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Best Hot and Cold Water Purifiers in India Reviews With Buying Guide

Dispensing hot and cold water with RO purification technology is the newly developed technology that helps us get the RO filtered water in hot, cold, and room temperature environments. Usually, the best way to ensure that germs and bacteria do not enter the body through the water you consume is to drink hot water.

However, some love drinking cold water. Consuming boiling water is the best method of preventing bacteria and germs from entering your body via the fluids you drink.

However, we certainly prefer cold water. Water purifiers that can satisfy the requirements of both types of people can be needed. The chilled and hot water dispensers equipped with RO systems currently offered in a few modern devices are ideal for doing the job.

Consuming boiling water can be the most effective method of preventing bacteria and germs from entering your body via the fluid that you drink. However, some individuals prefer cold water—a purifier for water that can fulfill the requirements of both categories.

There is a requirement for a water purifier to satisfy both of these areas of society.

Which is the Best Water Purifier With Hot & Cold Water Dispenser in India?

1. Blue Star StellaBlue Star Stella

Blue Star Stella comes with an RO double layer and UV protection, which provides hot, cold, and clean water. Get the safest water without compromise since RO filters out dissolved impurities particles, suspended particles, as well as Ions. UV kills microorganisms such as bacteria, cysts, as well as viruses.

It is possible to get water at just 5 degrees C and up to 85 degrees C whenever you’d like. The touch sensors on this water purifier that comes with hot and cold dispensers allow for an easy and fast selection of options that increase the ease of use. Superfine sediment filters (5-millimeter) can remove even the most delicate sand, dust, and other debris. The ultra-high TDS removal guarantees the highest purity by removing dissolving impurities.

When you replace the hand-operated tap, you can enjoy the ease of operation with an electronic dispenser button. The massive capacity of 8.2 liters offers 3.4 Liters of cold water as well as 4.2 Liters of water at room temperature. This is enough to cover the drinking needs of a single person and cooking needs for one day.

With the ability to purify up to 10 liters per hour, the hot and cold water purifier for your home will provide maximal efficiency and faster performance. Utilizing food-grade plastics for maintenance is minimal, and the durability is excellent. Because it has many features, including a children’s lock touch sensor feature, Blue Star Stella is one of the most effective clean water purifiers for cold & hot weather available in India.


  • Water level indicator
  • Touch sensors
  • High purification capacity, up to 10lts/hr.
  • The function of the Child Lock
  • Function for auto-cleaning


  • Expensive
  • It isn’t possible to function without electricity

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2. AO Smith Z8 Green

AO Smith Z8 Green

With a capacity of 10 liters, this AO Smith Z1 can be described as the first Indian Ultraviolet water purifier. The water purifier that comes with cold and hot water dispensers has a Night assist glow effect that will guide you around the kitchen in the evening. The elegant design and advanced alarm system make it an easy and stylish accessory to your home.

The advanced alert lets users know whether certain filters or the RO membrane require replacement. The user can get warm or cold drinking water by pressing a button. The temperature can be adjusted from 5°C to 45°C. A power output of 36 watts and an input voltage between 150 and 300V AC will ensure faster performance and higher efficiency.

With a rating of 5 psi – 30 psi, it’s suitable for most houses in urban and rural regions. Even using municipal water sources or water with less than 200 TDS can function perfectly. The non-chemical disinfectant system of the highly advanced UV Lamp (Ultra Violet Lamp) provides you with the highest quality water, with minerals added in addition.

If you’re in the market for the top purifier of cold and hot water for India, AO Smith Z1 is a great choice.


  • Reliable five-stage filtration
  • Quicker installation and less maintenance
  • Hot and cold options are available.
  • Low power consumption
  • The capacity is huge, 10 Liters.


  • Hot water is only available when the tank is fully stocked.
  • Not suitable for treatment with hard water.

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3. Bepure 4GBepure 4G Hot and Cold Water

Get rid of the hassle of getting hot or cold water when making drinks or drinking with the Bepure Normal 9 liter capacity purifier for water. With a capacity of 2 milliliters per minute, you can alter temperatures as high as 90 degrees Celsius in hot water.

The time to wait to use cold water can be much longer than 1.5 Liters per hour, and the temperature is between fifteen to twenty degrees. The Smart LED display oversees the operation and maintenance that the cleaner performs. In conjunction with the TDS controller, Mineral technology offers an eight-stage ultra-purification.

Eliminate the dangers of impure substances that may be suspended or dissolved by using this water purifier to ensure pure and healthy water. Post carbon and the tank’s UV lamp eliminate harmful microorganisms present in the water while improving its quality. Ultrafiltration membrane eliminates material or colloidal particles that could be harmful to health.

Filter replacements are simple and only take some minutes. The capacity to store water in the tank is impressive at 7L. Hot and cold water storage tanks hold 1 liter in each.


