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Top 12 Best TV Brands in India: Most Smart Choices of 2024

Moving to a new house or refurbishing the old one, can you guess which electrical appliance tops the list of Indian buyers? It is Television. T.V. is one of the most loved and must-have electrical appliances in any household in India. 

Unlike the nineteenth century, the market is flooded with many T.V. Brands featuring various tech specifications ranging from display to sound to Android to connectivity ports.

And we agree that it gets confusing to go for which T.V. Brand. Again, these T.V. Brands vocalizing the varieties of in-built smart features in a T.V. makes the selection process more complicated.

No worries, friends, we have done a mining job for you. After thorough research, we have listed the Top 12 Best T.V. brands available in the Indian market.

These T.V. Brands are budget-friendly and reputed and provide a wide range of options for T.V. ranging from bottom-line LCD screens to top-tier OLED & 4k displays. 

In this article, we have also outlined important tips from the experts before buying T.V. But before that, let’s go through the list of Top 12 Best T.V. Brands in India. 

1. Oneplus TV


After making a mark in the mobile industry, Oneplus is also gaining popularity in the Television market. Known for its high-end LED display, Oneplus’s T.V. is most sought after by people. 

Its Gamma Engine technology offers excellent picture quality, vivid colours and the perfect blend of sharpness, making the viewing experience realistic. Its power-packed speakers with Dolby audio technology make the listening experience exhilarating. 

Apart from these visual and sound features, Oneplus TV also offers a wide range of connectivity options, Android features and a handy Google Play Store to make navigation smoother and smarter.

When it comes to addressing queries, One Plus stands out in its customer care service. Always ready to help the customers as and when needed.

2. TCL


If you are looking for affordable T.V. for your home needs, TCL covers you. TCL provides T.V.s of various screen sizes ranging from 32 inches to 62 inches. It also meets the requirement of display offering LCD display to 4K Ultra H.D. model. 

Talking about the TCL company, it is a Chinese multinational Electronics Company. Since 1981, TCL has been in the business of designing, manufacturing and marketing various electrical appliances.

Mobile phones, tablets, televisions, air conditioners, and washing machines form the company’s main product line. TCL is the third largest manufacturer of LCD TVs in the world.

Want to invest little but want more in terms of picture quality? TCL is a perfect fit for your home T.V. needs.

3. Redmi


Redmi is a Chinese T.V. brand, a subsidiary brand of Xiaomi’s company. If you are looking for a T.V. having almost all the tech specifications in a good price range, Redmi proves to be a better choice. 

Redmi provides T.V. in all price ranges, starting from the bottom line to high-end T.V., with utmost Resolution. Its top-line T.V. comes with 4K resolution, Dolby Atmos Sound and HDR support.

Go for Redmi if you want everything covered on your TV. 

4. Toshiba


Toshiba’s name seems quite familiar in the field of Electronics Company. It is a Japanese multinational Company with its Headquarters located in Tokyo. 

Toshiba’s business falls into four main categories, namely, Energy and Infrastructure, Community Solutions, Health Systems and Services, and Digital Products and Services. Manufacturing and selling Television comes under its Digital Product and Service Category.  

Well known for its quality products, reputation and affordable prices, Toshiba has a wide range of T.V. options to meet your homely needs. 

5. MI


MI, headed by the fastest-growing Chinese company, Xiaomi, has made a remarkable presence in the Mobile as well as Television industry. Its headquarters are located in Beijing. Founded in 2010, Xiaomi has become the third-largest world distributor of mobile phones. 

Xiaomi holds a good reputation in the market and is well known for its diverse range of products and services. 

MI Television comes with diverse smart features, excellent display screen, Dolby atmos Sound technology, multiple port connectivity options, built-in MI home app and android application. It is quite surprising that even its lowest-priced T.V. has all these features, tempting anyone to explore more in this brand.

MI products are sold on its online portal and are also available in the physical market from their distributors. 

6. Sony Bravia

Sony Bravia

Quality is The first thing that flickers in our mind when we read the name Sony Bravia. Even today, the company lives on its reputation for selling its exceptional products and services. 

