copper bottle. However, it’s also hygienic to a large degree.

Avoid deep freezing

The advantages of drinking water from the copper bottle are realized most effectively when you store the bottle away from the fridge. Copper will expand when stored under freezing temperatures, and in the end, it could damage the product itself.

Beware of anything that is not water.

The copper bottle you have is designed for water at a normal temperature only. Do not store them in your copper bottle if you love citrus juices, such as orange juice, lemon juice, etc. The acidic content of these drinks will react against the Copper and create stomach gas, nausea, stomach pain, vomiting, and more.

Normal water only

The copper bottle you have will give the most benefits if you pour regular liquid into it. It is not advised to pour cold or hot water into your copper bottle. As with citrus juices, using your copper bottle or glass is not recommended for drinking coffee or tea.

Avoid extreme heat

When exposed to extreme temperatures, it becomes more reactive, which causes the metal to emit more electrons than it normally will. In the long run, it can cause damage to the copper coating, and in turn, it will mean that you won’t get all the advantages of water filtered through a copper bottle.

Avoid abrasive detergent

Do not clean+ your copper bottle or copper vessels using harsh detergents. It will shorten the lifespan of your copper tools. If you’re looking to wash the copper container, turn to natural methods like salt, lime vinegar, salt, etc.

Pay attention to your body.

Many things are bad for your body, and it is true for copper bottles as well. If you don’t want to drink water from the copper bottle in the morning, then do not. It is crucial to be aware of your body’s signals as it might be trying to convince you that Copper is sufficient for your body.

Spice it up

It isn’t possible to put the acidic or citrus drinks in the bottle of Copper, but you could certainly spice up your drink by adding lime and other fruits after taking the water out of your copper bottle. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of flavors whenever you wish to.

How to Clean a Copper Bottle Easily (5 Ways)

There is nothing to doubt about the advantages that copper-based water bottles offer. It is equally important to pay attention to the best way to wash your copper water bottle using easy and simple steps.

1). Pitambari Powder

The final method for cleaning the copper bottle efficiently is paid for; however, it works well for six types of metal, including Copper. You can purchase Pitambari shining and use it to clean off the bottle. It comes with an exclusive cleaning agent that gets rid of oil and other stains with ease. The powder isn’t just effective on Copper and brass, but it also works on aluminum, Iron, and Silver articles.

2). Vinegar and Salt

Cleaning a copper water bottle is not difficult If you don’t know how to go about it. It is possible to cleanse your bottle by using salt and vinegar. The great thing is that both are easily accessible in the market. All you need to mix is 1 teaspoon of salt and one cup of vinegar, and stir until the salt is completely dissolved in the solution. You can then use the paste to clean and polish the bottle of Copper. After you’re finished, wash it off and polish it with the help of a soft and clean cloth.

3). Ketchup

We realize that cleaning a copper bottle with Ketchup may sound crazy. However, it’s an extremely effective way to give it a go. Tomatoes are naturally acidic and can be used to eliminate tough staining. You’ll have to put some of the catch-ups onto the bottle and leave it for about 15 minutes to allow the acidity to begin cleaning the bottle. In 20 minutes, clean the bottle using an easy sponge. It is now time to wash the bottle using an absorbent cloth that has been soaked in olive oil. The bottle should dry, and observe the result for yourself.

4). Baking Soda

Baking soda is among the most tested methods to eliminate any tough stains, particularly copper-based tools. The procedure is easy to follow mix baking soda with lemon juice or the baking soda alone to scrub that copper-colored water bottle. In just a few hours, you’ll be able to identify an unclean copper bottle.

5). Lemon and Salt

Cleaning the copper bottle using salt and lemon is among the most efficient and tested techniques. Both of these items are available in your kitchen every day. To wash your copper bottle by using salt and lemon, you’ll be required to add salt and lemon juice, then gently rub them onto the copper bottle. After that, you can leave the paste for another 30 minutes and continue rubbing it regularly. Be sure to squeeze the whole lemon to get a good paste. It is also possible to utilize the remaining peel to scrub the corners and edges of your copper bottle. After this has been completed, rinse it off with water and dry it with an absorbent cloth.

