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Top 10 Best Mechanical Keyboards in India With Buying Guide

Are you a gaming fan, or do you enjoy working hours? Then you need to be aware of the pleasure and feel of mechanical keyboards.

A mechanical keyboard is an option that is highly reliable when deciding between a membrane keyboard or a mechanical keyboard; however, the membrane keyboards perform their work flawlessly for a time, but after a while, they become monotonous and less responsive.

The sheer pleasure of typing or playing games online using mechanical keyboards is unbeatable. It offers super-fast speed and high durability and can last for several years.

What is the most suitable mechanical keyboard you could choose? This is a tough issue to resolve, as selecting the most suitable one isn’t that easy since there are a variety of keyboards on the market that come with an array of options.

1). Corsair RGB Gaming Keyboard  

Corsair RGB Gaming Keyboard

This gaming keyboard can be used instead of a regular keyboard. It offers a more comfortable gaming experience. This wrist rest is made of soft rubber and can be used with the Corsair K55 RGB gaming mouse.

This gaming keyboard is top-of-the-line and comes with a wrist pad to alleviate wrist pain. There’s even more! Rubber wrist will allow you to play the game with more comfort and help keep your wrists healthy.

The keyboard is distinguished from all others by a tiny bit of IP42 dust or spill-resistant technology. These entities prevent accidents and allow the game to go on.

When you move to the right side, there are six macro keys. You can program all of the keys, which allows you to add gaming commands. The RGB lighting is included, which is great. You will also get the Corsair K55 keyboard with three-zone dynamic RGB backlighting and ten preconfigured vivid lights.

Other than that, there will be dedicated volume and media controls which will allow for quick control of music and sound effects.


  • No software is required to use the RGB effect.
  • It is built with great quality
  • There are responsive and quiet keys
  • The key will lock the windows.
  • Programmable keys can be programmed to your specifications


  • It may not be perfect for everyone.

2). Logitech G213 Mechanical keyboard

Logitech G213 Mechanical keyboard

The Logitech Prodigy G213 Keyboard offers a great budget option and brilliant color spectrum illumination. You can choose from five different lighting zones. With ease, you can choose from more than 16.8 million colors.

You will have access to 12 macro keys and dedicated media control keys. You’ll enjoy both customization and ease of use. This is because it has spill and splash resistance. This means that you will get a gaming keyboard that prioritizes performance. You’ll be able to play faster while gaming with this keyboard.

Performance-tuned keys will allow you to adjust the touch and gaming performance. It will provide brilliant color spectrum illumination and the ability to customize five lighting zones. The spectrum will be available, which allows you to match your setup with the games.

It’s even more amazing because it allows you to sync lighting effects with Logitech G products. You can also customize the options to suit your needs. You’ll receive a maximum of 60 ml of liquid spillage protection when the test is done under controlled conditions. Performance Tuned Keys are 4x faster than standard keys and come with the smart unit.


  • The keyboard weighs just 1.09 Kg.
  • This unit can be customized to your specifications.
  • It also has dedicated software


  • It lacks macro recording on the fly, which is the biggest limitation.

3). Circle Ballistic Pro Gaming Keyboard

Circle Ballistic Pro Gaming Keyboard

The 10 macro definition keys for the group include the mechanical axis hotkeys. It helps to avoid confusion by using design. PicaTinny Rail Technology is a military mechanical design promoting pica Tinny Rail Technology. This keyboard also includes a USB 2.0 Hub that is high-speed.

The dual touch key function and the back cable coiling provide outstanding functionality. It is compatible with Windows 98 SE/2000/me/XP/Vista/win 7/8/mac and has a multi-function card reader. Dual touch keys can be used for mechanical axis hotkeys with a key function.

The fastest multi-function card reader available anywhere will be yours. Despite its odd appearance, it’s the best keyboard you can buy. It is distinguished by its regular 104 + 8 customizable media control third key switches. Dual Function Keys allow for greater flexibility because the switches serve a dual purpose.

It is located in the upper left corner. You’ll experience minimal issues thanks to the integrated Memory Card Reader, Volume Control Knob, and USB 2.0 ports.


  • Unique keyboard
  • A Dual Function Macro Key is an excellent addition.
  • The volume knob will feel good in your hands


  • Only eight keys will be provided (the WASD/arrow keys in this instance), and all keys are mechanical.

4). Zebronics Mechanical Keyboard Max Plus

Zebronics Mechanical Keyboard Max Plus

The mechanical keyboard is no exception. It features a full-size keyboard and blue switches. This piece is durable, tactile, and easy to use. The keyboard is sturdy enough to be used for gaming and is durable. The integrated media controls allow you to control the sound and play games using the 104 or 14 multimedia keys.

