12 Best Best Gas Stoves In India  

12 Best Best Gas Stoves In India  

Cooking is an art of innovation which is why you must be equipped with the most efficient cooking equipment or the most efficient cooking gas stove to maintain the highest standards.

It’s not as simple to select the best cooking gas cooker for the kitchen unless you’ve got the most precise knowledge and data.

Amid all the options for gas stoves to test, here are some of the most popular names for gas stoves that will ensure you will have the most satisfying cooking experience.

Best Gas Stove In India In 2022

1. Prestige Marvel Gas Stove (2 Burner)

Prestige Marvel Gas Stove (2 Burner)

Prestige is among the most renowned and trusted brands to purchase a reliable gas stove. It is a trusted brand name that has never failed to please its customers by offering quality gas stoves.

This gas stove with two burners made by Prestige is a small gas stove that blends perfectly with contemporary modular kitchen designs.

It’s a great option for small families or for those limited in their kitchen space because it requires a small amount of space but will provide efficient functions.

It is equipped with a hardened transparent glass roof and powder-coated body that makes it appealing to those who use it.

These are two gas burners, two pan supports, two gas control knobs, and a gas tube connector. The complete set will make this gas stove efficient enough to meet the user’s demands with the highest quality possible.

In addition to this, it comes with a spill-proof design and ergonomically adjusted gas knobs, which enhance the look that the stove has.

This is a sturdy product that offers top-quality gas burners which save fuel in the process of use. The 360-degree swivelling gas outlet is ideal because it does not require any modifications within its kitchen platform.


  • Beautiful Glass top Design
  • Manual Ignition
  • Spill-proof Design
  • Perfect for families with small children
  • Gas knobs with ergonomic Design
  • Easy to keep

  • Hardened transparent glass roof and powder-coated body.
  • With its spill-proof Design, the gas stove can be easily maintained with little effort.
  • This stylish black beauty will impress you with its design and style.
  • It is an ISI-certified gas stove that proves that it is safe to use it.
  • There’s a two-year guarantee to users in case of any kind of problem or issues that arise.
  • Max cooking time is 2 hours.
  • We expected the glass to be a bit thicker.

2. Sunflame GT Pride Gas Stove (2 Burner)

Sunflame GT Pride Gas Stove (2 Burner)

Sunflame is a different brand that can be found in Indian kitchens. It is a well-known brand that offers solid and secure gas stoves for Indian customers. Furthermore, the most appealing aspect of Sunflame gas ranges of stoves is that they can be purchased at affordable.

The 2 burner gas stove made by Sunflame has a stunning style that will perfectly match your contemporary and chic kitchen.  

An additional large cooktop made of toughened Glass with the Sunflame gas cooktop. This ensures no interference with the kitchen appliance and gas stove while cooking.   

This whole set of components ensures complete safety and security of users while using the gas cooktop. It also guarantees that this gas stove manufactured by Sunflame is a robust and lasting gas stove that can be used to meet daily demands and needs.

This gas stove with two burners is small in its dimensions and can be adjusted from anywhere inside the kitchen. The stove also comes with a 2-year guarantee for the user against any possible issues that could be experienced.


  • Burners that resist heat
  • A large glass cooktop that is toughened to withstand heat
  • Spill-proof Design
  • Consumes less fuel

  • The Sleek Design and gorgeous appearance will draw your attention from the start.
  • You’ll be awed by the incredible capabilities and efficiency that this stove offers.
  • Spill-proof style of the cooker that makes sure that the cooktop can be maintained easily by the cooktop’s users.
  • It also has two high-efficiency brass burners, supported by pan supports made of euro-coated and a stainless-steel drip tray.
  • Pan supports high temperatures and, consequently, offers high-performance.
  • The burners are designed to use less LPG fuel. This makes it a reliable model that reduces costs.
  • The dimensions mentioned in advertisement is 60 x 67 cm. however, the actual size is 57 x 59 cm.