  • Treatment with UV
  • Storage tank made of stainless steel
  • Hot water faucet separately
  • Function of auto-clean
  • Electronic button for dispensing


  • The absence of modifications for the filter
  • There are no controls for shutting off the hot or cold water.

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The high-end UV resistance ABS and 7.2 cubic liters make the LG WHD71RB4RP an attractive design for your kitchen. Its intelligent lighting feature and the digital sterilizing treatment allow minimal maintenance and cleaning.

The elegant design will soon be an attractive accessory to your kitchen. The real RO technology for filtration ensures that you have pure and safe water to drink for yourself and your loved ones. This stainless-steel tank wards off the formation of rust and any undesirable build-up within the water tank. The stored water has been in good condition for several days.

Customers can enjoy cold and hot water from 5° Celsius cool to a hot temperature of 90° Celsius. Use instant hot or cold drinks, smoothies, coffee drinks, and more if you’re on your own or with friends. Multi-stage reverse-osmosis kills harmful microorganisms and also removes suspended impurities.

The water is safe for children to drink. It’s pure. With a filter-change indicator, you can be informed when it is time to change your filter so that you’re not compromising the safety of drinking water—no need to set reminders or consume contaminated water any longer.


  • Free installation included with this model
  • True RO filtering
  • Smart lighting feature
  • The tank for storage is made of stainless steel.
  • Budget-friendly and value for money


  • It’s dependent on electricity
  • There is no UV purification

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Cuckoo RO filter removes heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, ionic substances, and harmful microorganisms. The water flow rate is 1500cc/min when using cold water, and the rate is 950cc/min when hot water is used. Installation is simple and suggested for those with TDS 2000 to supply water.

Improved cleanliness thanks to a stainless steel tank that ensures stored water is clean and safe for longer. The tank fills every 30 minutes, which means that you will have at least 5.2lt of water inside the tank at any point. Drink fresh water whenever you want because the water is constantly replenished. Prepare yourself to experience a fresh and unique flavor due to the coconut-based organic carbon filters.

This natural filter supplies minerals to the water and gets rid of damaging substances. Digital sterilization uses chlorine, hydrogen, and oxygen-based components that naturally occur to clean the tanks, faucets, and every water route.

The filter tubing, as well as the filter, are made of durable and strong materials. Another benefit that this cleaner can provide using cold and hot water is its energy usage. Pure, drinkable water is always available, even without an electrical source at home.


  • Hot, normal, or cold water dispenser
  • Steel water tank in stainless steel
  • Easy to clean with a removable water tray
  • The function of the Child Lock
  • A detachable and washable faucet


  • There is no UV purification.
  • There are no alerts for filter changes.

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How to Buy the Best Hot and Cold Water Purifier in India?

Let’s examine the different aspects which will influence your choice when choosing the most effective purifier for cold and hot water in India.

Water Purifiers Types 

As per the functions of the water purifiers, there are three kinds of water purifiers on the market:

1). Ro water purifier

  • Fast and efficient
  • Reduces the hardness of the water.

2). UV water purifier

  • It is not able to remove the sterilized microorganisms or impurities that are dissolved.
  • Rapid and utilizes ultraviolet radiation to operate

3). Water purifier with gravity

  • Uses pressure filtration
  • Portable and non-electric

The Source of Your Home’s Water

In the majority of places in the country, water can reach homes through three major sources:

1. Municipal Water

Municipal sources are derived from lakes and rivers in order to get to our house. The TDS for this kind of water ranges from 1200 and 200 ppm.

2. roundwater

It should have a TDS of between 200 and 2000 ppm. The source of water is an underground tube or bore well.

3. Multiple Sources

If the water that is supplied to your residence comes from multiple sources, the TDS can change daily. The sources could be tanker tube well, municipal.

Bestsellers Available

Always go to a reputable website such as Amazon to find India’s top cold and hot water purifiers. They’ll have authentic products that come from a wide range of brands and prices. Explore their top sellers and choose the features that best suit your requirements. The top-rated products on these sites are among the top products available on the marketplace.

Storage Tank Capacity

Every family member can drink anywhere from two to four liters of water each day. Based on your family’s needs, the type of water supply you have and the kind of water purifier that comes with both cold and hot water dispensers you select determines the capacity of the tank. If you have a family of two that holds 4-5 liters, a family comprising three to four with a capacity of 6-8-9 liters will suffice.

A family with five to eight people could require 10 liters or greater tank. But, the larger capacity, the better the cost and the bulkier the design. If you’re budget-conscious and have space in your home, choose the biggest capacity when your requirements demand it.

