Bosch Microwave Oven Review 2022

Bosch Microwave Oven Review 2022

Why should you spend half of their time cooking meals in the kitchen when there’s a simpler and more efficient alternative. We’re discussing a microwave and also introducing a brand-new model by Bosch. The brand doesn’t require any introduction. Experience the warmth of care and affection by using Bosch’s range of microwaves.

It’s been a long time since people believed that microwaves were harmful or an emblem of the status quo. Today, a microwave is an essential requirement. We present the Bosch microwave oven, which comes in the steel grey colour that is renowned for its reliability and quality.

This microwave made by Bosch features an LED display that ensures you are able to keep the focus on food when cooking. Beyond that, the microwave also supports five cooking options, ranging starting with grilling and defrosting. It can handle everything with ease. What makes this microwave perfect is the brand name. Bosch is second on the top 10 list of microwaves.

  • The production capacity is 28 litres.
  • Dimensions of the product LxWxH53.9 Dimensions: 51 30 Centimeters
  • Product Weight21 kg 500 g

Bosch 28 L Convection Microwave Oven

What is the reason you should decide to buy a Bosch microwave?

  • For starters, Bosch comes first in regards to reliability and endurance.
  • In addition, the microwave oven is able to cook in seven different ways: Motorised Rotisserie for baking, defrosting, grilling, reheating, Tandoori, Frylite, Convection, and combination.
  • The microwave is extremely economical because it uses less energy than gas stoves and ovens.
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re or are not into Indian, Chinese, or Italian food; you are able to cook whatever you like according to your preferences.
  • If you encounter any difficulties while working, you can read the user’s manual to make the procedure easier.
  • The most striking feature of this microwave is its fry-lite function, which ensures the least possible utilization of oil.

Benefits of using the Bosch microwave oven

The most significant benefit this microwave provides is the convenience that comes with this microwave. Just push two buttons, and the food will be ready for serving in just 10-15 minutes. The most intriguing and striking characteristic of this microwave is that it comes with seven cooking modes, ranging from fry light to grilling.

It is able to handle everything. Even if this is not your first time using a microwave, you won’t have any difficulties using it because it’s easily understood. In addition, should you have any questions about the operation, they provide the user’s manual, which simplifies everything. Additionally, this microwave comes with a capacity of millilitres which is more than sufficient.

Features of Bosch Microwave Oven

This microwave comes with a myriad of sophisticated features that allow it to be a contender for the top ten microwaves in India. Here are the details of its features:

  • The microwave comes with an auto program that will allow you to cook up to 121 recipes across 8 categories: Snacks, Appetizers, Rice, Soup and other vegetarian dishes, as well as meat, seafood, desserts, and meat.
  • Additionally, it has seven cooking modes to allow you to cook to your preferences.
  • Bosch microwave oven is equipped with one of a kind characteristic that is suitable for anyone who is concerned about their health. Its fry light feature demonstrates the smallest amount of oil.
  • The microwave from Bosch has a tandoori function, which means you can cook your favourite Kebabs and tandoori dishes whenever you’re craving them.
  • This microwave is the ideal option because it features convection technology that cooks food fast and with the greatest comfort.
  • It also has an innovative feature, “Rotisserie Function”. With this feature, you can enjoy all roasting dishes in the comfort of your own home.
  • Have a user’s guide for any questions regarding the use.

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Accessories for Bosch microwave oven

Bosch microwaves come with all the appliances essential for cooking. Here’s a list of the accessories:

  • Turntable
  • Roller Ring
  • Tall Wire rack
  • Low wire rack
  • Baking tray
  • Rotary split
  • Fry light
  • 1 Instruction Manual

Product Warranty

Bosch is a household name (ultimately well-known) in the field of electronic appliances. It is additionally being named as the top 2 company in terms of microwaves with potential in India. Bosch guarantees its products’ longevity and reliability as a top brand in India. The microwave oven from Bosch offers a two-year guarantee on the oven, and in addition, it offers a seven-year warranty on the magnetron, which surpasses any other brand on the market.