3. Lifelong LLGS09 Glass Cooktop Gas Stove (2 Burner)

Lifelong LLGS09 Glass Cooktop Gas Stove (2 Burner)

The name says it is a Lifelong gas stove that is your trusted companion for a lifetime. It’s a long-lasting product that can be used with no problems to ensure the highest comfort and ease for your cooking. The gas stove of the brand provides users with the perfect blend of appealing looks and top performance.

Its toughened glass material is much thicker than other Glass and therefore lasts longer than the majority of the other gas stoves on the market.

To ensure the constant circulation of the flame, this stove made by Lifelong brand has two tri-pin gas burners that are high-efficiency and efficient. This will ensure that the gas is distributed evenly over both gas burners. This helps gas burners consume less fuel and thus conserves the most quantity of fuel.

Users will also be impressed by the anti-skid feet on the gas stove that ensure the gas cooker’s safety and ease of use.

Through the doorstep assistance that the brand offers, users will receive immediate help in times of emergency.


  • Durable product
  • Tri-pin gas burners with high efficiency
  • Heat resistant nylon knobs
  • Anti-skid feet
  • It provides maximum security during use.

  • The gas stove has a 6-millimetre toughened glass cooktop.
  • It is black and is gorgeous and attractive.
  • The user can use the ergonomically made nylon knobs to alter the temperatures of gas stoves.
  • The knobs are resistant to heat and will last longer than other normal knobs.
  • The brand provides a two-year guarantee time for users against possible defects and issues that might arise from normal use.
  • The toughened glass is very thin.
  • Can’t rely on it when it comes to long continuous cooking.
  • The screws of the knobs are not that tight, and many times, they just come out.
  • Some also complained that the stove doesn’t produce sufficient flame.

4. Eveready TGC2B Glass Cooktop Gas Stove (2 Burner)

Eveready TGC2B Glass Cooktop Gas Stove (2 Burner)

Eveready is a brand known for providing safety to its customers and providing stability during use. This gas stove provides many advantages to its users that make it among the most popular gas stove choices available.

The most significant benefit that this gas stove with 2 burners gives its users is its small size. There’s plenty of space between gas stoves that will minimize interference and disturbance in the course of use.

The first thing to attract people’s attention using the kitchen is the top look and style.

Users can depend on the high performance of brass burners that effectively disperse the flame. This means that you can save precious fuel to the fullest extent. Additionally, because the gas stove is equipped with brass burners, it uses less LPG when compared with other stoves that use gas.

To improve the comfort and comfort of users, it also has exclusive pan support made of powder. This provides the required support for cooking utensils utilized on this gas stove.

In addition to its many benefits, the owners are offered a warranty of two years for this gas stove.


  • Ideal for smaller spaces.
  • Simple to maintain and clean
  • Consumes minimal fuel
  • The 360-degree gas inlet can be swivelled 360 degrees

  • It’s easy to put the gas stove into the kitchen of a smaller space and use it with ease.
  • It is equipped with an insulated glass cooktop, making it a more attractive gas stove.
  • Because of the spill-proof style of the gas cooker, it is easily cleaned after use.
  • It also has an inlet that can be rotated 360 degrees, allowing you to put the stove wherever you want in the kitchen.
  • The stand isn’t firm.
  • Material is just OK.
  • Smaller size in contrast to various other stoves. So, placing bit vessels can be tough.
  • The pan supports aren’t perfectly placed. When we measured both, there was a bit of distance (half inch).

Best 3 Burner Gas Stove in India

5. Sunflame GT Pride Gas Stove (3 Burner)

Sunflame GT Pride Gas Stove (3 Burner)

Are you ready to utilize a gas stove that is not just efficient but also safe and easy to use? This is the Sunflame GT Pride gas stove that is perfect for you. Sunflame has launched its most efficient gas stove category with this three-burner stove.

It is equipped with three efficient gas burners constructed of brass, which are much better than aluminium ones. They evenly distribute the flame across all gas burners, which means you save the most fuel.

Even distribution of flame within each burner assists in cooking speedier, which is a further benefit to this particular gas stove.

Due to the durable cooktop on this gas burner, it is more durable than other gas burners.

For the greatest ease and comfort to users, the gas stove is equipped with pan supports that are powder coated and stainless steel drip trays. These accessories help to prevent the accidental slippage of appliances during cooking.

