You are currently viewing Best Welding Machine Brands & Models in India (November 2023)

Best Welding Machine Brands & Models in India (November 2023)

Considering joining the welding industry but don’t know how? We will accompany you to get started while selecting the right beginner’s welding equipment.

So, we will try to list the most known welding methods with their advantages and disadvantages.

With the right welding equipment at your disposal, all of these techniques can be mastered, and a metal sphere is conquered, regardless of whether it’s MIG, TIG, or all others.

Portable welding equipment becomes essential for a homeowner as it may be necessary to repair the basic structure in future.

If any breakage occurs in your building, then you are responsible for fixing the problem right away so that the machine’s life span can be prolonged and thus wait for an experienced technician of repair who could correct the equipment for over three days.

It should be one of their first purchases for anybody in the welding and fabrication industry.

All varieties of welding equipment required frequently in India are manufactured by the most respected brands within India itself. Regarding the country’s welding requirements, India has diverse brands.

You must be interested in some brands that won users’ confidence through the years. For one to settle for the best among these brands, one must consider its annual turnover, design standards, quality control standards, and the ergonomics of machines.

Other factors exist, such as the cost-effectiveness, ease of purchase and the moral practices of the concerned firms.

What Exactly Is Welding?

For instance, welding has been an essential aspect of aircraft, building structures in architecture, manufacturing and construction in shipyards, auto-making factories and structural formations since the nineteenth century.

Welding, however, entails using appropriate voltage to join two separate metal pieces together. An electric arc is produced between two electrodes, and the base metal keeps it in position using a surplus of heat.

Welding arcs are similar to both standard types and inverted machines.

Invention of this type has the advantage of presenting a more stable and predictable output current as the customer wants. The inverters also contain another feature of switching from AC to DC supply.

As a result, the DC power gives a soothing welding output that produces a steady arc.

A Few Advantages of an Inverter Welding Machine Over Traditional Kinds of Equipment

  • As such, this arc performs better and is more reliable than the standard equipment.
  • Finally, an inverter welding machine makes a stronger Welding.
  • Inverter technology can boost productivity.
  • Traditional welding inverter welding.
  • Inverter welders are characterized by their portability.
  • It comes in handy for blowing cold air.

Best Welding Machines in India – Reviews

Best Welding Machines in India - Reviews

The AGARO WM2145 ARC, INALSA Inverter, and IBELL Inverter ARC welding machines are analyzed, including their strengths and drawbacks, to help you choose the best welder if you are out shopping for the same.

They are appropriate for professionals and novices, with pros and cons. I will explain the features and merits of all, and you decide.

1. INALSA Inverter Arc Welding Machine

INALSA Inverter Arc Welding Machine

The benefits discovered in this INALSA Inverter ARC welding device review will be helpful to a person who wants to invest in small job projects. It is enhanced with IGBT technology dual-voltage control mode, which helps save power and improve efficiency.

Furthermore, it has 3.2 rod mills that can operate throughout the day. Likewise, the unit is safe and user-friendly, whether used at an individual’s home workshop or a job site.

Advanced IGBT inverter technology powers the 160A Inverter ARC welder machine. It is rated with a duty cycle of 40/60%, enabling operations on any type of ferrous metal such as steel, mild steel, stainless steel or aluminium.

The second vital advantage of this machine is its higher energy efficiency; besides that, it has a closed-loop feedback control system for safe operation. It is also very flexible, adapting to the electrical grid.

Above all, an inverter arc welding machine has one significant advantage: it is very small and compact. This makes it space-saving and suitable for storage in very small locations.

Besides that, it operates at a very high frequency and minimizes electrode sticking, which is common in conventional machines. Finally, it is portable and comes with a shoulder strap for easier storage.

The device is quite large, offering multiple features such as thermal overload protection and different types of safety measures.

Inverter-based Machines also provide high open circuit voltage compared to other types of machines, which is beneficial while welding hardness in stick conditions. 

