LG Convection Microwave Oven Review: A Perfect Fit For Smart Kitchen 

LG Convection Microwave Oven Review: A Perfect Fit For Smart Kitchen 

This All-In-One Convection Microwave is a fantastic appliance that makes cooking fast and makes cooking simpler. LG 21L Convection Microwave Oven is perfect for everyone, whether younger bachelors, old people or small families that want simple cooking that is healthy and tasty.

With the menu that auto cooks, it is much more automated today. As it is energy efficient, you can direct the cooking duration. The Convection microwave oven by LG makes use of less energy than conventional microwave ovens; it helps you save energy and time in the kitchen for your preferred menus.

This microwave oven is efficient for baking, stewing, roasting, grilling, defrosting vegetable and non-veg foods, and warming.

If you’re a die-conscious millennial who enjoys the taste of diet frying or enjoys barbecue often, This product is an excellent choice.

Making clarified butter or ghee at home can be messy, but now thanks to LG microwave ovens making ghee for hygiene is significantly easier (with no scent) in only a few minutes.

Do not compromise on flavour or calories consumption! 

Keep your waist light and enjoy a delicious snack each day without having to think about oil consumption.

LG 21 L All In One Convection Microwave Oven

LG 21L All-in-One Convection Microwave Oven – A Quick Overview

This All-In-One Convection Oven manufactured by the company LG is a black colour machine that is made from ABS materials. It comes with a touch keypad (membrane) that is sensitive to touch and is easy to clean.

This appliance is made for modern kitchens and comes with five levels of power to give you total control over the temperature.

A stainless-steel cavity equipped with an inbuilt quartz heater provides greater heat reflection to cook food. There’s no coating inside the cavity. Therefore, there is no risk of the coating peeling off or rusting, which exposes the material underneath.

With the health and menu in this microwave convection cooker, you can create tasty and nutritious recipes for people who are concerned about calories.

For your daily cup of milk or tea, the unique warming function of the microwave will be a treat.

Additionally, take the microwave oven included in the cookbook. It will help you cook delicious and mouth-watering recipes, whether veg or non-veg. Food can now be healthier and oil-free by using microwave cooking.

Features Overview

  • Healthy food options for those who are concerned about calories.
  • Auto cook menu to make cooking easy for the favourite family dishes.
  • The stainless steel cavity ensures that there is no risk of injury to the hands during cooking.
  • The Touch Keypad (Membrane).
  • Option for fermentation to make curd and paneer.
  • Alarm for cooking completion and child lock to ensure extra security.



The microwave’s dimensions are 475mm by 285mm by 475mm x 285mm x ( W x H + the dimension).


Its capacity is 21 L, which is perfect for families with four or five members.

Output & Input Specifications And Power Requirement

  • Watt convection input -1860w
  • Watts grill input – 1150 w
  • Watt microwave output – 800 W
  • Microwave Frequency (MHZ) – 2450
  • Watt combination input -1860

It requires power from AC 50Hz, 230V.

Door Orientation

It is a left-sided door orientation, so getting dishes using your hands on your left is a good idea.

Turntable Diameter

The turntable’s diameter is 245 millimetres. On it, you can put much larger vessels of greater diameter. Prepare your pan-size pizza at home anytime!

Cooking Completion Alarm

This alarm informs you that the set cooking time is over to allow you to eat your food on time. This is particularly important when you bake cakes or Dhoklas.

What is it that makes the LG 21l microwave convection distinct from other microwaves?

Child Lock

The microwave is equipped with a child lock that acts as a security feature. This will ensure that children living at home are not able to access the microwave while it is running. By locking the control panel, you are assured that there is no playfulness in handling the microwave.

One Year Warranty

This microwave has a warranty of one year.

Starter Kit

The company offers a basic kit that teaches you how to use and maintain the product. Additionally, the included cookbook contains recipes for cooking delicious dishes using this convection microwave.

Stainless Steel Cavity

The stainless steel interior of this microwave makes it distinct from the typically coated interior. The interior of the microwave does not wear off or rust with repeated heating. Even when the turntable continually runs across the steel’s interior cavity, there isn’t any damage or deterioration to the inside.

Touch Keypad

There is no need to move the knobs since the microwave functions with a keypad that is touch-sensitive. The keypad is extremely tactile and is easy to use. It is easily cleaned using the help of a damp cloth. Additionally, there is zero chance of the keypad becoming obsolete following repeated rotations.