It is easy to control the flame’s heat with the gas knobs with an ergonomic design. Additionally, those gas cooktops have been designed with enough space between them to ensure that the cook doesn’t be in a position to interfere with cooking utensils while cooking.

Customers also get the necessary warranty of 2 years for this gas stove from Sunflame against any manufacturing defect that might occur. The customer service services provided by the company are useful when required.


  • It is suitable for families with average sizes.
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Spill-proof cooktop
  • Offers durable pan support

  • 8K+ Amazon customer reviews.
  • 2 years warranty.
  • Knobs are good and the user needs to press it before turning ON.
  • Three efficient gas burners constructed of highly durable brass.
  • It doesn’t need any additional effort to maintain the Sunflame gas stove.
  • It’s designed with spill-proof features to ensure that you can have ease of cooking and clean up cooktops.
  • The metal stand should have been better. It’s not worth complaining, but yes, betterment can be there.

6. Elica Vetro Glass Top Gas Stove (3 Burner)

Elica Vetro Glass Top Gas Stove (3 Burner)

If your preference is a fashionable gas stove that can offer you the finest results with no issues, the Elica gas stove could be a perfect choice. It was created to meet the demands and needs of the current modular kitchen in mind and will therefore be sure to please the customers without hesitation.

With the even distribution of flame, customers can be assured the gas cooktop will decrease the amount of fuel used and result in more efficient cooking.

To make it easier for users, it comes with easy-to-adjust knobs. By using these knobs, users can easily manage and regulate the fire’s intensity during cooking. There’s absolutely no drag when changing the intensity of your gas flame by using these gas knobs that are ergonomically designed.

Looking for decent pan support? It’s here. The Elica gas stove was made to offer pan support made of stainless steel that is durable and strong. Alongside that support for the pan are the burners, which are kept at a suitable distance to prevent interruptions while cooking.


  • It comes with brass burners
  • Effective pan support
  • Glass cooktop made of stainless steel
  • Simple to adjust knobs

  • This gas stove is equipped with 3 powerful brass burners that maintain a consistent and even flame throughout cooking.
  • You can cook various meals for your family with this three-burner setup.
  • You can also count on this gas stove’s long-lasting and reliable performance since it won’t break very quickly.
  • The elegant and minimalist appearance of this stove is sure to draw the attention of anyone.
  • The toughened glass cooktop on this gas stove is a major factor in the product’s long-term durability.
  • When you start it in the beginning, it mat keep on making a “tik-tik” sort of sound. However, after 2-3 uses, it will be fine.

7. Lifelong Glass Top Gas Stove Cooktop (3 Burner)

Lifelong Glass Top Gas Stove Cooktop (3 Burner)

You can enjoy a stylish and high gas stove with a lifetime gas stove that will never let you down with its features and benefits. The gas stove has been made to impress its people with its simple Design and long-lasting. The name implies that the gas cooktop is designed to last longer than you expected.

The user gets three brass burners that have been proven to evenly spread the flame. This helps reduce fuel waste and increases the cooking time by delivering more intense flames.

The owners are also provided with ergonomic and easy-to-use gas knobs for this stove. With these knobs, users can effortlessly alter the flame’s heat throughout the cooking process and therefore ensure that the stove can last for the longest amount of fuel.

This gas stove has been constructed to have anti-skid feet to provide the best safety and comfort for people using the stove during cooking.

This helps prevent the stove from sliding during use and prevents accidents.


  • 6mm toughened glass, which is durable and lasts all-day
  • Support for thick pans
  • Simple to maintain and clean
  • Durable product
  • Even flame distribution

  • It is equipped with an 8mm toughened glass cooktop that is made to be strong and last longer.
  • It can be used in all conditions and circumstances without fear of breaking or causing damage.
  • It can be spill-proof, making cleaning and maintenance a breeze and simple.
  • Gas burners are equipped with stainless steel pan supports that keep the utensils safe from sliding when cooking.
  • The users are provided with a one-year guarantee against any manufacturing defects that could appear over time.
  • When you turn it on, sometimes, it suddenly produces big flame, and then, you need to adjust it quickly. However, this is an occasional thing.