The Most Tested Water Purifiers

One of the best methods to evaluate the effectiveness and performance is to go through the reviews. Start by selecting the cold and hot water purifier at home that has the most reviews. This indicates that the item has been often purchased and that customers have tried it for several days before writing their reviews. Finally, pick the top cold and hot water purifiers available in India with mostly positive reviews. The negative reviews are evident even on the most popular brands. Still, they will provide you with information about any problems you may have to face shortly and whether the benefits outweigh the cons.

Stage of Purification

It is essential to have a functioning purification system within your purifier. This ensures the water’s quality is at an ideal level of consumption. It must be available before the dispenser and ensure you are not contaminated with harmful microorganisms or other particles.

Pay Attention to the Budget

A water purifier equipped with cold and hot water dispensers is costly. They could be among your largest purchases in appliances for your home. However, they’re completely worth the cost. No price is less than your safety or health at the end of the day. Pick the features and storage capacity that you need with your loved ones. Do not fall for the advertising hype in the media and false claims. It’s not worth purchasing a product that’s distinct features aren’t of any value, yet you need to shell out extra money to get it. Be aware that larger capacity and more complex features mean higher prices.

TDS Levels in the Water

There will always be a certain amount in the total dissolved solids (TDS) within the dispensing water. The optimal level for TDS amounts for water that is used to drink ranges from 100 to 200. If the TDS amount of the water is greater than optimal, make sure you examine the TDS levels of the purifier. You can get your local area’s TDS levels from the municipal office, look it up on the internet or through your region’s website, or even have the test done in a laboratory.

Filter Technology in Various Forms

The dispenser units remove the water. The undissolved heavy particles, as well as the solute, are held in the unit and are then able to flow through the purified water. Based on the water source and the quality of the water you wish to treat, and any issues you experienced with your previous purifier, you’re free to opt one of the filters below. Technologies.

  • Membrane for reverse osmosis
  • Protection from ultraviolet light
  • Pre- Sediment filter
  • Carbon filter activated

Basic Functions

Explore the product’s main features that distinguish them from other products in the same category. Every dispenser you use must have, at minimum, the essential features you’re searching for. Find out from the seller options like a Hot water safety switch and whether the dispenser has faucets for cold and hot water. Some models also include a temperature control button. They may seem insignificant at first glance. However, they can enhance the functionality and efficiency of the purifier in a significant way.

Storage Tank and the Building Material

Ensure that the tank of the cold & hot water purifiers and tank for storage is constructed of non-rusting materials. They shouldn’t release any harmful chemicals into the water, either. A properly constructed storage tank will not be a place for breeding molds as well as other microbes. You won’t have to think about the need to clean your tank every single day if the tank is constructed of top-quality materials. A higher-quality tank will last for a long time.

Costs for Maintenance and Warranty

The warranty duration will differ according to the model and your investing brand. Select the longer duration of the warranty time on the water purifier, which includes cold and hot water dispensers. Make sure you check the maintenance and service cost with the seller before purchasing the purifier. Be aware of the repairable or replaced options at no cost within the warrantied timeframe.

Advantages Of Having Water Purifier Supplying Hot And Cold Water

  • Water that is pure and of the best quality water.
  • Healthier: The process of purification and filtration removes many of the chlorine and bacteria, and harmful chemicals from the water you drink, making it healthier to drink. There is no way to remove the minerals naturally within water (such as calcium and potassium), such as these fancy-sounding “reverse Osmosis” gubbins. Therefore, using a WaterBar is similar to having mineral water at your side. It’s amazing.
  • It makes it simple to drink more water: Since getting their WaterBar constructed, over 90 percent of our customers have said they have consumed more water. We all know that we need to consume more water, but it’s difficult to do so. It’s much easier to drink water when you have water that is cold or hot, delicious-tasting purified water throughout the day… in fact, it’s.
  • It tastes better than regular water: We triple-filter and purify your water before distributing it to you, making sure it is delicious. Yes, indeed. Some believe that water tastes bad. However, it could be because they’ve not had the pleasure of drinking pure, good-tasting water like it should have (shame!). Water that is more appealing to the palate can enhance everything you use it with, including your coffee and tea, to your food preparation.
  • The WaterBar is ready for instant coffee or tea: The WaterBar offers water at temperatures between 92 and 96 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a perfect temperature for coffee and tea. Therefore, there will be no more smoldering beans or tongues, and there will be no need to wait for a rusty old kettle to come to a boil—instant hot water at the push of a button. And when you’re craving your coffee, you’re ready to get it now (or is that we’re the only one? ). If you decide to prepare soups or tea, it is not necessary to boil the water. The water can be used straight from the purifier.
  • Space saver: If you store lots of water in your refrigerator for cooling purposes, it will be able to save space. You don’t have to be concerned because the WaterBar will keep you cool and chilly throughout the day. It will also free up storage space by eliminating the old, dirty water filter jug you haven’t used in years…
  • Boiling tap water: Since we are aware that certain people prefer it hot and quick, the WaterBar’s super-hot button will speedily bring your water to a boiling point. This is great for filling up pots and pans while cooking, which allows the boiling of potatoes or pasta in an incredibly short amount of speed…

Why Do You Require Numerous Methods to Cleanse Water?