Besides, the inverter-based machines come with additional characteristics like Arc Force and Anti-Stick that enable the process to run smoothly. Welding Thin Materials, Higher Voltage Workmanship.

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2. IBELL Inverter Arc Welding Machine

IBELL Inverter Arc Welding Machine

Anyone requiring a powerful and dependable machine for small jobs would find an IBELL Inverter ARC Welding Machine to be the best option. The model is compactly designed and hence saves on storage space, making it perfect for storing in limited spaces.

It comes with a built-in cooling fan that lowers operational temperature and increases equipment length.

The lightweight machine has an advanced power boost feature, a hot start, and anti-stick. In addition, it comes with a long power cord that covers wide areas of work. Hot start functions are the time saver solutions for energy loss. It is also incorporated with electrode & housing protection.

IBELL Inverter Arc Welding Machine unboxing

It looks like a small machine and is easy to use as it comes with the required accessories for starting. The IBELL Inverter ARC Welding Machine would be great for beginners in Welding.

Using advanced inverter technology, the IBELL 200-89 INVERTER ARC COMPACT WELDING MACHINE creates a steady arc without oscillator function.

This machine uses a constant electrical frequency, applicable in softeningg of metals such as aluminium. It also has a display that helps you monitor and control it. It also possesses a hot start and anti-stick benefits to reduce the risk of electrode burns.

IBELL Inverter Arc Welding Machine body looks

The price may be suitable for a welding project, but it is not only the quality of the joints that should matter. Safety concerns such as short circuits, under-voltage and over-current protection should be considered.

The design of this machine does not require a transformer; thus, it is smaller in size. It averagely weighs less than five kg and can easily be carried on the shoulder. It can be compared with 50 kg transformer-based equipment.

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3. Cheston Inverter Welding Machine

Cheston Inverter Welding Machine

CHESTON INVERTER WELDING MACHINE RED / BLACK MODEL. Because of its small size, this camera is quite mobile and manoeuvrable.

These, among others, include Arc Stability, Hot Start, Anti Stick, and Intelligent Fan Control after welding starts. The system carries a six-month warranty, dating from the purchase date.

The use of inverter welders is very efficient in today’s world. These household hookups have transformed the machines, making them safer and more dependable than the transformer type.

Cheston Inverter Welding Machine unboxing

Welding machines that use inverters can operate on various materials; they have less chance of damaged components. This is because they use inverter technology in areas that experience unstable electricity provision. Indeed, inverter welders are widely used by welding specialists for many jobs.

There are numerous advantages of using a Cheston Inverter Welding machine instead of a conventional welding machine. It is small enough to be used in confined areas. Similarly, it has an anti-interference characteristic which safeguards against voltage and temperature changes.

In addition to that, it is conveniently small in size and lightweight. It’s very easy to store and operate using ordinary outlets. Therefore, it is an ideal appliance for amateur and competent welders.

Cheston Inverter Welding Machine accessories

The inverter welding machine is one of the most dependable therein, so its malfunctions rarely occur. These are used in just about everything you do for life! An inverter welding machine is much more potent, with higher open-circuit voltages than traditional transformer welders.

They are even integrated with the anti-stick and arc-force features. The reason is that they can even weld thin materials since they are light in weight.

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4. AGARO WM2145 ARC Welding Machine

AGARO WM2145 ARC Welding Machine

Veratad All-In-One ARC Welder—MIG, TIG & ARC, Wire feed Welding Machine for Mild Steel or Aluminum (24 Gauge to 3/16”). This device has a multi-voltage plug, meaning it can accept input at 120 or 240 volts.

The machine is a multi-purpose model that converts from AC to DC TIG welding, including its DC stick machine and auto-line™. It is made according to the standards of the American industry.

AGARO WM2145 ARC Welding Machine body looks

High-power and high-frequency reflow capability is the major characterization of the AGARO WM214five array. An electric arc generated by an AC or a DC power supply causes the arc between two electrodes. The resulting heat is immense once the arc is formed.