8. Prestige Marvel Glass Gas Stove Cooktop (3 Burner)

Prestige Marvel Glass Gas Stove Cooktop (3 Burner)

If you’re a big family that enjoys eating and seeking an efficient and durable gas cooktop, this Prestige Marvel 3 burner gas stove is the right choice for you.

It is a well-known brand that is a household name in India; Prestige Marvel is a well-known brand name in the Indian marketplace; you can rely on this gas stove’s high-end and efficient performance to get the desired results.

This gas stove has three brass burners that allow you to quickly cook meals for your whole family without hassle.

You’ll be able to enthral people with the classy and appealing appearance and attractive design of the Prestige gas cooktop.

It’s designed with a toughened glass top which makes sure it can be used in all conditions and conditions without causing any damage.

The simple installation is another advantage that the three-burner Prestige gas stove provides the users. Although it has three burners, it’s still small in dimensions for your kitchen.

Because of the ergonomically-designed knobs, the cooks won’t be able to control the temperature. Prestige also offers a two-year warranty period, for the gas cooktop, to the users of its stove.


  • Body of stainless steel with toughened Glass
  • Adjustable knobs
  • Compact size; best for small-sized kitchens
  • Spill-proof Design

  • With brass stoves, they have flames spread evenly across all the burners, which reduces the waste of fuel.
  • The evenly distributed spread of fire decreases the time of cooking.
  • With its spill-proof Design, it is easy for cooks to clean the cooktop after use.
  • It can be installed even in small kitchens without consuming space.
  • It has 3 adjustable knobs that can be adjusted for controlling and altering the flame’s temperature while cooking.
  • A few times, the burner may turn off when you reduce the heat to the lowest.

Best 4 Burner Gas Stove in India

9. Glen 1042 GT Gas Stove Cooktop (4 Burner)

Glen 1042 GT Gas Stove Cooktop (4 Burner)

Glen has a tagline “Live Better”, and it is true to its slogan with the gas stove it offers. Glen creates its products to improve the life of every Indian more simply and easily, and you can expect the exact quality from the Glen gas stove too.

To maximize the ease of use and comfort for users, this gas stove comes fitted with a thick 4mm pan support. By using this support for your pan, you’ll be able to rest assured that the utensils you use won’t slip while cooking.

The gas cooker is equipped to complete with ISI certification to provide the best security and protection to customers. Customers should know that this gas stove can be used with LPG gas, which can be converted to PNG gas upon demand.

To provide a more efficient cooking experience. They aid in cooking simultaneously for the entire family and help ensure that the flame is distributed evenly.

Not to be left out, the gas cooktop is equipped with a 360-degree swivel type rotating inlet nozzle and ergonomic knobs for adjusting the heat of the flame when cooking.


  • Design ergonomically for knobs
  • Also, it can be converted into a PNG gas stove
  • Brass burners to ensure uniform flame distribution
  • Pan support of 4mm thick
  • 8mm thick toughened glass cooking surface

  • Although other gas stoves come with a stainless steel body, this stove is constructed with a luxurious matte steel body.
  • It comes with the strength and durability of toughened Glass 8mm thick to ensure it is utilized in all circumstances.
  • The pan support increases its appeal by the stainless steel matte drip tray.
  • Because of the evenly distributed flame, a Glen gas stove reduces fuel consumption.
  • Smaller in size than the expected dimensions.

10. Sunflame GT Pride Glass Top Gas Stove (4 Burner)

Sunflame GT Pride Glass Top Gas Stove (4 Burner)

With no second thought, Sunflame is among the top brands in the Indian market and is trusted by many users. Sunflame has many advantages that impress those looking for that their stove will be of the highest quality.

This gas stove with four burners is designed to give consumers the ideal combination of reliability, efficiency, and durability.

To begin, you can utilize all four burners available on this gas stove to cook for your family members. Brass burners are designed to evenly distribute the flame so that food is cooked quickly and efficiently without wasted fuel.

