Top 8 Best Parallettes In India

Top 8 Best Parallettes In India

Parallettes bars are a frequently used exercise tool for callisthenics. They are two bars that run adjacent to one another. They are sometimes referred to as dip bars, push-up bars, gymnastic bars, or parallettes.

These bars can be used for a wide range of exercises such as dips, push-ups and planches. They are great for building strength using your body weight because the movement range (ROM) is larger.

Furthermore, they are simple to move and offer the greatest flexibility for the complete callisthenics workout. Every enthusiast of callisthenics should indeed have one. However, there are quite some available. Which one is the best for you?

We’ve compiled our collection of the Top 10 best Parallettes in India and an overview of the buying process to help you choose the best product for you or your entire family.

Let’s check out!

1. Body Mechanics Global Wooden Parallettes

Body Mechanics Global Wooden Parallettes

The mechanics of the Wooden body parallettes are ideal for both outdoor and indoor use. If you are travelling or going to the beach or outdoors, They are light and simple to carry around. Its grip can be the most important feature that our products have.

The product we offer is made of pine wood that provides excellent grip. With parallels made of wood are a great way to learn an array of basic and intermediate exercises like 1) Pushups, 2) Dipping, 3) Layout, 4) Parallette Wall Handstand, 5) L Sit Handstand (6) A pushup is a form of exercise that involves (7) pushup (8) Yoga instruction and many more.

Main features:-

  • A good value for money at an affordable price for complete functionality.
  • There’s a standard clearance of 19.05 centimetres to make it easy to access.

2. Navya Heavy Duty Fitness Parallettes

Navya Heavy Duty Fitness Parallettes

The stands for pushups are constructed from high-quality solid timber, natural, non-slip beech that is strong and sturdy and provides an ergonomic grip that provides the cushioning of your wrist to help prevent strain and prevent injury during the exercise. The wood’s texture is evident, and the top quality surface.

Don’t be concerned about your fingers and knuckles’ contact with the floor during your exercise because there’s enough distance between your feet and the ground. The heavy handles also help minimize wrist and hand strain.

Training stands can support up to 400 pounds (200 kg) and are sturdy enough to work the biceps, triceps, pecs, lats, abs, and others. V Sit, handstand pressing, pushing from handstands and planking, callisthenics, fitness, and many other exercises are appropriate.

The Non-Slip foundation prevents you from falling or moving when working out while working out.

Main features:-

  • Perfect Diameter And Height
  • Capable of targeting the muscles of the triceps, biceps and lats and pecs, deltoids, abs, and much more.
  • Dimensions: 36 x 24 x 18 cm
  • Diameter: Round Bar 4cm (1.57 ”).
  • Wearing a suit to sit handstand, press for handstand, pushing, callisthenics, planking fitness, etc.
  • The non-slip base keeps the user from falling or moving during exercises.

3. Navya Fitness Wooden  Parallettes

Navya Heavy Duty Fitness Parallettes (2)

NAVYA Fitness Wooden Parallettes are perfect for indoor and outdoor exercise. They are extremely durable and lightweight in your luggage when travelling or for a beach workout or outdoor exercise. The most important aspect that we offer is its grip. Our product is made of natural wood-based and offers the best grip.

The parallettes made of wood from India are high pushup bars that can be utilized for various callisthenics workouts. Be sure to move gradually with the parallettes. Otherwise, injuries may occur. Parallettes in India are extremely rare, and we don’t have brands such as Thnx, Rouge, etc.

Main features:-

  • Very sturdy, Nice design quality.
  • Solid and well-constructed parallettes. We love these parallettes. The wood feels comfortable in our hands.
  • Fantastic product, perfectly stabilized and balanced, perfect for bodyweight exercise.

4. Allyson Fitness Steel Folding Parallettes

Allyson Fitness Steel Folding Parallettes

Buy a pair of parallettes dip bars that you can use at home and at the gym—the most effective fitness equipment to do at-home exercises. ALLYSON Fitness has a personal trainer who specializes in women’s fitness.

Equalizers for parallel bars is an exercise fitness apparatus that can be used for various exercises for improving strength, stability, and fitness and in gymnastics, calisthenics, and other sports. It’s suitable for males and females.

This stood in the crowd when we searched for a great set of parallettes. Even when you’re doing pushups with a wide range, it’s extremely durable, easy to transport, and stable.