The welder duty cycle should be known when selecting a welder. It is necessary to consider the power and amperage requirements and the duty cycles of various models. Additionally, the cost of welding supplies like gas and shielding could also increase the cost of a welder.

Moreover, the user should also verify that the welding helmet includes a filter plate.

AGARO WM2145 ARC Welding Machine accessories

AGARO WM2145 ARC Welder Dual Voltage System. This welder can weld 0,9mm (3/8”) of steel and sheet metal up to 22 gauge.

However, it needs to be adjusted for lower or higher voltages, and there is an alternative to using 24-volt multi-voltage machines. The user manual should set up the welder in detail.

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5. HITBOX New Arrival Welding Machine

HITBOX Welding Machine

One of the most popular jobs welders do is welding. They use these devices for welding aluminium and steel, among others. Some of the new arrivals HITBOX welder models are designed for gas as well as electric supplies, though most welders require electricity.

The gas supply can be used to continue welding when the electric supply fails. It is also possible to provide gas as an emergency measure during blackouts.

HITBOX New Arrival Welding Machine unboxing

The Multi-Functional Welder Can Create Many Welding Types. It is a dual-voltage flux core unit for tig welding. This welder can weld metal materials such as wood, aluminium and Steel.

It’s got terrific battery life and can be purchased at under $100. It’s priced competitively and comes with some top-notch add-ons.

It has a Welding Thickness Of 200 Amp Arc. It also uses arc and stick Welding. The Multi-function Welder is portable with a visual display on the LCD. It is a 21-pound welder that uses four distinct welding techniques.

HITBOX New Arrival Welding Machine power test

If you are searching for an affordable welder, then you want to think about this model. The Hitbox TIG200A welder is designed for Welding of multiple metal types and is user-friendly.

This machine Hitbox 180A MIG welder is ideal for some light- to medium-duty purposes in making cuts. This has certain benefits, but there is no ideal machine for commercial use here. This is an extremely portable device with numerous advantages and disadvantages.

Hitbox Plasma Cutting can handle metal such as aluminium, steel, and copper wire. It is readily available and easily portable, boasting of IGBT inverter technology.

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10 Best Welding Machine Brands in India

 Suppose you are among many seeking a welding machine that could cater to your needs as a professional welder. In that case, this article comes in handy when it comes to naming the best 5 welding machines available in India.

Brands such as Virdi, Arm Welders Pvt. Ltd., Akira Engineers, and Electra are visible nationwide. All this list presents different characteristics of their own but worth attention for any brand.

1. Electra


Electra Welding Machine Private Limited is one of India’s leading makers of welding machines. It is an all-private, unlisted company. As a result, it began operation in 1996 and has been recognized by domestic/foreign customers.

It manufactures various tools of the trade in welding. Mig, Proximity, Etc. Spot and Arc Welding Machine.

Not only does Electra produce the best welding machines, but it offers good service also. Engineer employees have been dedicated to producing only high-end products and delivering them within a stipulated time by this company.

This assistance is top-notch, and this ensures that customers do not have a reason to complain but rather install a failed device again. Moreover, Electra’s welders are sturdy and economical in power consumption.

Inverter welding machines take unconverted rectified DC power, transforming it to the desired volts and amperes that we want. These machines operate with a switching frequency of 10 kHz. Consequently, it implies that you can operate a welder at a low temperature.

The company also sells add-ons that make the process even better. Inverter machines are still the best if you want to be the top dog of other welding machine producers or players on the market.

Give a shot to Electra, and you’ll fall in love with their model variety! This is a company producing eco-friendly machinery following an international quality control system.

Their size is small enough for them to bring along easily. They entail modern safety features, lower energy usage and customized functionalities. Your Choice is Oxygen or Oxy-Fuel Welding.