Concealed Quartz Heater

The concealed heater inside this LG Convection microwave oven reduces the chance of getting hurt by touching the hot inside within the microwave. Your cooking will be much safer and less stressful when using this microwave. Because of the stainless steel inside, cooking can be done much more quickly, and also you’ll be able to prepare huge portions at once.

Paneer Making Is Never This Easy

Do you or your family members love paneer or cottage cheese? If you have an all-in-one LG Convection microwave in your kitchen, you make a paneer at home without the need for using enzymes or chemicals.

Have Your Milk’s share of Protein With Any Curd Maker At Home

How about making the most perfect, hygienic and delicious curd at home. With the LG All-in-One convection microwave, You can enjoy every day a dose of nutrients and protein from homemade curd. With the feature for fermentation in this microwave cooking device, making curd isn’t difficult in any weather.

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Features Of LG 21L All-In-One Convection Oven

LG Convection Microwave Oven

A variety of unique features distinguish the LG21L microwave convection from other models. The unique features include:

Different Rack

To alter the transfer of heat to the food you cook, you can use the racks of the microwave.

Cleaning Is Highly Simple With A Self-Cleaning Feature

Self-cleaning features ensure that you will have your appliance cleaned in just a few minutes. There is no bad or unpleasant smell from food in the microwave that will prevent bacteria growth.

Interior Light To Check The Browning Level

If you’re in the kitchen or making a cake, the colour of the crust or the browning process is crucial. The inside light of the microwave lets you check the colour of the crust without having to open the door.

Defrost Within Seconds

Sometimes, defrosting is required to cook frozen food that has been thawed. When you defrost foods in the microwave, it is possible to quickly cook it. With the LG microwave’s defrost function, you can avail yourself of a lot of ease in the process of defrosting food. Specifically, the meat is cut into pieces.

Preset Menu For Easier Cooking

The LG convection microwave has an auto-cook menu with a variety of preset menus. Select the microwave dish you wish to cook and then add the ingredients. Hit the ‘Start’ button, and you’ll be able to experiment with something new all the time.

Keep Food Rightly Warm

If you would like your food to maintain the temperature you want it to be at you want, select the feature to keep food warm to ensure that your food stays at the proper temperature for 90 minutes.

  • The function increases or decreases to allow you to adjust the temperature according to your requirements.
  • It is extremely convenient to use through its touch-keypad and easy to clean using the steam cleaning feature, making it easy to use.
  • Chatpat corner to cook healthy snacks that are crunchy and nutritious at any time at home.
  • Child lock to ensure no accidental operating.
  • A stainless steel cavity that is more durable and hygienic.
  • Highly efficient, with features such as light disinfection quick defrost, quick cook, two-stage cooking, and automatic defrost feature.
  • An extremely informative recipe book with recipes from all across India.
  • Bake or grill, cook, heat or defrost.
  • The somewhat more prominent and large backside of the microwave is due to its cooling fans. However, this bump in the back is not a hindrance to the usefulness of this fantastic product.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

2.) Which is more effective - a convection microwave oven or microwave with 0TG?

Convection microwave ovens perform tasks like heating, baking, cooking, grilling, defrosting ovens, and many more, all within the same appliance. The Oven isn't hot while in operation and cooks food evenly from inside using cool airflow.

1.) Do I have to put it in a pan made of metal or a container and heat it in the microwave?

It is recommended to utilize ceramic or glass cookware when using the Oven of your microwave. But, a convection microwave prepares food through the blowing of hot air, which is why you can use metal pans when using the convection function. But, it's advised to review the manufacturer's instructions as well as the manual for making use of the metal pans.

4.) Who should I contact in case I want to repair the LG All-in-One convection microwave?

If you need assistance with any repair or repair, you can make an inquiry via LG support and LG's tech support staff will assist you immediately.

3.) What cook-related tasks can be done with this convection microwave?

It is possible to cook, bake, and crisp food. Cook and toast, defrost or grill, heat up and keep food warm with this microwave convection oven.

The Conclusion

LG 21 L Convection All-in-One microwave is a great product by the manufacturer when you’re in search of a Convection Oven that will add beauty to your cooking.

Because this Oven is equipped with a wide range of options, you can have delicious meals without having to imply in much effort when cooking.

This Oven is a versatile kitchen companion that will ease the daily chores of cooking without affecting the flavour or taste. If you’re looking to cook or bake cookies at home or make fresh paneer or make curd at home, this Oven will be able to do everything to feed your family.

LG convection microwave is the perfect companion, as gas cooking can be eliminated without compromising quality and flavour.


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