Is Bosch Top Load Washing Machine 6.5L Model WORTH BUYING?

Is Bosch Top Load Washing Machine 6.5L Model WORTH BUYING?

After completing our IFB Top Load Washing Machine Review, we have reviewed one more super amazing 6.5L top loader model. It’s from a well-trusted brand – Bosch. Somewhere down the line, this Bosch model is a bit more elegant and better by looks than the IFB model.

If you count features, then you are getting more of them here, but the question is – is this machine provide enough durability, functionality, and trustworthiness?

To find the perfect answer, we dragged this machine to our lab, where for the next 22 hours, we kept on testing it against a few other competing top loaders.

Being suitable for 3 to 4 members’ families, this machine has tons of offerings, and reading about its energy and water consumption is also going to be fascinating.

Allow us to describe it fully…

Bosch Top Load Washing Machine 6.5L Model Review

Bosch Top Load Washing Machine 6.5L


Every single middle class Indian is to keep before buying a home/kitchen appliance. Bosch understands that very well and has filled this washing machine with versatility. You enjoy 8 Water levels for washes and 8 distinct wash programs, and that’s enough for the price.

This machine is capable of carrying your washing tasks for long hours, and it can provide you quick wash facility also. Operating noise is kept minimal with perfect build, and highly trustworthy motor.

In short, regarding versatility, Bosch Top Load Washing Machine 6.5L Model gets 4.8/5 stars from us, and it has numerous attractive features, about which you’ll know if you keep reading.

Bosch Top Load Washing Machine Review: Features

When we brought Bosch Washing Machine Top Load to our lab, we keenly looked upon the list of features, and deeply inspected every single of them.

Fortunately, all features work exactly as claimed by Bosch. Here’s the list of those features, and their basic functionality and benefit, so that you know whether this washing machine is returning enough for your money or not.

Soft Closing lid:

Many have injured their fingers while closing the washing machine’s lid in the past. In addition, that slam noise is also pretty annoying.

Fortunately, this machine has a soft closing lid, eliminating all chances of your (or your child’s) fingers from getting injured. Not just that, this lid is of toughened glass, meaning that it can conveniently tackle it if you load other stuff on it while this machine isn’t in use.

Power-off Memory:

What happens when you are washing your clothes, and it’s a power cut? You certainly catch frustration, right? And why not, after all, you have to carry on the process of washing clothes again. No, not with this machine.

Here you get the Power-off Memory features, meaning that the machine will carry on the proceedings right from the spot it left when power cut took place.

Awesome Aesthetics:

Yes, this top-loader look much better than most of the competing top loader out there. Generally, the best top-loaders at this price aren’t providing with color choices, but here, you enjoy 6 color options, and one of these is surely going to match your interiors. Not just that, it’s easy to use control panel also look amazing.

One-Touch Start:

See, this machine is actually very smart. It automatically senses the load of the clothes you drop in its drum, and according to that, it chooses the perfect washing program which suits the best for that much load. You just need to perform that “one-touch start” button.

Low water pressure:

Especially during summers, more than 80% of we Indian battle against the less water availability issue. So, it becomes necessary for us to use water very wisely, and washing clothes actually requires much water. Fortunately, Bosch Washing Machine Top Load works efficiently no matter the water pressure is as low as 0.3bar. So, no need to postponed that laundry at all!

Other considerable features:

Besides those amazing features about which you era above, there are a few more of them to attract you. The child lock is present, and you can figure out the importance of that feature. You get a magic filter for gathering the lint and fluff for keeping your laundry clean.

You enjoy the flexibility of using powder/liquid detergents due to the presence of dual dispensers and hence, attain better wash results.

Bosch Top Load Washing Machine price

Now, beginning our explanation form the price factor, this 6.5L model costs you almost the same as IFB Top Load Washing Machine. Yeah, it’s below 16,000 currently.

Its 7.5Kg version costs you almost 20k currently, and we do feel that the 6.5l model is better value for money. Regarding price point, only the Samsung 6.2L model is able to beat it.

Now, moving to the front load option, if you want Bosch 7KG model, it’s double the rate of the top loader we’re currently discussing.

However, that machine also justifies its price well, but currently, let’s stick to the traditional top loader concept.

Talking about the top loaders, there are several machines available in the segment of 16K-22K, but only 3-4 of them are perfect in all departments, and this one from Bosch is the one among them.

Bosch Top Load Washing Machine 6.5L Model: Report card


Voltage 230 Volts Color White
Installation Type Free Standing Control Console Fully Automatic
Noise Level Spinning 75 dB Capacity 6.50 Kilograms
Maximum Rotational Speed 680 RPM Noise Level Washing 65 dB
Wattage 360 Watts Material Steel

  • One touch start.
  • Power off memory feature for carrying the washing cycle again from the point it left.
  • Soft closing lid.
  • Bosch Top Load Washing Machine price is comfortable.
  • highly versatile.
  • Better wash results with dual dispensers.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • A few consumers complaint regarding it’s non-stylish looks.

The Final Advice

Bosch always reflects great confidence with the motors they fit in their appliances, and here also, there’s a 10-year warranty backing its motor. The machine itself carries a 2-yrs warranty.

The AmazonBasics machine is costing just 12K, but just read the complaints there! We recommend spending a bit extra for the quality always.

Coming back to the Bosch model, it has maintained an 88% success score on Amazon after crossing 1000 customer reviews (when we narrate this guide). After that, just look at the specs!

Starting from the build quality, to 8 washing programs, and further to numerous features, everything is so convincing. The warranty is nice, and so are the looks.

So, Bosch Top Load Washing Machine 6.5L Model is a fantastic deal. Also, Bosch Washing Machine 7kg Top Load model is available too.

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