You are currently viewing BOSCH Cold Press Juicer Review — A Way To Ensure Healthy Lifestyle

BOSCH Cold Press Juicer Review — A Way To Ensure Healthy Lifestyle

Health is undoubtedly an essential valuable asset for anyone. It is, therefore, our obligation to ensure it’s maintained. From walking to the gym to the beach, we try our best to stay fit.

What if we were able to boost the profitability of our business by using certain healthy drinks? Juice is among the most nutritious things that can be included in our everyday diet. Include it in your meals with vibrant juices throughout the day. Your work will be more enjoyable and simple with BOSCH Cold Press Juicer.

Juicers can be the ideal companion to your diet plan. Install a juicer in your kitchen and make refreshing juice following your workout, or serve a refreshing welcome drink to guests. It’s the perfect option to keep you hydrated during a hot summer afternoon.

Here’s an article that will make sure you are confident about the choice of purchasing Bosch Lifestyle MESM731M 150W Cold Press Slow Juicer.

Bosch Lifestyle MESM731M 150-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer


  • Colour – Black
  • Brand – Bosch
  • Material – Plastic
  • Finish Type – Brushed
  • Item Dimensions – 33 x 23 x 37 Centimeters
  • Item Weight – 4.9 Kilograms
  • Wattage – 150 Watts
  • Voltage – 240 Volts
  • Capacity – 1.3 Liters

  • The quality of the equipment and the materials are superb.
  • Bosch Lifestyle MESM731M 150W Cold Press Slow Juicer is a stunning design. The black colour and elegant finish make it look attractive. 
  • Mix control for adjusting how much pulp is in the smoothie or juice.
  • The set comprises two containers as well as 3 filters to create an exciting juice that is fresh and delicious.
  • Perfect for everyday use and making all juices look such as smoothy, fine juice and sorbets.

  • The unit is just 150 watts. This may not serve a professional purpose, but it is perfect for everyday use.

According to our research, the Bosch Lifestyle MESM731M 150W ColdPress Slow Juicer is the most efficient juicer you can purchase when you look closely.

A Brief Overview of BOSCH Cold Press Juicer

A Brief Overview of BOSCH Cold Press Juicer

Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH was established in 1856 on the 15th of November. The headquarters of the BOSCH company is located in Gerlingen, Germany.

Bosch is a well-known and renowned supplier of technologies and services in the fields of Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, Mobility Solutions, and Energy and Building Technology in our nation, India. Furthermore, Bosch has, in India, the largest development centre outside Germany that offers end-to-end technology and engineering solutions.

Let’s look at the juicer. It’s a must-have item at home. Make any healthy and fresh juices for any person at any time at home. By using Bosch Lifestyle MESM731M 150W Cold Press Slow Juicer Bosch Lifestyle MESM731M cold press slow juicer, you can make replacements for processed juices that have higher sugar levels and live better lives for your family and yourself.

With no process or heat, This gentle squeeze technique provides more juice while keeping all the minerals, fibre, nutrients, and flavour. It features a reverse motor that eliminates pulp blockages for better extraction. The juicer is also equipped with the largest feeding tube, which allows you to easily include more food items.

Bosch Lifestyle MESM731M 150W Cold Press Slow Juicer will assist you through every step of receiving an appreciation for your juice. It’s even more attractive over Borosil Cold Press Juicer as well as Usha Nutripress!

Features of BOSCH cold press juicer

cold press juicer

BOSCH Cold Press Juicer is easy to use. It is a must to use regularly at home. After learning about its amazing features, you’ll be able to resist purchasing one.

The Price:

The affordable price of this incredible cold press juicer is sure to entice you to know more about this juicer. You can purchase the Bosch Lifestyle MESM731M150W Cold Press Slow Juicer in Amazon India at a reasonable price of 22900 Rs.

Online retailers guarantee the quality and cost of the item. That’s why you can pick the company and online store with total confidence.

Find in the box

The juicer pack includes a container for juice along with a brush, recipe book, and slow juicer bodies, along with three filters to suit different applications. The container for juice will allow you to preserve fresh juice for a period of time, and the brush can help you clean up any unneeded.

The primary and most appealing component can be seen in the three filters, which includes a fine filter to make an energizing juice and a coarse filter to make tasty smoothies, and delicious tasty sorbets filter to make delicious sorbets. The book of recipes will help you learn further about the benefits of freshly squeezed juice. The juicer is constructed of premium materials, so you are able to use the juicer even with your eyes shut.

Amazing Facts About Bosch Cold Press Juicer

This juicer is ideal for individuals who ensure good health. If you’re a health-conscious person, this is the ideal product for you. It can be made in all sorts of juices using a variety of vegetables and fruits.

The juicer is perfect for taking every fruit such as grapes, apples, watermelon, mango, lemon as well as pineapple, orange and papaya, carrots and others that you would like. Get your healthy diet a juicy lift.

Simple to clean and simple to use

From the most experienced chef to someone who is just a beginner, all can benefit from the juicer with ease. It’s really simple to use for anyone working in your kitchen. Once you’re done using your cold-press juicer, clean the body of the juicer with a dry and clean cloth. Clean the container and filter by using clean and cold water.

Quality Assurance

Bosch Lifestyle MESM731M 150-Watt Cold Press

The material used to build the Bosch Lifestyle MESM731M150W Cold Press Slow Juicer is top-of-the-line and world-class. The plastic used is grade A.

The machine is designed so that it does not produce heat so that the necessary nutrients remain within the liquids. It appears robust and well-built. Combining the components and using the right force will result in the smoothest and most delicious juices that you have ever had.


Cold press juicers have a capacity of 1.3 Liters, which is ideal for everyday kitchen use.


We all want firm confidence in the purchase. That gives us faith in the business and confidence in the product. Bosch Lifestyle MESM731M 150W Cold Press Slow Juicer has a fantastic warranty of two years.

The Conclusion

Picking the best juicer out of the numerous options is difficult. It requires extensive study and understanding. They employ a vast array of businesses that will give you more services, but you need to select the one that is best for you based on your needs.

Kitchen appliances, in particular, need to be simple to clean, user-friendly with a large capacity, fewer room takers, etc. The technology of the past is increasing in popularity. This is the reason we have the option of choosing the most suitable in accordance with our needs.

Bosch Lifestyle MESM731M 150W Cold Press Slow Juicer is the exact product that consumers are looking for. It is equipped with costly features that will meet your requirements. It’s a user-friendly device within your budget. It’s available in a small size that will take up only a tiny area in the kitchen.

It is also a great way to take the next step in your eating plan toward success. Be sure to keep an eye on special offers offered by online businesses to save money as you shop. And bring along the best companion to your healthy journey.

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