2. Arm Welders Pvt. Ltd.

Arm Welders Pvt. Ltd

Arm Welders Pvt Ltd was established in 1998 and is a privately owned company operating from its registered office located in Pune, Maharashtra, India. The Main Business is Manufacturing (Machinery & Equipment).

The company is U29299PN1998PTC012581. The company employs no staff but consists of a board made up of two men.

The company’s headquarters are situated in Pune, Maharashtra, and they produce high-class robotic spot-welding guns. Its products are made for long life and functionality, catering to the most rigorous applications.

From roofs to auto bodies and even rail tracks, these are perfect products to use while making numerous products. For further information on this company, please visit the company’s site. The company’s products are, in turn, very affordable, a factor that attracts numerous companies.

3. Virdi


The Virdi brand is owned by Virdi Electric Works Private Limited, which is based in New Delhi. It makes heavy-duty welding machines, inverter machines, and AC/DC TIG welders.

The firm also manufactures HDPE and fusion welding devices. It enjoys a large following among customers based in India, Europe, and Asia, among other countries.

The Virdi machinery is manufactured by designing for small workshop owners as well as an entire enterprise.

It is among the best welding machine companies in the country. The manufacturing of its machines is based on international quality control standards in that they are eco-friendly, save energy and are portable.

They also have modern developments, being light and portable machines. They come in handy as they protect the components from thermal runaway, overcurrent and low power consumptions.

The company is renowned for providing quality products to its customers throughout India and globally.

It is an old organization that has come up with reliable models of welders.

They are never about compromising in terms of quality; they take their reputations seriously. Brands of such calibre do not compromise on product quality and offer instant after-sales services.

For reputable brands, the quality of the torch and motor is easily noticeable.

The country is not small. The company’s welders can be purchased affordably over the Internet. The company is a prominent welding equipment maker for professional and hobbyist welders.

In addition, they even have welding guides that teach various aspects of Welding. For instance, the firm has been operational for over a century; it is international.

4. Akira Engineers

Akira Engineers

One of the best welding machines produced in India comes from Akira Engineers. They can be found both online and offline. In India, the leading brands of welders are very good at servicing their customers.

Akira Engineers is a brand that has grown over the years by providing reliable and strong welding equipment. It has a global brand with headquarters based in Pun.

In 1963, the Virdi welding machine brand was founded by Chandrashekhar G. In 2014, it received the Asia Power Brand Award.

It manufactures various welding rods/electrodes, equipment, and products, and its retail shops cover several locations in India. The machines are both very reliable and reasonably priced.

They are versatile welding machines that can serve myriad purposes. In Japan, the high-end products are made by Akira Engineers in their welding machine division.

One of the top welding machine brands in India is Premier. Headquartered in New Delhi, Premier belongs to the TATA group. It produces welding equipment and tools in several types.

It has over 300 dealerships in India. When shopping at Premier, you are guaranteed quality products in terms of a single-phase or multi-phase welding machine.

Nonetheless, when purchasing any brand-name welder, ensure that it is from a renowned company so as to acquire a high-quality product at a relatively competitive price.

Top brands are preferred because they have provided excellent services over time; hence, their clients have shown confidence in them. They believe in a reputation that is built on uncompromising quality.

In addition, first-grade sales support is provided. Check the faces which work under known trademarks; you can see that they trust their goods.

5. Esab India

Esab India

Welding Machines & Consumables- ESAB India. The firm is represented by Authorized Dealers for AP, TS & ONGOLE ZONE.

Fabricators, shipbuilders, steel mills, and construction firms use it. The company has more than forty plants all around the globe and employs about two thousand five hundred people.

The Indian operation of a Multinational company, ESAB India Ltd. began operations in 1987. It took over the welding division of Peico Electronics & Electricals Limited, today known as Philips India Limited.

The company produces large quantities of variously used products under the name banner of ESAB, which are in large quantities. The Cruxweld brand belongs to the entity named Cruxweld Industrial Equipment Ltd., which was founded in 1977. It is also the largest mechanical equipment export company and has over 150,000 international clients.