Be aware of these precautions when using

Bosch Convection Microwave Oven

Make sure to read all microwave’s using directions prior to use.

  • Do not use any metal utensil, compartment or cookware that has an aluminium handle or trims to keep away from the heat source inside the microwave.
  • Remove the aluminium foil from your food item prior to warming them in the microwave.
  • Don’t use disposable paper cups or tools for cooking or warming.
  • Don’t warm food items which are fixed and pressed. Heating them can trigger an explosion in the microwave. First, remove the food items from the sealed bundle, and then warm it up in a microwaveable dish or a utensil.
  • Don’t keep it near or beneath any heating or cooking equipment. This could lead to over-warming of the microwave.
  • Make sure you don’t block the opening of the microwave on the top while you’re using it. Don’t cover any area of the microwave with metallic foil.
  • After warming or cooking the utensil or dish, stay within the oven for only a short duration before removing it. This reduces the temperature that the hot dish will reach. Thus, it protects users from the risk of injury or consumption.
  • The entryway made of glass is protected from microwave discharges. It naturally ceases to function when open only a little during the course of activity.

What are the opinions of customers regarding this item?

If it’s an established and well-known brands like Bosch and Bosch, you don’t have to look up the reviews of customers as Bosch is the first choice on the list of top 10 microwaves that are the best in India. The users love this microwave so highly. Not only are the expert reviews impressive, but the reviews from customers are positive to be able to use. With the love of users, the microwave has been demonstrated to be more reliable and efficient. Here are some of the reviews by customers:

A review actually comes written by our expert team member. She wrote that having been a Samsung microwave customer over the past 10 years and that Bosch was an extensively researched choice for her. She is satisfied with the build and quality. The accessories are nice and well-built. Kudos Bosch for their quick and high-quality service as far as the product is concerned.

Today, with Bosch – she has only one feedback. If they made an indication sticker on display with all the names of each button, it would be wonderful. Her mother (72 +) has a hard time reading the small numbers. Just an idea. She stated that she would be pleased to get a sticker if made available. In the end, she found the microwave extremely useful and is delighted to be an avid Bosch lover from Samsung.

Check out more reviews on Amazon for more information about the device.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bosch Microwave Oven

How do you bake cakes in this microwave? There isn't an example on Youtube, and I've seen that you can't use the preset cooking feature.

There's a combi function to bake, which is nothing more than convection mode. It's on the left in the row that ends.

Is it possible to make curd with this? What are the items included in this Borosil kit? Does it include an air fryer-type technology that only a handful of microwave manufacturers offer?

The first answer for curd is yes. Making curd with microwave ovens is possible. The Borosil kit contains three pieces of equipment that are priced at MRP Rs. 1675. Now, about whether this model works like an air fryer, It do have an option to fry light which is a kind of air fryer. It's an option for frying using only oil.

How much power is it rated by the manufacturer?

The rating by through our testing of this microwave were 4.7/5 points for energy consumption. People often own a Bosch products. Also, they are very happy with their selection. There is very little maintenance in this microwave required with these items. They are extremely efficient. I would definitely recommend Bosch for these items.

What is the process of installation?

Place it in a place where the cord is near the power supply, and that's it. Installation is not required.

What is the best way to heat this oven? I couldn't find anything in the booklet.

Then add the preheat time to the cooking time; after that, set your timer to begin the desired cooking mode.

Let’s Conclude

In case you’re looking to buy an all-inclusive convection microwave that comes with an entire package of modern technology, it is time to absolutely think about using the Bosch convection microwave. First of all, the brand Bosch is a name to consider in the hardware market.

Apart from the components you receive, you are able to actually take many hours without cooking, like rice, fries, and so much more! You can search for unique automatic recipes or unique forces that are based on your preference. We also like the dark, steel-coloured tone that can go well in any kitchen interior.

It definitely makes life easier and is a good option when you are looking to invest in the microwave. Overall, the Bosch 28L model is likely to prove extremely useful to you. If you’re one who is living alone and is not a family member, this microwave is likely to be your friend during moments. We’d rate this microwave 5 stars since it is equipped with all the attributes that are essential in a microwave.


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