Known for its LED TV, Sony Bravia’s Sony Motion Flow X.R. Technology reduces blur and enhances picture quality. Its seamless design is a perfect fit for any room. The power-saving LED Backlighting mode also keeps the check on everyday electrical usage, thus maximizing your savings.

Don’t want to optimize quality, then Sony Bravia tops the list. Whether you are looking for basic T.V. or top-line T.V. with high-end specifications, Sony Bravia has a wide range of options to choose from.

7. Samsung smart T.V.

Samsung Smart TV

Samsung has strong roots in the electronics world. Be it in the mobile industry or in-home electronic appliances, Samsung products come with a fineness of quality. Samsung Smart T.V. has captured a major portion of the LED TV Segment in the Television Industry.

As the name suggests, Samsung smart T.V. comes with various smart tech features to suit one’s day-to-day needs. Ease of web browsing, app compatibility and content sharing are a few examples.

Samsung Smart T.V. also comes in elegant design and in various sizes. You can always find the one which best suits your entertainment needs. 

8. L.G. T.V.


Driven by innovation and known for its exceptional quality, L.G. Electrical products stand at par with the other brands. 

L.G. LED TVs are well known for their attractive designs, good picture quality and high-end features. L.G. offers a wide range of display options, screen sizes and smart features at an affordable price. Whether you are looking for an LCD screen T.V. or its 4K OLED screen, L.G. has a lot to offer.

L.G. has a reputation for building the most energy-efficient devices, and LED TVs are no exception to it. It is a smart choice for eco-friendly and power-saving-conscious people.

9. Panasonic


Panasonic is a Japanese multinational company and is one of the trusted names in the electronic industry. It is a leading manufacturer of a variety of consumer electronics ranging from home appliances and mobile phones to cameras and Smart T.V.s. 

Panasonic T.V. comes in various Screen sizes and resolutions ranging from HDR to 4K OLED display and is equipped with smart features such as Google Assistant and Play Store to enrich the viewing experience. 

The Dolby Atmos sound technology enhances the sound quality of the T.V., turning your home into a theatre.   

If you are looking for a T.V. which is perfect in all the parameters, then Panasonic is a Brand for you to consider.

10. Vu


Looking for a T.V. brand started by an Indian? Vu television has got you covered. It was founded in 2006. Since then, it has become one of the leading companies selling T.V. through online portals in the Indian market.

Vu televisions come in various sizes to meet your specific requirements. It also supports app stores to widen your options for watching online content and playing games.

Vu television comes in sleek and elegant designs, increasing the aesthetics of your house. It comes with various connectivity ports for hassle-free connection of your electronic devices.

If you are looking for elegance combined with efficiency, Vu is a perfect fit for you.

11. AmazonBasics


Name it, and you will get it. Looks like Amazon works on this principle. Surely, the AmazonBasics TV Brand is run by the distributor giant Amazon.

AmazonBasics has been in the business of selling electronic accessories since 2009. The article featured in the New York Times talks about Amazon venturing into the consumer electronics business with the philosophy of delivering “larger than the usual” products at “lower price points”.

Adhering to its philosophy, AmazonBasics sells T.V. at various price points to meet consumer needs. The entry-level T.V. comes in a 32-inch screen size with basic features and a simple design. Its high-end T.V. offering 4K resolution and supporting HDR Quality comes in 55- a 55-inch Screen Size.

Pocket-friendly or expensive TV, AmazonBasics has a lot of models to serve your needs.

It is quite lucrative to know what AmazonBasics LED TV offers as compared to other T.V. brands. Here are a few reasons to consider.

  1. Customer service and Warranty are important aspects of any product. And AmazonBasics seems to be very agile in providing this service after purchase. 
  2. As declared prior to the launch of the AmazonBasics brand, they aim to provide consumer products at a very reasonable price without sacrificing their quality. AmazonBasics has priced its products as per its word.
  3. AmazonBasics has not compromised with features in their T.V. Whether you are looking for crystal clear Resolution or fast operating systems, they have technologies integrated into their Television as per the consumer needs. 
  4. It also runs platforms like Fire T.V., which is an add-on benefit to the customers.