The hot water allows you to directly utilize purified hot water to prepare tea, soups, etc. The advanced features of this system will create a challenge for the user.

This is because water is a source of contaminants. Mineral salts, as well as toxic chemical effluents created in factories, constitute examples of pollutants. In the natural water supply, it is necessary to deal with the waste of animals and humans. Local authorities employ purification techniques like fluoride and chlorination in the water supply.

Bore water has a significant amount of heavy metals. Therefore, you need different methods to rid yourself of these impurities. Let us look at the various kinds of filtering technologies in use currently.

RO Semipermeable Membrane

This is the core of every hot and cold water dispenser equipped with RO technology. The membrane is responsible for nearly all visible and invisible dissolved impurities and TDS.

The RO technology can remove 95% to 99% of TDS. Thus, you can get purified water that is of the highest quality. Despite catering to all kinds of impurities, however, the RO system does have its disadvantages.

It can remove impurities that have a molecular weight of over 200. This eliminates all heavier metals that cause impurities. But, some impurities have a molecular weight of less than 200, which could get across the membrane. It is necessary to have a supplement to deal with these impurities.

Pre-Activated Carbon Filter

Several minerals are dissolved in the water supplies that are used for input. Also, the rotting matter makes its way into the supply of water. These impurities may give the water a sour odor. This is why most modern purifiers include this filter on the outside to remove unpleasant odors from water sources.

Ultrafiltration (UF)

Compared to the pre-sediment filters, this filter is equipped with smaller pores. This filter is designed to capture even the tiniest impurities until the water is treated using RO. It is also possible to eliminate some microorganisms and viruses.

Pre-Sediment Filter

In every water purifier, this is the initial step to protect yourself. This filter is required to remove the more harmful impurities. The main reason for this filter is to avoid destruction to the membrane of the RO semipermeable. The filter eases stress on the membrane, which extends its life.


The water’s minerals are depleted as it passes through the various stages of filtering. They are essential to developing our body’s health. This is why they must be replenished. Mineralizers are responsible for replenishing essential minerals present in the final product.

Other Technologies That Are Being Used,

These are the common technologies that are used in the majority of water purifiers.

Today’s Water purifiers come with different capacities for hot or cold dispensing. Certain cleaners have patents on specific advanced technologies within these specific water purifiers.

TDS Controllers

You’ve seen that RO water purifiers can remove TDS up to 95%-99 percent. Therefore, the water cannot possess the flavor it is supposed to have. It is necessary to control TDS levels. The TDS controllers take care of regulating acceptable levels of output.

Mineralizer Technology (MIN-TECH)

This technology is present in the newest purifiers for water, particularly those manufactured by AO Smith. This technology guarantees that the minerals lost in an RO procedure are replenished. This is crucial for overall health.

Silver Charges Membrane Technology (SCMT)

Reverse Osmosis is an excellent technology for water purification. However, it does have some drawbacks. One of these is that it uses up water. We’ve seen the progress of Advanced Recovery Technology to deal with water waste.

You can then use SCMT to eliminate the remaining contaminants following the RO process. It means that your water is double-filtered, making it safe to drink.

Advance Recovery Technology

Water is typically wasted using reverse the process of Osmosis. According to studies, RO technology can waste three liters of water for each liter of purified water. If there are water shortages, the pollution could be considered illegal. Divers efforts to reduce the amount of waste produced have been undertaken due to these circumstances.

Advanced Recovery Technology, invented through AO Smith, can save two times as much water as other methods. It also guarantees complete RO purification.

Biocote Technology

Cleaners for drinking water ensure that all impurities, including bacteria, are eliminated from the water, and the water can be drunk safely. In normal use, however, water dispensers can be in contact with bacteria and other microbes found in the environment.

This may defeat the objective of water purifiers. Modern machines utilize Biocote technology to safeguard the exterior components to solve this issue.

You’re compelled to remove these contaminants before drinking the water from these taps.


The water purifier will supply you with cold water right away. There’s no need to store water containers in the freezer to obtain cold water. The people who love drinking warm water in winter will love the instant hot/warm water. Using the stove can save time and effort by not needing to heat the water manually.

Coffee, tea, instant noodles, and other hot beverages are all made using the hottest water that is available in an instant. Cocktails, lemonades, and many other drinks can be made using instant cold water.

It decreases the risk of pollution. Heating and cooling require manual handling and the movement in water containers from one to the next for conventional water purifiers.

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