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11 Best Leather Jackets Brands in India (2024)

If you’re here to read about the best leather jacket in India, it means you’re having difficulty choosing the perfect one for you, right?

As many brands provide you with different styles and materials, you must select a jacket made up of the highest quality materials that are fashionable, unique, and affordable. To make your selection easier, we have spent hours researching to sort out the jackets that fit all the factors.

Best Leather Jackets Brands in India

If you’re searching for leather jackets in India, several reliable brands can provide high-quality options. These brands will help you look stylish and comfortable, from staying warm to styling.

Here’s a list of the top brands we recommend for your closet. All you need to do is decide which suits you the best, and you’ll be sporting a leather jacket soon!

1. Mast and Harbour

Mast and Harbour

Here comes our first choice, which is the Mast and Harbour brand. It’s become popular recently due to its go-to leather jackets that Indians prefer the most.

They are both affordable and durable. This company was established in 2020, and we gotta agree that this brand revolutionized the leather jacket industry.

Mast and Harbor won’t dissatisfy you if we talk about timeless styles and cutting-edge fashion. Now, what made us choose this brand as our first choice? Well, their attention to detail, amazing craftsmanship and rich materials are on another level compared to other brands we tested.

The brand commits that they’ll always provide sustainability and take responsibility for upholding fashion standards, which we found true after testing their leather jackets.

Let us introduce some other benefits if you choose Mast and Harbour’s leather jacket: Gorgeous textures, awesome construction, and various silhouettes. Also, the brand has nailed the affordability factor!



COBB Leather Jackets is a renowned brand for manufacturing stylish, comfortable jackets that will provide comfort. Also, they are well-crafted. 

The brand manufactures its products from genuine Italian calfskin leather if you’re looking for quality. Also, each piece of this fabric is finely crafted by hand. This will give you a premium look.

Do you know that COBB company has been carrying a five-generation legacy of producing premium leather products? They speak volumes about their commitment to quality, and that’s what customers love about their jackets.

If you’re looking for a winter solution that lasts for years, the jackets from the COBB brand give you a unique texture, and the finish of their leather jackets only gets better with time.

You will love their selection of waxed coats and blazers the most. We said that the brand offers numerous options for finding that perfect leather jacket that won’t only look good on you but will last for years to come.

3. U.S. Polo Assn

U.S. Polo Assn.

Here comes our third runner-up in the list of best leather jacket brands. U.S. Polo Assn. Has solidified its place in the top three as our experts rated the brand in terms of providing luxury & comfort

The brand got a legendary name from the customers by ensuring premium craftsmanship. Also, their jackets fulfill the expectations of clients.

During our tests, we found that their leather jackets stood out among the competitors as the luxurious feel their jackets provide is truly amazing.

Even if you’re too picky, the range of styles and sizes U.S. Polo Assn offers in their leather jackets will surely meet your fashion needs. They give you both choices: Casual and glamorous.

They even have leather jacket choices if you want to attend special occasions. Also, did we forget to tell you that their jackets have unisex designs? Yes, you’ll get both top-quality, stylish men’s and women’s leather jackets at affordable prices.

Classic bomber styles and casual warm are their main grounds for getting clients’ attention.

4. French Connection

French Connection

Without going back to the history of the French Connection brand beginning in 1969, let’s talk about how luxurious their leather jackets actually are!

However, it’s worth knowing that French Connection has won customers’ trust in the leather apparel industry since its beginning. Also, they haven’t stepped back in providing unrivaled design and timeless appeal in their leather jackets till now.

If you are into rich clothing, French Connection can be the brand of your choice! Their jackets will ensure both quality and high-end material.

The brand has cemented its position as a fashion icon’s go-to choice. Do you want cozy fleece-lined options or luxurious veggie-tanned aviators? They have a huge range of leather jackets for both the winter and summer seasons.

It’s not just about the quality they provide, but they also nailed the” durability” part in their leather jackets. French Connection’s visually appealing designs impressed us when our experts tested various brands’ leather jackets.

5. Teakwood Leathers

Teakwood Leathers

Teakwood Leathers made its position in #5 due to their modern fashion-focused leather jacket solutions available for both men and women. 

We found their jackets unique and premium as the Teakwood Leathers brand uses cowhide material. This material ensures that the leather jackets they manufacture remain comfortable to wear while ensuring high durability.