It can also be used to enjoy music and movies. It can be combined with the stand to create a comfortable typing or gaming position. This Max Plus keyboard works best when paired with RGB lighting. Long-lasting use is possible with the double and suspended keycaps.


  • A sturdy, powerful gaming keyboard will be delivered to you.
  • Multiple colors are possible with LED modes.
  • It also includes a braided, long cable.


  • The only problem is the absence of a wrist rest.

5). Ant Esports MK3400WV2 Mechanical Keyboard

Ant Esports MK3400WV2 Mechanical Keyboard

This keyboard includes all non-conflict key presentations, removable Keycaps, and a stronger Space Key. This keyboard has specially-designed keys that offer tactile feedback and improved durability. It will give you a professional gaming experience and tactile typing. You’ll also benefit from a quieter setup perfect for gaming or office use.

The mechanical blue switch is different from professional brown switches because it has distinct segments. It is unique because it provides tactile feedback and an audible click. It is great for gaming, e-sports, everyday typing, and general tactile tasks.

This model features an ergonomic design with perfect curves, rubberized holders, and a ladder-style design. All of these are hidden under the bottom.

A simplified key will also be included to go from high to low. You’ll receive a gold-plated and corrosion-free USB connector to ensure a secure connection. You can have fun and reduce fatigue with this USB connector. It uses the current trends to ensure that connectivity is optimal for delivering impressive results.

Combining the low-profile switch with the compact form factor ensures tactile and audible feedback you won’t get anywhere else. The gaming keyboard’s lightning-fast connection makes it easy to connect to Bluetooth. We can conclude that the unit offers a unique mechanical experience with medium resistance, precise activation, and an audible click sound.


  • The delivery will include the complete mechanical part
  • It has a good build quality, and clicks are excellent


  • It is difficult to see the font on it.

6). Redgear Blaze Mechanical Keyboard (7 Color Backlit)

Redgear Blaze Mechanical Keyboard (7 Color Backlit)

The Redgear Blaze 7 color gaming keyboard has seven LED backlights that offer a great gaming experience. It features floating keycaps that give it a mechanical feel. It can be difficult to use standard keyboard keys simultaneously. This high-quality keyboard is compatible with anti-ghosting keypads.

This gaming keyboard comes with 19 anti-ghost keys. There’s more! The anti-ghosting function will be activated as soon as you begin typing the key commands. The LED lights are turned off, allowing you to see key letters printed on the paper. You don’t need to turn them on constantly.

We can state that it has Floating keycaps and 7 LED color backlights. It also locks Windows keys. There are 19 anti-ghost key options.


  • It is easy to use
  • Amazing aluminum metallic body
  • It can be used with LED color lighting


  • You won’t be provided with a hand rest or multimedia keys.

7). TVS Gold Bharat gold USB Keyboard

TVS Gold Bharat Mechanical Keyboard, USB

It is well-known and highly regarded as the Best keyboard for computer and desktop TVs. The TVS Gold Bharat is one of India’s most popular mechanical keyboards. Many Indian banks use this keyboard because it is reliable, affordable, and easy to use.

The device ships with Cherry MX Blue and Long Hua Blue switches. It is designed to last for 2 hours per day. It features laser-etched characters on keycaps and mechanical switches for a satisfying typing experience.

8). Circle Adroit X7C Gaming keyboard  

Circle Adroit X7C Gaming keyboard

The Circle Adroit features a 7-color RGB backlighting system and 19 anti-ghosting keys. You’ll get 104 standard keys as well as 6 multimedia keys. You’ll receive a waterproofing film which will provide high splash protection. This unit has a smart, independent key lock and a windows keylock.

It will last for 10 million keystrokes. It has an in-built memory that helps to retain the 19 key anti-ghost settings. It is ergonomically designed to prevent you from becoming tired over a prolonged period. The environment is protected by six multimedia keys made from high-quality ABS.

It will be contoured, sweat-resistant, and skin-friendly. It is a great choice for gamers and typists. It works well with a double-shot-molded ABS keycap and is durable. Durable and abrasion-resistant keyboards ensure a 50 million-keystroke lifespan.


  • This unit will provide you with the best build quality.
  • You will feel the keyboard’s nice Key Feel.


  • The logo is not glowing.
  • It doesn’t work on macOS

9). Corsair K68 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Corsair K68 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Corsair K68 mechanical keyboard is equipped with premium Cherry MX Red switches that promise the best performance in both typing and playing.