The ESAB Xpert welder is very well constructed and has outstanding characteristics. This machine has a good welding output with the IP21S protection class. The ESAB Xpert welding machine is constructed for professional and novice users.

It is safe for beginners and ideal for light-duty applications with its IP21S protection class.

Delhi-based Virdi ranks among the best makers of welding machines. It produces inverter and converter types of AC & DC TIG welding machines for multiple end-users. The store operates many store outlets in India.

The Esab brand produces in-house welding electrodes. If you want to buy an ESAB welding machine, look at its website.

6. Cruxweld


Some of these include performance issues such as price, size, and price, to mention only a few. Cruxweld is one of the best alternative options because it offers quite an assortment in terms of brands and pricing.

Another way of saving money is by buying them in a set comprising welding machines and accessories.

With more than four decades of innovation, quality products, and leadership among other brands, Cruxweld is one of the best-recognised in the welding industry. The company’s commitment is to offer the most innovative industrial products with competitive pricing, which puts its brand among the top in India.

In addition, it produces cutters, stud welding tools, etc. Another welding machine company that is located in India includes Electra Welding Machines Pvt. Ltd., found in Pune, Maharashtra.

The Internet contains different options and features of India’s best welding machine brands. They are ideal for use in high-current systems ranging from spot to arc on various welding operations.

You could look for any from these online or offline stores when purchasing any of them. One of the best Indian welding machines is Cruxweld. There is always a welding machine for each pocket, and you will not pay much when you finally decide on which one meets your needs.

This commitment to innovation has resulted in its being recognised as an important player among the fastest-growing welding companies in India. Its machines are considered energy-efficient, eco-friendly, portable and compact.

They are also portable and easy to use as they often have these additional features. The machines are small in size and lightweight, portable, and they can be easily moulded for one purpose or another. They are also very small and hence suitable in any limited space.

7. Kemppi


The brand is associated with smart software and devices, allowing customers to extract the most from their machines. Wise Root +, another technique used by the brand in root pass welding, is said to have increased productivity.

It is employed in pipelines and offshore inventions. By 1949, Kemppi was already known for making welding equipment in India and overseas. The company has a variety of welding machines which are available at affordable prices.

The company has various advanced welding machines for various requirements. The company’s product line includes equipment that is used in pulsed metal inert gas (MIG) Welding, modified inert gas (MAG), and tungsten inert gas (“TIG”).

Smart, Match or Welder Management Systems will enable you to make well-informed decisions about how to organise your production process and control the quality of your welding.

It has over 60 years in business and has developed pioneering solutions, techniques, and state-of-the-art welding methods. It will still allocate resources for R & D and put design as well as usability into consideration.

For instance, its SuperSnake welding system is perfect for shipbuilding in small areas. The Welder Smart Reader, by its device, identifies and checks the welder’s qualifications.

Rilond is also among the best welding machine brands in India. This has always been an achievement of producing quality in price within the firm’s production. It is known for offering trustworthy machinery to both casual enthusiasts and commercial welders.

The company specialises in welding, meaning there are more than one million satisfied customers worldwide. Rilond produces a range of accessories, power tools, and quality welders.

8. Vulcan


For over three decades now, Canary has been making welders, which, among others, are some of the finest on sale, such as Vulcan Welders. Some welding methods are inverter-based welding, MIG, TIG, and pneumatic spot welding.

There were also such welders, but aside from them, the company manufactured step-up transformers, which are suitable for buyers seeking a good machine but at an affordable price.

Vulcan welding machines are based on high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technologies. For instance, the Omni Pro 220 welder can be used to perform flux-core, TIG, and MIG welding.

The LCD is bright because it displays the entire screen clearly. This machine is also designed with power on demand, making it the perfect tool for welders.