12. Sanyo


Sanyo, again a Japanese-owned electronic company, has a variety of products lined up in their electronic segment. Sanyo is known for its qualitative yet affordable LED TVs in the market.

Sanyo aims to provide a good quality picture, a better sound system, built-in ports for ease of connection and beautiful design at a reasonable price.

The Warranty and the after-sales service provided by Sanyo make the buying process more assured. Sanyo is a place to look for if you want a T.V. with all the features at an affordable price.

Every customer wishes to have more features in a product or better service for what they spend from their pocket. Looking at the huge demand for T.V. in the Indian market, a lot of T.V. Brands such as Intex, Micromax and Vu have entered to gain a competitive advantage over price and smart features.

But before considering a particular T.V. Brand, one must consider the following points to buy LED TVs for their home or offices.

Important Tips from Experts to know before Buying a T.V.

Minimum Viewing Distance

Minimum viewing distance

Friends, we all want to enjoy screen time, but not at the cost of our eyes. Right? So, Minimum viewing distance is an important factor to consider before buying any TV.

Bigger T.V. for a bigger room and Small T.V. for a Small Room. This basic principle applies to any living room or bedroom. 

Precisely speaking, the minimum viewing distance for HDTV is Three times the size of a T.V., and for 4K Ultra, H.D. T.V. is Four times the size of a T.V. 

For example, if you are planning to buy a 32 inch LED TV, the minimum viewing distance should be more than 1.20 meters. And for T.V.s in between 40 to 48-inch size, the minimum viewing distance should be 2 meters. 

By following this thumb rule, Your T.V. will be a perfect fit for your eyes as well as for your living space.

Avoid HD-ready T.V.s

Let’s figure out what “avoid HD-ready T.V.s” means.

The first thing to understand is not all the LED TVs in the market come with 1080p Resolution. They may offer 780p Resolution with some added smart features and small size as compared to the previous one in the same price range.

And, if you are trapped between the choice of buying a T.V. with more pixels and smart tech features, we always recommend going for full H.D. resolution and bigger size than the techy box.

Because at the end of the day, nothing is more satisfying than having a big T.V. in your home than a small T.V. with smart features.

Again, we recommend going for 1080p Resolution T.V. If you are a movie fan or playing games for people who rely on set-top boxes, 780p works quite well for them.

Main content source

Main content source

LED TV performs differently with the different content sources it receives. Some LED TVs have GPUs which work well with Video games, while others work well with online streaming.

So, if you are more into watching Netflix, Hotstar, or Amazon Prime, go for the LED TV, which supports web telecasting. And if you are tech-savvy, go for the smart T.V. with high-end features.


We all want a T.V. which offers multiple ports to connect our devices. These devices can be your P.C., Chromecast, hard disk or home appliances. We recommend looking for an HDMI port, as it supports H.D. Resolution and 3D technology. 

So before buying a T.V., one must consider the type of in-built ports because we believe connectivity should not be an obstacle in streaming your entertainment.


Watching a movie is enticing only if it is streamed with good Resolution and better sound effects. Without a blend of proper sound, the viewing experience can be disheartening.

So look for the T.V., which has integrated small speakers to produce surrounding sound to enhance the depth and bass effect. An external port for connecting speakers can add a cherry to your pie.

Avoid cheap 4K

Avoid cheap 4K

It’s not a good idea to buy a cheap 4K T.V. under 50,000 price slab because it may not offer a good Resolution as it promises. 

And if you are relying on a set-top box for your entertainment needs, investing in high-end 4K T.V. is not advisable because set-top boxes have limited 4K content to serve on your plate.

So it’s totally fine not to go for Cheap 4K LED TV.

Don’t be fooled by that Smart Tag

TV Brands play a gimmick with your mind by advertising various smart features that are practically redundant. So going for all the Android Features in a Cheap Android T.V. is not at all advisable. 

Going for Cheap Android T.V. is like having everything on your plate, but what if everything you have is not delicious? The whole experience can be unsavoury.

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