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Philips Vacuum Cleaner Review — Ensure Ultimate Tidiness

Vacuum cleaners are able to easily get rid of dust and other debris from floors, ceilings or roofs and carpets and utilize high-quality filtering technology to enhance the air quality. Allergy sufferers, because of bad air quality, will reap a variety of health benefits when they invest in an effective vacuum cleaner.

A good vacuum cleaner will clean the air by eliminating dirt particles and then capturing tiny dust particles in filters. Since these filters are easy and easy to wash, you can be confident in them. Be sure to buy a high-quality vacuum cleaner that is bagless to make the most of your money and avoid any further issues.

Let’s look at the reasons you’d be interested in buying cleaners that are bagless.

There are plenty of incredible prices for vacuum cleaners that are bagless right now, and you can pick one of them with no difficulties. However, differences that make you feel confused are a problem that everyone faces. Therefore, to reduce time and cost, search to find the most effective cleaner. The best choice is the PowerPro FC9352/01 Bagless Cleaner. We’ll learn more about this vacuum cleaner.

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Philips PowerPro Vacuum CleanerOverview Overview

Phillips offers a variety of household care products along with kitchen appliances. This improves the credibility of the company and makes them an industry leader of trusted brands companies in the market. This means that you can enjoy safer usage as well as greater reliability. All the features you need that comes with this Philips PowerPro FC9352/01 Bagless Vacuum Cleaner. Its pipes are large enough to let you access difficult areas within a matter of minutes without putting in too much effort.

The five-stage filtering process to get rid of dust and dirt prior to dumping it into the canister is the primary reason behind making this canister the most effective. It has an engine of 1900W that you can power up and lets you make use of it for longer periods. The suction power is enough to move dirt effortlessly. A higher suction force reduces effort, while the handle is comfortable and sturdy, which makes it easy to use for extended durations.


A powerful 1900W engine drives this Philips PowerPro Bagless Vacuum Cleaner that delivers powerful suction. It is a unique design that improves airflow via cyclonic motion. It also has an entirely sealed filter for extremely fine dust and allergy filtration. It’s lightweight and simple to carry. Here are some specs for this amazing vacuum cleaner.


  • Easy dust separation from the air with Powercyclone 5 technology.
  • Suction power is exceptional due to the motor’s 1900W power.
  • To ensure a thorough floor cleaning, make use of the multi-clean spray.
  • If compared with a standard brush gets rid of 25 per cent more dust and hair.
  • To make it easier to empty the container, a fresh dust container design is being designed.
  • You can adjust the ActiveLock coupling to suit each task effortlessly.
  • Brushes are integrated into the handle; they are ready for make use.
  • To make it easy to move, it’s small and light.
  • Large wheels to improve performance in controlling speed.
  • EPA10 filter to ensure Healthful Air in an Air Filter System that is Healthy Air Filter System
  • The manufacturer’s warranty lasts for two years, starting from the day of purchase.
  • The unit, accessories, user guide, and warranty card are all included. User manual, unit, and warranty card.


  • Motor: It is an engine with a power of 1900 watts that produces suction power of 350 milliwatts.
  • Cyclone Of Force: Philips’ bagless vacuum cleaner consists power cyclone technology. This is specifically designed to eliminate dirt and dust off the surface. It’s a shame that it’s mixed into lots of swirling movements.
  • The lightweight hard plastic is the main component of this Philips PowerPro vacuum cleaner. It is extremely light and weighs just 4.5 kg. It is easy to transport.
  • Bagless Dust Bag is not part of Philips PowerPro. Instead, it is an easy-to-empty dustbin to empty and keep dirt from getting into.
  • For superior suction power, a 1800W motor is utilized. For deep cleaning, its 1800W motor offers the capacity of 360W strong suction power.
  • Great performance for a longer period of time: PowerCyclone 5 tech speeds the airflow through the chamber’s cylindrical shape, segregating dirt from the air and allowing the vacuum to maintain its suction and performance power for a longer period of time.
  • MultiClean nozzle: MultiClean nozzle is made to stick to the floor in a close manner to ensure thorough cleaning on floors of all kinds.
  • Container for dust: to reduce dust clouds, a convenient-to-empty dust container is useful and it allows hygienic disposal using just one hand.
  • To make it easy to transport, it’s compact and lightweight. The vacuum’s small dimensions and lightweight make it convenient to store and transport.
  • The brush is integrated into the handle and is available for use. The dusting brush is connected to the handle, which makes it easy to use on smooth surfaces and upholstery.
  • The H13 filtration system Fully sealed filtration is able to capture >99.9 per cent of fine dust particles, such as pollen, pet hair and dust mites. It is suitable for people suffering from allergies or those who want to maintain a higher quality of hygiene. The level of filtering is comparable with HEPA 13.
  • ActiveLock couplings can be adjusted to any job with ease: ActiveLock couplings make it easy to attach Telescopic tube and attachments.