Welder Vulcan MigMax 215 is great with a 30-215 Amp Amperage Range. You will not need to buy an adapter since it’s a spool gun capable of welding aluminium. Additionally, it utilises automatic parameters and anti-spatter arc start technology in its full synergic interface.

Thus, it is suitable for industrial and domestic use as it is small.

But such models are not in India; they are good examples.

Vulcan is the best brand for this task because it possesses over a hundred different types of welders. The Company manufactures welders according to certain stringent specifications using modern, innovative principles of high-quality perfect controls.

ISO 9001: The welders, produced at a 2015 certified manufacturing facility, are of top-notch quality. It also manufactures protective welding garments.

Also, this type of welder comes with an Auto Sense, which helps the machine regulate how much arc power it delivers depending on the present conditions. It is handy while welding overhead or in windy conditions.

The Vulcan welder is quite efficient as it uses a fast-speed wire feeding ranging from fifty to five hundred inches per minute. The welders are tough, with strong circuits and high wire feeding rates of up to 500 inches per minute.

9. Premier


Regarding welders, some companies you might consider checking out are… Premier is one of the topmost brands in the nation based in New Delhi.

The company manufactures welding machines and welding accessories used for different purposes. The brand boasts over 300 dealerships in the country with a host of Quality Products.

The company has been working in welding since it was founded in 1937, determined to fulfil customers’ requirements worldwide.

With branches in nearly every country and twenty- six manufacturing plants on four continents, Miller Electric is well equipped with resources and experience to address customers’ needs.

The company considers it very important and adds value to a brand leading in welding solutions. The company also appreciates the feedback its users provide and uses it to create or improve new products.

Aside from the TIG and MIG welders, Premiere is another popular welding machine produced in India that covers various other welding sets. These include inverter welding machines. Rectified, it converts the AC power supply into a DC power one through an Inverter.

The power in terms of watt-volt then passes into the welder that provides the required voltage and welding amperes. The frequency used for switching is normally 10kHz. Therefore, every kind of welder has premium welding machines in India.

Major welding machine brands in India are Miller, Panasonic, and TCW. The three companies are good providers of welding solutions and have sound service centres and distribution channels within India.

They are committed to quality excellence and leading towards quality and equity. Quality and consistency in the welder industry are of greatest importance.

They specialize in multipurpose as well as specialized machines, including many others. Accessories and Spare parts. Some are even built for the construction industry.

10. Rilond


If what you need is a welding machine of good quality and not too expensive, check out Rilond. Indian welding at its best, this manufacturer of top-notch quality products is very popular.

They make some of the most efficient and durable machines that are suitable for use by professional and hobbyist welders.

The inverter welder converts AC power into DC power corresponding to the welding current. This inverter welder converts AC to DC and includes step-down transformers to create the right voltage.

Such a welder is good for different welding works; it will fit everywhere at work and at home/office.

Modernity and state–of–the–art- is what characterize Micro’s invert-based machines. Featuring Hot ARC ignition, these are based on advanced PWN electrical control technology.

Moreover, they can also be stable at different levels of voltage. Rilond is renowned as one of India’s top Welding Machine manufacturers, delivering both quality and durability.

Some of them are online, and others offline. Its products are various types, such as stick welding machines, wire feed machine gear, helicopter welders, and others like TIG welders.

Rilond is a good choice if you search for good welding machinery with a reasonable budget. The name is now associated with quality equipment for welding due to its goodwill that is continually expanding in the market.

Its product is used by over 300 dealers scattered all over India, where most of its users come from. It produces products that various industries can use, such as car repair, aerospace and heavy manufacturing.


Nishant Rajput is the CEO and the head author at He recently returned from Melbourne, Australia, after studies. Nishant is an engineer and carries colossal enthusiasm for guiding the Indian public to invest money in the right products. He hires a paid team of experts for analyzing data and narrating comprehensive reviews & guides! Besides that, he's a martial artist, gym freak, guitarist, and singer.

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