How to Clean IFB Washing Machine? A Complete Guide

How to Clean IFB Washing Machine? A Complete Guide

With the invention of washers, it has become simpler for us to wash our clothes and has allowed us to create some extra time for our own needs. It also allows us to complete the most basic task of laundry efficiently and quickly.

But, from time to time, washing machines require servicing, maintenance and cleaning. These activities ensure that the machine has an extended life span and can function smoothly for longer.

In addition, it is important to ensure that the machine is clean and will allow it to work with less energy. When the machine ages, it will use more resources like water and electricity for the same functions.

Thus, the cleaning and maintenance of washing machines are essential to ensure efficiency.

Today, we will look at cleaning the inside of an IFB washing machine with a top-loading drum. In this post, we will be taught what to do to cleanse the hose’s water mesh filter of the hose and how to remove the drawer of the detergent dispenser, how to clean the filter, and how to use the tub cleaning program.

So, let’s get started:

How to Clean a Detergent Dispenser Drawer of IFB Washing Machine?

How to Clean a Detergent Dispenser Drawer of IFB Washing Machine_

The first step is to examine the steps to get rid of the detergent dispenser drawer:

A drawer for a detergent dispenser inclines to become dirty due to the continuous leftovers of water and detergent remaining within the drawer.

This is why the drawer can begin developing a layer of sticky residue, which can damage the inside and the exterior of the IFB top load washer. To remove this build-up issue, adhere to these steps:

  • Take the detergent dispenser out of the drawer, so it’s easy to wash the residue without impacting other areas of the machine.
  • Cleanse the drawer of your detergent dispenser with warm water. Do not pour warm water directly. Using a brush or cloth is a better choice.
  • Use the cloth to dip it into warm water.
  • Use the cloth to clean the drawer of your detergent dispenser free of dirt.
  • If you haven’t cleaned the drawer in the past, it may need warmer water than warm water to eliminate the traces.
  • Cleanse the syphon with warm water. It’s simple to take the syphon out of the container and rinse it under warm water.
  • Make sure to clean the jets of water on top of the drawer for detergent. This is crucial because deposits can also form within this area, making the area sticky and dirty. To get rid of this, you should use a bottle brush to wash it off.

How to Clean Water Hose Mesh Filter of IFB Washing Machine?

How to Clean Water Hose Mesh Filter of IFB Washing Machine_

After we’ve cleaned our IFB top load washer’s detergent dispenser drawer of the stickiness and residue, wash the mesh filter for the water hose.

This filter can accumulate tiny dirt particles in the water and block them from getting into the machine. To get rid of this, follow these steps:

  • First, you must shut off all taps.
  • Connect the power supply to the machine to prevent any accidents.
  • Unscrew the water supply hose from the machine and the tap, and then drain any remaining water out of the hose.
  • The mesh filter must be removed from the hose. On the hose (it is located on the side connected to the tap) and wash it with running water.
  • Use a brush to get into smaller crevices and remove the mesh efficiently.
  • Use a plier with a nose to remove the sieve from the magnetic valve. Utilise the same brush, wash the sieve in running water, and then put it back in its position.
  • Connect the water hose inlet back into the machine and the tap. Be sure it is screwed tap’s end of the hose to the tap and that the end for the machine into the machine.

How to Clean the Filter of IFB Washer?

How to Clean the Filter of IFB Washer_

It is crucial to remember that the filter has to be cleaned more often when compared with other machine components. This can help increase the lifespan of your drain pump and keep it running at its best.

It is also important to remember not to cleanse the filter during an application run. Doing this either before or at the end of the run is suggested.

Follow the steps that follow to understand what you can do to cleanse the filter on the IFB top load washer at your home:

  • To begin, we need to unlock the detachable bottom door. This is done with keys or coins.
  • Choose a shallow container and place it close to the door at the bottom.
  • Then, you can pull off the drain hose and lift the drain plug to drain the water out of the machine and into the container.
  • After the water has been drained from the drainage plug, it is time to open the filter. All you have to do is turn the filter in the opposite direction.
  • Take away all foreign objects, including pins, coins, or hooks, if there are any.
  • After all, the objects have been removed, and the filter cleaned, secure the drain plug to its proper position before closing the door at the bottom.

For better experience, you can watch the video above. The credit for this video: Haier

How to Run Clean-Tub Program of IFB Washer?

How to Run Clean-Tub Program of IFB Washer_

It is essential to use the “Tub Clean” program to ensure there aren’t scales, impurities or bacteria and a bad smell emanating from the washing machine. This program can also help us to extend the life of the machine.

Before running this program in the Tub, it’s crucial to clean the drum of the washing machine of any clothing. After we have removed the clothes, you can follow the following instructions to run the Tub Clean program:

  • You can add a small amount of detergent powder to the “II” detergent dispenser drawer to improve the program’s effectiveness and allow better cleaning.
  • We need to switch the machine on to allow this to run.
  • Turn the program selector around and select the ‘spin dry/Tub clean.
  • Use the ‘extra rinse’ and the ‘rinse hold’ buttons while holding them down for three minutes. The display will show ‘tuba clean’ and the LED indicator for start/pause flash.
  • Press the Start/Pause button to initiate the program.
  • The screen can toggle between the remaining program time and display ‘cln’ as the program runs.
  • When the program has finished, it will show “end”.

It is suggested that ‘Tub clean programs’ be run at least once a month. Tub Clean program is conducted at least once per month, assuming that you don’t use programs to wash your Tub that exceeds 60 degrees Celsius regularly.

This article should be useful in providing you with an understanding of how to clean the most vital components of your washing machine.

Conducting this maintenance check and keeping these components of your machine clean will not only help keep the machine in top shape, but it will also improve the lifespan of body parts and the whole machine.

