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Bosch Front Load Washing Machine 7L Model Review 2024

Moving further in our washing machines series, in which we’re covering the best top and front load models in the year 2021 at various prices, we come up with the super-duper 7Kg front loader from Bosch, which has brought an earthquake to the market!

We don’t expect any machine to generate these many sales in this much less time that too in such heavy competition!

Without wasting time, our 6 member expert team ordered one Bosch Front Load Washing Machine 7L Model from Amazon, and right from the first look, the machine began its journey of impressing us.

Not just in the Indian market, but if such a machine is launched in the USA or European market, then also it has all the abilities to destroy the competitors.

Bosch Front Load Washing Machine 7L Model Review

Bosch Front Load WashingMachine

Appearance & Construction

The German brand has truly nailed in terms of appearance and construction. This washing machine looks of 50K actually, and even after being so lightweight, it’s so silent.

Thanks to the Anti-Vibration design. Regarding construction, hardly anyone has come up with a complaint yet. It’s available in 2 colour choices, but currently, we are recommending this one, as there’s a wild 4,000 rupees discount running on!

Tremendous drying speed

Tremendous drying speed

Moving further in our article, the thumb rule is, faster the rotation speed of your washing machine, faster it’s gonna dry your clothes.

Talking about this one, 1200RPM is it’s sped, and it will surprise you with its clothes drying speed.

Now, as both washing and drying speeds are faster, it becomes super convenient for you in case you’re a full-day working person, and carry on the whole laundry task on Sunday.

You certainly won’t spend so many hours of your precious Sunday, as you had to with your older machine.

Unbalanced load detection

If your load isn’t perfectly balanced, then you might not get the expected washing results from your machines. Washing Machine Bosch Front Load automatically detects that and balances everything inside the drum.

As a result, every corner of your clothes receives equal water, detergent, and cleaning treatment. So, you attain the perfect wash at last.

Active Water Feature

Active Water Feature

Now, this is a tremendous feature that highly aids your washing, and adds to the perfection. You save much water here due to its perfect multiple load sensors, which automatically adjusts the water level after once its senses fabric and your laundry weight. How many front loaders around 25-30k provide such amazing features? We’d say, hardly 30% of them!


Every single washing machine brand is working hard is designing a perfect drum, which provides 100% safety to the clothes, and cleans the toughest stains.

Well, that’s not that simple. Still, we say, Bosch has done an impressive job. We compared it’s drum’s walls design to the competitors and found it the best when we come to the best cleaning and 100% clothes safety.

It’s a unique design and protects Pashmina, Silk, etc. super delicate materials much better than the competitors. Your special designer dresses survive for long if you own this machine.

Low operating noise, water consumption & maintenance

Low operating noise, water consumption & maintenance

Yes, front loads make much lesser clamor than the top-loading models, and this 7L model is ultra silent while washing your clothes.

If you don’t wanna waste your day hours in the laundry, then you can use this machine at night, and we bet that no one will feel troubled.

Besides that, while most of its competing washing machines are consuming around 60-70L water, this one does an even better job with just 47L water, isn’t that amazing? Moving further, let’s discuss maintenance.

You hardly need to elaborate on the maintenance. Bosch Washing Machine Front Load is smart enough for its own look-after.

The clean drum feature removes toxic residue and lint that keeps its drum disinfected for ensuring long-lasting low maintenance and high durability. For making it look new and shining, pick up a dry cloth, wipe it, and you’ve done!

SpeedPerfect & VoltCheck feature

SpeedPerfect & VoltCheck feature

No one loves spending day in the laundry, and here, Bosch has designed this front loader to save your maximum time. You spend 65% less time washing your clothes with this model, and that’s highly appreciable!

With speed, you get protection as well. The VoltCheck feature deals with interruptions in power supply and fluctuations and is capable of resuming its last water cycles at the time when the power is stable.

Reload Function

Now, the Reload Function is another appreciable thing about this machine. Suppose you have already run your washing cycle, and suddenly your daughter comes rushing at you and exclaims – “Mom, please wash this top; I am wearing this one at the party for which I’m leaving soon!”

Now, this is the time when the reload function comes into play! No matter your washing cycle is running, you can open the machine’s door early in the cycle, and further add (or remove) laundry pretty conveniently.

Child Lock

Child Lock

We humans have different perspectives to look at things. There are possibilities that what you think as your Bosch Front Load Washing Machine 7L Model is just a videogame or an experiment tool for your little kid.

All kids have curiosity, and if there are little ones in your home, you’ll be already familiar whit what we’re talking about.

Most importantly, you have to keep your home appliances away from their reach. However, this 7L machine doesn’t let you bother in that department.

Just use its child Lock feature and enable locking all its keys. So, your kid won’t be able to change any settings.

Big Size drum

Considering the overall weight and dimensions of Bosch Washing Machine Front Load, the drum size is really big. Your washing results highly dependent upon how well your laundry moves inside the drum, and for good movement, space must be there.

With this machine, you are getting much space, which means that even if you put the heavy load of clothes inside, you’ll get amazing and fast washing results.

Inbuilt Heater

Inbuilt Heater

Another superb feature that doesn’t let you ever think that your investing in this machine was wrong is the inbuilt heater, which is powerful and effective.

This dries your clothes in no time, which means suppose you have to wear a specific dress for a specific event, and the dress is unwashed, then you can instantly wash and dry it!

Bosch Front Load Washing Machine’s Specification Chart Of The 7L Model


Capacity 7KG Control Console Fully Automatic
Noise Level 55 dB Installation Type Free Standing
Water Consumption 47 liters Access Location Front Load
Colour Silver Maximum Rotational Speed 1200 RPM

  • Large sized drum.
  • Child lock for safety.
  • Fantastic drying speed.
  • highly durable & versatile.
  • Inbuilt heater for washing & drying your cloths instantly.
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty.
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The Conclusion

As we are looking for a powerful, reliable, and big load-takes front load washing machine, we can’t exclaim that 29-30K is a big amount for it!

This machine is the most promising model in its segment. However, other front loaders that provide this much convenience with these many features actually cost above 35K in all cases.

Here, the case is like, once you invest, and this machine will serve you for 10-15 years pretty well, and also it’s a save buy due to the impressive warranty.

Your laundry is going to be luxurious than ever. Talking about the competitors, we hardly find any top loader good enough to be compared with this one!

There are a few choices for 6 and 8Kg washing machines, which may divert your interest. However, in the 7Kg segment, this one form Bosch is unbeatable.

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