How to Identify the Original Copper Bottle?

The 7 copper water bottles we’ve examined in this article are made of pure Copper. If you are looking to verify the authenticity and quality of the bottle, there are a few tested and easy steps to take.

1). Listen to the sound: Copper as a metal is incredibly delicate, and it will darken with time, regardless of how good you are at maintaining your abilities. Make sure that pure Copper is a quiet sound, and you’ll hear the difference when giving the bottle the gentle tap you would give any surface. If you hear a harsh sound, then you’ve got an issue.

2). Magnet test: This method is very easy and time-saving. You have to put the magnet on the copper bottle of water and test if it stays on the bottle. If it does to the bottle, it’s not made of pure Copper. However, If the magnet isn’t sticking, the bottle is made out of Copper.

3). Purchase from a reputable shop: If you plan to purchase a premium copper bottle from India, make sure you purchase it through a reputable shop. The copper bottles we’ve examined are genuine top-quality copper bottles and have been in use. Before purchasing, it is advised to read reviews about the bottle because it’s real-time reviews from customers who purchased the exact product.

4). Look for blue-green spots: If you’ve used the copper bottle for a long time but aren’t certain whether it’s pure Copper, search for blue-green marks on it. These are or “Patina.” The patina helps stop corrosion over a long period. If you see the patina of your bottle, it’s likely a genuine copper bottle. Be aware that the patina appears only after exposure to elements. It might not be apparent in the case of an original bottle.

5). Find out the color of the bottle: The first thing you have to do is examine the color of the copper bottle you have purchased, as the pure copper bottle is red-orange, not gold or silver. You may also look at your copper bottle to the sun, and should it not appear like it is red-orange, you are required to throw away the bottle since it’s not pure Copper.

Is Copper Water Good for Skin?

We Indians, particularly our forefathers and our ancestors, have used Copper Utensils for a very long time. If you examine the subject with a keen eye, you will see that many of the things that our predecessors did seemed rational and had some type of scientific explanation to back them.

Of course, there were no water purifiers at the time, which is why copper utensils had a lot of importance. Copper water is beneficial for skin health, and the reason for this is quite simple. If you take a glass of copper water in a container, it restores harmony with the three doshas that reside in your body.

According to Ancient Ayurveda, these doshas are believed to cause a person’s physical, mental, and emotional health. Consequently, the balance of these doshas is crucial. The three doshas are referred to as Vata, Kapha, and Pitta.

When you pour water into an aluminum bottle and let it sit for between 6 and 8 hours, tiny amounts of copper ions will leach into the water, positively charged, also known as alkaline. The positively charged ions hinder bacteria’s growth and slow down the aging process.

Copper is also helpful in reducing fine lines by producing collagen and elastin. This may sound complex; however, it’s easy and effective in reality. This is why you must purchase the purest copper-based water bottles available in India to boost the appearance of your skin and enjoy the many other advantages.

Is Dr. Copper Water Bottle Safe?

For those who don’t already know about Dr. Copper, it is one of the most popular copper bottle brands available in India for 2022. In reality, Dr. Copper water bottles are also among the top sellers in India. For background information, Dr. Copper is a Hyderabad company known for being inexpensive and hygienic.

The copper bottles they sell are made of pure 100 percent copper and are a reliable source of pure Copper’s performance, durability, and authenticity. We recommend that you look through reviews before purchasing any item online to be aware of the pros and the cons associated with the item.

We have reviewed copper bottles by Dr. Copper and found the bottle to be pure Copper, with the lid made of Copper, leakproof, and cleaning was extremely easy due to the largemouth. In addition, regarding the security of copper bottles, there’s always a set of guidelines you should follow and what you shouldn’t do to get the most out of copper bottles.


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