How Can You Clean the Outside Part IFB Washing Machine?

How Can You Clean the Outside Part IFB Washing Machine_

  • Remove the knobs that control the light (not appropriate for all models), Then rinse the knobs under the water.
  • Make sure you clean the outside of your IFB washing machine using microfiber towels or a multi-purpose cleaner.
  • If you have someone to assist, you can move it away from the wall and then vacuum behind it.
  • A few users may have wheel stands installed for the IFB washing machine. Try to tilt the front of the machine so that just two wheels are touching the ground. Let another person clean the bottom of the machine.
  • Examine the pipes that supply water for wear or cracks. If you notice any damaged or worn parts, take them off to prevent the possibility of a leak and damage caused by water.

How to Clean the Inside of an IFB Washing Machine?

  • Clean all the removable components like the water inlet on the backside lid (and the mesh filter) and soap tray, and bring these to the bathroom for a thorough clean.
  • Take a clean, dry sponge, soft brush and vinegar to wash the crevices inside the machine.
  • Rub the smaller parts. If you can’t remove the soap tray, pull out the tray and fill it with vinegar, then leave it in place while you scrub other areas of the unit. Since the front loading IFB washing machine is equipped with a gasket made from rubber and a vinegar cloth to scrub it.
  • The majority of IFB washing machines can collect hair and other particles. Locate this trapper in the vertical agitator on top-loading machines, then wash it away using vinegar. Go through your Washing Machine Manual if unsure of the exact location.
  • Most front loaders IFB washing machines have one small opening (with the lid) that could catch coins, buttons and tiny particles. Locate the openings or ports that provide access to this space to cleanse.

How Can You Disinfect and Clean the Drum of the IFB Washing Machine?

How Can You Disinfect and Clean the Drum of the IFB Washing Machine_

Make sure you add one cup of baking soda and 90ml of white vinegar to make the cleaning solution. Use a nylon brush and more vinegar to wash the interior of your drum.

Adjust the setting knob of your IFB washing machine so you select the high-performance wash cycle or any cycle with the highest temperature. Then, pour cleaner (prepared previously) inside the drum and begin the wash cycle.

This procedure will completely cleanse your wash drum. You might observe a lot of foam formation as the cleaning solution removes the detergents built up over many washing cycles.

To make sure that your IFB washer is clean and sparkling, it’s important to take out the laundry after washing. Open the door of your washer for 10 to 15 minutes daily following the wash cycle to ensure that moisture and water don’t become stuck (by opening the door to allow air circulation) and prevent unpleasant smells and mould growth.

Clean the drum and the dispenser using a clean, dry cotton cloth at least once weekly. It’s an excellent preventative method.

Use the best laundry detergent for washing machines since it can help keep the IFB washing machine in operation for longer.

IFB Washing Machine Dos and Don’ts

IFB Washing Machine Dos and Don’ts

What are you supposed to do (or not) to ensure a smooth use, long-lasting and security of your top load washer?

We’ve Put Together a List of Washing Machine Rules and Dos You Must Adhere To.

IFB Washing Machine Do’s:

  • Wash coloured clothes in separate loads if you’re not employing a Colour catcher. Washing multiple loads can result in colour streaks and stains on your clothes.
  • Following a wash cycle, Do not let your washer cool for a minimum of 4 hours before beginning another cycle.
  • Make sure to turn off your appliance when you are finished using it. This saves energy and decreases the risk of fire.
  • Read the washing care symbols and instructions before washing expensive or branded clothes.
  • Keep the washer’s door and tray open following a wash cycle. This will help prevent odours and mould growth by allowing water to disappear.
  • Make sure to clean your washing machine now and then. Use a tub cleaning program, then use the descaler to get rid of limescale and clean the parts of the washing machine, such as the inlet filter, lint filters and door gasket.
  • Do treat stained areas on your clothing with the best stain-removing product. Pre-treatment eliminates the chance of staining spreading to other clothing.
  • Do wash the washer now and then. Use a tub cleaner program, then use a descaler to remove limescale and clean the washing machine parts, such as the inlet filter, the door rubber and the lint filter gasket.
  • Do not close your door to your washing machine and open the detergent tray after each wash cycle. This can help reduce odour and mould growth by letting the moisture disappear.

IFB Washing Machine Don’ts

  • Don’t forget to empty the pockets of your trousers and shirts of items like keys, coins and other objects that could harm your washing machine or even cause damage.
  • Do not fill water manually into or around the front-load and top-load washing machine. Water should always be able to enter the machine via the inlet hose.
  • Do not overburden the washing machine. It can cause a decrease in wash efficiency and damage the drum of the washer.
  • Don’t expose your washer to direct sun or the rain.
  • Do not keep your washing machine on a plank of wood or cabinets.
  • Do not keep any candles, diyas (earthen lamps) or heaters. Also, don’t keep lamps or iron on the top of your washing machine.
  • Do not wash only one or two garments. Drums should be at least 40% full to begin a wash program. If it is not loaded enough, the machine will be in an unbalanced state, and the time for the program runs. Clothing will not dry, and the machine might display the error code “UnbL.
  • Don’t keep a gas tank near an appliance for washing.
  • Do not run a washing machine using an inverter or generator. This is also true for dishwashers, dryers or microwave ovens.
  • Do not install or reinstall a washing machine by yourself. An experienced IFB Service Tech must complete the installation. Make sure to register your request on this application.
  • Don’t add chemicals in your washing machine, like dry cleaning agents or petrol.
  • Do not use an electrical extension box/5A conversion from 15A. Utilise a regular 16A socket in the wall to connect the machine.
  • If the machine’s body gets hot after using the hot wash program, don’t worry. This is normal.
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