This keyboard is 100% anti-ghosting and has full key rollover to ensure your keystrokes and commands are recorded exactly how you want them. The keyboard has a wrist rest to ensure you have an enjoyable and satisfying experience.

10). Cosmic Byte Neon Rainbow Mechanical Keyboard

Cosmic Byte Neon Rainbow Mechanical Keyboard

This keyboard has an amazing RGB color effect. This keyboard has RGB back-seven lighting effects, nine backlit effects, and four levels of brightness adjustment. Even better, keys are easy to clean and scratch-resistant. It’s easy to remove keys, clean them, and keep them up for many more years.

You can remove it from your keyboard. There’s more! These units will also give you a greater chance of surviving accidental drops. The mechanical keyboard and the elevated key design give it a mechanical feel. A set of multimedia hotkeys will allow you to quickly control your media.

Access to the internet and sound system will also be available. The integrated multimedia hotkeys include play/pause, mute, volume up/down, and previous/next. The unit has a braided cable measuring 1.6 meters and a gold-plated interface.


  • You can rest assured knowing your keycaps are scratch-resistant.
  • Multicolor LEDs are a great component.
  • The braided cable will also be available to you.
  • It is easy to clean your keyboard.


  • The model does not include an armrest.

11). HP Omen Sequencer Gaming Keyboard

HP Omen Sequencer Gaming Keyboard

The aluminum case for the HP Omen Sequencer 2VN99AA mechanical keyboard provides greater stability. It has mechanical blue optical switches that promise a response time of 0.2 ms. You can personalize 5 macro keys to give you an advantage in certain games. The keyboard is also very durable and built well. It has a quick response time.

12). Logitech G512 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Logitech G512 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Logitech G512 mechanical keyboard is a sleek alternative that offers a highly customizable configuration. It allows users to choose a different color for each key.

This can be done with the Logitech G hub 8.1 apps. It comes with GX Brown mechanical switches for tactile feedback. It also features a customizable Game Mode, which allows you to disable certain buttons to prevent accidental clicks. The keyboard’s minimalist construction and aluminum alloy plate make it extremely robust. It also looks great.

13). Gamdias 7 Color Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

Gamdias 7 Color Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

Gamdias 7 is another well-known option that has certified blue switches. These switches promise 50 million clicks per intervention lifecycle. It supports backlighting with seven colors.

The keyboard comes with a metal plate which increases its durability. The keyboard supports N-key rollover so that no matter how many keys are pressed simultaneously, they will all be registered by it. It comes in an elegant, lightweight box for maximum comfort and accuracy.

Guide to Best Mechanical Keyboards

If you’re looking to build your dream mothership or just want to replace your current keyboard, many options are on the market. There are many types of keyboards available, complicating matters further. We have compiled this list to help you make informed decisions and choose the best mechanical keyboard for you.

A regular keyboard or scissor keypad is sufficient for most people. However, a mechanical keyboard can enhance the user experience and improve performance. If you spend much time programming, typing, or gaming, there are keyboard types that will suit your needs and deliver uncompromising performance.

Before we dive into selecting a mechanical keyboard, let’s first look at what mechanical keys are and how they differ from standard keyboards. A mechanical keyboard is not like a membrane keyboard. It is composed of high-quality mechanical components combined to create a switch.

The keyboard’s type determines how responsive and tactile it can be. Mechanical keyboards offer many advantages over standard membrane keyboards. They can remove keycaps, key rollover, and durability. You can also clean them (DIY style).

You want to ensure that you have a great gaming experience. These are some things to consider before you purchase a gaming keyboard.

Macro Buttons:

Many gaming keyboards have a set of keys that you can customize. These keyboards allow you to assign commands to specific keys. These keys can be used to enhance the gaming experience, especially when playing more complicated games.

Wrist Rest Cushion:

When you play a long-term game, your wrist pain can increase. A gaming keyboard with a removable wrist cushion that doesn’t tire your wrists and has a comfortable grip is highly recommendable.


Anti-ghosting keys work with the highlight and are an option on many gaming keyboards. How can you prevent ghosting? Sometimes, keys on a keyboard may not work at the same moment. A keyboard with an anti-ghosting button will give you greater functionality.

Switch Type:

The most popular keyboard switches are either elastic film or mechanical switches. Most gamers prefer a mechanical keyboard for gaming. It’s a smarter alternative to an elastic-layer keyboard. Each button on the keyboard has a spring-actuated switch underneath it.

Form Factor:

Full-size keyboard layouts are the most popular form factor, and they seem to be the preferred choice by many users. The full-size keyboard contains 104 keys, including the Numpad cluster or ten keypads. It includes the Numpad, navigation keys, and function keys.