It is also accompanied by gas knobs that are ergonomically designed to make controlling the level of fuel easy and easy. The gas stove, in general, comes with two years of guarantee against any manufacturing defects that could occur during usage.


  • Gas knobs with ergonomic Design
  • Four burners for quick cooking
  • The product that is reliable and durable
  • Trays for drips made of stainless steel

  • The gas burners are accessible at a sufficient distance, preventing disturbance when cooking.
  • These brass cooktops are supported by a powder coat that prevents kitchen appliances from sliding off.
  • The matte finish brushed glass cooktop is created to impress users.
  • With the stainless steel drip tray, the cooktop users will be enthralled by the gas stove for every reason.
  • Failed our drop-down test.

11. Prestige Marvel Glass Gas Stove (4 Burner)

Sunflame GT Pride Glass Top Gas Stove (4 Burner) (2)

Another Prestige model from the section of gas stoves is designed to provide the greatest convenience to users in their cooking requirements.

In addition to the superiority of its features and advantages, the gas cooker is reliable and durable over the long term. It makes Prestige among the top manufacturers of kitchen appliances in India.

With the help of copper burners, this gas can provide even and equal distribution of flames. This ensures that the food is cooked more quickly and with no loss of fuel.

To ensure that the user is confident of the security and safety provided, every gas burner comes with pan supports.

The support for the pan is intended to stop the kitchen appliances from sliding and causing disturbance between each other. The 4 gas burners are kept at a proper distance so that the cook isn’t interrupted at any point during cooking.

Prestige guarantees 2 years on this gas stove against potential manufacturing defects that may occur with routine usage. Additionally, you can count on the customer support services provided by the brand to its patrons.


  • Pan support that is strong and effective
  • Ideal for large-sized families
  • Elegant spill-proof Design
  • Gas knobs with ergonomic Design

  • It has four huge gas brass burners for large families and their cooking requirements.
  • It also has a classy appearance thanks to its black-coloured toughened glass cooktop.
  • The Glass is impervious to spills, giving the necessary ease for users to clean and maintain the cooktop without hassles.
  • With the help of ergonomic gas knobs, the user can control the flames’ temperature to the highest degree possible.
  • In a few cases, the ignition didn’t work perfectly.

12. Elica Vetro Glass Top Gas Stove (4 Burner)

Elica Vetro Glass Top Gas Stove (4 Burner)

One of the most reputable brands available, the Elica gas cooktop is equipped with all the advantages you could expect from a fantastic gas stove. It is created to provide the highest convenience and comfort to customers to cook delicious meals for their families.

For starters, it has an elegant glass top which is beautiful and efficient while at the same time.

The stove has four burners of different sizes, with 2 being medium-sized and the remaining 2 being small in dimensions. The 4 burners may be employed simultaneously to cook for all the family members. The burners also get support from stainless steel plates, which increases the strength and durability of the burners.

Special attention has been put on the four burners at a proper distance so that the user will not be in the way when using kitchen tools and kitchen appliances.


  • Clean and easy to use
  • Manual ignition
  • Spill-proof Design
  • Gas knobs with ergonomic Design
  • Four gas burners of different sizes

  • It comes with an anti-rust feature to customers, which means that the stove lasts longer than other gas stoves on the market.
  • It is possible to use this gas stove whenever and whenever you want and still achieve the performance you want every time.
  • It is constructed with robust, toughened glass that has a warranty of 7 years.
  • The toughened glass improves the longevity of the stove and provides required safety for users.
  • Users can also count on the spill-proof style of the gas cooker for ease of cleaning and maintenance.
  • Users can control the flame’s temperature by using gas knobs with an ergonomic design.
  • Users are also covered with a warranty of 2 years.
  • We wished bigger dimensions.

FAQs for Gas Stove (Gas Cooktop)

1. How do I Choose a Gas Stove in 2022?

Here are a few aspects you should bear in mind when selecting the most suitable gas stove that meets your requirements and needs:

The number of burners:

The number of burners on your gas cooker is among the most important things. Gas stoves come with various burners, from which users can pick.