Are you a fashion geek attracted to the latest designs, including sleek pockets and a neat appearance? Well, Teakwood Leathers is not limited to this; their leather jackets even have 

buckles that offer extra functionality. It ensures both styles while their jackets remain practical.

6. Roadster


You should definitely check out Roadster Leather Jackets if you prefer leather jackets that are not only made up of premium quality material as well as high-level construction.

You may wonder what made us choose Roadster as number 6th on the list. This is mostly because, through various customers’ satisfactory reviews, we found that the brand invests in high-quality leather apparel, which ensures peace of mind as it will last a lifetime.

Do you know why their jackets are so high in demand? It’s because the jackets are manufactured by trained leather smiths that make sure to give a proper fit.

You don’t need to worry at all, as the brand ensures that even the smallest pieces of its jackets are made with supreme quality. 

7. Justanned


Here comes our next brand on the list: Justanned Leather Jackets. The brand has created a reputation for providing luxurious outerwear for you to wear. 

Suppose you’re a practical person who prefers style and functionality. Or Are you looking for a jacket that stands out by giving a luxurious blend of materials and design elements? Justanned leather jackets are the perfect choice as they perfectly balance all the comfort factors. 

Our experts have observed that the brand’s jackets are ventilation-friendly and give you a tailored fit. 

Their jackets are suitable for all types of weather and occasion. They also provide a wide range of colors and sizes to satisfy your personal preferences. 

8. Wrangler


You must have heard the name Wrangler. Not only does it produce top-notch leather jackets, but it also has an exceptional customer satisfaction record. 

We’ve tested that these jackets are made in such a way that they will last for years of wear and tear. No matter how long you wear it. Each jacket offers a shoulder-broadening fit paired with comfort that allows you to create an apparel statement.

Whether you’re going for classic lapels or avant-garde collars, you’ll find a style that fits both your unique requirements and fashion sense. 

Wrangler’s attention to small details ensures a high-quality finish, which elevates your look even more without compromising comfort.

9. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger has made its name on our list as it holds a reputation for creating luxurious leather jackets. Suppose you’re someone who’s indecisive about what to pair your outfit with. Timmy Hilfiger should be a must-have in your wardrobe.

 Do you know what sets them apart from other brands in the market? It’s that their leather products are distinguished by their high-quality design and construction.

It gives you a unique look and feel. 

We’ve tested that the jacket offers a lasting appeal that will stand the test of time.

Whether you seek classic or modern silhouettes, their jackets are made sure to provide exceptional comfort and protection against any possible disaster, like the spilling of tea or any beverage.

These jackets will be the perfect choice if you’re considering starting a new outdoor activity or any kind of event. 

10. Showoff


Showoff has been on our list of top Leather jackets as it provides you with a luxury look. You may think, why is it so popular in the market? That’s because their leather jackets are crafted from only premium materials. 

Their designs are made from materials such as buttery-soft lambskin and cowhide. As jackets are one of the essential garments in anyone’s wardrobe, Here comes the next question.

Is the jacket durable or not? To answer this question, we performed various tests, and it is evident that the material of this jacket will last for years to come and won’t be easily torn.

Keeping this generation’s aesthetic genre in mind, they make pieces that stand out from the competition and deliver quality craftsmanship and style that make them a valuable addition to anyone’s wardrobe.

Who doesn’t like extra accessories with their purchases? Keeping that statement in mind, they make their jackets, which include dealing with multiple pockets, zippers, studs, and fringes. Overall, we can conclude that they manufacture unique and distinctive styles.

You’ll find a broad range of options that match your personal style, needs, and preferences.

11. Wildcraft 


One of the most preferred brands is Wildcraft Leather Jackets due to its popular demand in Indian households. Now, what made us come to this decision? The brand creates comfortable clothes that look so stylish and trendy at the same time. 

You won’t have to worry about any wear and tear. While performing durability tests, this brand’s jackets passed with exceptional results. The brand is very strict with its commitment to superior quality and craftsmanship.  

Keeping the comfort of their customers in mind, they focus on creating jackets that are sophisticated yet practical to wear. With exceptional customer service, the shopping experience for a Wildcraft leather jacket is smooth and pleasant, making it an all-around enjoyable process.


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