Kent Zoom Vacuum Cleaner Review

Kent Zoom Vacuum Cleaner Review

We all spend at least a quarter of our time taking care of our home. Dirty homes are more prone to the growth of harmful germs and bacteria. While we can clean our floors quickly with damp clothes as well as floor cleaners, we can’t utilize them to clean our dirty couches, beds, or mattresses. Here is the point why the Kent zoom vacuum cleaner review came in.

Kent has developed this incredible product that runs for 30 minutes uninterrupted. It works by using the suction mechanism of modern force technology that can remove dust particles of all sizes. Patients suffering from asthma and other allergies can greatly benefit from this device because it is washable. HEPA removes dust particles efficiently and helps keep your home clean.

KENT Zoom Vacuum Cleaner


  • Weighing: 3kg, 150 grams, 112 x 26 centimeters
  • Date of release 16 Sept 2020
  • Power: Work with 1 lithium-ion battery.
  • Model number: 16068
  • Warranty 2 years of warranty
  • Accessory: Extension Tube, 2 in 1 crevice tool, wall Mounting Accessories, Motorized Floor/Carpet Brush, Multi Nozzle-01, user’s manual.


Highly efficient mechanically HEPA Filter

This Kent Zoom vacuum cleaner review centres on its HEPA filter, which is highly effective at reducing the number of air pollutants as well as creating a clean and healthy atmosphere. In addition to mould, bacteria as well as other particles with a size of 0.3 millimetres, it will remove 99.7% dust particles off your mattresses, floors and sofas and more.

The HEPA filter included in this product is simpler to clean and is able to be used repeatedly without any hassle. Cleaning this HEPA Filter isn’t difficult. Simply rinse it thoroughly using cold water, and it will be cleaned.

Powerful Cyclonic Technology

A rapid-spinning vortex generated by the cyclonic technology in this vacuum cleaner can remove the majority of dimensions of dust particles as well as other airborne particles, making for easy and efficient cleaning.

The item utilizes the latest cyclonic technology in order to remove bacteria from gaseous, air-liquid, solid, and gaseous matter without the need for a filter. With this technique, this Kent vacuum cleaner can capture particles of dust and harmful bacteria using its extension tube and then put them into the storage vessel.

The storage container is fitted with a tiny air vortex that assists the 130-watt motor to remove dangerous particles out of the air. Then, it collects the remaining polluted particles into its container.

Cleaning using a cordless device

The slim design and the cordless feature will make this item ideal for keeping every corner of your home clean and tidy. Avoid the tangled, long wires, enjoy the hassle-free cleaning experience and get your day back on track by reading this Kent Zoom cleaning machine review.

The product comes with every part to ensure an efficient cleaning process that is free of any issues with sockets. It can be used to replace many cleaning equipments in your home simply by a quick charge of the battery. Another benefit of this item is that it doesn’t require you to wash a particular area, and it can be used at any point in the home.

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Multiple cleaning programs for cleaning

KENT Zoom Vacuum Cleaner .

There’s no doubt that you refer to this product as an expert in all things because it has an array of cleaning tools and accessories like multi-nozzle operation, a handy fold-up operation and motorized floor brushes and many more. This makes it possible to wash multiple surfaces carpets, couches, and sets.

The multi-nozzles in this vacuum provide more suction power for cleaning your sofas, doormats sets and various other items within your home with the idea of motorized floor brushes. If you’re planning to clean your home, it’s just a matter of charging the device and then silently taking care of every surface.

It is easy to pay

Easy charging is another benefit that makes the Kent vacuum cleaner the perfect choice for households of all sizes. After a single charge, it is able to be used continuously for 30 mins without leaving the area in your house.

However, it takes approximately 4-5 hours to fully charge. Although charging for 4-5 hours for 30 minutes is unsatisfactory, you’re overlooking it because this device comes with a variety of features that will cut down the time spent cleaning and make sure that you only need 5 minutes used to clean each and every object within your home. Additionally, this battery-powered vacuum cleaner is more secure than vacuum cleaners that have long cords.

Things you’ll like concerning Kent Zoom vacuum cleaner reviews.

KENT Zoom Vacuum Cleaner Cleaning

Make sure you clean whatever you like

As a cordless vacuum, you can conveniently use it wherever. it doesn’t just mean that you can’t use it in any space of your home. It is also able to clean sofas and mattresses, the dashboards of your vehicle and many more.

It’s designed with an amalgamation of compact design and attachments with multiple functions. It will effortlessly clean difficult and difficult-to-access spaces without hurting your arms.

However, you could increase the handle to effectively clean up high ceilings and dirt that are under the furniture of your home. The purchase of the Kent Zoom vacuum cleaner gives you the ideal of both worlds. It will allow you to get quick and easy cleaning.

Highly portable

Another advantage of the Kent Zoom vacuum is its battery-free design and lightweight motor. Contrary to other vacuum cleaners on the marketplace, this one comes with light Li-ion batteries, which enable it to lift and get into the most difficult areas of your home.

Its lightweight allows it to be carried wherever you go. You can also make use of it to wash your roof. Additionally, if you are wondering how to clean the most difficult space inside your vehicle, you just have to lift the vacuum cleaner up and take it into your vehicle to start the process of simple cleaning.

Maximum productivity

The cordless vacuum cleaner has a 30 per cent higher efficiency than other products for cleaning for sale. Its cordless design removes the hassles of lengthy wires that can become tangled and allows the user to concentrate on making their home cleaner.

With this product’s small size, you’ll just need to spend about 10 minutes cleaning various surfaces. Instead of trawling through the cord to find various power outlets, it is possible to use this device to clean various components.


Battery life is low

The Kent Zoom vacuum cleaner powers from a 2000 mAh battery that provides greater suction power but has a lower cleaning time of around 30 minutes. However, that much time is actually enough. Its multi-functional attachments allow for minimal labour and speedy cleaning.

If you buy this product, it gives you access to various accessories. These accessories are capable of cleaning every inch of your home. It features a cordless style with a reliable motor, a two-year warranty, and much more to guarantee hygienic and safe areas.


This kent vacuum cleaner review is an excellent value product that has become an essential item for all homes. Its design, its technology and weight can defeat other types of cleaning equipment and noisy vacuum cleaners.

With this device, it is easy to eliminate airborne particles from your home. Also, it’ll eliminate other allergen-inducing substances such as pet fur, dirty spots, and more, with no burden upon your back.

Despite its capabilities, still, this device requires low maintenance. It means you don’t have to invest your time or spend money on repairs. In addition, its HEPA filter is the ideal option for those suffering from allergies. this is because it’s able to easily eliminate the tiniest dust particles the eyes can’t detect.


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