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Pros And Cons of PowerPro FC9352/01 Vacuum Cleaner

philips vacuum cleaner Cleaning


Bagless vacuum cleaners have become a relatively recent idea in the world of vacuum cleaners. Many people use them due to the fact that they are simple to operate, maintain and clean and also because they don’t need to stick with (and be short of) new bags just at the time they need them most. However, many customers have expressed a demand for bagless vacuum cleaners due to many reasons.

Although the benefits that bagless vacuum cleaners offer vary between models, The following list summarizes the benefits that come with Philips PowerPro FC9352/01 Vacuum.


A bagless vacuum cleaner like FC9352/01 is cheaper to run and maintain once it is purchased as compared to a bagged vacuum cleaner. The reason behind this is that you don’t need to purchase bags to use your vacuum. But, there are chambers where you could dispose of trash and dirt. A chamber that is bagless is able to be filled repeatedly and lasts throughout the life of the device.

It’s easy to tell when the Tank is Full:

Clear chambers in bagless vacuums permit you to determine what you should clean. It’s also easy to know whether your vacuum is operating well since you can determine whether it’s collecting dirt or it’s not just watching it.

In addition, getting visual proof of your machine soaking the dirt away can be rewarding. One thing bagless vacuums share with bagged vacuums is that once the machine grows full, it will be less efficient in cleaning dirt and dust. This is easily prevented by periodically emptying its tank.

Eco Friendly

The FC9352/01 bagless cleaner is an eco-friendly alternative in comparison to its bagged counterpart. Bagged vacuums utilize hundreds of bags throughout their lifespan; however, when you use a bagless model, it’s not going to waste any other thing than dirt and dust. You can even dump this chamber straight into the composter if green (or simply a gardener who is active). If you do the method, ensure that everything inside the chamber is appropriate for compost.


The Philips PowerPro has an H13 filter in place. This filter is fully sealed and is able to capture the majority of delicate matter like dust, pollen hairs of pets, feathers. The good thing is that it’s so tiny that it can even cause allergies.

Automatedly winding a cord

This Philips PowerPro Small Bagless Vacuum Cleaner features an auto cord winding feature that connects the cord and does so without creating a mess.


This Philips PowerPro Small Bagless Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with powerful motors that produce a suction power of 370W with an airflow rate of 37 litres every second. It’s the most powerful cleaning device that comes with a strong turbo nozzle.


Although bags-less vacuums are becoming more popular, they’re not the best choice for all. There are some obvious disadvantages of this type of vacuum cleaner. And should you be looking to buy a new one, it’s an excellent idea to think about bagless vacuums.

More Direct Participation

This is a more personal issue since it is not likely to be a problem for a large number of people. Certain customers consider that a bagless vacuum is filthy and requires too much attention due to its ability to collect dust, dirt and other debris.

On Summarizing

This Philips PowerPro Small Bagless Vacuum Cleaner can be described as an outstanding vacuum cleaner that provides excellent suction and it completely cleans.

The motor is safe due to the bagless and ultra-fine filter feature. The Philips Vacuum is an essential item due to its affordable price and distinctive design.

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