If all goes well, then go for it. We are still looking for something larger to be able to swim. However, there isn’t anything affordable or available in the area yet.

Main features:-

  • Simple to Store: Parallettes are very portable; they fold up and are easy to put together and store. 11.8”H 21.6”L 21.6”L.
  • Dip Stand: Great to perform dips, pushups as well as stretches, L-sits, and many other bodyweight strength exercises

5. Calisindia Pushup Bars Wooden Parallettes

Calisindia Pushup Bars Wooden Parallettes

The Calisindia hardwood parallel bars keep you on the right track longer than other bars. This product is perfect for bodyweight and calisthenics exercises.

One of the essential features of calisthenics equipment is the grip. This feature we offer abundantly. With the bars, you can add on another 2-3 reps. It comes with hardwood dip bars.

Every athlete in the calisthenics world wants light wooden bars. We offer the finest quality and quality in gorgeous packaging. These bars are equipped with anti-slip pads, so they will not slip off the tiled or marble surfaces.

If you’re a beginner, the parallettes will do adequately. If you’re an experienced athlete who wants to learn more complex movements such as planche or handstands, this pair is not the right choice for you.

They do not feature an elastomer padding on the bottom of the shoe to increase friction, making them slippery on many surfaces. The wood used is of low high quality. When you sweat, it will soak through the wood, making the bars slippery and oily, making them difficult to grip.

Main features:-

  • The wood’s quality is excellent because it can take on heavy loads.
  • They are mostly used for CALISTHENICS, and if you are looking for something a bit more mellow, this is the thing you’ve been looking to get.
  • It’s great for pushing-ups compared to the metal or plastic parallettes, which are so bad.

6. DHRUVIKA Wooden Heavy Duty Parallettes

DHRUVIKA Wooden Heavy Duty Parallettes

DHRUVIKA Wooden Parallettes can be perfect to work out in your home or outdoors. If you are travelling or going to the beach or outdoors, They are extremely durable and lightweight.

The grip is one of the most important aspects that our products have. Our product is made of natural wood, which provides a good grip. Wooden palettes are included.

You can perform a range of intermediate and fundamental workouts. Easy to carry Wooden Construction – Sturdy and long-lasting Basic workouts, gymnastics, calisthenics, and yoga are all excellent alternatives.

A lot better over a bar for dips constructed entirely of steel. Strong and able to support all the weight of an athlete. The size of the wood is ideal for gripping with a firm grip.

It seems to be safe. It is possible to require gloves to cushion the impact, but it’s best to have them in all cases. The product is different from the picture by having flooring grips made of rubber and welded seams instead of bolts.

Main features:-

  • Perfect Height And Diameter 
  • Great grip and non Slip Bottom exercise stands can hold up to 440lbs (200kg),
  • Size: 36 x 24 x 22 cm
  • There’s a lot of room between your fingers and knuckles to the floor. Don’t fret about stepping on the floor during your workout.

7. Allyson Fitness Men’s/Women’s PVC Fitness Parallettes

Allyson Fitness Men's_Women's PVC Fitness Parallettes

Buy a pair of parallette dip bars to use at home and at the gym—the most effective fitness equipment to do at-home exercises.

The IBS Parallel Bars Equalizer is exercise equipment that can be used for different exercises that increase strength, stability, fitness, gymnastics, calisthenics, and other exercises. Both women and men will appreciate the experience.

Main features:-

  • Length: Medium 1.8 ft
  • Workouts Accommodated Parallettes: Dip Bars, Push Up Stand, Cross-fit, Calisthenics, Gymnastics
  • Sales Package: 1 PUSH UP BAR
  • Bar Material: IRON

8. IBS Heavy Duty Folding Parallettes

IBS Heavy Duty Folding Parallettes

IBS provides an intermediate-range parallettes bar which can be used to dip bar, pushup bar or parallel bar, and many other workouts. It’s ideal for a small family since it evenly disperses your weight and prevents your wrists from being exhausted.

Main features:-

  • Maximum support for weight: 127 kgs
  • It is not too expensive.
  • Length: 45cm, Height: 30cm, Width: 30cm.
  • Colour coated in black powder.
  • Nearly 1-inch thick handle with great grip.
  • Durable and long-lasting.