This keyboard is perfect for people who work with numbers or have no preferences but just need something to do the job. The 75 percent form factor, which is smaller than the tenkeyless/80 percent form factor, is more compact and can be used to meet your specific needs.

It’s almost identical to the tenkeyless/80 percent form factor, with a few keys missing and keys packed into proximity with little space between them.

The row to the right contains a row dedicated to function keys. There is also a navigation key cluster and some additional keys. This is a great option for people who prefer a smaller design than the tenkeyless but still want navigation and function keys. The 60 percent form factor is one of the smallest forms.

It takes a minimalist approach and places more emphasis on aesthetics. The 60 percent form factor forgoes navigation keys and function keys to create a smaller footprint and is easier to carry and use. The form factor generally carries 60 keys and is designed to cater to a particular customer base that values portability and ease of use over other factors.


The keyboard layout is an important consideration when buying a mechanical keyboard. The keyboard maps the keycode value that was mapped during the functional arrangement to the letter A when a user presses A on the keyboard. There are three types currently accepted as the standard layouts, based on different regions of the globe: ANSI (ISO) and JIS (JIS).

The American National Standards Institute (or ANSI) is a standard layout on keyboards across North America and Western Europe. The European keyboards use the ISO (International Standards Organization) layout, while Japan’s JIS (Japan Industrial Standards layout) is exclusive to Japan. ISO follows ANSI as the most popular keyboard layout. The ANSI layout is vertical and horizontal, while ISO is vertical and horizontal. There are also differences in the enter key. ISO is smaller and larger than ANSI, while ISO is smaller and lighter.

These standards are based on mechanical layouts. Functional layouts can also confuse the decision-making process. QWERTY is the most commonly used keyboard layout. DVORAK is another popular keyboard layout, but it’s not very widely used, and only a few people use it. The DVORAK layout was designed to minimize hand movement. The most used keys are located on the middle row (home) to accommodate this. DVORAK claims that it can provide faster typing speeds and less hand movement. However, you won’t be satisfied if you pick a DVORAK keyboard.


Linear switches

Linear switches feel like a membrane keyboard when they are pressed down. They are silent switches when compared to Clicky and Tactile switches.

These switches make no noise other than the key being pressed down. O-rings can also dampen the sound of the key dropping down, allowing for a silent typing experience. These switches lack tactility and are great for gaming which requires repetitive keystrokes and rapid movements. Because there is not enough feedback,

Tactile switches

Tactile switches have a bump in the middle that is actuated, which, unlike linear switches, provides feedback for actuation. The switches don’t make a clicking sound, but they make a clicking sound when pressed. These switches can be used for many purposes and are a great choice for people who do a lot of typing. These switches fall somewhere between Clicky and Linear switches.

Clicky switches

These tactile switches are very similar to tactile switches but have a click sound that provides tactile feedback when activated. A distinct click sound and tactile feedback are heard when the switch is activated.

This indicates that the keypress was registered. Because of the slight delay between pressing the key and it is actuated, these switches are not suitable for gaming. Programmers prefer these switches because of their hysteresis.

Next, consider the type of switch that you use for your keyboard. Mechanical keyboards have different switches than regular keyboards. This allows for greater durability and, more importantly, better performance. There are three types: clicky, tactile, and linear.

There are many options for keyboard switches from different manufacturers due to various types. These switch variations (or actuation forces) are often judged by the travel distance needed to activate a key (or an actuation point). Cherry, Kaihua, and Romer-G are some of the most well-known brands.

These brands make some of the finest mechanical keyboard switches. However, Cherry switches are still the most popular switches on keyboards made by various manufacturers. Cherry MX Brown and Cherry MX Clear are some of the six available switches. They are divided into three types: tactile, clicky, and linear.

Key rollover (KRO):

Key rollover is the ability of a keyboard to register multiple key presses simultaneously. N-Key rollover (NKRO) is a feature most mechanical keyboards possess. This means that the keyboard can simultaneously register an unlimited number of inputs. The connection type of the keyboard determines key rollover. A USB connection supports 4 to 6 key rollover, while a PS/2 connection only supports N-Key rollover.

That’s all.

We’ve already covered the main considerations when buying a mechanical keyboard. We recommend you review the keyboards you have narrowed down to get an idea of how they perform.

If you don’t want the hassle of searching for a keyboard by yourself, we have compiled a list of recommendations (in no particular order) for the top mechanical keyboards suitable for different uses.

This is a great way to share this information with someone looking for the Best Mechanical Keyboards. This will allow them to choose from better options.

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