  • 3-burner gas stove: these gas stoves can be used by typical-sized families.
  • Four burner gas stove If you have a big family, you should consider a four-burner gas stove to meet your cooking requirements.
  • 2-burner gas range If you’re an individual user or single, a two-burner gas stove could be the ideal choice.

ISI Certification:

An ISI certification for the stove’s gas guarantees security and safety. A gas stove with an ISI certification can assure its users the highest comfort and safety when using it. Users can be assured that the stove is designed to prevent accidents and problems.

Material for the body:

Select the material that can last for the longest duration. The toughened glass cooktop and stainless steel are among the most sought-after materials for gas stoves at present.

The size of the stove’s gas:

The size of the gas stove is crucial for its ability to integrate into your kitchen. Kitchens are getting smaller these days, and you have to be mindful of the size of your gas stove to ensure that it can easily be adjusted to fit in your kitchen without disrupting other appliances.

The dimensions that the stove could depend on the dimensions of the kitchen customers.

Auto or Manual ignition

You can also select between auto-ignition or manual ignition of your gas stove.

  • Manual
  • It requires the use of the user’s efforts to light the gas burners.
  • You do not have to depend on matchsticks or a lighter to light the gas stove with automatic ignition. Hence, it’s becoming more popular.


The manufacturer’s choice of a gas stove is among the essential things that should not be ignored. If you purchase a gas stove from any brand in the local market won’t provide you with the security and ease you’re looking for. Furthermore, you could deal with a myriad of problems with the gas stove, especially if it’s local brands.

A few of the most popular brand names that are associated with gas stoves include:

  • Elica Vetro
  • Eveready
  • Sunflame
  • Prestige
  • Glen
  • Lifelong

2. What is the Best Size for My Gas Stove?

In terms of the size, you are the one to decide what size will be the ideal size for the kitchen you have. Certainly, you wouldn’t want an overcrowded kitchen! Also, if you have a smaller area than your kitchen space, pick a design that will best fit the space.

Gas stoves of larger sizes are often ideal for food and restaurant establishments with huge kitchens. Don’t be too focused on the size. Small or big gas stoves generate flames and can prepare your meal.

3. What Type of Burners Do I Need?

What’s up?

Burners might look alike; however, did you realize they are also different from each other? Before making an ultimate choice, you might consider looking at the types of burners.

Medium Burners: When in need of something with an immediate response to temperature fluctuations, like making soups or rice, or other food items, moderate burners work best. It can be set to high heat and then reduced to a lower temperature for heating.

The Simmer Burners: These burners are ideal for cooking delicate foods. Try making sauces or melting chocolate or butter in these types of burners. It’s also best to use smaller saucepans and frypans.

Workers Burners: These burners feature a rapid flow that is intense and ideal for stir-frying and quick boiling. They can accelerate the healing process, so you should be wary of kids trying to cook on them. These kinds of stoves are ideal for big cooking pans and frypans. They can also be described as heavy-duty burners.

Large-sized burner stoves are perfect for cooking as well as boiling. It is also recommended for non-stick frypans as well as saucepans.

4. How Many Burners Do I Need?

You may have seen gas stoves with one, three, or even three burners. If you’re unsure about picking one, take a look at your requirements.

Single burner stoves are often used by people who don’t cook often. If you live in a flat or smaller space where you cook a few dishes, one burner stove can be the best choice.

Today, when you live with your family and are the one who spends most of your time in your kitchen due to your passion for cooking, then it’s a good idea to select a stove with three or more burners.

With these burners, they can prepare up to three or more menus at once. This helps you cut down on time and is more practical.

5. Who Invented the Gas Stove?

First, gas-powered stoves came into use, developed by James Sharp in the early 1820s. However, the gas stoves were initially inaccessible, and only a few people utilized their stoves. However, over time, and due to the advantages that gas stoves could provide, they became a standard name in virtually all Indian kitchens.

6. What is the main difference between LPG as well as PNG Gas Stove?

PNG is a short form for Piped natural gas, while LPG is a reference to Liquefied Petroleum Gas. Both gasses are utilized for cooking food in gas stoves and are extremely well-known. However, the main distinction between them is that LPG is a little smaller in its orifices because LPG is utilized at a higher pressure.


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