Buying Guide- How To Choose Best Parallettes

Consider a few points if you’re trying to figure out how to select the most appropriate set of parallettes. If you’re considering different sets, be sure to inquire about the following attributes:

Understand the Purpose of Use:

There are three distinct kinds of purchasers for parallettes. The private user, second-hand buyers, and the recommended user are among the top three categories of buyers. Before purchasing a product, private buyers should consider the buyer’s ease of purchase with regard to the height.

If, for instance, the buyer is only looking for an apparatus for pushing-ups, then a larger size may not be the ideal option. Additionally, anyone taller than 6 feet can utilize a parallette of 14 inches tall or greater, and others may use one that is 12 inches high.

If a consumer is purchasing products for users who are not known, the customer must purchase based on the assumption. If the customers have been identified, smaller items can be bought. It is possible to start with those who weigh less than two inches tall to advise potential customers.


The stability of the parallettes is crucial not just to ensure safety but also for proper training. If a gymnast is in training at a high level, the base of the parallettes should be sufficiently long to prevent the parallettes from moving or tipping over.

Additionally, when a gymnast is concerned that the bars could tilt or fall over while performing an exercise, he will likely make up for the difficulty of the skill.

The length of the base of the parallette should be proportional to the parallettes height. To avoid tipping into the ground, it is recommended that the parallette base needs to be larger the greater the parallettes are.


A variety of exercises must be thought about when determining the ideal height for your parallettes. Beginners should be able to perform L-sits, whereas expert gymnasts must be able to perform handstand pushups. If a beginner attempts an L-sit, they might not be sufficient to keep them in line with the bars.

Because their legs often slide below the bars when the bars aren’t tall enough for the gymnast, he might not be able to maintain his foot from the ground.

While doing L-sits, more advanced gymnasts do not have this issue, but when doing handstand pushups, bars should be tall enough for the gymnast’s head and shoulders to reach lower than the bars.

Through our experiences, we’ve found that it is believed that the gap between the top part of the rails and the ground must be about 7 inches. This is enough space for advanced and beginner gymnasts without jeopardizing the stability of the parallettes and safety.


A pirouette is among the most crucial parallette workouts. The gymnast’s parallettes must be long enough to perform this task safely. Unfortunately, many parallettes that are available on the market haven’t been designed to be used to perform this task.

Most of them are specifically designed for “pressing exercises,” which do not require a significant amount of length. Contrary to what they sound, Pirouettes are an essential element of gymnasts’ basic practice and must be incorporated into their routine.

The parallette is an excellent piece of equipment for calisthenics that supports your muscles while they get stronger.

What time should you allow? Each parallette must be slightly longer than the shoulder width of the gymnast at a minimum. The parallettes need to be wide enough to allow every stride of a pirouette and should be about a shoulder’s width.


The ability to transport a set of parallettes is usually overlooked. It’s impossible to carry the parallettes conveniently if they are heavy or heavy.

If you are travelling to an event or in a hotel room, having parallettes in your bag is an enormous benefit for any gymnast.

If a gymnast competes in a competition, she might not be able to go to the gym before the competition; however, having an array of parallettes at their side allows her to get some training sessions before the competition.


If you are buying a fresh set of parallettes, there are two aspects to be considered when referring to the weight standard. The first is the item’s weight, which is crucial for those who plan to construct an outdoor gym or do their workouts in parks.

Our goal is to help you save money by giving you all the details you require to take full benefit. We hope that this list of the topmost effective Parallettes will be useful to you.

You can read more about us to learn what we’ve accomplished thus far. Contact us if you notice something amiss or are misled about information regarding Best Parallettes.


The purchase of a collection of bars is an investment in the future of your gymnast. You need them to last for a long time! We’ve played with parallettes made from every kind of material possible throughout our professional careers. We have been able to test their longevity as time passes.

A parallette rail made of wood is the most common type of parallettes available currently. The wood you choose to use must be tough and uniform.

We found some fascinating results when we conducted our test and included many different kinds of wood. Pine, a popular material for rails for parallettes, was too soft to bear the weight of a bigger gymnast.

Due to the unevenness of the grain, it was a robust wood, but it could flake off very quickly. Regarding the overall strength and consistency of grain, we found that maple performed better than other woods. It is a little more expensive, but it’s an investment worth it for investment over the long run.

Although maple wood is among the most sturdy, its weight can be a factor in the case of transport. PVC has been proven to be a durable and light material.

PVC bars have some flex, like the flex you see on parallel bars utilized by gymnasts during competition. To guarantee endurance, the PVC should be reinforced with solid glue.


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